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2nd – 10th November 2012


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INTRODUCTION “My task, which I am trying to achieve is, by the power of the written word, to make you hear, to make you feel - it is, before all, to make you see. That is all, and it is everything...” ...wrote the often Folkestone-based author Joseph Conrad in his novel Lord Jim.


elcome to the 2012 Folkestone Book Festival. The Creative Foundation is delighted with the programme Geraldine D’Amico has crafted for you this year. The range is wide with all forms of writing celebrated, from fiction to fantasy via fact with biography, history, politics and economics.


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Supported by

This year BBC Radio Kent is once again supporting Folkestone Book Festival. Listen out for special reports and interviews in the run up to the Festival - and during the Festival itself BBC Radio Kent will be on stage and on air bringing Kent all the news from the county’s biggest Book Festival.

With our aim to transform Folkestone and make it all about books and the exchange of ideas for ten days every November, we are spread across the town from the Saga Pavilion through to our base in the Quarterhouse, taking in the Leas Cliff Hall, The Grand and

the Glassworks on the way. We have a programme for all ages starting with pre-school and writers for all tastes. This would not have been possible without the help of so many people and organisations who have been generous with their ideas, enthusiasm, as well as with their buildings. Likewise the festival would not happen without generous support from sponsors. The Creative Foundation would like to thank all those named in the brochure but particularly the Friends of the Festival, as well as the local libraries. So together we have made a festival that is driven by one thing, a passion for books and all the worlds and ideas they hold within them. We want now to share this with you, so please come and celebrate writers and reading. For the creative and curious we promise fun and friendship.

Alastair Upton Chief Executive Creative Foundation


t’s been a huge pleasure to programme the festival. I’ve fallen in love with Folkestone, its famous past residents but above all the sense of energy and hope I felt in the Creative Quarter, the beautiful and arresting art scattered around town and all the wonderful people I met who helped me and advised me. History has been a huge part of the festival and so it is again this year: from the very history of our planet through the Romans, the Normands, forgotten Queens, to the Raj, the Gentry, the treatment of TB in seaside resorts and Sir John Major on the history of music hall. Fiction makes a strong appearance with Judy Finnegan (of the much loved Richard & Judy show), Sandra Howard and Jon Canter, and two Polish writers on troubles in their country. We even have two festival reads: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel by Deborah Moggach with the author herself talking about its adaptation to the screen. We open the festival with John Hegley’s verbal pyrotechnics and there

will be more poetry with Being Human. We will have music with the magical Piers Faccini and the fantastic Canadian band the Fugitives, laughter with Pam Ayres, sport with golf addict David Godwin, food with Mary McCartney and James Wang and of course workshops, a tour of 20th century art, free events offered by UCF and fun events for kids. I really hope everyone will find something that captivates, entertains or makes them think. Last but not least, I wanted the festival to look forward: this is why we have award-winning Science Fiction author Christopher Priest with us but also events on the future of the Arab World, the economic choices facing us and as our final talk, an optimist’s tour of the future, a sure way to end on a positive and hopeful note. Come and say hello. Your feedback will be much appreciated.

Geraldine D’Amico Festival curator 3 3



JOHN HEGLEY Verbal fireworks to open the festival: expect the unexpected

from John Hegley, one of the UK’s most innovative performance poet and comedian whose poetry collections include Peace, Love and Potatoes, Glad to Wear Glasses, The Sound of Paint Drying and My Dog is a Carrot. He is noted for his exploration of such diverse topics as dog hair, potatoes, Daleks and the misery of human existence. John Hegley’s first public performance monies came from busking his songs, initially outside a shoe shop in Hull, in the late Seventies. He has since been a frequent performer of his words, sung and spoken, on the radio and stages all over the country. He has produced ten books of verse and prose pieces, two CDs and one mug. He is an occasional DJ, dancer and workshop leader, using drawing, poetry and gesture.

[ FRIDAY 2ND NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 7.30PM ] [ £9.50 / £7.50 FRIENDS / £5.50 CONC. ]


BOX OFFICE 01303 858 500






Calling all 8-12 year olds who love words! A fun workshop like you’ve never had before! Join prizewinning writer Stewart Ross (over 250 books, many for children) to write a story together. Plenty of hot tips from the expert – and a chance to win a prize for your finished work. Bring paper, something to write with – and that brilliant, buzzing imagination! [ SATURDAY 3RD NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 1.00PM ] [ £8.00 ]

Francesca Beard : FAMILY EVENT An hour of poems, songs and stories for all the family, from internationally acclaimed performance poet, Francesca Beard. All ages welcome, recommended for ages 5.5 to 99.9 Francesca Beard was born in Malaysia and grew up in Penang, an idyllic island paradise. After a spell in real jobs, she gave it all up to become a fictional character and now exists as a poet, performing all over the world. [ SATURDAY 3RD NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 11.00AM ] [ £6.50 / £5.50 FRIENDS / £4.50 CONC. ]



Lesley Hardy, Lorraine Flisher and Iain Neilson For hundreds of years Kent has been at the forefront of the study of the ancient past in Britain. This one day conference opens up the work of early pioneers in archaeology and antiquarians such as John Leland who identified ‘Briton Brykes’ at Folkestone, the Rev Bryan Faussett who saved Anglo Saxon archaeology from destruction and Charles Roach Smith, founder in 1844 of the British Archaeological Association in Canterbury. Part of A Town Unearthed: Folkestone Before 1500, a community archaeology project for the people of Folkestone.

