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APRIL 2019


IN THIS ISSUE:  Cleaning Show 2019 – Official Review

A review of a phenomenal three days at the Cleaning Show 2019 from the event’s Official Media Partner.

 Healthcare & Hospital Hygiene

C&M takes a look at new products and processes improving cleaning and hygiene standards in critical locations.

 Cleaning up

Jamie Wright, managing director at Incentive QAS, looks backwards – and forwards – at a career in the cleaning industry.

the reality of evolution Over 3O years‘ experience in dilution technology culminate in EvoDose. Capable of diluting up to four products with no chemical carry-over, thanks to Hydro‘s patented QDV technology, EvoDose offers any combination of high or low flow dispensing for bucket or bottle filling. With a lockable cabinet system, a remote activation gun, bottle activation, AccuPro pressure regulation technology - for accurate and consistent dilution - and a brand new low pressure venturi option, EvoDose really packs a punch.

The Official Partner of the Cleaning Show

APRIL 2019

PLUS: • Industry news • People • Contracts • Products

Cleaning Show 2019 – Healthcare & Official Review. Hospital Hygiene. A review of a phenomenal three days at the Cleaning Show 2019 from the event’s Official Media Partner. >>> page 22

C&M takes a look at new products and processes improving cleaning and hygiene standards in critical locations.

Cleaning up. Jamie Wright, managing director at Incentive QAS, looks back – and forwards – at a career in the cleaning industry. >>> page 34

>>> page 28


Chemical Free Infection Control The Power of Dry Steam With the SteamCare range and now the innovative new Puracator drain sanitation system

Provap Evo Vac 

Steam & Vac Pro

The innovative Puracator system enables access to the entire inner surface of small diameter pipework with no need to dismantle. 5 bar water jets remove debris and growth while dry steam at 100°C removes biofilm & sanitises pipework. Avoid significant costs and inconvenience of replacement pipes. Offers the option of an antimicrobial coating of the entire pipework if required.

www.ospreydc.com T: 01242 513123

E: info@ospreydc.com



Cleaning Show 2019 – ‘one of the best shows ever’ The Cleaning Show 2019 took place at London’s Excel from

Increased automation could help to plug some of these gaps,

19-21 March and it proved to be a huge success. Doug Cooke,

especially with regards to low-skilled, repetitive and monotonous

chairman of the CSSA and executive chairman of Principle

tasks. But despite the great strides we are taking in the

Cleaning Services, described it as: ‘One of the best shows ever

development of autonomous technologies no amount of robotic

with great stands, products, innovations and a huge number of

scrubber dryers, IoT-enabled soap dispensers or window cleaning

genuine visitors.’

drones will be able to replace the skills we are haemorrhaging.”  

Visitor numbers increased by a staggering 26% this year

In addition, the report looks at wider issues such as health

when compared to the 2017 event, totalling 7111 people over

and safety, the Labour Market Enforcement Strategy, business

the three packed days of the show. This figure includes 347

rates, technology, and the environment. It also provides

international visitors from 45 countries. A carefully curated

useful market data, including market size – both financial and

conference, an awards scheme, a window cleaning competition

number of employees.

featuring – for the first time – the Window Cleaning World Cup, national press and TV coverage, and an exhibition showcasing

The Cleaning Show 2019 provided the perfect opportunity to

the best new innovations impacting the cleaning and waste

launch the report, an opportunity seized by many exhibitors

management sectors all contributed to making the Cleaning

who used the show to demonstrate brand new products and

Show 2019 such a success. A review of the event can be found

processes to improve performance within the cleaning and waste

on page 22 of this issue.

management sectors. It was a fabulous show – if you missed it, the Manchester Cleaning Show takes place next year on 25 and

During the show, the British Cleaning Council launched its

26 March. See you there!

report detailing the most comprehensive research into the UK’s cleaning industry it has ever undertaken. Stan Atkins, chair of the

Wishing you a happy, clean, tidy and healthy month ahead.

BCC, said: “What the report reveals is that, regardless of which sector you are involved in, there are fundamental challenges facing everybody. For example, we have calculated that tens of thousands of jobs are set to be created over the next few years but that we are also expecting a chronic shortage of people prepared to take them. Furthermore, as people retire from the

Neil Nixon, Editor

industry, we are also losing a wealth of skills and experience.

Cleaning & Maintenance Magazine




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diamond pads just add water!




Twister daily cleaning routines as simple as 1, 2, 3. Twister is a revolutionary, daily oor cleaning method, completely free from chemicals. Our diamond pads offer simplicity, superior cleaning performance, on time delivery and unbeatable low cost of operations. Do you want better results? Simple. Just add water!

Twister Cleaning Technology Ltd Phone: +44 (0)845 50 50 050 Email: infouk@twisterpad.com Web: www.twisterpad.com | www.twistersavings.com

A revolution for your oor



34 Special Report: Cleaning up Jamie Wright, managing director at Incentive QAS, looks back – and forwards – at a career in the cleaning industry.

APRIL 2019

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Industry News In the news this month… BICSc launches ‘BICSc Lab’ event, All CHSA distributor members to be accredited by 2020, Critical facilities solutions launches in EMEA, FM market debt to rise by £1 billion in 2019. People Personnel news and new appointments from across the cleaning and FM sectors. Contracts We take a look at all the latest contracts awarded across the industry.


Clear Impressions Sponsored feature from Grundon Waste Management.

THE OFFICIAL REVIEW OF THE CLEANING SHOW 2019 A review of a phenomenal three days at the Cleaning Show 2019 from the event’s Official Media Partner.

Feature: Healthcare & Hospital Hygiene C&M takes a look at new products and processes improving cleaning and hygiene standards in critical locations. New Products An overview of some of the new products available on the market this month.

05 Editor’s Comment

16 BICSc Comment

20 BCC Comment

Looking back at the past month in the cleaning sector.

To teach to clean.

Thinking outside the bottle - why greener cleaning doesn’t need to be complicated.


21 A job worth doing – a contractor’s blog. Lee Andrews reports.

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BICSc launches ‘BICSc Lab’ event For this reason, the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) is delivering its first ‘BICSc Lab’ event dedicated to business resilience in association with Rubbermaid Commercial Products. The event will take place on 15 May at QE2 Centre in Westminster, London, and is open to all

Hanna-Maria Ahonen

industry professionals. The event offers

for the cleaning sector. It’s a chance to network

attendees a chance to hear about business

with peers, reflect on lessons learned and

resilience from guest speaker, Hanna-Maria

come together to discuss ways that we can all

Ahonen, a strategy advisor and independent

improve our business resilience.”

board member, as well as keynotes from Citation and Darwin Clayton.

The agenda comprises: supply chain and risk management in uncertain times with Citation;

LAST year saw a series of negative headlines

“When working in the cleaning sector

from cyber-attacks to high-profile business

it’s important to do as much as you can to

Maria Ahonen; the role of the loss adjustor and

failures. The fallout from these stories

understand potential issues so that your

handling a business liability claim with Darwin

shaped a number of responses affecting the

business resilience strategies are relevant and

Clayton; the future with BICSc; exhibition with

cleaning industry, and this year promises to

fit for purpose,” said Michelle Iland, marketing

Rubbermaid Commercial Products; and a

be an important time for business resilience,

and events executive, BICSc. “There are many

networking lunch.

especially with Brexit on the horizon.

events on resilience, but this one is specifically


a lesson in business resilience with Hanna-

All CHSA distributor members to be accredited by 2020 THE Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers

from CHSA Accredited Manufacturers.  

buyers of cleaning and hygiene products

Association (CHSA) has announced its intention

The Accredited Distributor Scheme was

to ensure all distributor members are approved

established on 1 January 2017, all distributor

need - you get what you

as Accredited Distributors by 31 December

members of the Association being invited to

pay for. To make sure

2020. The CHSA Accreditation Scheme for

apply to join.  More than half of the CHSA’s

this guarantee is true

Distributors ensures standards in the industry

distributor members, including all the national

for all our distributor

are maintained.

networks and major distributors in the sector,

members, our

applied and successfully completed the

governing council voted

means the distributor has successfully passed

rigorous auditing process. These companies

unanimously to aim to

the independent inspection of its products,

now use the Accreditation Scheme marque

ensure every distributor

which must be supplied by a CHSA Accredited

on their products and promotional materials

member has passed the auditing process and

Manufacturer or conform to the standards

to signal their commitment to guaranteeing

joined our Accreditation Scheme for Distributors

stipulated in the relevant Accreditation Scheme.

‘what’s on the box is what’s in the box’.  

by the end of 2020. From 1 January 2021, those

Approval as an Accredited Distributor

who do not do so will no longer be members of

The rate of conformance amongst members

“The CHSA stands up for standards,” said

during 2018 was excellent - 97.5% of relevant

Stephen Harrison, chairman of the CHSA. “Our

the CHSA.”

products across all Accredited Distributors are

Accreditation Schemes provide the guarantee


Critical facilities solutions launches in EMEA CRITICAL Facilities Solutions US, a leading

almost 45 years, having been senior members

committee, added: “The methodology in

data centre cleaning and infrastructure services

of 8 Solutions Ltd.

technical cleaning has moved on significantly

company in North America with a 25-year track

Mike Meyer said: “CFS, with its international

over the last few years - not only in the

record, has joined with Mike Meyer and Gary

footprint, high standards, proprietary processes,

innovation of the equipment that is used to

Hall in establishing Critical Facilities Solutions

and long history of success is well situated to

clean critical facilities, but also the approach

UK, a new business to deliver services in

continue its significant growth and be a part of

to delivery and the advancements in site

Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

the continued efforts to increase data centre

technologies and airflow management. We

cleanliness and efficiency, lowering their costs and

follow a carefully documented process that

ensuring the safety and health of all personnel.”

ensures an exceptional outcome that meets the

Gary Hall joins the leadership team as operations director while Mike Meyer joins as managing director of CFS UK. Between them they have combined sector experience of 8 APRIL 2019

Gary Hall, who serves as chairperson for the UK’s Data Centre Alliance’s anti-contamination



INTRODUCING AQUA SMART (Non Stop Cleaning) Saving water through continuous cleaning

AT A GLANCE 9The continuous filter system means that the same water can be used for up to a week.

9Save up to 1,000 litres of water a day! 9Enhanced productivity & labour saving in excess of 25%.

