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Training & Education.

Waste Management.

C&M takes a look at the critical area of training and education within the cleaning and FM sectors.

With landfill space running out C&M looks at how the cleaning sector must find alternative ways to deal with its waste.

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Personnel Management. Is now the time to eliminate paper from your people processes? >>> page 26


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Cleaning Show 2019 – further analysis now that the dust has settled One month on from the Cleaning Show 2019 and the organiser

Steve Ashkin, travelled from the USA to twice present to an

has revealed further analysis of the visitor numbers that helped

engaged audience.

make this one of the best Cleaning Shows ever. Relocating the show from Birmingham to London in 2015 was As reported last month, visitor numbers increased by a

not an easy decision but the success of the Excel event has

staggering 26% this year when compared to the 2017 event,

proved it was the correct move to make. Paul Thrupp, BCC

totalling 7111 people over the three packed days of the show.

deputy chair, said: “I remember when the then BCC chair, Doug

This figure includes 347 international visitors from 45 countries.

Cooke, talked about how the change of venue was designed to boost visitor and exhibitor numbers, with a particular emphasis

Stan Atkins, chair of the British Cleaning Council, joint owner

on attracting more global brands and international delegates.

of the Cleaning Show with Quartz Business Media (publisher

Fast-forward to 2019 and Excel now seems like the Cleaning

of C&M), said: “To experience growth in visitor numbers by

Show’s natural home. It is also now firmly established as one of

over 25% is a remarkable achievement, especially in these

the industry’s most important events anywhere in the world. If

economically challenging and politically uncertain times for our

we’d stayed put in Birmingham, I don’t think that would have

industry. The increased number of both international delegates

been the case.”

and international exhibitors was also very encouraging, and the show is clearly now a truly global trade event attracting a high

Whether you came from the UK or further afield, the Cleaning

quality audience from every corner of the world.”

Show 2019 was a fabulous show. If you missed it, the Manchester Cleaning Show takes place next year on 25 and 26

The show’s international appeal was boosted by the

March. See you there!

announcement of the first ever Window Cleaning World Cup - a competition which enjoyed pre-show press coverage in

Wishing you a happy, clean, tidy and healthy month ahead.

Australia and New Zealand, the Middle East, Africa, Russia, the Far East, Scandinavia, and across Central and Eastern Europe. The inaugural contest, which was sponsored by Unger, was won by Jeremiah Hickey, the fastest window cleaner in the US. The show was also used by many international brands to

Neil Nixon, Editor

launch new products and services, and the keynote speaker,

Cleaning & Maintenance Magazine




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BIG Results NEW: CRG8072 ● New CRG8072 increases cleaning width by 30% in same compact design

● Heavy-duty, long-life, low maintenance gel battery technology ● User-friendly, colour-coded controls and features ● Designed, engineered and built in the U.K ● Nu-Assist app offers training, troubleshooting and maintenance content at your fingertips

Small in Size, Big on Productivity

The logic of two machines in one, Numatic Compact Ride-on machines deliver optimum cleaning performance and productivity where any other machine is too big, and anything smaller doesn’t deliver the results you need.

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Available in 550mm cleaning width (CRG8055) and new 720mm cleaning width (CRG8072).

Call 01460 269476 to book a demo Nu-Assist delivers multilingual training, troubleshooting and maintenance content, through one convenient App. 1. Download the FREE Nu-Assist App 2. Open the App and scan the QR Code on your machine

3. Access a wide range of help and support, right at your fingertips


Find out more at numatic.com/apps/nu-assist

To see our extensive range of professional cleaning products visit

Numatic International Limited, Chard, Somerset, TA20 2GB Tel: 01460 68600 Fax: 01460 68458 © Numatic International Limited 2019. Specification subject to change without prior notice.



20 Feature: Training & Education. C&M takes a look at the critical area of training and education within the cleaning and FM sectors.

MAY 2019

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Industry News In the news this month… Churchill reduces single-use plastics with recyclable packaging innovation, ABM embarks on second year of perception change campaign, Golden Service Awards 2020 launched. People Personnel news and new appointments from across the cleaning and FM sectors. Contracts We take a look at all the latest contracts awarded across the industry. Clear Impressions Sponsored feature from Grundon Waste Management.


Feature: Waste Management. With landfill space running out C&M looks at how the cleaning sector must find alternative ways to deal with its waste.

Feature: Personnel Management. Is now the time to eliminate paper from your people processes?

Cleaning Show 2019 in pictures More photos and quotes from the phenomenally successful Cleaning Show 2019. New Products An overview of some of the new products available on the market this month.

03 Editor’s Comment

14 BICSc Comment

Looking back at the past month in the cleaning sector.

Making the invisible visible.


18 BCC Comment From Terry Turbo to hi-tech tendering - how window cleaning continues to move with the times.

19 A job worth doing – a contractor’s blog. Lee Andrews reports.

MAY 2019 5



Churchill reduces single-use plastics with recyclable packaging innovation CHURCHILL Group is set to dramatically

created, house biodegradable and phosphate-

reduce its single-use plastic consumption by

free sachets. In addition to a reduction in

introducing a range of recyclable cleaning

plastic, the sachets also require less water to use

products. The new products, which have

effectively and are able to be transported more

been developed in partnership with Jangro,

efficiently, further reducing Churchill’s footprint.

will replace Churchill’s top five cleaning

This innovation is the first step in

products. The change will see almost 60,000

Churchill’s environmental impact charter,

plastic containers eliminated from Churchill’s

where it is driving other industry-first

operations in the first year, with that figure set

initiatives to drive the FM sector to consider

to increase as more products are introduced

its impact on the planet. Joel Briggs, group

“We’re delighted to have worked with

into the operation.

managing director at Churchill, said: “This

our partner Churchill to develop these

market-leading range of sustainable cleaning

environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions.

sustainable, include glass cleaner, hard surface

consumables demonstrates Churchill’s

Churchill and Jangro share the same ethical

cleaner, washroom cleaner, descaler, and floor

commitment to positive change. We are

ethos and this is just the latest example of our

maintainer. Their unique recyclable packaging,

proud to work with our long-standing partner

industry-leading partnership.”

which the Churchill and Jangro teams co-

Jangro on this innovation.”


The new products, which are 100%

ABM embarks on second year of perception change campaign

Jo Gilliard, CEO of Jangro Ltd, added:

Charity ball raises £12,000 for children charities

ABM UK has kicked off year two of its Junior

number of students in comparison to our pilot

Engineering Engagement Programme (JEEP)

year. However, in order to change perceptions,

following a successful pilot year with three

we need to make the programme scalable.

THE annual charity ball, hosted by Incentive

schools in West London. It aims to tackle

That’s why we will be making the programme

FM Group, was held recently in Sheffield,

perceptions and provide information about

available to teachers all over the country so they

raising over £12,000 for this year’s chosen

engineering, facilities management and

can implement it themselves, with our support.

charities, Scotty’s Little Soldiers and Cash

apprenticeships amongst secondary school

Research which we conducted last year brought

for Kids. Around 200 guests from the FM

aged children and their parents.

to life just how big the perception problem is

sector and wider business community

that our industry is facing - for example, we

donned their finest attire and put on their

the Transformation Trust, ABM UK will take the

found that over a third of parents don’t know

dancing shoes at the event, which was

immersive programme into nine schools across

what an apprenticeship is and a further third see

held at the Hilton Doubletree Hotel in

the UK including schools in London, Leeds,

apprenticeships as a last resort for young people

Sheffield Park. The ball, now in its fifth

Manchester, and Bradford. Running from March

who fail exams. However, the JEEP pilot proved

year, was hosted by Incentive FM and

to July 2019, year two will see over 150 students

that there is an appetite for programmes like this

included a blind and silent charity auction,

participate in the programme. The modules

and that the young people involved are open to

raffle, three-course meal, magician, and

include activities on electrics, cooling and

learning about new industries and alternative

live entertainment.

more, with the theme of sustainability running

paths to success, other than just university.”

Supported by education delivery partner,

throughout the course.

Cate Smith, senior programme manager at the

Scotty’s Little Soldiers is dedicated to supporting bereaved children who have lost

Transformation Trust, said: “We were delighted

a parent whilst serving in the British Armed

delighted to be in a position where schools

when ABM UK approached us and asked for us

Forces and Cash for Kids works to provide

across the country are interested in the JEEP

to be a part of this programme. Being the first of

underprivileged and sick children in local

initiative and to be working with triple the

its kind in the UK means we can hopefully pave

communities with a brighter future.

ABM UK’s director, Adam Baker, said: “We’re

the way for other initiatives like this, as the end

6 MAY 2019

Glenn Wilson, operations director at

goal for the FM industry is to close the skills gap.

Incentive FM Ltd, said: “This is the fifth year

We believe initiatives like this are a great way to

that we have hosted the Ball and we are

introduce students to a new interest through fun

thrilled with how successful it continues

activities and experiments. It’s our job to deliver

to be and gives us great pride to support

these modules in an engaging way to ensure

out two chosen charities, who are close to

the students leave excited about their potential

everyone’s heart at Incentive, so it’s great to

future in FM!”  

contribute to such worthy causes.”



UhUb the Whole-workforce At UhUb we love what we do, but we understand that it’s what the customer thinks, feels, and is happy to say that lots of technical data, we want to share the experience of UhUb clients, why they chose it, and the changes it has made within their teams, business and client experience. Here we ask Mara Facility Services about their UhUb experience and encouraged them (as always) to share warts and all. Here’s what the Mara team had to say.

We decided to make the change to mobile learning to allow us to

‘We would have

as we felt as a developing company our partnership with them could

recommending UhUb.’

our decision making, as they best understand our needs having been

How important is whole workforce

How was UhUb to work with?

business, and clients? and services, it is highly important that all our understanding as to what we as a company deliver to our clients. This professional knowledge helps build our reliable image and UhUb is now a part of that.

With the use of the App making training remote we no longer have

‘The feedback we have received from ... they What do your clients like the most about how you use UhUb & how have they reacted?

exercise to gain clients, as most training

The feedback we have received from our clients has been very

Would you recommend UhUb?


