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Apprenticeship Levy and all that Chris James, chief executive officer at WAMITAB, reports. THE world of education and skills is

the old frameworks for apprenticeships in England. WAMITAB is involved

confusing and characterised by

attractive. There is a requirement that each apprentice lasts a minimum of 12 months plus at

constant change. It seems that

in the development of a number

least 20% of the learning must be done ‘off-the-

new policies hardly have a chance

of Trailblazer Apprenticeship

job’. This equates to one day per week spent in

to work before a new government

Standards for the sector including

learning, which is a tall order for some job roles

minister introduces a ‘better’ way

cleaning and waste management,

and in some industries.

of doing things. Even with over 30

though how these are categorised is likely to cause some confusion.

years in the education sector, I find it

Are you looking for an apprenticeship

hard to keep up and make sense of it all it but it must be especially tough for those outside

in waste and recycling? You will find it listed

the sector.

under Agriculture, Environmental and Animal

Apprenticeships may be where the funding is concentrated in England but are they necessarily the most relevant route to develop the skills of staff in all occupations? It is interesting to note that whilst the levy

Care - along with crop technicians and farriers.

is paid by all UK employers meeting the pay

ups in education for a generation when the

Meanwhile the cleaning apprenticeship standard

threshold, it is only in England that the funding

Apprenticeship Levy was introduced, which is

appears in the Catering and Hospitality category

pot has to be used for apprenticeships. In

estimated to bring in circa £3 billion each year.

along with fishmonger and commis chef - I’m not

Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales there

sure whether cleaning services companies in,

are different rules for how the money can be

employers are paying then it is not a big deal, but

say, higher education or the health sector would

accessed and what it can be used for.

for the large employers with an annual wages bill

think to look there? Facilities management

of over £3 million, a 0.5% payment is significant.

apprenticeships appear under the Construction

Some employers are paying £2 million or more

heading, which has more logic. The categories

so it is clear that there is considerable pressure to

reflect the 15 technical routes that form the

ensure this is as ‘cost neutral’ as possible - so it is

future of post-16 technical education in England

no surprise that the take up of apprenticeships

- the so-called T-Levels should be fully on stream

WAMITAB is a member of the British Cleaning

has increased.

by September 2022.

Council. Any views expressed by Council members

Spring 2017 saw one of the biggest shake

You could argue that as less than 2% of UK

Whilst it is excellent that the new

As part of the change, new Trailblazer

I said the world of education and skills is confusing! To find out more on the work of WAMITAB visit WWW.WAMITAB.ORG.UK

are not necessarily shared by the BCC itself.

standards, developed with input from the

apprenticeship standards are employer-led,


employers, will gradually be phased in to replace

there are some aspects that may be less


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