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Country profile: Mexican container industry

FEVISA Founded in 1989 with one mechanically timed forming machine, Fevisa has grown manifold over the years through a series of partnerships with companies such as Rockware, Coca Cola, SaintGobain, Anchor Glass, Anheuser-Busch, Novamex, Grupo Modelo and Wiegand Glass. It has two plants in Mexico: one in Mexicali serving the export market and the other located in San Luis Potosi serving the domestic market. The company now operates seven furnaces with fifteen glass container forming lines producing more than 1500 tons of glass per day.


Crown Holding is building a one-furnace glass bottle operation in Chihuahua. The facility will produce non-returnable bottles for the beer industry and is set to start production in early 2018.

Grupo Modelo Grupo Modelo (acquired by AB InBev) operates three plants in Mexico at Tultitlán, Estado de México (called Nueva Fábrica Nacional de Vidrio), at San Luis Potosí, (Vidriera Industrial del Potosí) and Tierra Blanca, Veracruz (Vidriera de Tierra Blanca). Its glass division meets the majority of AB InBev’s beer bottle demand. The company has 10 furnaces and 30 bottle shaping lines, as well as decoration lines for vitrified labels. The combined capacity from these three plants is about 15 million glass containers per day.

Vitro Vitro ruled the Mexican container glass industry for a number of years, prior to its food and beverage container glass business acquisition by O-I. Vitro’s operations in Mexico currently comprise of glass for cosmetics, fragrances and pharmaceutical, as well as in the flat glass segments including automotive and construction, businessrelated with chemicals through Industria del Alcali and manufacturing moulds and machinery through Fabricacion de Maquinas (FAMA). Vitro’s container glass business in Mexico registered revenues of $163 million in the first nine months of 2017, a decline of 14.1% from $186 million in the first nine months of 2016. Vitro also has a joint venture with the Comegua Companies (Vitro has a 49.7% stake in Empresas Comegua in Central America), a holding company that operates production plants in Central America and supplies glass containers to the soft drinks, food, beer and wine markets throughout the region and the Caribbean.

�Approximately 100 international suppliers to the hollow and container glass sectors will exhibit at Glassman Latin America.

French luxury glass producer Saverglass is in the process of constructing a container glass plant in Mexico. Saverglass has invested €100 million in setting up the facility, about 40kms from Guadalajara. The facility will produce bottles for tequila, wine and rum and make bottles in a variety of colours. It will commence operations in June 2018. With an installed capacity of about 80 million bottles per year, Saverglass will focus on three geographical markets: American wines, tequila and the rum market in the Caribbean and Central America. Saverglass has had a long association with Mexican container glass industry. The company has been supplying container glass requirements of Esencia y Sabor de México, a specialist in refined drinks such as tequila.

Vidrio Formas Located just outside of Mexico City in Lerma, Vidrio Formas has been supplying container glass to the tequila and food industries for 27 years. The company has provided some of the top companies in Mexico with a distinct glass bottles for their brands. The company has an installed capacity of 420 tons per day from two furnaces at its plant.

Grupo Pavisa Grupo Pavisa produces glass for wine, liquor, food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. The company offers flint glass, silk screen, rustic glass and decorated containers for liquor products; jars, bottles for juices and drinks, and bottles for sauces and dressings; and products for perfumes and cosmetics.

Gerresheimer Mexico Global pharmaceutical glass producer Gerresheimer operates a tubular converting plant at Queretaro (formerly Ampolletas). With an installed capacity of 1.3 billion glass containers per year, the facility was recently awarded the best facility among Gerresheimer’s pharmaceutical and medical packaging group. �

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