9Available either within the ICE R Scrub 85 NSC or as a standalone unit that can be used with any scrubber dryer.

9Savings of up to

Aqua Smart (Non-Stop Cleaning) an innovative system which recycles and filters the water used to clean floors. Please email enquiries@ice-clean.com to request a brochure.

www.ice-clean.com 02380 777 000 @Industrial-Cleaning-Equipment-Ltd @ICEcleanltd

90% on water costs associated with cleaning operations.



FM market debt to rise by £1 billion in 2019 THE new Facilities Management Market Report

advanced data analytics and differentiation

from MTW Research finds that the FM market

through technology, all offering added

market has grown share in recent years though

has slipped to the lowest level of growth for

value opportunities.

the report indicates that further share gain

eight years as business uncertainty exerts

In the short term, the report makes for some

The integrated facilities management

is likely to be modest due to stronger pricing

pressure on client budgets and erodes average

grim reading with FM market borrowing set to

pressures in this sector. Since 2013, IFM sales

contract prices in 2019.

increase by more than £1 billion in 2019 with

have increased by some 20% whilst other

average debt levels rising by 20% in the last

more specialist sectors - including catering

since 2012, according to MTW, with pricing

six years. MTW found that net worth for the

and security - outperformed the overall FM

pressure representing a key threat to many FM

FM industry has risen by just 8% since 2013

market in the last few years in terms of profit

contractors in 2019. This threat is set to grow

and actually declined in 2018 with a similar

and sales growth.

as additional Brexit delays and confusion are

downward trend forecast for 2019.

FM sales have declined to levels not seen

likely to further undermine growth. The analysis

Margin erosion is not a new issue for the

Despite the challenges evident, MTW forecasts modest growth in 2019 for FM

shows that almost 50% of FM contractors are

facilities management market but the research

providers though the market is set to remain

now experiencing static or declining sales in

has identified that overall industry profitability

particularly competitive in terms of prices

2019, with 30% of FM companies achieving only

has exhibited annual declines since 2017,

and margins. The need for differentiation

a ‘mediocre’ credit rating.

suggesting a concerning longer term trend is

and shift in focus away from low margin/

emerging. MTW’s director, Mark Waddy, said:

high volume contracts is becoming

of longer term fundamentals which should

“The sustained declines in profitability are

increasingly urgent for the bundled services

underpin more healthy growth post 2020,

manageable as long as the trend reverses as we

sector in particular in order for the market to

including an increasing number of FM

expect post 2020, though we’re expecting the

remain sustainable in the longer term. The

contractors resisting the ‘race to the

pace of decline to quicken in 2019, with more

report is available to purchase from £595

bottom’ in terms of contract prices; a switch

than 30% of FM contractors currently reporting

from MTW Research’s website.

to ‘outcome-based measuring’; and growth in

falls in profitability.”


The 200 page report identifies a number

Churchill launches Portfolio a ‘new approach to contract cleaning’ CHURCHILL Group has launched Portfolio,

Portfolio is delivered by a dedicated team

partner. Portfolio is founded on the idea that

a high specification cleaning service for

of cleaning professionals who are trained in

outstanding environments foster exceptional

organisations who regard the environment as

concierge style services. Team members are

performance. We realise this can only be achieved

critical to their core business. Portfolio has been

developed to understand a client organisation’s

with the right culture, which is why we’re is

designed for companies that desire the highest

culture and the importance of the little details

investing heavily in rewards and recognition and

standards of care and finish, and for those who

that make a big difference. Through the Portfolio

celebrating what our people do day in day out.

see a direct link between their buildings, the

Centre of Excellence, its learning and development

Our ethos is to do the right thing and ensure staff

way in which a business is perceived, and its

hub, and partnership with a renowned five-star

enjoy what they do. Ultimately, with Portfolio,

ability to excel at its core operations. Based

hotel, Portfolio will seek to challenge convention

clients can expect a service that not only reflects

on feedback from its clients across the legal,

in the outsourced cleaning market.

their business’s values but also enhances them.”

banking, media, and professional services

Antony Law, managing director at Churchill,

To accompany the launch, Portfolio by

sectors, Churchill has identified the need to

said: “Portfolio is all about attention to detail,

Churchill has published its own independently

deliver something different, with an entirely

small acts of kindness, high standards of care, and

written and researched report on the cleaning

new ethos behind it.

elevating what can be expected from a cleaning

industry. Using interviews with key figures from across the built environment, the paper looks to reappraise a service that is often, and unfairly, considered highly commoditised, static and unsophisticated. It is split into five categories standards, delivery, technology, sustainability, and industry perception - in order to build a clearer picture of cleaning today and where it might be heading in the future. For more about Portfolio and to download a copy of the report, please visit: www.portfoliolaunch.co.uk WWW.CHURCHILLSERVICES.COM

10 APRIL 2019



Non ive oss Corr ustic a & C e. Fre


Grill & Oven Cleaner



Try our new Neutral Oven Cleaner • • • • • • •

pH neutral formulation Biodegradable Non-corrosive and non-caustic No nasty odours Safe for use on aluminium Safe for use on combi ovens Suitable for all oven surfaces T: +44 (0) 1444 244 000 E: sales@bio-productions.com W: www.bio-productions.com



Time saving

No buckets required



European Cleaning and Hygiene Awards 2019 open for entries THE annual European Cleaning and Hygiene Awards 2019 are now open for entries from service providers, manufacturers and distributors across Europe. The awards recognise standards of excellence in the professional cleaning industry. The winners will be revealed at an awards ceremony and gala dinner, which will take place on 17 October at The Church House, London, followed by an after-party at a surprise central London location. There are 10 categories designed to recognise success and reward excellence in the

sponsored by Tana Chemie, Ceris Burns

we’re looking forward to hearing more about

cleaning and hygiene sectors. They are: Best

International, Jangro, Vectair Systems,

the great achievements from across the sector

use of smart solutions by service providers;

Vermop Salmon, Principle Cleaning,

this year. The awards are open to businesses

Investment in training; Excellence in client/

Greenspeed, Diversey, Amsterdam Rai,

from across Europe so if you can demonstrate

contractor partnerships; Added value excellence

and Truvox International.

excellence in any of the categories, we’d

by distributors; Sustainability - best practice;

Michelle Marshall, editor of the European

encourage you to enter.” The entry form can be found at: www.

Commitment to diversity in the workforce;

Cleaning Journal, said: “Building on the

Best initiative raising the profile of the cleaning

success of the past three years, we are thrilled

echawards.com and entries should be

sector; Technological innovation of the year;

to be bringing the European Cleaning and

submitted by 17 June 2019. For further

Leader of the year; and Rising star award.

Hygiene Awards to London for the first time.

information visit

Last year we received over 100 entries and


The awards, now in their fourth year, are

Local MP impressed by one-stop-operation Westgrove Productions catalogue. “Sir Nicholas was really impressed that our products are all developed and manufactured at this one site in Burgess Hill,” said Angela Gill. “It’s quite uncommon for a company of our size in this industry to do

records another strong year of growth

everything in Britain, but we’re really proud that

THE Westgrove Group has recorded another

we have the capacity and capability to develop,

year of strong growth. The Warrington-

pack and label products under one roof.”

based company saw turnover rise from £20

To keep up with demand, the management

million to £25 million, and profits increased

team is keen to expand the company’s

by almost 30% in the 12 months to the end

operations in Burgess Hill but is struggling

of December 2018. The colleague-centric

to find the space. “Sir Nicholas and I had

business also added a further 200 to its

the opportunity to speak about the issue

workforce. The company reports that it

we’re having with expansion,” added Gill.

remains firmly on course to become a £40

“We are keen to increase our production,

million turnover business in the next five

but the business park is full up and, in some

years and has expansion plans forecast for

SIR Nicholas Soames MP paid a visit to Burgess

cases, units have been sold off for residential

the south later this year.

Hill-based manufacturer of environmentally-

developments. Sir Nicholas was interested

Claire McKinley Smith, managing director

friendly cleaning products, Bio-Productions,

to hear about this issue as other successful

of the Westgrove Group, said: “We are always

recently. Accompanied by the company’s

businesses are having the same struggle.

striving to improve the business and to

managing director, Angela Gill, he was given a

He’s asked to be kept up-to-date with any

grow through innovation, quality of service

tour of the company’s offices and laboratory

correspondence moving forward. It was

and by recruiting the best possible people.

on the Victoria Business Park, where he had

great to have his support, and really quite

Remaining independent has been a massive

the chance to see the factory’s production line

encouraging to see how impressed he was

strength. It gives a much greater personal


with our company. Bio-Productions may be 35

feel to our business and we can offer a

Sir Nicholas and Angela Gill

years old now, but we’re still in our prime and

level of flexibility and transparency without

manager, Chris Freeman, showcased the

going from strength to strength.”

compromising on service.”

diverse products that make up the Bio-



Throughout the visit, Gill and operations

12 APRIL 2019




Birmingham cleaning company goes electric A Birmingham cleaning company has taken

The move to electric vehicles by We Clean is

vehicles produce around 15 tonnes of CO2 from

delivery of its first electric cars for use as part

part of its commitment to reduce the company’s

construction through to scrapping, compared to

of a green commitment to go all-electric with

carbon footprint and environmental impact

an average of 32 tonnes for the equivalent petrol

its commercial car fleet. We Clean, whose

of its operations and vehicle fleet, that has

or diesel car, halving greenhouse gas emissions

Birmingham-based clients include Brindleyplace,

already seen the introduction of an all-electric

produced during the lifetime of the vehicles.

Birmingham Hippodrome, Birmingham Assay

Nissan e-NV200 van at the MIRA Technology

Office, MG Motors, and Gateley Plc, has taken

Park, where We Clean is the cleaning partner to

is the first significant step to achieving our

delivery of its first three British-built Nissan Leaf


commitment of improving the carbon footprint

electric vehicles for use throughout Birmingham by its contract managers.

