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Business is booming for MGFS

Business is booming in the Mexican container glass industry at the moment with a number of new investments and construction of a new plant. As Hans Mehl, Director of MGFS, states, the company has never been so busy.

It is very busy right now but also very exciting. There are a lot of new projects in the Mexican glass world. We are sometimes taking care of two projects at the same time. It gets undoubtedly busy in the container glass industry.

Hardly a week goes by without a new story about the Mexican glass industry, such as new investments and innovations. Has it kept you busy? Absolutely. We have never had so many projects as today. There are a lot of new investments made in the container glass industry. We deal with everything, from big, turn-key projects to heat up jobs and smaller maintenance jobs. We are fully booked throughout this year.

ďż˝ A family business: Hans Mehl, (left) with his wife Isabel Gonzalez (centre) and nephew Luis Weller (right).

Why, in your opinion, is the Mexican glass industry going through such a boom period at the moment? Is glassmaking part of the culture in Mexico? I don’t think that it has to do with the culture in Mexico, but it has to do more with the strategic location of Mexico. There is our big brother, the USA, in the North and then there is a border with the Atlantic Ocean, one with the Pacific Ocean and one with the Caribbean. The US market is demanding a lot of bottles, mostly for beer and wine. Mexico is a low cost producer. Export is easy due to the vicinity to the oceans. As for the beer bottles, Mexico is not exporting so many beer bottles but mostly bottled beer. These bottles go into the export and do not return to the country. Continued>>

How is life in the Mexican glass container industry at the moment?

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