For more details contact UCF on 01303 760600 [ SATURDAY 3RD NOVEMBER ] [ UCF ] [ 10.00AM - 4.00PM ] [ FREE - Booking Required ]


THE LOST PHOTOGRAPHS OF CAPTAIN SCOTT: DAVID WILSON Talking about his latest book, The Lost Photographs of Captain Scott, Polar historian, Dr David Wilson , will present a story of long-lost photographs taken personally by Captain Scott during his last British Antarctic Expedition (1910-1913). They provide a unique insight into his work as seen through his own eyes. This is the most significant new material to emerge on Captain Scott in many years, giving a new perspective on one of the great epics of human history. Dr David Wilson is a great nephew of Dr Edward Wilson, Chief of the Scientific Staff and Artist, who died with Captain Scott on the return from the South Pole in 1912. [ SATURDAY 3RD NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 3.00PM ] [ £6.50 / £5.50 FRIENDS / £4.50 CONC. ]

Travelling to Write:

ROSIE THOMAS The author of a number of celebrated novels, including the award-winning Iris and Ruby and The Kashmir Shawl, Rosie Thomas has travelled the ancient pashmina trade routes across the Himalayas, spent time in Cairo and the desert, competed in the Peking to Paris car rally, sailed Shackleton’s journey across the southern ocean to South Georgia, then followed his epic mountaineering journey across the island to the Stromness whaling station. She tells us how her love and passion for travel inspires her writing. [ SATURDAY 3RD NOVEMBER ] [ FOLKESTONE LIBRARY ] [ 4.30PM ] [ £6.50 / £5.50 FRIENDS / £4.50 CONC. ]


BOX OFFICE 01303 858 500

Retelling antique lives:

Chair: Stewart Ross In The Twelve Caesars, Matthew Dennison gives a sensational retelling of Suetonius evoking the luxury, licence, brutality and sophistication of imperial Rome. In The Purple Shroud, the sequel to Theodora: Actress, Impress, Whore, Stella Duffy offers a vivid portrait of an exceptional woman and a fascinating exploration of both the pleasures and the burdens of power. They compare notes on rewriting history, facts and fiction and why these stories are still relevant today.

Photo: Lucinda Griffith

Matthew Dennison & Stella Duffy

Matthew Dennison is a journalist and the author of The Last Princess: The Devoted Life of Queen Victoria’s Youngest Daughter and Livia, Empress of Rome.

Stella Duffy has written thirteen novels, forty-five short stories, and ten plays. She is also a theatre director and performer. [ SATURDAY 3RD NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE] [ 4.30PM ] [ £9.50 / £7.50 FRIENDS / £5.50 CONC. ]


Patrick Leigh Fermor, An Adventure: Artemis Cooper



Renowned biographer Artemis Cooper tells the story of legendary travel writer and war hero Patrick Leigh Fermor, a gifted man famous for his exploits in Crete and his walks across pre-war Europe, a self-educated polymath, lover of Greece and the best company in the world. Artemis Cooper’s previous books include Cairo in the War: 1939-1945, Writing at the Kitchen Table: The Authorized biography of Elizabeth David, and Paris After the Liberation: 1945-1949, which she wrote with her husband Antony Beevor. Her biography of Patrick Leigh Fermor is based on unrestricted access to his private papers, and interviews with him in England and Greece over several years.

Ex-Wives, Sandra Howard’s gripping latest novel, deals with loss, new love, old passions and parents who misbehave. Jon Canter’s witty Worth follows a metropolitan media couple looking for a new life in the countryside. As both novels show in different ways, escaping toxic relations and changing lives is not that easy. Sandra Howard was one of the leading fashion models of the 1960s and worked as a freelance journalist, before turning to novel writing. She is married to politician Michael Howard. Jon Canter is a novelist and scriptwriter, writing among others for Lenny Henry and other leading comedians.