According to independent research from the European Climate Foundation, smaller electric

We Clean director, David Harker, said: “This

of our entire commercial fleet of some 20 plus vehicles. Our initial focus has been to concentrate on those vehicles serving Birmingham city centre, and its built-up areas. It is forecast that the introduction of these three new all electric vehicles will reduce our carbon dioxide output by around 30 metric tonnes during their three years with us, with zero emissions at the tailpipe. We know that air pollution - mainly caused by vehicles on our roads - is harmful to those living, working and studying in Birmingham. As a cleaning company, we have a duty to ensure that our processes are as clean and environmentally

From left: Debbie Rhodes, contract manager; David Holmes-McClure, health and safety manager; and Maureen Francis, contract manager - all of We Clean Ltd – with the electric vehicles at Brindleyplace.


responsible as possible.” WWW.WECLEANLTD.COM

APRIL 2019 13



ISSA appoints international education and certification director ISSA has appointed Manuela D’Agata as its

training courses and blended educational

new international education and certification

initiatives. We also want to provide forums -

director. She joins ISSA’s international team,

offline and online - for members and industry

which also includes Alexandra Adams,

peers to come together and to learn in either

international programme coordinator, and

formal or informal environments.” Dianna Steinbach, ISSA vice president of

Frances Ball, business development manager,

international services, said: “Manuela is a

UK and Ireland.

welcome addition to the global ISSA team. We

Her appointment reflects ISSA’s efforts to further build education and certification

are excited to have her expertise in international

services such as the CIMS programme (Cleaning

education and certification programmes, as

Industry Management Standard) across the

well as her holistic approach to engaging ISSA

globe. Based in Amsterdam, D’Agata will

member companies to be a part of the process.

be responsible for establishing the CIMS

auditors. She said: “I’m looking forward to

Her passion and enthusiasm are infectious and

programme in Europe, Middle East, Africa,

enhancing and promoting professionalism,

will be a great asset as ISSA continues to change

Oceania, and Asia-Pacific regions, as well

industry standards and best practices across

the way the world views cleaning.”

as developing a group of local trainers and

the industry through CIMS accreditation,


CHSA seeks 2019 undergraduate scholars THE Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers

year of a BA in history at the University of

Association (CHSA) has launched the search for

London. Chloe Hamilton is in her second year

its 2019 undergraduate scholars - up to two will

at the University of Warwick studying politics,

be awarded this year, the second in the CHSA’s

international relations and German, and

five-year commitment to the programme.

Lewis Baron is in his second year of a degree in physiotherapy at the University of Bradford.

The sons and daughters of CHSA members who, on 1 September 2019, will be 18 years or

Ellie Walker and Krupa Solanki are in the first

over and commencing their higher education

year of their degrees at Leeds University and the

studies this year are eligible to apply. The

University of Northampton respectively. Ellie is studying biology and Krupa is taking early

successful applicants will be awarded a

childhood studies.

maximum of £4500, receiving the bursary in

CHSA, said: “Our employees’ members work

three instalments: £1500 at the start of each

hard and this bursary, by giving something

academic year or for the first three academic

directly to their children, is a perfect way for

form, which can be obtained from Linda

years even if the degree is four years or longer.

us to say thank you for their contribution and

Belcher, secretary of the CHSA

ongoing commitment.”

(secretary@chsa.co.uk) or from the CHSA

Applicants are assessed according to need, worthiness, endeavour, and overall

In recent times, the CHSA has awarded six

Applicants should submit their completed

website, by 28 June 2019. Those shortlisted will

performance. Each candidate brings something

bursaries. The first winner, Adam Jackson,

be interviewed in July by a selection panel to be

unique, so the selection process is incredibly

has now completed his degree in chemical

led by David Garcia.

competitive. David Garcia, vice president of the

engineering. Lauren Moss is in her second


Sitemark expands management team SITEMARK, the best practice benchmarking

will be taking a more proactive approach to

of innovation in the market place and yet

organisation formerly known as i-Clean, has

the recommendation of specific solutions

end users and service providers alike need

expanded its management team with the

that can help clients improve efficiency,

help to determine which solutions will

appointment of Peter Kenny. He joins the

effectiveness and reduce environmental

provide the best return on investment. With

company as divisional manager and brings

impact. Kenny will take responsibility for

so much development around areas such as

almost 20 years of industry experience with him.

establishing the assessment process and

robotics, technology and IOT, there has never

managing the integration into the review

been a greater need for expert independent

process itself.

verification. Equally, with access to over 7000

Kenny’s role will see him develop the independent product assessment side of the business by identifying and working with

Peter Kenny, divisional manager at

client sites, Sitemark provides unique access

suppliers and manufacturers of innovative

Sitemark, said: “I’m delighted to be joining

to trial sites and a significant route to market

new products, equipment and services. As

Sitemark at such an exciting time in its

for suppliers.”

part of its benchmarking process, Sitemark

development. There is a significant amount


14 APRIL 2019




FM company appoints mental health first-aider THE Westgrove Group has appointed its

colleague or a member of the public suffering

first site-based mental health first-aider. The

mental distress, which is all too common an

company is working with one of its key partners,

occurrence today.” Claire McKinley Smith, managing director

Market Place Shopping Centre in Bolton, to

of the Westgrove Group, said: “As a company,

champion awareness of mental health.

we take mental health extremely seriously

As part of the service to shoppers the centre was keen to ensure that they identified a

so we are very proud to be one of the first

mental health first-aider, something which is

facilities management companies in the

being called for by many companies in the

UK to appoint a mental health first-aider.

UK to be mandatory as part of the ‘Time to

We are fully on board with the ‘Time to

Change’ campaign. Following a very successful

Change’ campaign, supported by many UK

mental health awareness week in 2018,

businesses, to take mental health more

Changing Minds, the centre and Westgrove

seriously in the workplace as we believe that

Paul Ogden

mental health needs to be given the same

worked together to train over 80 staff in mental health awareness. Following the training, a member of the

and a NCFE CACHE Level 2 certificate

weight as physical first aid. Since starting in

qualification in mental health awareness.

the new role, Paul has rolled out his training

Nikki Wilson-Cook, centre manager at

to the Westgrove team onsite and to the

service ambassadors, took on the role as

Market Place, said: “With mental health in

tenants within the centre. He has already

mental health champion. Ogden is now

the workplace being such a burning issue

identified a number of vulnerable customers

available to offer support and advice to

nationally, we are proud to be setting an

and offered them advice and support. We

vulnerable customers visiting the centre as

industry precedent with the introduction of

will be looking to appoint mental health

well as to the centre’s tenants. As part of his

our first mental health first-aider at Market

first-aiders at many more centres across our

training, Ogden completed a mental health

Place. Paul Ogden is equipped with all the

UK portfolio during 2019.”

first aid course through St John Ambulance

skills required to help someone, be it a


team, Paul Ogden, one of the centre’s guest

Cleaning mag half page ad 2019 v2.pdf 1 29/03/2019 10:29:24

World-class Business Software for Janitorial Distributors Industry features C



Supplier Support/Rebates Safety Data Sheets Telesales Contracts Ecommerce








0800 082 0403


APRIL 2019 15



To teach to clean I have long believed that when you can

sorts of things - my shoes, the cat’s

go into Waterstones (other book

whiskers etc - everything except for

shops are available) and pick up

what it was intended for. However,

Without formal training, poor results can be achieved - this often at the cost of deploying labour, materials and equipment to end up with

a book on cleaning as easily as

despite the gifts of wax polish, the

an unsatisfactory outcome. An example of this

you can pick up a cookbook,

Betterware man never furnished

occured a few years ago when the Commonwealth

the importance of our industry

me with either a yellow duster

Games were held in India. The village built to

would have hit the general public.

or instructions on how to clean

house the athletes was completed but required

I struggle to find relevant cleaning

with said duster and polish. My

a builder’s clean. Local labour was deployed but

industry related books, and usually

mother, however, was quick

the outcome was a totally unacceptable standard.

they contain only some of the information you require.

to correct me, especially after the cat’s whiskers

The organiser was forced to contact head

There are exceptions to this, and they usually have an

episode. In fact, whoever cleans the house to

housekeepers from international hotel chains

exceptional price, £60 or more per volume.

whatever standard tends to instil in their children

to manage and supervise the cleaning teams to

both the methodology and the acceptable standard

achieve the right result.

Also, we do not really have celebrity cleaning gurus, with perhaps the exception of Kim and Aggie,

of cleanliness. Therefore, people who join the

and Maria Kondo. This is really unfortunate as we

cleaning industry believe that because they have

an apprenticeship for cleaning operatives. This is

need to eat to live, but we need cleaning to survive!

cleaned at home, they can clean anywhere.

because the rules for becoming an apprentice do

I can remember when I was around eight years

As I have frequently stated, anyone can clean but

old, the Betterware man used to call at the door. In

only those who have been trained can clean correctly.

those days they didn’t leave a catalogue, they had a

This was one of my concerns regarding NVQs, where

Within the UK there is still a reluctance to provide

not fully equate with requirements of skills and technical training for our industry. I am forever hopeful that the importance of our

suitcase of samples, and one catalogue. If my mum

cleaning operatives were not trained, but where their

placed an order, I would often receive a small tin of

competency was assessed. This was often carried out

the general public, before it is too late.

wax polish to allegedly assist my mum with cleaning

(but not always) by verifiers who had no formal cleaning

For more information about our services visit:

the house.

training themselves. It is hardly surprising, therefore,


that one person’s clean is another person’s dirty.

#Creating a Career in Cleaning

I can vividly remember using the polish for all

profession will be acknowledged and accepted by

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Established in 1953 and always reaching the right audience Official show magazine of



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Churchill extends school contract FOLLOWING a competitive tender process,

comprehensive tender process for cleaning

17 staff provides daytime and evening cleaning

Churchill has been reappointed as the cleaning

services in 2018.

support in addition to a comprehensive caretaking

contractor at Caldicot School in Monmouthshire.

The Churchill team was recognised for the

service throughout the day.