‘The vast experience of the team at UhUb within the Cleaning and

programmes and tools to best meet our requirements. So there you go, you heard it from Mara themselves what the weeks! What would your UhUb story be?

decision making, as they best understand our needs having been in ’

Why not get in touch? In 20 minutes, we could change the way you think about Training & Engagement forever!

Tel: 0203 291 3439




Time to say thank you

Entries now open for the 2019 BICSc Annual Awards

CLEANING is one of the most important

THE British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc)

industries in the world yet is often

is staging its Annual Awards Ceremony on

undervalued by those who benefit from

Thursday 26 September 2019 at Whittlebury

the service. Every day tens of thousands of

Hall Hotel and Spa in Northamptonshire. The

skilled, hardworking cleaning staff are onsite

awards celebrate ‘brilliance’ in training and

to ensure working and living environments

accreditation throughout the cleaning industry

are kept clean, safe and hygienic, ensuring

and are now recognised as one of the most

they are ready to go for the next business day.  

prestigious accolades throughout the sector. The passion and determination that goes into

amongst my colleagues, and they have shown

now in its fourth year, Thank Your Cleaner

being a ‘stand out’ company or individual

more motivation to use best practice and

Day is a global initiative for businesses all

deserves recognition, and the 11 award

industry standards across the board.”

over the world to recognise the hard work of

categories are designed to recognise these

these often invisible cleaning heroes to let


Originating in New Zealand in 2015, and

In addition to the usual, six ‘applied for’ awards, this year there is a new ‘applied for’ category, ‘The John Edwards Award’, which

them know they are valued and appreciated.

Last year’s winner of the ‘Outstanding

Companies that are cleaned and maintained

Candidate of the Year’ award, Fern Soo, said

recognises an outstanding corporate member

by cleaning contractors are joining together

about the impact winning an award had:

for their commitment and support in helping

to support Thank Your Cleaner Day. Why not

“Winning ‘Outstanding Candidate of the Year’

the Institute achieve its goal: ‘Creating a career

join them and take this opportunity to thank

has opened up so many opportunities for

in cleaning’.

the cleaning operatives who are looking

me. Since winning the award, I have travelled

after your premises? This year’s Thank Your

to multiple sites across my organisation

can be completed online. To enter visit

Cleaner Day will be held on 16 October 2019,

conducting BICSc training with other members


and there are plenty of ways for your business

of the team. It has encouraged participation


Entries are now open and for the first time,

to get involved.   Find out how you can make a difference by visiting www.thankyourcleanerday.com, post

Golden Service Awards 2020 launched

your pictures and comments on social using #thankyourcleaner.com. Kärcher is partnering with the CSSA along with cleaning contractors across the UK to spread the word and encourage universal recognition on this day. Kärcher has been supporting the Thank Your Cleaner Day project right from the start, from the development of the idea into the campaign that it is today. Kärcher makes the initiative public around the world and supports building service contractors to establish the Thank Your Cleaner Day for its

Golden Service Awards sponsors: Gordon McVean, Truvox; Nick Winstone, Innuscience; Marcus Heap, Karcher; Charlotte Parr, Bunzl: Simon Hollingberry, BCC; and Stephen Harrison, CHSA.

customers. Various activities are taking place

THE Kimberly-Clark Professional Golden

in companies in order to show appreciation

Services Awards 2020 has been launched, with

as new silver sponsors are Kärcher and Bunzl

and acknowledgement of their service. Over

new headline sponsor the Cleaning & Hygiene

Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies. New bronze

the years, activities have included colourful

Supplier’s Association (CHSA). These awards

sponsors include Truvox International and

events such as joint breakfasts, barbecues,

recognise excellence in the FM and contract

InnuScience. Returning as a bronze sponsor is

and morning and afternoon teas for the

cleaning sectors and will take place on 4 March

the British Cleaning Council (BCC).

cleaning teams.

2020 at the Hilton on Park Lane, London.

Joining the Golden Service Awards 2020

In recognition of the changing industry landscape and to support entrepreneurial

The feedback from the cleaning industry

Kimberly-Clark Professional has announced

and the clients celebrating this day with their

six new sponsors, led by gold sponsor the CHSA.

drive, Kimberly-Clark Professional has

cleaning contractor has been very positive,

Stephen Harrison, CHSA chairman and MD of

added two new categories to the awards:

and Thank Your Cleaner Day becomes bigger

Harrison Wipes, said: “With a reputation across

Best Innovation and Best Small Business.

every year. Eighteen countries took part in

the industry for celebrating the excellence of

All 16 categories of the Golden Service

2018, this year even more are getting ready to

cleaning operatives and teams, the Kimberly-

Awards 2020 will open for entries on

showcase their cleaning industry.

Clark Professional Golden Service Awards is an

20 May 2019.


important cross-industry event.”


8 MAY 2019



Non ive oss Corr ustic a & C e. Fre


Grill & Oven Cleaner



Try our new Neutral Oven Cleaner • • • • • • •

pH neutral formulation Biodegradable Non-corrosive and non-caustic No nasty odours Safe for use on aluminium Safe for use on combi ovens Suitable for all oven surfaces T: +44 (0) 1444 244 000 E: sales@bio-productions.com W: www.bio-productions.com



Time saving

No buckets required



Spanish exports of cleaning products to the UK fall by 8% THE value of overseas sales of cleaning and

Germany standing out with 28%, Italy 18%

exports to the United Kingdom, a market that

professional hygiene products from Spain by

and France 13%.

in 2014 was in 5th place in terms of Spanish

members of ASFEL increased overall by 2% in

Exports to the top 20 export countries, except

exports and is currently also in 5th place, but is

2018 to reach 718.6 million euros. However,

for the United Kingdom, Algeria, Sweden,

now a market to which exports have declined

during the same period, exports to the UK fell

Belgium, Turkey, the United States and Mexico,

by 25%, currently accounting for just 6% of

by 8%.

have experienced growth in 2018.

total exports. By contrast, exports to the United

Overseas sales of cleaning and professional

States in the same period increased by 25%.

Association of Spanish Manufacturers of

hygiene products for 2014-2018 have increased

According to the association “the 2% overall

Cleaning and Hygiene Products on the results of

overall by 10%. Exports to the top 20 export

increase in cleaning and hygiene exports in

foreign trade in the sector.

countries, with the exception of France, the United

2018 shows the outstanding effort being made

Kingdom, Algeria, Belgium and Libya, have all

by Spanish manufacturers in this sector.

This is shown in a report by ASFEL, the

According to the report, among the top 10 export destinations of the sector are the traditional and mature markets of the EU (such as Portugal, France

experienced growth in the period 2014-2018. It also highlights the significant decline in

During 2018, according to ASFEL, traditional markets for the Spanish sector such as France, Italy or Germany showed significant double-

or Italy) and the countries of North Africa.

digit increases in exports.

Portugal continues to maintain its leading

ASFEL is active in three fundamental areas:

position in the classification of export countries for the sector with a share of 24% of

promotion, project management, grants and

the total exported.

lobbying. As the leading trade body in the field of export marketing for the cleaning

The European Union accounts for the majority of international exports with a

and hygiene sector in Spain, ASFEL ensures

share of 79%, which includes, together with

that public administrations, both regionally

Portugal, countries such as France, Italy

and nationally, will continue to defend

and Germany. Exports to the top five export

and support exporting companies in their

countries, except for the United Kingdom,

international initiatives and projects.

have all experienced growth during 2018, with


Westgrove Group becomes Living Wage Service Provider

Art Cleaning Services celebrates 20th anniversary

THE Westgrove Group has been accredited as a

Recognised Service Provider. We believe

Living Wage Service Provider, recommending to

strongly in the importance of looking after

FOUNDED in March

its partners that colleagues are paid the higher

all our people from apprentices through to

1999 by Simon

wage rate of £9.00 per hour.

members of staff who have been with us for

Hart, the company’s

more than 20 years. Although we do not set the

managing director,

Katherine Chapman, said: “We are delighted

wage rates ourselves, we will be working with

Art Cleaning has

to recognise the Westgrove Group for its

our partners to recommend that they pay the

grown from being

ongoing commitment to the Living Wage as a

living wage rather than the minimum wage. Our

Service Provider.”

customers and suppliers value the fact that we

trader, serving primarily domestic customers, to

Living Wage Foundation director,

an independent sole

are committed to the training and development

a limited company serving commercial clients

of the Westgrove Group, said: “We are proud

of our people along with our commitment to

throughout the Midlands and beyond.

to have been accredited as a Living Wage

our comprehensive range of products and our

Claire McKinley Smith, managing director

passion for customer service.” The Living Wage is an hourly rate set

Nottinghamshire County Council and ExtraCare

independently and updated annually. It is

Charitable Trust and has retained the contract

calculated according to the basic cost of living

for the University of Birmingham.

using the ‘Minimum Income Standard’ for the

10 MAY 2019

With a focus on quality and customer service, the company is a preferred supplier for

Simon Hart said: “I am very proud to be

UK. The Living Wage enjoys cross party support,

celebrating our 20th birthday and being able

with public backing from the Prime Minister

to look back on the journey we have taken. I

and the Leader of the Opposition. The principle

started Art after buying a £300 domestic window

behind the Living Wage is that work should

cleaning round. It was just me, my ladders and

bring dignity and should enable families to

a bucket! Fast forward to today and we are on

enjoy the essentials of life.

course for our first £100,000.00 turnover.”





