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Digital glassmaking

A flacon for a digital world Virginia Elliott, CSO and Oliver Kober, Manager of Inspiration & Flacon Development at Heinz-Glas, discuss how a new perfume flacon meets the requirements of the digital world.


ne of the most important and ubiquitous trends of recent years is digitalization. Our daily, private communication now runs on various social media channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. We stream movies, TV shows and Alexa makes our home smarter. Digitalization does not only play a major role in our private life but also at the Heinz-Glas Group. Digital communication via Skype and social media platforms connects us and our customers across all locations and makes it possible to exploit the full potential of our internationality and diversity worldwide. New creative and technical innovations are constantly being developed that change our life and social environment. This change is also noticeable in the cosmetics industry. This development is currently only limited to labels and cartons, which are lit with printed organic light-emitting diodes.

Add value Digital cartons are one thing, but how could a perfume flacon look and add value in the digital world? We asked ourselves this question two years ago within HeinzGlas’s inspiration department. Customers had indicated a strong interest in this topic at previous inspiration workshops and how we could connect to the digital world, so it was finally time for the development of a perfume flacon with integrated electronic technology from Heinz-Glas. Since November 2015, Heinz-Glas, together with the company ds.Xpress Multimedia, developed a perfume flacon with a personalised display. The challenge was to combine the electronic components with our cosmetic requirements in such a way that the usual aesthetics of a flacon remained intact. We developed several design concepts with ds-Xpress and our tool development over a long but concentrated development

� Virginia Elliott, CSO, Heinz-Glas, alongside Heinrich Quintero, CEO, ds.Xpress Multimedia.

period until the actual final technical realisation in the second quarter of 2017. The result is a digital perfume flacon with the name of TimesSquare. It impresses with its simple, elegant and luxurious design and the extravagant, integrated high-tech. This allows the end user, by means of an app, to provide the flacon with a personal message and design. It can be played on the flacon using your own pictures, videos and music and can be used over and over again. The media can be provided with personal text and edited and changed using different filters. Through TimesSquare, the end user gets a perfume flacon with an added value that is absolutely unique. TimesSquare not only adds value to the end user but also to our direct customers. In order to use the personalisation of TimesSquare, the end user can download the free app and register to reuse the flacon. After the consumer registers on the app, the perfume and cosmetic industry can get an overview of the locations, volumes and consumer information worldwide and can thus plan targeted campaigns and marketing strategies by analysing the data. In October 2017, Virginia Elliott, HeinzGlas CSO presented TimesSquare at

LuxePack Monaco. Virginia introduced TimesSquare at the FEVE panel where glass manufacturers could present their ‘novelties’ in regard to annually changing topics in front of customers. The topics that the panel could choose from to present at the FEVE panel were either 1. The Digital Big Bang, 2. Emotion or 3. Brand Awareness. Virginia chose to present TimesSquare, which addresses all of these topics in one product. The digitalization and emotion through the display and app and the brand awareness as the flacon is refillable. We are now presenting TimesSquare to our customers to develop and strategise

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