The new contract sees Churchill providing cleaning

excellent service it has provided to the school and

services for a further three years.

its flexible approach to improving the environment

for the south west, said: “We are thrilled to be

for both staff and students. The large team of

able to continue our long-standing partnership

Churchill’s relationship with Caldicot School

Rufus Fidgeon, Churchill’s operations director

began with the award of the original contract

with Caldicot School and our local operations

in 2013 when the school still occupied older

team has worked really hard to deliver a cleaning

premises. Following construction of a brand

solution that really meets the specific needs of the

new £36.5 million school in 2017, Churchill was

impressive new school building.”

retained pending the outcome of a formal and


Lone worker protection employed at Old Spitalfields Market AXIS Group has introduced lone worker protection

each retail unit a discreet Bluetooth and WiFi

technology at Old Spitalfields Market (OSM) to

connected button to carry at all times, or an

support its client in delivering the highest levels of

app on their mobile phone. If an employee

duty of care to its occupiers and their staff.

feels uncomfortable with a situation, is

Axis Cleaning and Support Services has been

witness to an incident or feels in any way

working with OSM Ltd for a number of years

threatened, they are able to discreetly activate

providing security services, through its sister

their device to send an alert to OSM’s on-site

company Axis Security, and then also more

concierge office, which is manned by a SIA

recently soft services. OSM Ltd approached

qualified operative.

Axis regarding the supply of an emergency

Rebecca Pick, CEO of Pick Protection, says the

alarm solution which could cover the 45+ retail

lone worker system is already proving successful in

outlets within OSM in a manner which was

other sectors: “It is being used by local authorities

both cost effective and caused little

and housing associations and was highly

disturbance to the design and layout. Simon

commended at the Health and Safety Excellence

Giles, Axis’s chief operating officer, realised

awards. Our goal is to provide affordable lone

that an innovative solution developed by Pick

worker protection that is easy to implement

Protection aimed at lone workers could also be

and easy for employees to use every day. It

used in such a situation.

demonstrates that OSM is raising the bar in terms

The system, believed to be a first of its

of the employee safety.”

kind within the retail sector, works by giving


A good investment NOTTINGHAM Building Society (NBS) has

The operation will continue to be supported by

management and service requirements to further

renewed its contract with Incentive FM for a further

a web hosted CAFM help desk system to enable

improve communication flows.

three year term. The deal is worth in excess of £4

all personnel access to information about asset

million and builds on a 16-year partnership. Under the new contract Incentive FM will

Tim Neal, premises and facilities manager at NBS, said: “It is important that our building portfolio is efficiently managed, creating a good

continue to handle the facilities management for

environment for both our staff and customers.

all NBS locations, comprising over 68 buildings

Over the past 16 years Incentive FM has proven

located in Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire,

that they not only understand the importance

Derbyshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire,

of this but also have the skills and knowledge to

Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Norfolk,

achieve it to support our ongoing growth.”

Staffordshire, and South Yorkshire. The fully integrated solution includes all

Glenn Wilson, operations director at Incentive FM, said: “This contract renewal and extension

cleaning, security, M&E, building fabrication, and

demonstrates our ability to form long term

maintenance services. In addition, Incentive FM

relationships, delivering ongoing improvements

will support all health and safety, fire safety and

and driving up standards.”

water safety requirements across the portfolio.



APRIL 2019 17



Quality not quantity for waste management success Described by some as the ‘Blue Planet effect’, today more and more businesses are aspiring to do better at waste management and recycling. Cleaning companies are often in the front line of helping their clients to achieve those goals and, says Anthony Foxlee-Brown from Grundon Waste Management, there are many opportunities to help make a difference, as these examples show.

When someone says ‘take a seat’ most of us don’t think twice about what we’re actually sitting on, but did you know that you can purchase plastic furniture that is made from recycled PET plastic? One of our major sporting customers is segregating its used plastic bottles so we can send them off for specialist reprocessing…into new plastic bottles for next year’s event. And thanks to our Paper Cup Recycling service and partnership with CupCycling by James Cropper, one of the UK’s leading cup recycling facilities, Grundon customers are now buying back paper made from…recycled coffee cups. One ream (500 sheets) of 80gsm paper contains 46 paper cups, which we think is a pretty impressive example of the circular economy in action. Each of these demonstrates that there are endless possibilities for 18 APRIL 2019

recycling, reprocessing and reusing different materials, but the secret is to prioritise quality over quantity and that’s where specialist expertise comes in. It is the quality of waste usually down to good segregation and less contamination - that dictates the end result. And although the ‘swoosh’ recycling logo has become ubiquitous on many items, the reality can be different and it is very hard to keep track of what to do and what not to do.

Take, for example, black food trays. Although they are plastic, the dark colour means they are almost impossible for infrared sorting systems at materials recovery facilities to see against the black conveyor belts. Soaps and body lotions are often sold in pump action bottles, yet when they are disposed of whole, the fact they are made from mixed polymers and include a metal spring means they are tricky to recycle. Plastic bottles with labels on them are easier for recycling plants to detect and handle as the labels can easily be removed, but other drinks, such as Ribena and Lucozade, have bottles shrink wrapped in a plastic sleeve which makes them hard to recycle. These show just how confusing and challenging it can be for those wanting to do their bit for recycling and the WWW.CLEANINGMAG.COM


circular economy. By taking advice from waste management experts such as ourselves, cleaning contractors can help their clients take the lead and move closer towards their own recycling goals. From audits and analysing waste management bills, from ensuring the right types of bins are in place, to installing compactors and balers, our approach is tailor-made to each customer’s specific needs. And while we recognise that not everyone can cut back on the use of, for example, single use plastic, we can give advice

on how best to recover those materials to give them the best chance of being repurposed for a future life. Good waste management is all about partnership and that’s why one of our most successful approaches is to invite both cleaning companies and their clients to our premises. Seeing for themselves what happens to waste can make a real difference, especially when it comes to encouraging other employees to engage with good waste management best practice. We can advise on ideas such as setting up green teams of waste champions,


entering award programmes and sharing success stories. And our breadth of experience with a wide range of customer sectors means we are perfectly placed to help you as key stakeholders in the front line delivery of waste management goals to support your clients. Now is the time to seize that initiative, so to speak to a Grundon expert about how you can help your customers meet their waste requirements, please contact: info@grundon.com, 01753 686 777 WWW.GRUNDON.COM

A proactive and compliant approach TemcoUK Facility Services works with Grundon and director, Fiona Philpot, says the two companies have a strong partnership approach. “Our clients are prestigious, large corporate businesses and they want to work with professional services providers who are the best at their job - and that’s where Grundon ticks all the boxes for us,” she said. “Businesses today need and want to be able to display their environmental credentials, they demand to know what is happening to their waste and they want to be reassured that it is being managed in a correct and compliant fashion. As experts in their field, Grundon provides that reassurance and is very proactive, for example, making suggestions which will help clients boost their recycling and reduce waste, and they are also very good at sharing advice and support.”


APRIL 2019 19



Thinking outside the bottle - why greener cleaning doesn’t need to be complicated Stephen Munton, director and founder of the Domestic Cleaning Alliance, reports. AT the time of writing the DCA is preparing for

Secondly, we promote the removal of

is conflicting information regarding what constitutes an eco-friendly cleaning

the Cleaning Show in London where the

any products which aren’t actually needed. Spray polish is a good example as it’s usually

issue of green cleaning is very high

product, the other being that people

on the agenda. This is reflected in

think that going green starts and

unnecessary but is still used by many cleaning

the official opening remarks and

finishes with cleaning products.

operatives because it has always been a part

With that mind ,set, being ‘green’

the keynote presentation, which will be delivered by Steve Ashkin.

can become nothing more than

Steve is the USA’s leading ‘green

a box-ticking exercise, which is why the DCA encourages its members to think

cleaning guru’, the executive director of

of the domestic cleaning tradition. Of course, some might argue that customers associate the smell of polish as evidence of a job well done, but in my experience it’s about the removal of

the Green Cleaning Network, and co-founder of

outside that box – or, more appropriately, ‘think

dust which is important and not a cosmetic,

the Green Cleaning University.

outside the bottle’. This means encouraging

chemical finish delivered via an aerosol can. Thirdly, we all have the opportunity to reduce

them to look beyond the choice of cleaning

Prior to his visit to the UK Steve was interviewed for the BCC’s magazine ‘The Voice’,

product based purely on environmental claims,

the amount of cleaning product and resources

and some of the questions focused on what

or the bottle’s cosy and cute ‘eco’ branding.

we use. All operatives still need enough to clean

needs to be done to get the commercial cleaning

Instead we suggest they consider three steps

efficiently, but using less product means fewer

sector behind greener cleaning. His answers

which we can all take to be instantly more

chemicals being released into the atmosphere

made it clear that ‘going green’ does not have

environmentally friendly through our cleaning

or poured down the sink, less packaging, and

to be complex, and that there is a wide range of

regimes: reassess, remove and reduce.

less waste. Also consider reducing the amount

The first step is simple - a review of all preferred

cleaning equipment, chemicals and cleaning

of water used to clean with and, wherever

supplies on the market which can make a real

cleaning products and doing some research into

possible, choose cold instead of hot to cut

and immediate difference to the environment.

any alternative products or processes which

energy use.

It’s an issue that the DCA is also often asked

can do the same job with less environmental

I believe that if everyone adopted some of

about by its members. For some the desire to

impact. Whether it’s from an eco-friendly range

these basic guidelines it would go a long way

do the right thing is a personal choice, although

or otherwise, we also encourage members to

to put UK cleaning on the same sustainable

interestingly many customers never question

keep an open mind about what makes a product

journey that Steve so passionately

the methods and products which a cleaning

truly green. This means not only considering

believes in, and it’s a philosophy the DCA

company uses in their homes.

what’s actually in the spray, or what the cloth is

wholeheartedly supports.

made of, but also think about the manufacturing,

The Domestic Cleaning Alliance is a member of

are two key issues we’ve found with green

packaging and transportation which got it to the

the British Cleaning Council. The views of Council

cleaning in the domestic cleaning sector. One

UK in the first place.

members are their own.