Leading the fight against antimicrobial resistance AT the World Economic Forum in Switzerland

a controlling effect on, any harmful organism

that exposing E. coli bacteria to increasing

this January, Health Secretary Matt Hancock

- a product ‘which intends to destroy, render

concentrations of three different types of

issued the stark warning that our growing

harmless, prevent the action of, or otherwise

chemical disinfectants resulted in E. coli

resistance to antibiotics could prove as big

exert a controlling effect on any harmful

populations that had become resistant to

a danger to humanity as climate change or

organism by chemical or biological means’.

several families of antibiotics.

warfare. This bleak proclamation followed the

They are used in a multitude of traditional

World Health Organisation’s announcement

everyday items including medicine, cosmetics

cleaning their homes they are protecting

last year that superbugs - drug-resistant

and cleaning products.

themselves and their families from bugs and

bacteria and pathogens - pose one of the most

“While the bacterial resistance to antibiotics

“It’s worrying that people think by frequently

germs, but in reality, if they’re not applying the

dangerous and imminent threats to human

is widely documented and these compounds

right products in the correct way, they could

health across the world. So, what is causing

are scrupulously monitored before being

be putting their health and the environmental

our increasing resistance to antibiotics, what’s

approved and released on the market, there

at risk. It cannot be denied that biocidal

behind these so-called superbugs and, most

is growing evidence to show that bacteria are

products play a vital role in daily life. For

importantly, how can we prevent these startling

becoming resistant to biocides in common

example, disinfectants are essential for public

forewarnings becoming reality?

chemical cleaners - an industry with less

health to help control diseases and hospital-

supervision. Harsh disinfectants, if not used

acquired infections, other biocidal compounds

and developing natural, Eco-benign technology

correctly, can leave low level biocide residues

are essential to preserve materials such as

to address worldwide waste degradation and

on surfaces, which after continued use can

plastics, paints, textiles, and wood, but while

cleaning challenges. Emma Saunders, general

encourage the emergence of biocide resistant

traditional biocidal cleaners have been used

manager at Genesis Biosciences, said: “The

strains of bacteria, which could compromise

predominantly in the professional and domestic

definition of a biocidal product according to

their in-use effectiveness. Even more worrisome

cleaning industries for cleaning all types of

the BPR (Regulation (EU) No. 528/2012, BPR) is

is the evidence that biocide use may also be

surfaces, the benefits offered by new biological

any substance or mixture with the intention of

a contributory factor in the development of

cleaning products cannot be ignored. These

preventing the action of, or otherwise exerting

antibiotic resistance. A 2012 study revealed

Genesis Biosciences is a leader in researching

Continued on Page 14.


ing Pay no join fee in May Quote R* MAYOFFE

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Gain exclusive insight and industry content Receive dedicated support to help grow your career or your business

Become a BICSc Member today



+44 (0) 1604 678 711

*Corporate Members only


MAY 2019 11



Continued from Page 13. safe and sustainable products contain beneficial

Three-way alliance creates WashCo

bacteria to breakdown any soiling on a surface,

HUGHES Electricals’ two commercial laundry

services and advice to one another. So the

reducing the need for harmful chemical cleaning

operations, Hughes Pro and Armstrong, are

logic of combining the three companies

products. The ‘good’ bacteria multiply in the

joining forces with Solent Laundry Solutions

under one banner was compelling,

application area degrading any dirt and compete

(SLS) to form a brand-new company –

particularly as we each operate in different

with any harmful bacteria present for available

WashCo. It is planned to have the three

parts of the country and both Hughes Pro

growth nutrients. What’s more, unlike chemical

companies fully integrated by the summer,

and SLS are established Miele Professional

cleaners, which offer short-term cleaning benefits,

with a combined workforce of over 100.

partners. We will now be working hard

biological products contain live beneficial bacteria

WashCo will have its headquarters in

to integrate the three businesses while

that build a positive biofilm on the surface after

Newbury and also operate from bases in

maintaining our high standards of

application, continuing to remove soiling that

Fareham, Glasgow, Leicester, Norwich, and

customer service.”

even the strongest chemical products can’t touch,

Rochester. Hughes Electrical has a 75%


and preventing odours at source.

shareholding in the new venture with Solent

“It’s worth noting that chemical disinfectants often contain biocidal additives that are

Laundry Solutions having the remaining 25%. The board of the new company comprises

effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria,

Andy Pallant from Hughes Electrical as

fungi and viruses, however, pathogenic

chairman, managing director Peter Hosking

organisms are becoming increasingly immune

and sales director James Holmes, both from

to these additives so they can’t do the job

SLS, and operations director Simon Quinlan

they’re intended to do.”

from HughesPro/Armstrong.

The government has set out a 20-year vision

Andy Pallant said: “While Hughes Pro,

to combat AMR aiming to have it ‘contained and

Armstrong and SLS have historically

under control’ by 2040.

fiercely competed for customers, we have


also worked together supplying products,

From left, the new board of WashCo: Andy Pallant, James Holmes, Peter Hosking, and Simon Quinlan.

Deliver your service promise with SmartTask workforce management Be more responsive to customer needs including saving time and money With our award-winning, employee scheduling and workforce management solution - SmartTask, you’ll quickly experience time savings of up to 26% through innovation, digitisation and better ways of working, significantly enhanced service quality, and contract compliance – helping you retain and win more business without increasing your admin overheads!

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12 MAY 2019




Cannon Hygiene appoints sales lead for Scotland HYGIENE, waste and water management specialist Cannon Hygiene has appointed Ian Sneddon to lead sales of its washroom services and waste solutions in Scotland. Sneddon, who joins as an account manager, has seven years’


Senior marketing manager for Miele’s professional division

experience working in the waste and hygiene sector and joins from Biffa Waste Services. At Cannon Hygiene he will focus on growing

THE Professional Division of Miele has appointed Melissa Kershaw as senior marketing

the client base in Scotland and developing

manager in the UK. Kershaw joins Miele from

existing contracts further by recommending

vehicle leasing company Arval, where she held

additional services from Cannon Hygiene’s

key roles developing strategic and tactical

portfolio of solutions. These include its feminine

marketing campaigns across B2B media

hygiene care, washroom systems, air care, and

channels, whilst working with a network of

clinical and waste disposal services.

independent partners.

David Lewis, managing director at Cannon Hygiene, said: “Scotland is a growth market for us. We have a number of strong client relationships but are eager to expand. Ian brings the perfect experience across hygiene and waste management to advise existing and new clients on how we can support their businesses.” WWW.CANNONHYGIENE.COM

Atalian Servest appoints CFO ATALIAN Servest, one of the world’s largest

important time for the group. Given his

facilities management providers, has

significant and wide-ranging experience, he

announced the appointment of Jean-Jacques

will play a key role in the deleveraging and

Gauthier as group chief financial officer. In

development of our group, as we aim to

addition to his finance responsibilities, Gauthier

maximise synergies from the optimisation of

will also oversee legal affairs, human resources

our global network.”

and other corporate services.

Gauthier joins Atalian Servest from Following 12 years as the acquisition

Following the merger of Atalian and Servest

LafargeHolcim, a global leader in building

in May 2018, the group is now a circa €3 billion

materials and solutions where he worked

marketing manager at Arval, Kershaw is looking

revenue business with more than 125,000

for 18 years. Appointed as chief financial

forward to applying her passion for Miele’s

employees worldwide, operating in 32 countries

officer of the Lafarge Group in 2001, in July

products as well as her product management

across four continents.

2015 he became chief integration and human

and communications skills to a fresh challenge.

resources officer. Most recently, he was CEO

She said: “There’s no doubt that Miele has

and Strategy SA, Franck Julien, said: “I am

of Lafarge Algeria.

a fantastic brand reputation as an industry

delighted to welcome Jean-Jacques at this


leading commercial laundry, dishwashing

President of Atalian Holding Development

and washer disinfection manufacturer. With exciting plans ahead, both internally and as part of Miele’s growing commercial product range, it’s a very exciting time to be joining the business. I’m looking forward to developing the marketing strategy with a view to growing the Miele customer family, both attracting new customers to our brand and also looking after our loyal customers. I’m also looking forward to taking advantage of the wealth of in-house expertise at Miele and working alongside the dedicated sales team, our established partners and, of course, the head office team in Germany, to grow the Miele Professional business.” WWW.MIELE.CO.UK/PROFESSIONAL/ WWW.CLEANINGMAG.COM

MAY 2019 13



Making the invisible visible HAROLD Wilson was quoted as

(Automatic Retailers of America).

saying ‘a week is a long time in

Often, office staff had 20p or 30p go missing from their cash

politics’, whereas I have been

transport. A direct quote from the manager of the cleaning company was ‘thankfully our staff are fully trained and equipped to deal with cleaning

quoted as saying ‘you’re only

stash. As with a lot of other items,

hazards like these’. Obviously, the British Institute

as good as your last clean’.

it was common practice to blame

of Cleaning Science recognises these risks and

‘the cleaner’.

We are involved in an industry where we are judged more on

I must say that during this

what we get wrong than what

time I often added 20p or 30p to a person’s cash stash on

we get right.

has training programmes that accredit staff in competency in dealing with such hazards involved in the cleaning routine!  I mentioned Aramark in passing who, although

Because the majority of cleaning is done out

their desk, and no one ever complained that

it is a facilities management company majoring

of hours, or when the public doesn’t have access

‘the cleaner‘ topped up their pot - it certainly

in catering, I’m always amazed that catering

to the facility, the cleaning operative does not

was not the tooth fairy, as there were no

staff are treated completely differently to

have a very high profile. Where daytime cleaning

teeth involved. This was brought to mind by

cleaning staff. For example, they have their own

has been implemented, the cleaning operative

‘the cleaner’ who found £300,000 in an envelope

dedicated lockers, where cleaning staff only have

can become part of the virtual team. Where an

on a London bus recently, and handed it in, left

a cupboard containing cleaning equipment and

office is cleaned out of hours, the cleaning team

by an absent-minded passenger. Personally, I

materials, as well as their own personal items

is faceless and invisible. Therefore, it is easy to

always use an Oyster card!

such as hats, coats handbags etc. Catering staff

blame someone who is not part of the team if

Reading the full article, it brought home

usually have dedicated washroom facilities, often

to me how little things have changed when

no separate provision is made for cleaning staff.

a faceless work force is left to clean up the

And, of course, catering staff usually get to eat

company operating in London, it was usual for

detritus of humanity. In the article, some of the

free at the end of service.

staff to have some loose change somewhere

other items found on a London bus were soiled

on their desk to be used in the office vending

nappies, false teeth, bodily fluids, used tampons

made the invisible more visible.

machines. Vending drinks and snacks were a

- this is not to mention the number of sharps


big business - in fact Aramark started off as ARA

(needles) that can be found around public

#Creating a Career in Cleaning

things go wrong. In the 1970s, when I worked for a cleaning

It is about time that the cleaning industry

The Official Partner of the Cleaning Show

Established in 1953 and always reaching the right audience Official show magazine of



