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Precision volume measurement is no longer confined to the lab. SPT2 delivers consistent, high-accuracy volume measurements and pressure testing on the plant floor, with rapid throughput.

� Stand alone control system for testing

Our customers can also continue using their existing lubrication material from their supplier of choice. We simply adapt the viscosity to achieve the desired effects. And we have integrated a compressor that operates on a simple 220-volt principle to save the customer the expense of buying an additional compressor if it doesn’t have stable 6 bar air available. We are an expert in this sector, so we’re able to solve a lot of the potential problems customers experience in the planning phase. We're also a full-service provider offering end-to-end lifecycle management, and our customers can count on our support after the installation phase. We ensure any problems they experience are promptly eliminated.

We know our competitors' products. We also know their weaknesses and the problems they are associated with. Some of those problems are solved by our fully integrated system. As I already said, our ABL system has virtually no visible interfaces and the operator doesn't really see the ABL at all. Our system also doesn’t need any safety doors that obstruct operator access to the sections. No robots or other external applications are necessary outside the machine which usually take up a lot of space, are complicated to integrate and high maintenance, besides the high initial investment costs. We’re committed to delivering optimum solutions to our customers. The best solution to a challenging problem isn’t always the most expensive one, as we’ve proven that with our new automatic mould lubricating system. And this will continue to be our guiding principle in the development of systems for container glass manufacturers. �

*Managing Director, Glasproduktions-Service (GPS), Essen, Germany,

How is the GPS automatic mould lubrication system better than competitor products?




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