But regardless of the motivation, there

The Professional Independent Registered Trade Association for

Window Cleaning Membership offers numerous quality benefits IOSH Accredited Safety Training Safety Accredited Member (SAM) Procurement Scheme Secure online store at: https://www.windowcleaning.org.uk/ Federation of Window Cleaners Tel: 0161 432 8754 / 0161 432 9280 Email: info@f-w-c.co.uk – Web: www.f-w-c.co.uk fwc_third horiz.indd 1

20 APRIL 2019

08/10/2018 09:45




Solving the recruitment challenge - training Lee Andrews, CEO of DOC Cleaning, reports. LAST month I suggested that recruitment in cleaning was a two-part challenge. The first part was PR. I said that both we, the contractors, and our client organisations need to broadcast more conspicuously how much we all value frontline cleaning staff - both in terms of sanctioning better pay rates and by securing an inclusive approach by clients towards outsourced staff. What a great message it would send, for example, if every client CEO made a point of acknowledging cleaning operatives when they see them and openly praising their work? The second part of the challenge is training. Despite the stereotypical image that frontline cleaning is exclusively the domain of the low-skilled employee, we all know this is not true. Not only are there many cleaning tasks that require very specific training - think healthcare, food production and preparation, data rooms, sterile ‘clean’ rooms, special needs schools, decontamination of areas affected by norovirus - there is also the expertise required to operate the increasing variety of cleaning machinery. Further up the scale, onsite supervision and contract management is a challenging discipline involving people skills, health and safety knowledge and client relationship building. Meanwhile, at head office there are what could easily be called the generic skills of finance, HR, IT, business development, and marketing, although in the cleaning context even these can be fairly testing and require real talent to master. I believe that recruiting good people into management roles is the easier of the challenges. The far greater problem is the publicly held perception that you don’t need too much in the way of intelligence or skill to work as an actual cleaning operative, which holds back recruitment into the industry at this level of younger people who could then rise through the ranks to become managers. As an industry we may be guilty, albeit inadvertently, of disconnecting this bottom rung of the WWW.CLEANINGMAG.COM

ladder from the rest of the infrastructure, reinforcing the perception of it being a dead-end job. But what if there were a clear path of advancement from operative through to manager? We face a major issue here. We all know that to provide proper training expresses confidence in an employee, guarantees a better standard of work and paves the way to career progression. Yet although good individual qualifications are out there, such as BICSc ‘Licence to Practise’ and ‘Cleanlogic’, they are individually expensive, attract no funding and, as a result, we have struggled to ingrain the achievement of national qualifications as a standard feature of working in our industry. How many of our website recruitment pages talk in detail about career progression and how many of our staff handbooks clearly set out the qualification path leading to supervision and management, complete with assistance with learning English where necessary? To individuals looking for a worthwhile job, this merely reinforces the notion that there is no such thing as a career in cleaning. For me, the answer is to establish a single, nationally-recognised qualification, combining classroom and on-the-job tuition, graded according to content that brings with it the guarantee of improved pay and promotion as people more through the stages, finally resulting in the award of a Diploma in Cleaning or similar. And we must make sure it is delivered from within the industry, with funding from government that is held centrally and drawn down as it is used - something that can guarantee the participation of large numbers of staff. The fact is, our industry may soon face a recruitment crisis in which we will need to encourage applications from a much wider spectrum of this country’s population than at present. We should send out a message to young people that the industry is one where, if you apply yourself and are willing to learn, you can make a fulfilling career out of it. WWW.DOCCLEANING.CO.UK

To enable businesses to maximise the usability and efficiency of their batteries and chargers, ECOBAT Industrial has developed the ECOBAT charger app, which allows the user to connect the charger to any mobile device – android or iPhone – and, through its WiFi capability, remotely adjust voltage, amperage and profile settings to ensure the charging procedure is optimised to its full potential. This innovation provides a genuine added-value service to the customer. As the UK’s largest independent battery sales and service supplier, the success of ECOBAT Industrial has come as a result of listening to the needs of its customers and offering them effective and efficient solutions that provide the answers they require. Through this process, which is applied across all aspects of its business, ECOBAT Industrial is able deliver on its sales, support and innovation ethos.

WWW.ECOBATINDUSTRIAL.TECH Worlds largest producer of lead (840,000 tonnes/p.a.) Over 3,500 skilled employees QM system certified to quality standard ISO9001 ISO18001

APRIL 2019 21



That’s Show Business THE Cleaning Show 2019 took place at

its organisers, BCCE Ltd, a company jointly

London’s Excel from 19-21 March and proved

owned by the British Cleaning Council and

Council, added: “As chair of BCC, I attended

to be a huge success. Doug Cooke, chairman

Quartz Business Media, publisher of C&M.

the London Cleaning Show for the full

of the CSSA and executive chairman of

Gary Fage, managing director of Janitorial

three days, and was extremely happy to see

Principle Cleaning Services, described it as:

Express, said: “For me it was the best UK

number of visitors had visibly increased from

‘One of the best shows ever with great stands,

cleaning show I have attended in over 30

the last event. I personally thought it was a

products, innovations and a huge number of

years, the Wednesday in particular was one

great show, and the exhibitors which I spoke

genuine visitors.’

of the busiest days I have ever seen. The

to only had positive comments about their

calibre of the visitors was also superb, from

show experience.”

Visitor numbers increased by a staggering 26% this year when compared to the 2017

my perspective all the right decision makers

event, totalling 7111 people over the three

were there.”

Stan Atkins, chair, British Cleaning

The event also attracted the attention of the national press, radio and TV – more on page

packed days of the show. This figure includes

24 – all of which helped raise the profile of the

347 international visitors from 45 countries.

event and the cleaning sector in general. What follows is a round-up of news from the

A carefully curated conference, an awards scheme, a window cleaning competition

show together with photos and quotes from

featuring – for the first time – the Window

those that attended. The next event in the Cleaning Show

Cleaning World Cup, national press and TV coverage, and an exhibition showcasing

calendar is the Manchester Cleaning Show,

the best new innovations impacting the

being staged at Event City in Manchester

cleaning and waste management sectors all

on 25 and 26 March 2020. The Cleaning Show

contributed to making the Cleaning Show 2019

will then return to London on 16-18

such a success.

March 2021.

Visitors, exhibitors and conference speakers alike have been quick to praise the event and

22 APRIL 2019

Steve Ashkin, the ‘Green Cleaning Guru’, presents the opening keynote at the Cleaning Show 2019.

Further details can be found at: WWW.CLEANINGSHOW.CO.UK



The award winning original Biological Urinal Blocks and Blu-Away Biological Washroom Cleaner. A complete washroom solution for your • • • • • •

Clear Drains Water Saving Biodegradable Eradicates Odours Prevents Blockages Green Apple Award Winner T: +44 (0) 1444 244 000

E: sales@bio-productions.com W: www.bio-productions.com



Highly absorbent

Use wet or damp


Colour coded



USA scoops the prize in the Window Cleaning World Cup Hickey, who is 42 and runs On The Spot Window Cleaning California, was also crowned overall winner in the USA’s Speed Window Cleaning contest held in San Diego earlier this year. Terry ‘Turbo’ Burrows, from Essex, set his first Guinness World Record in 1995 on BBC1’s Record Breakers. He went on to set two more record times in 2005 and in Blackpool in 2009, including the current world record of 9.14 secs. The Swedish champion Jimmy Strom also competed, coming second. Competitors had to clean three consecutive office-style windows set in a frame with a 300mm squeegee and nine litres of water. They Terry ‘Turbo’ Burrows competing in the Window Cleaning World Cup.

had to remember to wipe the window sill, with time penalties awarded for any smears. Both

Jeremiah Hickey, winner of the Window Cleaning World Cup.

A US window cleaner won the first ever Window

the Guinness World Record Window Cleaning

brand Unger - were adjudicated by the

Cleaning World Cup at the Cleaning Show,

Challenge and the Window Cleaning World Cup

Federation of Window Cleaners (FWC), the UK

ahead of the current world record holder,

- sponsored by the global cleaning equipment

window cleaning industry’s trade association.

Terry ‘Turbo’ Burrows. Window cleaners visited the show from across the globe to take part in the competition - and to make an official Guinness World Record attempt. Jeremiah Hickey, the fastest window cleaner in the US, became the world champion with a time of 17.02 seconds, scooping a £1000 cash prize and the trophy. Britain’s Terry Burrows just missed out on the trophy but remains the world record holder as his world record time wasn’t beaten. Jeremiah Hickey said: “I was really surprised. To hear my name as the winner at the end, I was totally floored. The windows were different to what I’m used to, a different technique, so I’m


really surprised. It’s been a good event.”

The judges of the Window Cleaning World Cup inspect one contestant’s efforts.

“One of the best shows ever with great stands, products, innovations and a huge number of genuine visitors.”

24 APRIL 2019


Douglas Cooke, executive chairman, Principle Cleaning Services Ltd.



100% recyclable dry fragrance refills

MyFresh is the latest Award Winning Innovation from P-Wave® that delivers targeted, clean and efficient air freshening for small, personal spaces. Using a MOTION SENSOR located within the front panel, the high velocity MyFresh fan springs into action exactly when required, reducing fragrance overload and nasal fatigue. Most important of all, the liquid free, DRY FRAGRANCE REFILLS (no sprays, spills or sticky residues) are 100% RECYCLABLE and are offered in FOUR PREMIUM FRAGRANCES! The MyFresh cabinet is LOCKABLE and also features an LCD screen which reminds the washroom attendant when to replace the battery and refill. Whilst the product is perfect for use inside bathroom cubicles or on a vanity mirror, MyFresh isn't just limited to the washroom - the system is also ideal for use in elevators or even on a desk in an office, it's incredibly versatile and really is the perfect air freshener for any small space!

CUBICLES Website Maintenance







Innovation Awards winners announced or Service: Moerman NV for Excellerator 2.0. • Most Innovative Washroom Hygiene Product or Service: P-Wave for MyFresh. • Most Innovative Management System Product or Service: Jangro for Bespoke Digital Wallcharts. • Most Innovative Cleaning Product: Mirius for the 100% Recycled Plastic Bottle. • Most Innovative Sustainable Cleaning Product or Service: ICE for Aqua Smart. Each of the eight category winners were THE Cleaning Show 2019 announced the

then entered into the CSSA Awards to compete

winners of the Cleaning Show Innovation

for the association’s ‘Best of the Best’ product

Awards during the first afternoon of the show.

innovation. The winner was Mirius for the 100%

• Paul Pearce, technical director, NCCA.

Over 60 products and services were entered

Recycled Plastic Bottle.

• Paul Thrupp, director of operational

The Cleaning Show Innovation Awards were

Show, and editor, C&M.

excellence, destinations and venues, OCS.

open to exhibitors at the show, across eight

judged by a panel of nine industry experts

• Bob Vincent, director, CSSA.

different categories.

drawn from across the cleaning, hygiene and

• Lynn Webster, director, LWC Ltd.