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14 MAY 2019

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Affinity Water appoints Facilicom FACILICOM UK has secured the contract to service

its prime asset - this is why it is a Living Wage

multiple Affinity Water sites across the UK. The

Foundation Recognised Service Provider, and

company is the UK’s largest water-only supplier,

provides continuous training. It also offers

providing on average 900 million litres of water each

every colleague access to a 24-hour ‘employee

day to a population of more than 3.6 million people.

assistance programme’ helpline, where they can

Facilicom will be responsible for the daily and

confidentially discuss any issues that might affect

weekly cleaning of 16 Affinity Water sites, including its HQ at The Hub in Hatfield, through to water

their work performance, health and wellbeing. Peter Buff, director of operations at Facilicom

testing labs and operational sites for engineering,

UK, said: “Like many utility companies, Affinity

have all the systems in place to help keep our staff

water sourcing and distribution/pumping across

Water has a diverse and varied portfolio of

safe with correct operating procedures, whilst

Essex, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, and Surrey.

locations, each with their own requirements and

delivering a first-rate service. We’d also like to

specialist cleaning needs. However, we are used

extend a warm welcome to the 30 employees who

transfer to Facilicom UK from the previous

The contract has also seen 30 employees

to tailoring our services to the different needs of

have now joined the Facilicom family.”

contractor. Facilicom believes that people are

our diverse client base and will ensure that we


Ministry of Justice contract for WAMITAB WAMITAB (Waste Management Industry Training

of our activities over the last five years. We are

competencies needed, this starts with working

and Advisory Board) has been selected by the

known for supporting learners to make more of

with employers to understand where skills

Ministry of Justice as the exclusive awarding

their lives - embedding literacy and numeracy

shortages exist, the type of qualifications required

organisation for cleaning, facilities management

skills into our waste management, recycling

and sharing with them the potential benefits of

and waste management qualifications across Her

and cleaning qualifications. There are some 120

partnership working with the prison service.

Majesty’s Prison Service establishments in England

prisons in England and Wales, each with a need for

Mark Hyde, commercial director, who has led

and Wales. Following a transition period from

waste management and cleaning services. Neither

on the prison programme for a number of years,

August 2018, the contract officially went live from

cleaning nor waste management are innate

said: ‘’With recruitment a real challenge in our

Monday 1 April 2019.

skills, they must be learned. Moreover, to do it

sectors and that challenge potentially increasing

Chris James, CEO at WAMITAB, said: “We are

properly requires structured training, practice and

as the impact of Brexit takes hold, WAMITAB is

delighted our bid was successful. WAMITAB’s work

assessment. We take this very seriously. Perhaps

committed to supporting the links between the

with the prison sector has become a key strand

more than most and probably this is why our bid

prisons and employers. Individuals going through

was successful.”

the prison system will achieve relevant vocational

WAMITAB is working closely with the prison

qualifications as well as practical experience

estate to agree national strategies for waste,

through the delivery of waste or cleaning services

cleaning and facilities management to not only

in prison and those who are keen to progress into

support delivery of qualifications but also to

employment in the sector will be supported every

help establish clear pathways to employment

step of the way.”

opportunities. In terms of the skills and


phs healthcare expands services to over 1300 care homes phs Group now delivers healthcare waste services to

Clare Noble, head of healthcare at phs,

five of the biggest independent care home providers

believes the success of the contract win is due to

in the UK following its latest new contract win.

the breadth of the business and its flexibility in

After providing emergency support to remove

paid off and we’re pleased that it has translated into a long-term contract with Barchester.” With an estimated 35,828 offensive waste

meeting customers’ needs. This was demonstrated

collections and around 5000 sharps collections

and treat waste over the Christmas period,

when, just before Christmas, it delivered an

each year, phs’s healthcare operations team will

phs has been awarded the contract to service

emergency response to Barchester Healthcare,

now service Barchester’s 200+ sites over the next

Barchester Healthcare, which has over 200 care

collecting waste from more than 50 priority sites

three years.

homes, following a competitive tender. Its services

when its current provider was unable to do so.


include the collection and disposal of offensive

“Our staff took on extra visits to make sure built-

waste, hazardous waste and sharps. With more

up waste was collected as quickly as possible,” said

than 90,000 customers across 300,000 locations

Noble. “We also called upon our hygiene division

nationwide, phs now provides healthcare waste

to assist the operation and emergency stock - such

services to more than 1300 care homes for five of

as waste bins and bags - was swiftly distributed to

the UK’s biggest independent care home providers,

all sites. All of this was over the festive period - the

including Four Seasons and HC-One.

team really went the extra mile. The hard work has


MAY 2019 15



The GDPR birthday card you won’t want to open May 2019 marks 12 months since the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into force. Given it was a topic that created a great deal of advance column inches, the one-year anniversary provides a timely reminder of the rules that businesses simply can’t afford to ignore. Grundon Waste Management’s Stephen Hill explains more.

We’ve all been guilty of scribbling down a contact’s phone number and leaving it on the desk for everyone to see. The financial data we were reading ahead of a customer visit may still be on the printer, and even the ubiquitous post-it note can get you into trouble if it contains personal information such as an email address. GDPR rules state that such details basically anything that can be used to identify individuals, including their name, address, contact numbers, or any financial data - must be stored safely, kept confidential and not put to any unauthorised use. Which means when it comes to disposal, whether the information is in electronic or paper form, it must be treated as confidential waste. Examples of confidential documentation which must be 16 MAY 2019

disposed of correctly include employee application forms, records of employment or payslips, invoices or quotes, bank details, education or medical records – even memos, handwritten notes, emails, or letters if they

include personal information such as emails or addresses. Digital media such as memory sticks - perfect for popping information onto and readily available to plug into our laptop, external hard drives or other digital devices full of confidential information need to be disposed of in the correct manner. Working in partnership with the UK’s leading shredding specialist Shred Station, we offer a fully accredited, costeffective and secure confidential waste disposal service which ensures personal information cannot fall into the wrong hands and keeps our customers GDPR compliant. Staff are fully trained and vetted to BS7858 standard, plus additional higher security checks. All vehicles, whether used for mobile on-site or off-site shredding, are fully equipped with advanced four-camera WWW.CLEANINGMAG.COM


CCTV systems and are satellite tracked. Additionally, the secure shredding depots are Home Office approved. Among the many customers we work with are the public sector, government, education, healthcare and social care sectors, banking and finance institutions, and legal firms. They recognise that outsourcing document shredding is both time and cost-effective, as nothing needs to be prepared - staples, plastic wallets and lever arch folders etc can all be left in place, making it much quicker than asking an employee to stand beside an office shredder for hours on end. We offer both one-off collections and shredding services as well as regular contracts and, to help separate confidential waste from other waste, we can provide confidential waste bins, confidential waste bags and confidential waste cabinets. Our bins and containers come in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles from 120-1100 litre wheeled bins, or smaller, desk side and metal bins. We can also supply large lockable sack cabinets which blend into the office WWW.CLEANINGMAG.COM

environment, and smaller sundries such as desk trays and nylon confidential waste sacks with tags included. Larger containers such as rolonofs are available for big volumes of confidential waste. Timed collection slots can be booked in advance and, if you let us know, our teams can also provide witness to destruction. The confidential waste is collected in a secure vehicle and transported to


a high-security depot for shredding and recycling through our confidential waste disposal system, guaranteeing 100% diversion from landfill. All formats of digital media can also be shredded, but this must be kept in separate bins or bags from paper, as it is processed in a different way. Our teams can advise on the most suitable containers. If preferred, we also offer on-site shredding at customer premises using a mobile secure shredding vehicle, after which the material is taken back to a secure depot for recycling. Whatever your confidential waste disposal and management requirements, Grundon has the experience and capabilities to help, backed up with all the legally-required permits, UK and industry standards so that you can be safe in the knowledge that every piece of confidential waste is disposed of legally, safely and as sustainably as possible. And make no mistake, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) takes GDPR breaches very seriously, so this is one birthday milestone you don’t want to be marked with any unexpected presents marked Private and Confidential. To find out more about how you can dispose of your confidential waste, please contact Grundon Waste management: 01753 686 777 info@grundon.com WWW.GRUNDON.COM

MAY 2019 17



From Terry Turbo to hi-tech tendering - how window cleaning continues to move with the times Andrew Lee, chairman of the Federation of Window Cleaners, reports. WINDOW cleaning was in the spotlight recently with the inaugural Window Cleaning World Cup hosted at the Cleaning Show. In case

Nine months on and dorsaVi came to ExCel

(inevitably) perpetuated to by some of the

to present its findings, and the results

coverage we had for the Window Cleaning

were fascinating. For example,

World Cup, with ITV’s This Morning - and others

the study found that the pole

- unable to resist a little blast of George Formby

you missed it, or didn’t catch

material made no real difference

any of the extensive media

to the impact on the operative’s

exposure it received globally,

body. It further revealed that

the competition was won by Jeremiah Hickey. In winning the title, Jeremiah - the USA’s reigning window

more strain was felt when different types of cleaning action or arm position was used, and that small

to accompany their respective reports. However, when you look at our work with dorsaVi and the fact that all of our members now get the benefit of a free live tender alert system (which delivers real time contract opportunities direct to their mobile phones

cleaning speed champion - beat Sweden’s

adjustments to the angle of the pole, the

via the Tracker Tender Alert service), plus

fastest shiner, Jimmy Strom, and the Guinness

distance from the building, or the length of the

the many other technology-led products,

World Record holder, Terry Turbo Burrows.

pole, could make a significant difference to

services and solutions which are embraced

the level of potential harm. It also investigated

by our sector, you soon realise that window

capture the excitement of competitive window

if wearing special glasses or using pole-

cleaning is a highly professional, regulated

cleaning, another important aspect of our work

mounted cameras made the job harder, easier

and responsible industry which we can all be

was also showcased at the Cleaning Show.

or entailed more risk.

proud of.

