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An inspector calls - how we ensure that ‘what’s on the box is what’s in the box’ Mike Stubbs, chairman of the CHSA Accreditation Scheme Panels, reports. LAST December I used this column to

he wishes and checks label compliance. Every

highlight how the YPO, the public

label must be traceable to manufacturer

sector purchasing organisation, had

and batch. It must include the relevant

to the CHSA’s governing council. Each year the inspector audits almost 5000 products across all four of the CHSA’s Accreditation Schemes and

joined our Accreditation Scheme for

Accreditation Scheme logo and

anyone who fails to comply is formally warned, the

Distributors. We went on to explain

indicate the product dimensions and

ultimate sanction for continued non-conformance

how, by deciding to join the scheme,

count. Where required, an indicator

being expulsion.

the YPO had made a commitment to

of fitness for purpose must also be

purchasing only product that is stamped

provided. The inspector also takes samples

with a CHSA Accreditation Scheme marque

from the warehouse for offsite testing. In the

Compliance across all four schemes in 2018 was excellent. The results for the Accreditation Scheme for Distributors showed an average of 97.5% of

or conforms to the specifications laid out in the

case of manufacturing members, a few samples are

relevant products across all accredited distributors

standard. Or, in other words, ensure ‘what’s on the

also taken from the production line.

were from CHSA accredited manufacturers.

box is what’s in the box’.

Back at his testing laboratory, the inspector

This time around we wanted to explain how

Label compliance in 2018 for the Accreditation

assesses each product against the specified scheme

Scheme for Manufacturers of Plastic Refuse Sacks is

we ensure the scheme is robust, and gives us the

standard. The length and width of soft tissue

98.8%. Plastic refuse sacks are tested to see if they are

consistency and confidence in the process which

products are measured and the sheets counted.

fit for purpose using the British Standards Institute

industry partners like the YPO demand.

The dimensions of refuse sacks are measured and

drop test. Performance is assessed by combining the

the number counted before a sample is subjected

drop test results with the count and dimensions of

schemes is our independent inspector, Martin Yates.

to a British Standards drop test. The number of

the sacks. Compliance in 2018 was over 91%.

An experienced quality assurance professional,

cotton mops in each box is counted and their

Martin has worked with the British Standards

weight recorded. Following the addition of system

Manufacturers of Soft Tissue also showed high levels

Institute and the European Standards Committee,

mops to socket and Kentucky mops in the scheme

of conformance. Label compliance was 89% or 95.9%

and has been auditing CHSA Accreditation Scheme

standard, the length and/or circumference of the

excluding minor infringements, and dimensional

members since 2014.

mop is also recorded.

compliance is 92.4% excluding minor infringements.

At the heart of our auditing process for our four

The auditing process begins with a submission

The results of the Accreditation Scheme for

Accredited Distributors are audited annually and

Members of the Accreditation Scheme for

by the member or prospective member (passing the

must sell only CHSA accredited product or product

Manufacturers of Industrial Cotton Mops achieved

initial audit is a condition of membership) of a full

that conforms to the specified standard. Therefore,

near perfect conformance on label and product

product list. A site visit is then arranged. It starts with

only non-CHSA accredited product is taken off site


a review of the quality assurance procedures before

for testing.


an inspection of the warehouse and manufacturer’s

The schemes are monitored by an elected panel

facilities as required. The inspector selects product as

of scheme members which reports via its chairman

The CHSA is a member of the British Cleaning Council. The views of Council members are their own.

The Professional Independent Registered Trade Association for

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