The 2019 winners were:

FM sectors. They comprised:

Stan Atkins said: “It’s been another

• Most Innovative Outdoor Cleaning Product or Service: Morclean for ThermaSteam. • Most Innovative Carpet Cleaning Product or Service: PacVac for the Superpro Battery 700


Service: Arrow County Supplies for SlipStop.

• Most Innovative Window Cleaning Product

“For me it was the best UK cleaning show I have attended in over 30 years, the Wednesday in particular was one of the busiest days I have ever seen. The calibre of the visitors was also superb, from my perspective all the right decision makers were there.”


26 APRIL 2019

Council. • Doug Cooke, executive chairman, Principle Cleaning Services. • Denise Hanson, head of technical services,

Advanced. • Most Innovative Floor Cleaning Product or

Gary Fage, managing director, Janitorial Express.

• Stan Atkins, chairman, British Cleaning

BICSc. • Lilia Lamberto, HR and support services director, Principle Cleaning Services.

fantastic year for the Innovation Awards and the decision-making process was very hard due to the exceptionally high standard of entries. However, the judges felt these eight submissions were the best in their respective categories and all demonstrated an innovative,


creative and practical approach to product or service development.”

“Having spent three days at the show meeting clients, the media, potential clients and industry friends, I found the show to be vibrant, full of innovation and positivity. I was also grateful for the opportunity to speak on the topic of reputation management. Congratulations to the organisers for another successful show.”


into the bi-annual awards scheme, which is

• Neil Nixon, conference director, the Cleaning

Suzanne Howe, managing director, Suzanne Howe Communications.





“This year’s Cleaning Show at Excel was an exceptional event with a great number of visitors which really added to a bustling and energetic feel. I have to say that innovation was very much at the forefront, with many exhibitors showcasing new and innovative processes and products, which was supported by a healthy speaker programme covering a range of topics and subjects. What was also clearly evident was the professionalism and expertise of all the speakers and exhibitors. The Window Cleaning World Cup was a great initiative, attracting a great audience and a lot of media interest. The Cleaning Show 2019 was a fabulous opportunity to network and discover the very best that the cleaning industry has to offer.”


Paul Thrupp, director of operational excellence, destinations and venues, OCS.

BCC publishes latest report at the show THE British Cleaning Council (BCC) published

employ less than 10 people. • 29% of all vacancies within the four sectors

the most comprehensive research into the

were described as ‘hard to fill’.

UK’s cleaning industry it has ever undertaken

• With a predicted growth rate of 9% over the

during the Cleaning Show 2019. For the first time the BCC has also broadened the scope

next five years the four sectors are set to

of its research to include data from across the

generate 93,000 jobs by 2024. • With older people leaving the industry,

cleaning, waste management, landscaping, and

a further 436,000 vacancies are set to be

FM sectors. Together, the BCC has calculated

created through ‘replacement demand’.

that these industries contributed £49.9 billion

The BCC’s research - which is broken down

to the economy in 2016, while the number of employees totalled 914,000. The report further reveals that between 2010 and 2018 there has been a 38% increase in the number of companies involved in cleaning,

Stan Atkins, chair of the British Cleaning Council, at the launch of the new report.

Other key metrics linked to the cleaning,

by individual sector as well as reporting on the collective figures from across the cleaning, waste management, landscaping, and FM industries - also captures data

waste, FM, and landscaping services, rising from

waste management, landscaping, and FM

relating to differing wage levels, skills and

45,970 to 63,490.

sectors revealed in the 60 page document

qualifications, business survival rates,


regional differences, job roles and training.

With the potential impact of Brexit still uncertain, the BCC’s research also highlights

• Between 2010 and 2018, the combined

In addition, it looks at wider issues such

that while 19% of employees working across the

turnover within the four sectors rose by 34%

as health and safety, the Labour Market

four sectors are foreign born, this rises to 28%

- over twice as much as the UK average.

Enforcement Strategy, business rates,

within commercial cleaning. WWW.CLEANINGMAG.COM

• Within the four sectors, 88% of businesses

technology and the environment. APRIL 2019 27



Which healthcare system where? Which type of hand hygiene system works best in a doctor’s surgery? A clinic? An A&E waiting room? An ambulance? Liam Mynes from Tork manufacturer Essity looks at various healthcare hand hygiene requirements and comes up with appropriate solutions for each. HAND hygiene is an important defence against

particularly vulnerable to picking up infections.

possible. Bulk fill soaps are often supplied due

infections and viruses in our everyday lives. But

The longer the wait time, the greater the risk

to their low cost, but these lay the user open

it is even more crucial in the healthcare sector.

of cross-contamination. And to make matters

to infections because the soap is decanted

The likelihood of contamination in doctor’s

worse, these patients will be touching the

into dispensers from large containers. Soaps

surgeries, clinics, A&E rooms, hospital wards,

same potentially-contaminated surfaces.

supplied in cartridges that are tightly sealed

and even ambulances is high because each of

Patients in a GP surgery may have checked

before use - such as Tork Foam Soaps - provide

these spaces is occupied by people who are

in via a touchscreen, for example, potentially

a more hygienic alternative. The cartridge

contagious, immuno-compromised and/or

contaminating it for the next user. Meanwhile,

for Tork Foam Soaps contains 2500 shots

injured with open wounds.

younger patients might be playing with the

which helps to prevent the supply running out

communal toys provided and these could also

between maintenance checks.

In an ambulance it will only be the paramedic - and perhaps an accompanying family member

be contaminated with germs.

Paper towels work well in healthcare

People waiting in a hospital clinic or in A&E

environments because they avoid the cross-

patient. But the vulnerable patient will also

might avail themselves of the hot drink facilities,

contamination risks of a textile towel, while

need protecting from any bug the paramedic or

which will involve pressing the potentially-

also drying the hands more rapidly than air

family member may be harbouring.

contaminated buttons on the coffee machine.

dryers. This means washroom users are more

They might then pull up a chair which has

likely to dry their hands thoroughly - and germs

be isolated from one another which will lower

been used by many sick people before them

spread much more rapidly via damp hands

the risk of cross-contamination. However,

and decide to peruse one of the well-thumbed

than dry ones. A high-capacity hand towel roll

patients and staff members will still need to be

magazines provided.

will provide a hygienic drying solution while

- who will be at risk of contamination from the

In an intensive care ward, the patients will

protected from infecting one another which

The fact that healthcare is such a high-risk

ensuring that the product will not run out

environment means that hand washing and

during busy periods. The Tork Matic Hand Towel

hand sanitising are particularly important

Roll dispenser holds sufficient paper for up to

hospital and GP waiting rooms and in

for everyone – for members of staff, patients,

1400 hand dries and gives out only one towel

A&E departments, however. These will be

visitors, and accompanying family members.

at a time, which helps to reduce consumption

populated by large numbers of people,

There are strict hand hygiene protocols in place

while ensuring that each user only touches the

many of whom will be suffering from as-yet-

for healthcare staff with WHO recommending

towel they take.

undiagnosed infections and viruses. Others

that a thorough hand wash should be carried

may have open wounds which will make them

out between each patient interaction and

Tork PeakServe Continuous Hand Towel system

take between 40-60 seconds. Since staff will

is ideal because the dispenser holds up to 2100

be spending many valuable minutes each day

towels while the continuous delivery system

washing and drying their hands it is important

means it will never jam and visitors will be

that all hand hygiene systems are highly

ensured of a clean hand towel whenever they

functional and efficient.

need one.

means strict hand hygiene remains crucial. The risks are particularly high in

In hygiene-critical areas such as intensive

In order to supplement hand hygiene, hand

care units, hand washing needs to be carried

sanitiser dispensers such as the Tork Alcohol

out particularly frequently and thoroughly.

Gel Hand Sanitiser should be placed in strategic

Here an extra mild soap should be teamed with

locations for use by staff, patients and visitors.

a soft towel such as the Tork Xpress Extra Soft

Particular challenges exist in the paramedic

Multifold Hand Towel. This will provide a gentle

sector where acute treatment may need to be

hand-dry while minimising the risk of chapping

carried out in confined spaces. And a study

and soreness which can occur with frequent

carried out in January 2019 revealed that hand

hand washing.

hygiene among paramedics was remarkably

Hand hygiene supplies should be plentiful

28 APRIL 2019

For particularly busy healthcare facilities, the

low. The study, carried out in four countries

in the washrooms of hospitals, clinics and

and published in Emergency Medical Journal,

A&E units to encourage patients and visitors

revealed that ambulance staff only washed their

to wash their hands. They should also help to

hands in 2% of the occasions listed by WHO as

reduce the risk of cross-contamination as far as

appropriate hand hygiene triggers. Compliance WWW.CLEANINGMAG.COM



was particularly low when gloves were worn, which the study authors believed could indicate that paramedics wore gloves to protect themselves against infection by the patient rather than the other way around. However, bacteria on unwashed hands can flourish in the warm, damp atmosphere that gloves provide. And if the gloves happen to have been punctured before use - or if the medical worker touches a surface immediately after removing their gloves - contamination may still take place. It should therefore be made clear to paramedics that thorough hand cleansing is essential both before and after putting on gloves. Since hand washing facilities are not always freely available on ambulances it is

Soap and Tork Xpress Multifold Mini Hand

for staff so that they are used as frequently and

important to equip these vehicles with plentiful

Towel. The Tork Mini Liquid Soap cartridge

thoroughly as they should.

supplies of a hand rub such as Tork Alcohol Gel

holds 500 shots of soap and is sufficiently

All of us want to avoid picking up viruses and

Hand Sanitiser.

compact to fit into a small space, while the

infections - and ironically, our immune systems will

space-saving Tork Xpress Multifold Mini Hand

be particularly challenged in the healthcare facilities

Towel holds 120 towels.

where we go to be healed. However, greater

Hand rubs should also be supplied in GP surgeries so that staff and patients can sanitise their hands before and after coming into

A plentiful supply of hand hygiene products

awareness of the importance of hand hygiene plus

contact with surfaces such as touch-screens,

is crucial in any healthcare facility. But these

a plentiful supply of appropriate products will help

seats, magazines etc. Good options for GP

should be accompanied by posters, stickers and

to keep us all safe from other people’s germs.

surgery washrooms include Tork Mini Liquid

other prompts for patients plus training courses


EDITORIAL FEATURES Each issue of C&M includes all the latest industry news stories, product announcements, plus regular columns from the British Cleaning Council, British Institute of Cleaning Science and guest contributors. MAY



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APRIL 2019 29



Tailor-made cleaning systems for hospitals Kelly Brierley, key account manager at Robert Scott, explains the process of creating bespoke products for the hospital and healthcare sector in order to meet a range of customer requirements. WE’VE found during the last 12 months a shift

for this product across other facilities, it is now

in the products that our distributors want to

something we are looking at stocking as a range

stock due to customer demand. The most

in its own right.

notable shift has been seen across our more environmentally conscious product categories

The cleaning trolley with a difference

that use microfibre-based tools which require

A further example of Robert Scott designing

less water and can be used without chemical

products for specific needs was for a customer

cleaning agents.

that oversees a number of private hospitals and high-end healthcare facilities, which presented

But we’re also often asked by our distributors to help create new cleaning products which

an entirely different set of challenges. In this

provide a particular solution to a problem -

case, the customer was looking to create a

quite often by designing a bespoke product

trolley cleaning system that contained all tools internally, giving a more aesthetically

that’s not limited to a fixed range. Healthcare facilities and hospitals have so many diverse

Kelly Brierley

streamline design. Essentially, they were looking for a trolley

cleaning needs, we’re often called on by both our distributors and their end users for this

conductive trolley system - the Alpha Trolley

system that did not look like a trolley but could

tailor-made service.