But away from all the film crews looking to

As some of you may recall, last May

This initial data will now be further refined

That’s not to take anything away from those

the FWC was given a grant by the British

and will inform a series of best practice

that took part in the Window Cleaning World

Cleaning Council to take part in a study

guidelines that will be shared with the

Cup, nor the fantastic PR which it generated for

looking at the use of long-reach window

industry later this year.

the sector, but in my view initiatives like the

One thing about this particular piece of

dorsaVi project - and the added value offered

specialists dorsaVi, HSE and other partners,

research which surprised some - beyond the

by mobile technology and other innovations

the project looked at how to minimise the

insights and the health and wellbeing benefits

- are the key to improving what we do, how

risk of injury on the user’s back, shoulders

identified - was the fact it was based on the use

we do it, and how we are perceived by our

and neck when using water-fed poles. This

of hi-tech kit and sophisticated data analytics.

customers, the rest of the cleaning industry,

was done via sophisticated monitors and

To many, window cleaning can still appear to

and the general public.

motion sensors attached to operatives who

be an old-fashioned industry characterised

The Federation of Window Cleaners is a member

used different cleaning techniques in a range

by blokes up ladders with a bucket of suds

of the British Cleaning Council. The views of

of ‘real life’ cleaning scenarios.

and a chamois leather. This image was also

Council members are their own.

washing equipment. Working with ergonomic


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Letting apps take the strain Lee Andrews, CEO of DOC Cleaning, reports. NOT a day goes by without a

to email or phone our office, from

reminder of how smartphones,

where we then manage the issues

along with the technology loaded

through our own helpdesk software

onto them, have raised the bar

- TemplaCMS in this case.

of communications in contract

There are a couple of other

cleaning. Nowhere is this more

issues here. For example, clients’

obvious than in client-contractor

own systems tend to use FM-style

relations. In the subtle way the

standard language that isn’t so

Internet has of demanding your

user-friendly as the bespoke

attention and action, not only do clients now

cleaning helpdesk software. It also means we now need to consolidate the

expect our contract managers to

activity of various apps

respond instantly

into one area when we

to their requests,

do our own internal

they’ve also latched

reviews of client interaction. Again, that’s

on to technology as a way of verifying activity,

all fine if it means clients are

whether it be cleaners arriving

getting the reassurance they need

and departing, or completion of

that we are looking after them. And

specialist work like window cleaning.

we mustn’t forget that apps also

Last but not least they want to view

work in our favour. The ability to

up to date contract documentation,

attach ‘before and after’ photos is

whether it’s quality audit results,

an absolute godsend in the way

KPIs or financial information,

it provides evidence that we are

through secure client portals – all

carrying out work to standard.

at a time convenient to themselves.

The final question is what

Technology has made these

approach contractors should take

improved service levels possible.

to issuing staff with phones in order

The difference with a couple of years

to use the apps. It’s a difficult one.

ago is the way these requirements

On the one hand, if an employee

are now best managed through

can’t do their job without a

specific apps, rather than what is

smartphone, then a company issued

fast becoming ‘old’ technology, in

phone is the only fair approach.

other words email or, heaven forbid,

On the other hand, if they need a

actual phone calls!

smartphone to be able to take part

Nothing wrong with any of this, of

UhUb, or if they need a smartphone

as contractors, we now need to stay

to access an employee portal in

on top of things in a slightly different

order to view their payslip, then it’s

way, ensuring that we have effective

close to becoming a condition of

systems in place to manage the flow

employment. Frankly, technology is

of information. Take helpdesks, for

moving so fast in this area that it’s

example. At DOC, we have some

not easy to say for definite just what

clients who like us to use their own

the answer is right now.

WWW.ECOBATINDUSTRIAL.TECH Worlds largest producer of lead (840,000 tonnes/p.a.) Over 3,500 skilled employees QM system certified to quality standard ISO9001 ISO18001

One thing’s for sure. It’s just good

our field managers and office staff

to see that our industry is making

need to log on to those systems

such effective use of technology in

and track response through them.

a way that seems unimaginable five

Compare that with the simpler

years ago.

solution, which is for our clients



As the UK’s largest independent battery sales and service supplier, the success of ECOBAT Industrial has come as a result of listening to the needs of its customers and offering them effective and efficient solutions that provide the answers they require. Through this process, which is applied across all aspects of its business, ECOBAT Industrial is able deliver on its sales, support and innovation ethos.

in training, for example through

course. However, it does mean that,

helpdesk software, but that means

To enable businesses to maximise the usability and efficiency of their batteries and chargers, ECOBAT Industrial has developed the ECOBAT charger app, which allows the user to connect the charger to any mobile device – android or iPhone – and, through its WiFi capability, remotely adjust voltage, amperage and profile settings to ensure the charging procedure is optimised to its full potential. This innovation provides a genuine added-value service to the customer.

MAY 2019 19 15/03/2019 10:44:31



Meticulous about training Caroline Hutchins, operations director at Julius Rutherfoord & Co, outlines training and education best practice. cleaning’ means that we have clear

is instantly reported to the client, giving them

requirements of our people - that they should

peace of mind that their cleaning operatives

deliver personal, passionate, meticulous, and

are up-to-date on everything from the latest

expert service. But we know expectations work

cleaning methodology, to health and safety.

both ways. We always pay above the National

We recognise the diversity of our workforce,

Living Wage, and where possible the London

so for maximum impact we offer training in

Living Wage. This completely changes the

multiple languages - all delivered by one of our

cleaner-employer relationship to one where

BICSc accredited assessors. And it’s not only

an individual can take or leave a minimum

cleaning operatives who receive training - we

wage job to one where an employee feels

hold annual management training days on

valued and is motivated to go the extra mile for

topics such as employment law and driver

ANYONE who tries to argue that commercial

clients, delivering higher satisfaction, higher

safety awareness. Our people are also able to

cleaning is an unskilled industry fails to

standards and higher retention.

take NVQs in management business skills at no

recognise that professional service provision

Before employees put on our uniform, they

requires skills that must be taught through

pass through our centre of excellence at our

training and education. Not least, this covers

London headquarters. Here our recruitment

health and safety procedures surrounding

experts will security vet potential staff, ensuring

the correct use of equipment, and thorough

that they have the legal right to work in the

hygiene and infection prevention knowledge, as

UK, register them on our biometric attendance

well as effective communication skills.

system, and apply for a DBS check. Through

However, some cleaning operatives in Britain

direct cost to them.

these processes we can ensure that our clients

are still, unfortunately, undertrained, underpaid

are secure in the knowledge the individuals

and undervalued, and the industry is well

attending their premises to carry out work are

known for having high staff turnover rates. We

legitimate experts.

are committed to being part of the movement for change, for the benefit of cleaning

A clear ‘career path to success’

operatives, clients and the industry as a whole.

All our employees start their employment

Nurturing talent

Cleaning providers must demonstrate that

journey with a thorough induction, including

People have varied reasons for working in the

they invest in training and education, accredited

BICSc mandatory units, health and safety and

industry, and different aspirations for what

by independent, reputable organisations like

the JR&Co values. Training certainly should

they hope to get out of it. Many of our area

the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc).

not stop once this stage has come to an end.

managers began their career with us as cleaning

This should be provided not just at the start of

This is followed by ongoing, bespoke ‘on-the-

operatives and have risen through the ranks

a cleaning operative’s career but as an ongoing

job’ training through monthly toolbox talks on

through our ‘career path to success development

process, so that professionalism is a culture of

our clients’ premises, from environmentally-

programme’. We have also had office-based

habit within cleaning teams.

friendly procedures, the latest machinery and

apprentices that have gone on to become valued

Start as you mean to go on

techniques to best practice in health and safety

members of our head office centre of excellence,

Our journey towards achieving workforce

and customer care.

for example within HR and payroll teams.

excellence starts before we make a hire. Our ethos of providing ‘secure commercial

Client specific training sessions are carried out during implementation, in line with

extra mile through our JR&Co Stars awards.

client needs. We provide our people with

Clients and colleagues are invited to nominate

an employee portal, containing all their

staff who have delivered excellent customer

employment and payment history as well as a

service, have gone above and beyond the line of

clear career development plan. Every training

duty and embody our company values.

session is also recorded, and reported on

20 MAY 2019

We recognise and reward staff for going the

Our investment in our people through

through our bespoke contract management

continuous training, reward and recognition

app. This award-winning investment into our

schemes and fair pay means we can recruit

business allows our trainers to carry out site-

passionate staff who will be with us for the

specific learning, on a scheduled basis. For

long term.

complete transparency, a record of the training



The award winning original Biological Urinal Blocks and Blu-Away Biological Washroom Cleaner. A complete washroom solution for your • • • • • •

Clear Drains Water Saving Biodegradable Eradicates Odours Prevents Blockages Green Apple Award Winner T: +44 (0) 1444 244 000

E: sales@bio-productions.com W: www.bio-productions.com



Highly absorbent

Use wet or damp


Colour coded



Added value through training and education Jan-Hein Hemke, MD of Facilicom UK, outlines the wider benefits of training, including improved employee wellbeing, added value to client services and a healthy bottom line. hospitality. It begins with a welcoming and open attitude to the people and situations we encounter. We believe this is a significant way that we can add value to our clients, as well as enriching our colleagues’ wellbeing. First and foremost, it helps boost our colleagues’ self-esteem and build their confidence to communicate and engage with their peers, clients and customers effectively. THE most successful contract cleaning

This is important as, in many settings,

companies are those that recognise their staff

especially in the leisure, retail and hospitality

are their prime asset. Indeed, without a loyal

sectors, cleaning operatives are often ‘front of

workforce their service would grind to a halt.

house,’ working within the vicinity and sight

It therefore makes perfect sense to invest

of customers during business hours. From the

in people, and to identify and develop their

visitor’s perspective, everyone who works in

talent and ability. After all, well trained staff are

a facility is part of the same team and should

happier, more motivated and provide a better

be approachable and knowledgeable about

service to customers - a win-win situation for

the place they work. It is therefore logical to

both employer and employee!

develop and embed people skills across the

Seeing the bigger picture

entire workforce - from management level

Secondly, developing and honing colleagues’

Teaching core skills

through to cleaning operatives. These are also

interpersonal skills helps our colleagues to

Of course, the primary reason to train your

attributes that enrich colleagues’ wellbeing, and

see the ‘bigger picture’. This allows them to be

workforce, particularly in the cleaning industry,

that they can use to enhance their daily lives.

more adaptable so they are able to perform other duties. They can, for example, assist

is to ensure that best practice is followed. This

with directions, help on reception or even just

not only results in the top service possible, but also protects operatives’ health and safety.


offer a friendly smile. It is understanding that

This is vital when you consider that many work

Apprenticeships are a great way into the

their smallest positive action can significantly

with a variety of hazards including dangerous

world of opportunities offered by the cleaning

brighten somebody’s day. Colleagues are also

chemicals, sharps and exposure to infectious

and FM industry, and provide a unique way

more motivated and committed to their tasks

pathogens. It is therefore paramount that they

for somebody to combine training and

and have a better understanding of a client’s

are given comprehensive training, to bestow

education with real-life, hands-on experience.

needs. They develop a desire to go above and

them the necessary skills to perform their job

Particularly popular with younger people, it

beyond, and are therefore more likely to engage

safely and effectively – and to a high standard.

allows them to gain an understanding of what

in issues rather than focusing purely on what is

After all, if a client is not satisfied with the

it’s like to work full time and get paid while

on their ‘to do’ list.

quality or standard of service, then it may not

doing it - an often overlooked but vital part of

renew its contract.

career development. It also benefits the sector as a whole.