- and began working through the list of

discreetly carry all of the cleaning hardware,

product requirements that we could tailor to

chemicals and accessories required - in a

A cleaning trolley designed for MRI rooms

their needs. This included metal-free plastic

mobile unit small enough to fit into tight spaces.

One healthcare facility we’ve worked with

holders for microfibre mops and cloths, pre-

It also had to be flexible to accommodate both

recently came to us with a real challenge

soaked jugs, composite handles, and other

washable and disposable systems, depending

- they needed a trolley that could be used

cleaning tools.

on the end user’s cleaning regime. While we’re

specifically to clean rooms with MRI scanning

Now we have created this unique system it

still in development with this product, we’re

units. It therefore it had to be completely free

could be used by any healthcare facility that

confident we have found the right solution for

of metal components.

faces the same challenges and requires a

the customer’s unique requirements.

Working with the customer, we identified the most suitable metal-free and non-

cleaning trolley that does not conduct with any of the equipment on site. Due to the potential

For hospital and healthcare facilities, trolley cleaning systems are without doubt the most efficient way of cleaning on the move. At Robert Scott we have invested our cleaning know-how into the development of the Alpha trolley range - a smart, portable solution to be used with microfibre products to minimise risk of cross-contamination and provide a more efficient method of cleaning for end users. There are lots of combinations and product options with this range and it is ideal for bespoke, tailor-made cleaning adapted around the customer’s needs with the necessary compartments and storage for both traditional and microfibre cleaning products. With a trolley system that’s built around the user and the site they clean, this can contribute towards an easier and more efficient cleaning protocol for any hospital or healthcare facility. WWW.ROBERT-SCOTT.CO.UK

30 APRIL 2019



Care home hygiene starts in the washroom Infection control is a major priority for the healthcare sector, and when it comes to care homes, promoting proper hand hygiene in the washroom is key. Airdri’s marketing manager, Trudi Osborne, reports. INFECTION control is critical

in the washroom. Although

when it comes to hygiene in the

many care home washrooms

healthcare sector. For care and

are designed to give space and

nursing home operators, this can

accessibility, many are let down

be a real challenge to manage,

by bulky equipment which gets in

with many residents often suffering

the way. Maintaining streamlined

from underlying health issues,

surfaces, with slim profile products,

making them more vulnerable to

can make navigating the washroom

picking up illnesses.

a much easier and more pleasant

With a duty of care to ensure

experience. Wall-mounted hand

that residents, visitors and staff

dryers, with a slim profile, such as

are living and working in a safe

the Airdri Quazar, one of Airdri’s ADA

and hygienic environment, care

(Americans with Disabilities Act)

home managers need to do all

compliant units, can keep floor and

they can to reduce the risk of

lower-wall space free. This leaves

spreading bacteria. And this starts

residents able to move around

in the washroom with proper

without the risk of colliding with

hand hygiene.

large, obtrusive equipment.

According to research by The Royal Pharmaceutical Society,

Noise control

84% of adults in the UK do not

The sound of a hand dryer when

wash their hands for long enough

in use can be distressing for the

to effectively remove germs.

elderly, and for many, particularly

Added to this, if people don’t

hearing aid wearers and dementia

dry their hands properly after

sufferers, loud, high-speed hand

washing, bacteria can spread

dryers can startle them and leave

amongst damp hands.

them feeling intimidated. In turn,

Ensuring correct hand hygiene

the washroom. Selecting a low

single most important way to

noise level hand dryer should

reduce the spread of infection

be an important consideration

so it’s vital that the layout of

for care home operators when

a washroom is inclusive and

making a purchase. in hand dryer design and

every way possible.

manufacture, we have created

Elderly residents, particularly walking aids, often need assistance WWW.CLEANINGMAG.COM

Thank you for visiting Mirius at The Cleaning Show London Excel 2019 We would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our stand and for allowing our team to show you what Mirius is able to offer your business. We hope you had a great show.


Double Awards Honours for Mirius at The Cleaning Show 2019 Mirius is proud to announce we have WON two awards at The Cleaning Show 2019. 1st prize in the Cleaning Product category for our industry 1st 100% Recycled Bottle and then the overall winner in the coveted CSSA London Cleaning Show Award – BEST OF THE BEST – again for our 100% Recycled Bottle. This is one of the highest accolades within the Cleaning & Hygiene industry and we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who voted for us and the entire Mirius team involved.

With over 45 years’ experience

procedures must be encouraged in

wheelchair users and those using



this discourages them from using

procedures are followed is the

accessible. Good hand hygiene


some of the quietest, most effective hand dryers on the market. In

Find out more at


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Surface disinfection in healthcare shortly after use without leaving residues or stains or producing any potential respiratory irritants. These attributes, and their overall infection-prevention performance, make Oxivir products an effective alternative to traditional chlorine and quat-based formulations. Moonbeam3 from Diversey delivers powerful UV-C light to provide fast broad area disinfection of high-touch surfaces in as little as three minutes. This is much faster than fogging and is claimed to be almost twice as effective as traditional cleaning and disinfection alone in destroying the pathogens that cause healthcare associated infections (HAIs). UV-C penetrates and destroys the DNA in the cells of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and spores which stops them multiplying and causing infections. This means Moonbeam3 offers facilities a completely hands, chemical and fume-free way to complement existing processes with safer high-performance disinfection. The device is ideal for surfaces accidentally missed during regular cleaning and for frequently-touched, hard-to-clean surfaces and intricate equipment. It can be used in patient rooms, operating theatres and bathrooms and on patient care equipment, keyboards, monitors, and workstations. Moonbeam is quick and easy to use with THE link between surface disinfection, hand

ongoing infection protection. It has powerful

push-button activation and short operating

hygiene and the spread of infections in

surfactants which make it an excellent cleaner

cycles. Its three articulating, light-producing

hospitals and care facilities is established and

as well as assisting with limescale limitation in

arms can be positioned independently to target

understood. Studies suggest around 80% of all

hard water areas. It is fully bactericidal against

light efficiently and closely onto surfaces to be

infectious diseases - including influenza and

multi-drug resistant organisms (MDROs)

disinfected. This unique design allows it to be

the common cold - are spread by touch. Until

including MRSA, VRE and CRE. It is also fully

used in more places, while its high-efficiency

recently, cleaning teams had a relatively narrow

viricidal against non-enveloped and enveloped

dosing increases disinfection speed which

choice of products for surface disinfection, but

viruses such as Norovirus, influenza and HIV

reduces labour and operating costs. Periodic

innovative products and technologies have

in 30 seconds. It is yeasticidal against Candida

maintenance is limited to bulb replacement,

broadened their options to configure highly

albicans. Non-classified, it is safe to use around

with no tools required.

effective infection prevention solutions.

patients and will not damage surfaces. Oxivir

Diversey complements its surface disinfection

Products in Diversey’s Oxivir range contain

Excel is available as a ready-to-use foam for ease

capabilities with a complete range of products

patented Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP)

of use, five litre concentrate for optimum cost in

to help maximise hand hygiene availability and

as the active ingredient. They deliver fast-

use or pre-wetted wipes for high-touch areas.

convenience, including the new IntelliCare system.

acting, broad-spectrum surface disinfection

Oxivir Sporicide is a ready-to-use one

The dispenser can be used with a wide range of

against a wide range of pathogens including

step hospital-grade, cleaner-disinfectant

hand care products - soaps, sanitisers and creams

bacteria, viruses, yeasts, and spores. AHP

with excellent response against hard-to-kill

- so that operators can choose the one most

is a combination of commonly used, safe

pathogens such as C. diff, Bacillus subtilis and

suited to their specific requirement. Each product

ingredients and low levels of hydrogen peroxide

other MDROs in 60 seconds. Despite this efficacy

is supplied in the same design and size of pouch

which dramatically increases potency and

its ‘irritant’ classification is much lower than

to enable interchangeability and flexibility. The

cleaning performance.

traditional alternatives.

pouches are larger than average which, combined

Oxivir Excel is a one-step cleaner-disinfectant which can replace general surface cleaning products for daily tasks to provide affordable 32 APRIL 2019

Diversey also offers the Oxivir Spill Kit for acting quickly to contain and remove body spillages. AHP breaks down to water and oxygen

with the dispenser’s excellent dosing control, ensures the maximum interval between refills. WWW.DIVERSEY.COM WWW.CLEANINGMAG.COM


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Going green

and waste-free operation, meaning that it not only

Ensuring facilities are environmentally friendly,

benefits buyers because of its low running costs but

fact, we were the first hand dryer

long-lasting, and low-cost to run is high on the

also reflects your wider social responsibility.

manufacturer in the world to be awarded

agenda for the sector. To be truly ‘green’, a hand

the Quiet Mark - a seal of approval from the

dryer must consume very little power - under 1000

creating highly reliable, energy efficient and

UK Noise Abatement Society, and since then

watts. This is where our Airdri Quazar ticks another

quiet hand dryers that suit every washroom and

four of our best-selling products have also

box, as it achieved the coveted GreenSpec status

are inclusive to all users.