Training offers so many more benefits than the ability to do the job correctly. It is a vital component in job satisfaction, and if executed

Improving transferable skills

Opening our industries via apprenticeships is

properly, can make people feel valued,

When all processes are geared towards

an excellent route to reach a generation that

and ultimately assist them to achieve their

operational excellence, there is a risk that

might not otherwise have considered a career

potential. Learning in general teaches people

the human aspect can be overlooked. That’s

in cleaning. If we want our businesses to be

crucial skills, enables them to take control of

why, at Facilicom, we also train all of our

somewhere that people choose to work rather

their own destiny, and leads to a more positive

colleagues in ‘hostmanship’ (in other words,

than something they fall into, then giving

workforce. In turn, businesses are repaid with

‘the art of making people feel welcome’).

them the opportunity to experience it first-

higher levels of loyalty, greater productivity

Good hostmanship encompasses areas such

hand could make a real difference.

and better staff retention.

as customer care, quality, friendship, and 22 MAY 2019


AND THEN THERE WAS LITE Introducing the new i-mop Lite. Your co-worker in agile cleaning

The imop Lite is the smallest and lightest member of the imop family. With outstanding manoeuvrability and portability, the imop Lite can go in even smaller spaces than its bigger brother, the original imop. From the renewed control panel to the new floating ball water lock, everything is designed to make it even more user friendly.

So let’s welcome your new co-worker to the team and start the REAL cleaning Faster




and better for everyone

0114 269 8686 | sales@killis.co.uk | www.killis.co.uk



Review it, use it, choose it completing a cleaning product audit to best effect Modern cleaning presents an ever-evolving set of challenges, from new health and safety requirements to keeping abreast of cleaning techniques and products. A great deal of thought, research and expertise is invested into the cleaning process, ensuring that standards and regulations are consistently met. In this article Gill Ireson, head of sales at Robert Scott, discusses the business’s key learnings and recommendations. Alchemilla opened its doors, its owner was

same. Where this has been the case, a cleaning

determined to operate as a sustainable

product audit is an effective way for a company

business - cleaning programme included.

to ensure that the products and materials being

Our Clean Team worked with Alchemilla to

used are both fit for purpose and safe, while

complete a cleaning product audit, advising

delivering the best value to customers.

on a system and set of products that limited

Saltgreen Residential Care Home invited our

the use of chemicals. Ultimately the restaurant

team to carry out a review of its current floorcare

installed the Toucan Eco cleaning system,

system to find out where efficiencies could be

which is now used to clean all front of house

made in reducing waste water and chemical

areas as well parts of the kitchen, limiting

use, while increasing productivity. Following

the use of multi-purpose cleaning and

an in-depth evaluation, our team implemented

OUR Clean Team works with companies and

disinfecting chemicals. As well as supporting

a new microfibre cleaning system designed to

organisations throughout the UK, evaluating

the restaurant’s sustainability objectives and

save both money and time. Saltgreen had been

existing regimes and product inventories,

improving health and safety for both staff and

using a traditional system of mops and buckets,

and advising on areas for improvement, as

customers, a saving of £200 per month has

J Cloths and a lot of chemical cleaning agents,

well as any potential issues regarding health

been made, along with a large reduction in the

but following an in-depth audit, the Rokleen

and safety, making recommendations on the

volume of plastic waste.

microfibre system was introduced.

It’s hugely rewarding to see the results of

Trolley-based, it comprises a core range

environment. Sustainability is also front-and-

an effective cleaning audit, but it’s an exercise

of products that reduce cross contamination

centre for many businesses, which extends to

that should be repeated on a regular basis.

and maximise cleaning standards across site.

the cleaning regimen.

Over time, requirements change and products

Spillages and dirt in heavily trafficked areas

improve, but cleaning regimes often remain the

can be quickly and effectively cleared without

most effective products for the individual

When Nottingham-based restaurant

24 MAY 2019




Youth Hostels Association (YHA) enlisted our help to update the specifications of its floorcare system to better suit the needs of its staff. Hosting its inaugural Housekeeping Forum at our headquarters, YHA’s cleaning managers were able to discuss their requirements and view various demo units. The original floorcare system was causing confusion, with equipment across sites not piecing together correctly. YHA was also keen to find a UK manufacturer in order to reduce its carbon footprint. Its new mopping system, which uses the adaptable Abbey handle, has reduced the volume of waste water, chemical agents and time spent cleaning, the end-result being a large uplift in guest satisfaction scores since the new system was introduced across its sites.

closing sections of the building - the need for

step - new products should be used on

Beyond the efficacy and cost of cleaning

site by the company’s own cleaning staff

is used, and staff have seen a 25% reduction in

products, storage is also a worthwhile factor

to assess efficacy and troubleshoot any

time needed to complete tasks. Perhaps most

to consider - working with one solution might

issues. Sample products are delivered to site,

importantly, infection control audits have better

allow more storage space, while also proving

accompanied by a member of the Clean Team

outcomes, with zero outbreaks during the

a more straightforward solution for staff.

for assistance.

harsh chemicals has been eliminated, less water

Once the trials are complete and feedback

For any business interested in undertaking

highest risk winter periods.

a cleaning product audit, the process is

has been logged, the Clean Team will review

and improvements, cost is often one of the most

straightforward and begins with a site visit.

the findings, advising further on how to

important factors for businesses evaluating their

By visiting the site in person, our Clean Team

improve cleaning techniques, saving both

cleaning processes, however quality should

can get a real feel for the environment, the

time and money and ensuring a more

never be neglected. It’s important to consider the

building itself and any specific challenges

effective result. Provided trials have been

finer details, looking beyond headline cost - for

relating to fixtures and fittings, products,

successful, help is given to rollout the new

example, two comparable products may cost the

working around operations, or the cleaning

products, with training completed across

same, but the lifetime usage may differ; a more

schedule in place. The team will speak with

multiple sites. While completing a thorough

durable product would be more cost effective in

staff to get their views on any particular

cleaning audit may seem time consuming,

the long-term.

issues or concerns, along with products and

the potential gain makes it a worthwhile

methods that work well.

exercise for any business.

Aside from health and hygiene considerations

It’s also important to enlist the views of those using the products on a day-to-day basis. The

Product trials are an essential second


The Professional Independent Registered Trade Association for

Window Cleaning Membership offers numerous quality benefits IOSH Accredited Safety Training Safety Accredited Member (SAM) Procurement Scheme Secure online store at: https://www.windowcleaning.org.uk/ Federation of Window Cleaners Tel: 0161 432 8754 / 0161 432 9280 Email: info@f-w-c.co.uk – Web: www.f-w-c.co.uk fwc_third horiz.indd 1


08/10/2018 09:45

MAY 2019 25



Is now the time to eliminate paper from your people processes? Rick Stoor, MD of Templa, explains how the digitalisation of people-oriented processes at a cleaning contractor can reduce the pressure on HR, admin, payroll, and operations management. • Once synchronised to your system, they enter your software’s workflow system, moving from one department to another. Data can be checked and added to, whilst an automated instruction will alert the next person in the chain when a form is ready for them to work on. • Once ‘signed off’, a simple click of a button will transfer the data from the form to its BY virtue of being so labour-intensive, it is

rightful home in the company’s storage

Gives your area manager touch-of-a-button

sobering to note that for every £1 of revenue


visibility, on a colour-coded timeline, of

By adding the company’s standard

staff shifts at each site from the current

more staff than the average UK firm. And yet

employment terms and conditions, the

pay period onwards, including currently

no contractor I know has six times the average

final version of the form can be turned into

number of HR staff. In fact, the opposite is true.

an employee contract and emailed to the

For financial reasons, most cleaning contractors

employee as a pdf.

earned, cleaning contractors employ six times

will not consider employing an HR manager,

The benefit? A faster and more efficient

planned holidays or other absence. •A  llows them to update absence on the timeline by simply clicking on a cell representing a shift and changing its status.

even part-time, until their turnover is well above

system that saves huge amounts of time and

Cover for that shift is easily planned by

£5 million. The burden of recruiting, onboarding

effort, both during new contract mobilisations

dragging and dropping the names of staff

and overseeing employee administration is

and beyond.

potentially able to cover into the gaps. •O  nce a change to the roster is confirmed,

borne by a combination of payroll and general admin staff. It raises the question: ‘What can

Making life easier for field management with

any affected timesheet in a current or future

contractors do to manage the many HR-related

click and drop rostering

pay period is automatically updated, saving

tasks more effectively and comfortably?’

Area managers planning staff holidays

huge amounts of admin time both in the

and absence cover face some well-known

field and in your payroll department.

Digitalising a contractor’s most important HR procedure

frustrations: • They use paper rather than a computer and

Integrated time and attendance

There is, of course, a software solution to HR

cannot plan beyond the current pay period,

The third digital weapon in staff management

administration in a cleaning business - one

even though aware of future annual leave or

is, of course, a T&A system - pretty much a ‘must

that’s already used by several contractors. As an

long-term absence.

have’ for contractors of a certain size. Suffice to

integrated part of their contract management

• They cannot easily see which gaps are not

say that there are many systems on the market

software, many companies are now using

covered, or tell which staff are available to

but the benefits of a system that integrates

‘intelligent’ forms, or ‘advanced forms’ as we

cover, without looking individually at each

directly to your pay and timesheet environment

call them at Templa, not only to speed up their

of their other sites’ rosters or their mobile

cannot be over-exaggerated. Quite simply, if

onboarding and employee creation process,

cleaner’s schedule.

you are already using a contract management

but also to manage subsequent changes to

• When making a change to a roster, they

system where you store your employee data,

employee details. Advanced forms have several

must manually update the current period’s

site details and shift patterns you should not be

important benefits:

timesheet and remember to update future

using a T&A system that requires you to input all

• They’re user-defined - you can design them

periods if the change affects those too.

that data a second time round. Instead, opt for

to capture whatever information you need.

• With TemplaCMS, our Roster Manager

software that shares data dynamically with your

• They’re electronic and can be completed on

removes these frustrations in one fell

contract management system, allowing your

site on a mobile device whilst in the company

swoop. It sits over the real-time timesheets

area managers to manage time and attendance

of a new employee on site. Photographs

of TemplaCMS Pay and links dynamically

through your core system.

of both the employee and ‘right to work’

through to them. Working across multiple

documents can be added and attached

sites, pay periods and payrolls, it does

can well and truly call yourself ‘staff digital’.

before the form is electronically signed.

three things:


26 MAY 2019

With these three systems in operation, you




Atlas adopts SmartTask ATLAS FM has selected SmartTask to

contracts, followed by regional teams in Wales

based on our ability to understand the needs

enhance the coordination and monitoring

and the south coast. As a result, around 2500

of our customers and translate this into useful

of its nationwide cleaning operation. The

cleaning operatives are now actively using

employee scheduling and mobile workforce

company will use the advanced employee and

the system, with the company undertaking

management functionality. The success of

workforce management software as a time and

a phased regional roll-out for its remaining

our highly adaptable, scalable and affordable

attendance and rostering solution across a

operations across the UK.

cloud-based solution with services providers

team of 8000 cleaning operatives. “We were primarily looking for a highly reliable, scalable and cost-effective time and

Paul Ridden, CEO of SmartTask, said: “The

such as Atlas FM is clear recognition of the value

growing presence of SmartTask within the

it is already providing to the marketplace.”

cleaning and facilities management sectors is


attendance software to provide the visibility, compliance, control, and assurance our customers expect,” said Jamie Davies, regional director at Atlas FM. “We have partnered with SmartTask because of its innovative approach to solving the industry’s challenges and keenness to work with us to meet our current and future needs. We trust Smarttask to take care of the technology, so we can focus on our business during a period of rapid organic and acquisitive growth.” Atlas FM has implemented SmartTask for staff working on national cleaning and security Cleaning mag half page ad 2019 v2.pdf 1 29/03/2019 10:29:24

World-class Business Software for Janitorial Distributors Industry features C



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MAY 2019 27



Waste not, want not With landfill space running out and businesses facing increasingly higher costs for doing so, Samantha Stocks, director at washroom services provider Simply Washrooms, discusses the implications this is having and how the washroom services sector must find alternative ways to deal with its hygiene waste. WASTE and what we do with it has and always will be a problem. Amid the statistics it’s easy to forget the day-to-day reality: we put things in the bin and expect our waste to be taken away. Landfill has been the conventional method of waste disposal for decades. While demand has decreased in recent years, we’re fast running out of capacity, with recent reports suggesting we only have a few years left before we totally run out of space. Couple this with the environmental implications of putting our waste in the ground from generating harmful greenhouse gases to the devasting impact it can have on local biodiversity - we must find a sustainable alternative for dealing with our waste. There’s no denying the environmental argument against landfill is strong, but let’s not forget it makes commercial sense too.

makes for a sobering read. The Environment

waste management seriously and works with

Introduced in 1996 as a means of encouraging

Agency estimates we throw away three billion

its customers to ensure the hygiene waste it

recycling and waste prevention by charging

disposable nappies each year - that’s 8 million

collects is never sent to landfill.

businesses per tonne for the waste they send

nappies a day! Sanitary waste products don’t

to landfill, landfill tax is an environmental tax

fare much better either with a mammoth

waste we collect to energy from waste (EfW)

paid on top of normal landfill rates by any

200,000 tonnes being generated each year.

plants where it is recovered and converted into

One such alternative is to send the hygiene

Typically, this waste is collected and sent to

energy. Not only does this mean we no longer

its introduction, the tax has been steadily rising

landfill sites around the country where it takes

need to bury this waste in the ground but the

and in April last year increased to £88.95 per

centuries to decompose. While hygiene products

energy from the process generates electricity

tonne. And yet, despite the financial impact of

are essential and part of our everyday lives,

and heat. This renewable electricity can be used

the tax, we’re still seeing businesses continue to

disposing of them is increasingly becoming an

locally or fed into the national grid network

feel the financial cost of the waste they generate

environmental and financial burden.

where it’s used to heat and power our homes,

business that sends its waste to landfill. Since

and send it to landfill. When we look at the some of the most

So, what are the sustainable alternatives to simply putting this waste in the ground? Well,

hospitals and businesses. The process of burning waste to create

common products we put in the ground, for

the first step is to partner with a washroom

energy this way also reduces our reliance on

those of us in washroom services sector, it

services provider that takes the issue of hygiene

more traditional forms of fossil fuels while any residual waste products from the process is used as aggregate in the construction industry. Now is the time for not only those of us in the washroom services sector but in the entire cleaning industry, to ensure we’re taking our environmental responsibility seriously and align our services more closely with our customers’ expectations so we can play a fundamental part in helping them achieve their environmental and commercial goals and importantly, reduce the amount of hygiene waste being sent to landfill. WWW.SIMPLYWASHROOMS.COM

28 MAY 2019




Waste management practices in the bag Cromwell Polythene managing director, James Lee, looks at the importance of plastic to the cleaning industry and how it helps to improve recycling rates and sustainability practices. SUSTAINABILITY is a central part of most

Poor segregation will lead to increased

cleaning and facilities management strategies,

costs of disposal for many facilities, and may

encompassing reduced energy and water use,

even result in prosecution if the waste is

less use of harmful chemicals and, of course,

‘mixed’ and is deemed no longer suitable for

increased recycling rates. Making this happen is

the waste treatment or disposal option that

Equally, most responsible producers of

very much a team effort.

has been selected. In healthcare settings, for

plastic will have systems in place to support

instance, segregation on site is vital to maintain

buyers’ recycling initiatives, and offer to collect

compliance with clinical waste regulations.

‘waste’ packaging and other material as part of

Recycling and re-use of materials starts with segregation of the different waste streams on

a landfill diversion programme.

site, such as paper, glass, plastic, and food waste,

Cleaners, whether in-house or contractors,

to avoid contamination. Unfortunately, items can

can help by ensuring there are enough recycling

often end up in the incorrect bin. The value of

bins, that they are correctly positioned, and

help all parties reach sustainability goals, and

paper, for example, is significantly reduced if it is

that they are clearly marked. They can also

also boosts the reputational status of the cleaner

contaminated with wet wastes such as food, and

work in partnership with their clients to support

and supplier as champions of best practice.

may even render it unrecyclable.

recycling initiatives.

These types of partnership approaches can

Continued on Page 30.

Visit our new website to see our

full range of refuse and recycling sacks, bin liners, compostable liners, and much more.

We are proud to be an independent, family-run business, committed to supply products for the capture and containment of waste and recyclables. It is our mission to be the most resourceful company in plastics, supplying products that help make the world cleaner, greener, and more economical.

t: 01977 686868 WWW.CLEANINGMAG.COM

e: info@cromwellpolythene.co.uk

www.cromwellpolythene.co.uk MAY 2019 29



Cleaning up the cleaning industry AS a manufacturer, Grotech Production’s role

if not disposed of properly. Bodies of water

plants remove solids, sludges, filter out various

within the industry is focused mainly on the

are weakly buffered by natural bicarbonates,

contaminants, and remove nutrient containing

supply end of the chain, although the processes

which prevent swings in pH, but a significant

components via biological treatment, but

involved in the manufacture and design of

quantity of an acid or an alkaline material

some dissolved components will still make it

products for the cleaning industry can generate

could dramatically affect life in a lake or

through into the environment. Product and

various types of waste stream, all of which must

a river. Beyond direct corrosive effects,

concentrated wastes should be dealt with by a

be dealt with appropriately.

acidification can affect plankton which have

licenced waste contractor with only the most

acid-soluble silicate bodies. Decreases in

dilute and minimised loadings ever reaching

powder products there is always an amount

plankton populations can then affect the

the drainage system, and never directly onto

of material that cannot be recovered, which

entire dependant ecosystem. Surfactants and

land or into the environment.

becomes waste. The hazards associated

materials that affect the surface tension of

with such products can vary but industrial

bodies of water can affect Gerridae species (like

drains. There is a large percentage of the

degreasers are often alkaline, limescale

pond skaters) who live on the surface of water.

public who now actively look for ‘green’ and

removers acidic, and many other products

The lower surface tension causes them to sink

‘environmentally friendly’ products. Whilst

usually at the very least carry irritancy

and drown, again affecting the local food chain.

there is no fixed definition for what a green or

classifications. Safe clean-down of production

Chelating agents such as EDTA are relatively

environmentally friendly product is, and a lot

processes that generate these wastes is

persistent in the aquatic environment, and over

of misinformation and misunderstanding on

essential, often creating corrosive washings and

time these can mobilise insoluble heavy metals

the matter exists, the mandate for change is

solid wastes. It is often possible to recover some

causing a build-up and toxicity in animals that

definitely there.

of these wastes for internal cleaning purposes

consume them. Quaternary ammonium and

but this never gets rid of it all. These costs are a

phosphate/phosphonate based surfactants act

manufacturers to commercial and domestic

burden for the manufacturing industry and are

as fertilisers and cause eutrophication in lakes

users have a part to play. For a long time the

hard to avoid, but it’s certainly better to handle

and rivers, which again can cause negative

chemical industry has had a label of being

the materials properly rather than dispose of

effects to the aquatic life.

dirty and polluting and generally does not

In the creation of liquid and especially solid

them in an inappropriate way.