received Quiet Mark status.

following an assessment of its energy conservation


Today, we are as committed as ever to


LOOKING FOR SUITABLE CARPET CLEANING SPRAYERS? IK range of sprayers is suitable for carpet and upholstery cleaning

SOLO SPRAYERS Ltd. T.: +44 01 702 297 134


sales@solosprayers.co.uk www.solosprayers.co.uk

APRIL 2019 33



Cleaning up Jamie Wright, managing director at Incentive QAS, looks back – and forwards – at a career in the cleaning industry. I suppose it is fair to

the last three years. Has it been easy? No. Has it

say that cleaning is in

been fun? Absolutely. So how did we do it?

my blood. When I was

The most obvious thing, but possibly the

10 years old my dad

hardest, was that we had to retain and increase

set up his cleaning

the contracts we already had. We did lose a

business in our

couple as unfortunately we operate in a very

kitchen at home and

price sensitive market and often clients think

woe betide us if we

that the grass is greener elsewhere. In 2016, just

didn’t answer the phone professionally saying:

after I took over as MD, our two largest contracts

‘Hello, Quality Assured Services, how can I help

were up for re-tender. This was a worrying time

you?’ As I got older, in the school holidays I was

as both contracts equated to almost half our

roped in to helping with telemarketing and after

turnover and they were crucial to our business.

getting them to work as a team was more

a short ‘rebellion’ when I worked in banking,

Luckily, we were able to not only retain them

important. In our sector the senior managers

I was back in the family firm when I was 20,

both but also increase our remit substantially,

tend to be seconded to specific buildings

learning the business from the ground up.

which gave us both the confidence and a strong

and/or locations, therefore operating in silos.

foundation from which to move forward.

They rarely see anyone other than their direct

All change

We recruited a commercial director and

line manager, so we implemented regular

In 2009 Dad sold the business to lncentive FM

implemented a proper sales strategy for the first

get-togethers, both for training and for social

Group, the UK’s leading independent facilities

time. This involved taking grown-up decisions

events and have encouraged the team to

management company that was looking to

to walk away from some long-standing

share problems and successes and learn

extend the range of services it could self-

contracts that just weren’t profitable. We also

from each other. This has been incredibly

deliver. This introduced me to a new corporate

stopped cold-calling and basically bidding

successful and completely changed the way

world and I was lucky to be able to spend

on absolutely everything that was out there.

we operate. It also supports our approach to

time in different areas of the business gaining

Instead we sat down and worked out what we

employee engagement which follows that of

valuable insight into the broader world of FM

were good at - which was quality service - so

the IFM Group in embracing ‘freedom within

and, most importantly, how cleaning best

we took the decision to focus on high-end

a framework’ which is designed to empower

fitted into the equation.

buildings and locations, particularly in London.

our people.

I became managing director of Incentive QAS

Our ongoing partnership with managing agents

in 2016, by which time I felt I had really earned

and large prestigious properties proved to be a

Moving forward

my stripes. Anyone who knows the senior team

good reference point.

This year we have a number of great

at IFM Group will know that I wasn’t a ‘shoe-in’

We also looked at broadening the range of

opportunities in the pipeline with both new

for the role because of my Dad, in fact I had to

services we offer to include specialist cleaning

and existing clients. We have set ourselves

work harder to prove my worth. Although little

and started to introduce more technology and

ambitious targets and are committed to

did I know that it was now that the hard work

eco products. The group also acquired two

meeting them. We are also aware that

would really begin!

successful window cleaning companies - SWC

traditionally cleaning has been viewed as the

and ARL - which were integrated, giving us

poor relation in the FM world, often provided

another string to our bow.

just as a bolt on to the main event. We are

View from the top Let’s just fast forward for a moment to the present day where our turnover has trebled in

34 APRIL 2019

Of course, as with every business, getting the right people on board was important but

determined to change this perception. WWW.INCENTIVE-FMGROUP.COM


AND THEN THERE WAS LITE Introducing the new i-mop Lite. Your co-worker in agile cleaning

The imop Lite is the smallest and lightest member of the imop family. With outstanding manoeuvrability and portability, the imop Lite can go in even smaller spaces than its bigger brother, the original imop. From the renewed control panel to the new floating ball water lock, everything is designed to make it even more user friendly.

So let’s welcome your new co-worker to the team and start the REAL cleaning Faster




and better for everyone

0114 269 8686 | sales@killis.co.uk | www.killis.co.uk



KÄRCHER has announced that the EASY!Force trigger gun is now available across

EASY!Force spans professional range

all its hot and cold professional pressure washers. The EASY!Force trigger gun allows users the freedom to master any high-pressured task with effortless control. This innovative trigger gun provides full power with zero force, letting the water do the work. Kärcher has also included a redesign of the lance and high-pressure hose, which features the new trapezoidal EASY!Lock thread. This new lock combines the speed of a quick release coupling with the safety of a threaded connection with only a single turn.


ECOBAT Battery Technologies (ECOBAT Industrial) continually works with its customers help them to protect their investment and maximise the usability of the batteries, and ensuring they are undergoing the correct charging regime is key. Colin McCartney, ECOBAT Industrial’s national accounts manager, said: “To help them in this task, we have developed an ECOBAT charger app that allows our customers to connect their chargers to any

App enhances effective battery charging

mobile device - android or iPhone - and remotely undertake numerous actions to ensure the charging procedure is optimised to its full potential. This means that through the app, users can view the cycle history of their chargers, which provides an overview of each charge cycle and enables them to quickly and efficiently adjust the settings to improve the regime.” It also allows them an at-a-glance view of how many errors or charge events have occurred over the lifetime of the chargers in order to make the necessary alterations to maximise efficiencies. In fact, the app is so versatile that users can even alter the charge cycle, as well as the voltage, when changing from wet to GEL batteries for example, in addition to the amperage. WWW.ECOBATINDUSTRIAL.TECH

CAMFIL has launched a virtual reality (VR) experience to help its customers understand the benefits and correct usage of air filtration. ‘The Camfil

A virtual look into the world of air filtration

Experience’ brings to life the invisible threat of particulate matter while providing training for building services and maintenance engineers focusing on the correct way to specify, install, maintain, and change air filters to ensure safety and efficiency. Fully immersive, the virtual experience allows customers to choose and interact with the areas that are of interest to them, including a 360° tour following a particle around a city to see how it

affects people, products and processes. WWW.CAMFIL.COM

36 APRIL 2019



GREENTECK Global produces a range of trioxygenpowered units used for degreasing, deodorising and sanitising: from conference hall sized models to single-room units small enough to plug into a domestic electrical socket.

Odournet trial demonstrates deodorising success

The strength and effectiveness of trioxygen (or ozone) has long been recognised but until now, it seems, its effectiveness in the UK has never been scientifically put to the test. Greenteck Global contacted Bristol-based Odournet to undertake the trial and produce a report of its findings, available on-line at the company’s website. The trial was undertaken at the Peterborough offices of CK Direct, one of the country’s leading suppliers of kitchen ventilation and extraction, steel fabrication and odour control solutions to


Neil Nixon neilnixon@quartzltd.com 07957 713316 SALES DIRECTOR

Vanessa Van Santen-Smith Vanessavss@quartzltd.com 01737 855041 BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER

including an extraction system incorporating three GreenTeck Global 64g trioxygen units with

Michelle Andrews michelleandrews@quartzltd.com 01737 855086

fresh-air feed. Throughout the course of the trial as many as 50 burgers were cooked and 500gms


the commercial kitchen and catering industry. A custom-built kitchen was constructed on-site,

of chips fried every 10 minutes representing a ‘worst case’ scenario for odour and greasegenerating condition. The trial was conducted at the end of last year but the results of the just-published Odournet Report are striking, and include: odour concentration was reduced by 49%; and particulate concentration was significantly reduced. Full details of the findings can be found at: WWW.GREENTECKGLOBAL.COM


Carol Baird carolbaird@quartzltd.com 01923 437619 MANAGING DIRECTOR

Steve Diprose CEO


IN its effort to boost wellness and lessen the impact of seasonal

Winter wellness website and resources launched

viruses, Gojo has launched a new website, www.winter-wellness.

Elizabeth Barford subscriptions@quartzltd.com 01737 855028

eu. This microsite, available to view in eight different languages, features advice, blogs and downloadable resources to help businesses across Europe achieve a healthier germ season. The website is aimed at businesses who want to protect their workforce from highly contagious infections such as the common cold, influenza and norovirus (dubbed the winter vomiting bug), which all peak during the winter season. By taking

steps to ensure their employees’ well-being, they can lessen the impact of these seasonal viruses on their business by reducing the number of work days lost due to sickness. WWW.GOJO.COM


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Brimaid Ltd, Valley Mills Valley Road, Bradford BD1 4RU Tel: 01274 728837 Fax: 01274 734351 www.brimaid.co.uk


Business Software for Janitorial Distributors










GUM & GRAFFITI REMOVAL We offer a cloud based scalable and flexible management solution for the cleaning, security and facilities management industries.  SELF CONTAINED  MOBILE  VAN OR TRAILER Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment

01403 273 444







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The future of wall charts is here... Washroom Hygiene Guide


Use our Digital Wall Chart Creator to build your own bespoke charts with the products of your choice. Incorporate your own brand by adding your company logo to truly make this ‘your own’ useful guide. As well as a copy of the chart, you will receive a full health and safety compliance pack. This comprises of the relevant safety data sheets, product user guides, and COSHH risk assessments of the products that feature on your bespoke chart.

wallchartcreator.jangro.net Toilet

Waste Paper Bin


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Soap Dispenser


Dilute 100ml per 5 litres of warm water (1:50).

Dilute 100ml per 5 litres of warm water (1:50).

Dilute 100ml per 5 litres of warm water (1:50).

Dilute 100ml per 5 litres of warm water (1:50).

Dilute 100ml per 5 litres of warm water (1:50).

Air Care/Freshener Dispenser

Always read, understand and adhere to label instructions Ensure protective clothing is worn when required


Dilute 100ml per 5 litres of warm water (1:50).

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Dilute 100ml per 5 litres of warm water (1:50).

Dilute 100ml per 5 litres of warm water (1:50).

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Cleaning & Maintenance - April 2019  

Cleaning & Maintenance - April 2019