There is a responsibility on all within the

Obviously some material will enter the

Everyone in the chain from formulators to

enjoy much of a positive public image. Grotech

industry, especially those who generate such

Production Ltd has worked on this and as a

are not classified as harmful to the aquatic

waste, to ensure that once a material enters the

result won awards for its contribution in waste

environment or as human toxicants they can

drainage system it does not cause the waste

management and caring for the environment

still cause significant harm to the environment

water processing plant difficulties. Treatment


Continued from Page 29.

on average, 4.5 times less than alternatives

waste management infrastructure, not something

including paper, cardboard, glass, and metal,

inherent in the material. It is also important to

thus reducing transportation costs.

note that 85% of the plastic in the ocean comes

Even though many cleaning products

Don’t bash the plastic Plastic packaging is one of the resources that

Our LowCO2t range, for example, uses less

from a small number of Asian and Pacific Rim

is omnipresent within facilities from personal

material to achieve the same performance

countries, so not only do we need to use our

protective equipment (PPE), to lining bins and

standards as conventional waste and recycling

resources more effectively, we also need to help

sanitary units, to covering pallets. Using plastic

sacks, and is packaged in smaller cartons. This

others to do so too.

waste sacks and bags makes it simple, safe,

means the volume of plastic used is minimised,

and hygienic to separate and collect waste

as are the carbon emissions during production

because it is helping to address the way

effectively, for appropriate disposal or recycling.

and transport.

plastics are designed, produced, used,

Contrary to popular belief, using plastics has

Lightweight plastic packaging can help facilities

The plastic debate is, however, important

re-used, disposed of, and reprocessed.

a very resource-efficient profile - particularly

use resources more effectively in other ways

We all want to see the recovery, reuse and

when produced from recycled materials.

too. For example, it helps keeps food fresher for

recycling of all types of packaging, and

Responsibly produced plastic packaging can

longer, reducing waste. It also enables the safe

not for materials to end up in landfill or in

have a high recycled content (up to 100%) and

containment of liquids such as cleaning products,

our oceans. WRAP’s UK Plastic Pact brings

can be reprocessed many times, not only saving

eliminating environmental leaching of cleaning

together major brands and the plastics

virgin material but associated energy and

chemicals and wastes from bottles, for instance.

industry with a common vision and an ambitious set of targets to create a circular

emissions as well. Where this is not practical, the calorific value can be recovered to generate

The Plastic Pact

economy for plastics. The aim is to eliminate

electricity or heat at the end of their useful life,

The problems of plastic litter and marine pollution

all avoidable plastic packaging waste

through energy from waste (EfW) plants.

(it’s not just plastic packaging washing up on the

and make all plastic packaging reusable,

beaches) are very real and need tackling. However,

recyclable, recycled, or compostable, by 2025.

they are the result of littering and an ineffective


Plastic packaging also brings value and efficiencies to the supply chain - weighing, 30 MAY 2019


Products & Services Directory

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Business Software for Janitorial Distributors






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FEMININE HYGIENE BINS We offer a cloud based scalable and flexible management solution for the cleaning, security and facilities management industries.

Brimaid Ltd, Valley Mills Valley Road, Bradford BD1 4RU Tel: 01274 728837 Fax: 01274 734351 www.brimaid.co.uk







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The Cleaning Show 2019… in words and pictures Following on from last month’s review of the Cleaning Show 2019, here are a few more pictures and quotes gathered during the event.

“Once again our industry ‘excelled’ in bringing together a great show with many opportunities to meet clients and colleagues amongst the new ideas and innovations from our ever diversifying supplier base. Well done to the organisers and congratulations on a successful event.” Lynn Webster, director, LWC Ltd.

“The show provided an excellent opportunity to learn first-hand about the latest issues within the cleaning industry and innovative approaches to address these issues.” Dr Terry Tudor, associate professor of waste management, University of Northampton. “With the challenges of a product launch, and bringing a new and innovative product to market, it was especially important that the 2019 Cleaning Show was a success. We were not disappointed. We enjoyed good solid leads, a high level of enquiries, and met with some great contacts. This year the show seemed to have a heightened atmosphere, more visitors, and our stand seemed even  busier. The numbers provided by the organisers evidently support this and we feel that the show was better than ever this time.” Peter Morley, director, Morclean. 32 MAY 2019



“It was great to see how well represented the show was in respect of different suppliers and the amount of people that attended. It provided a great networking opportunity and a chance to catch up with industry colleagues.” Lilia Lamberto, HR and support services director, Principle Cleaning Services.

“The 2019 London Cleaning Show was, from my perspective, a great success for a number of reasons. I was particularly impressed by the excellence and innovative style of many of the exhibitor displays which made touring the show a real pleasure. Another aspect I was pleased to see was the range of products and services from a variety of UK, European and other overseas exhibitors which gave the show an international feel to it. Finally, as a member of a group exhibitor, another feature was the quality and professionalism of visitors, of which there were many.”


“Our return to the Cleaning Show was met with real delight, both from our current clients and key prospects. There was a clear buzz from the exhibitors and visitors over the three days, all of whom were keen to see innovations, discuss the trends in the market, and catch up with friends and colleagues.” Deborah Bland, senior sector marketing manager, Diversey.

John Findlater, CEO, CSSA.


MAY 2019 33



COMPACT, durable and cordless, Kärcher’s HV 1/1 Bp handheld vacuum cleaner facilitates easy portable cleaning. Whether valeting a vehicle, cleaning an office

Putting the power in your hands

or tidying up after building maintenance, this newest addition to the Kärcher family combines portable high cleaning performance, with a saving of up to 25% work time with no need to plug or unplug the device. Its powerful suction, interchangeable battery and easy-to-empty container make this machine not only convenient to use but a portable cleaning ally. With a nominal power of 115W, an air flow rate of 33 litres per second, and lightweight

design at only 1.8kg, the HV 1/1 Bp enables users to reach even the tightest of spaces in lifts and stairwells to get those cleaning jobs done quickly and effortlessly. The cordless design completely eradicates any chance of a trip hazard while the 18V lithium-ion battery delivers a run time of over 30 minutes in eco!efficiency mode, which also reduces operating noise. WWW.KARCHER.CO.UK ECOBAT Battery Technologies (ECOBAT Industrial) offers its bespoke FULLlife battery and charger care packages, which contribute to make up one of the factors that has enabled ECOBAT Industrial to attain its ISO18001 status. This signifies the highest level of

Maximising the service life and proactive service. FULLlife provides customers with real-world benefits that enable them to forecast monthly expenditure and implement the most productive of batteries and solution. So, just as they are able to rent their cleaning equipment, they can also rent chargers dedicated service support to its customers and is recognised by many blue-chip

companies as ensuring the maximum vehicle utilisation, through both preventative

their battery/charger combination, complete with a service package that takes away any worries or concerns, when it comes their day-to-day use and maintenance. WWW.ECOBATINDUSTRIAL.TECH

New range of SensaMist scent diffusers

VECTAIR Systems has launched its new range of scent diffusers with advanced atomiser technology, designed to bring the magic of scent to interior spaces. With the SensaMist brand, a user will find solutions to all of their scenting needs, with a range of diffusers to suit any environment or application. The diffuser range is able to accommodate rooms and environments of between 80m3 to 2000m3 depending on the device chosen - from the

washroom to the lobby With a choice of both wall mountable and table or floor standing units, battery or 12V DC operated units, as well as units that are suitable for HVAC (air conditioning) installation, there are suitable solutions for every application. WWW.VECTAIRSYSTEMS.COM

34 MAY 2019



Jangro launches sustainable range catalogue

JANGRO has launched a new catalogue dedicated to sustainability. Entitled ‘Think sustainable. For a better future’, this new catalogue features products that have been designed or formulated to have a minimal impact on the planet. This includes working with

suppliers and manufacturers to ensure compliance with ISO accreditation and EU regulations, covering biodegradability and protection of the environment, the use of recycled materials, and consuming less energy during production, whilst reducing emissions to air, water and land. Jo Gilliard, CEO of Jangro, said: “The day-to-day operations and many of the products used


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our responsibility to lower our carbon footprint and make environmentally friendly choices is

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huge, and is something we take very seriously. We are therefore thrilled to finally unveil our new


in the cleaning and janitorial industry inevitably have an impact on our environment. As such,

catalogue. We have spent months working hard with our suppliers behind the scenes, to ensure that we can offer truly sustainable products which do not compromise on either efficacy or quality. The result is a catalogue bursting with eco-friendly and affordable solutions, helping our


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customers to easily find and make more sustainable choices.”

Steve Diprose




GLOBUS Group has enhanced its

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single-use disposable gloves range

Biodegradable nitrile glove range launched

with the introduction of the SHOWA 6110PF biodegradable nitrile glove. Using SHOWA’S Eco Best Technology (EBT), the new 6110PF provides the same physical properties as traditional nitrile gloves - durability, texture, fit,

chemical resistance, and performance along with the same shelf life - but with one added dimension. After being used, the addition of EBT, which contains an organic additive, makes the gloves attractive to microbial activity when disposed of in landfills. As a result, microorganisms consume, metabolise and break down EBT materials into three natural compounds - organic soil, methane and carbon dioxide. Ideally suited for use in non-hazardous contamination environments, the EU Food Safe approved 6110PF will fully biodegrade within five years. WWW.GLOBUS.CO.UK/BIODEGRADABLE-GLOVES

LEAFIELD Environmental has launched a new range of slim Enviropods that it claims are ideal for use where available floor space is restricted. With a small footprint and flat back that enables it to be sited against a wall, the new bin has a capacity of 43 litres. The Enviropod 43L comes with a choice of WRAP colour coded lid options to suit a wide range of waste streams, each with a relevant aperture and

43 litre Enviropod internal recycling bins launched

high visibility graphics that actually encourage recycling. An optional A4 signage kit is also available for those wishing to reinforce the recycling message. WWW.LEAFIELDRECYCLE.COM



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