[ SATURDAY 3RD NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 6.00PM ] [ £9.50 / £7.50 FRIENDS / £5.50 CONC. ]

[ SATURDAY 3RD NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 7.30PM ] [ £9.50 / £7.50 FRIENDS / £5.50 CONC. ]

BOX OFFICE 01303 858 500


NOVEMBER Steve Bloom’s Wildlife Journals Join bestselling photographer Steve Bloom as he travels across

all continents in search of wildlife. Find out how wild animals live and the challenges photographing them. An event full of amazing pictures and stories from around the world, combined with photographic tips. Suitable for all the family. Steve Bloom is a photographer, traveller and author. His previous books include My Big Cats Journal, Untamed, Spirit of the Wild, Living Africa, Elephants for Children, and My Favourite Animal Families. His Spirit of the Wild giant outdoor photography exhibitions have been seen by millions of people in city centres across Europe. [ SUNDAY 4TH NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 11.00AM ] [ £6.50 / £5.50 FRIENDS / £4.50 CONC. ]

Photo: Dagmara Minkiewicz


Polish Crimes and Misdemeanours: A M Bakalar & Zygmunt Miloszewski

Chair: Sophie Mayer

Asia Monika Bakalar’s first novel, Madame Mephisto, about a young Polish woman in the UK - a drug dealer who does not mince her words about either her original country or her newly chosen home - may shock some. Zygmunt Miłoszewski’s award winning thrillers throw a controversial light on Polish society as well. The two authors will discuss home and away and their hopes for the future. A M Bakalar was born in Poland but moved to the UK in 2004. Madame Mephisto was nominated by the readers from the Guardian First Book Award. Zygmunt Miloszewski started his career writing for NewsWeek. His novel Entanglement has already been made into a film. Sophie Mayer is a writer, editor, blogger and educator with a passionate commitment to arts and social justice. [ SUNDAY 4TH NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 3.00PM ][ £6.50 / £5.50 FRIENDS / £4.50 CONC ]



A HEALTHY TALK Chair: Melanie McGrath For 100 years, gardening books have said the same old thing about growing the same old fruit and vegetables. But there is a huge variety of delicious and simple-to-grow edibles suitable for temperate climates. The vastly knowledgeable and enthusiastic James Wong will tell us what to grow, how, and how to cook and eat it. With Food Mary McCartney both pays tribute to her late mother’s culinary skills and offers mouth-watering vegetarian recipes.

Just coming and listening to their talk should make you feel healthier! James Wong describes himself as a botanist, gardener,

broadcaster & natural remedies obsessive. He is the author of Homegrown Revolution.

Mary McCartney is a professional photographer. She was Linda and Paul McCartney’s first child.

Melanie McGrath is an award winning and bestselling author and journalist. She is a keen cook and amateur forager.

[ SUNDAY 4TH NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 4.30PM ] [ £9.50 / £7.50 FRIENDS / £5.50 CONC. ]


BOX OFFICE 01303 858 500

Piers Faccini:


The Richard & Judy Book Club champion who has done so much for fiction, Judy Finnegan tells us about her own first novel, Eloise, an atmospheric ghost story set in Cornwall. Compulsively-readable and incredibly haunting, this was the most expected debut novel of 2012. Judy Finnegan is a successful television presenter who has proven with her husband Richard Madeley that books can make excellent television. [ SUNDAY 4TH NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 6.00PM ] [ £9.50 / £7.50 FRIENDS / £5.50 CONC. ]

Internationally renowned poet, lyricist, painter and singer Piers Faccini performs his very personal mix of folk and blues fusing West African textures, a unique mix of poetic ballads and hypnotic rhythms. If his songs were maps they would stretch from the English moors to the Saharan dunes via the parched plains of the Mediterrannean before spanning the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the Mississippi Delta. Piers Faccini was born in the UK of Anglo-Italian parents and grew up in France. He performs all over the world. Photo: Mark Luscombe-Whyte

Photo: Bill Waters

poetic ballads and hypnotic rhythms

[ SUNDAY 4TH NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 7.30PM ] [ £9.50 / £7.50 FRIENDS / £5.50 CONC. ]



Photo: Penny Tweedie



Adam Nicolson talks about the place played by gentry

families in English history and then looks at two of them in more detail, the 15th century Plumptons, a gang of medieval shysters, and the 18th and 19th century Hugheses who rode in on the proceeds of the most enormous copper mine the world had ever seen. Adam Nicolson writes books on history and the landscape. He is the son of the author Nigel Nicolson and grandson of Harold Nicolson and Vita SackvilleWest. He has worked widely as a journalist. He lives at Sissinghurst in Kent. [ MONDAY 5TH NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 1.00PM ] [ £6.50 / £5.50 FRIENDS / £4.50 CONC. ]


BOX OFFICE 01303 858 500

Maggie harris & Truda thurai Maggie Harris is the author of

Kiskadee Girl, a memoir of growing up in Guyana and a short story collection, Canterbury Tales on a Cockcrow Morning, and a poet. Truda Thurai’s first novel the Devil Dancers is set in 50s Ceylon and based on family memories of life in what is now Sri Lanka. They talk about what inspires them to write, home and away. [ MONDAY 5TH NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 5.00PM ] [ £6.50 / £5.50 FRIENDS / £4.50 CONC. ]

THE NORMANS: Marc Morris

1066 is the most famous date in English history. Everyone remembers the story, depicted on the Bayeux Tapestry, of William the Conqueror’s successful invasion, and poor King Harold being felled by an arrow in the eye. But why do we remember 1066 above all other dates? Join historian and broadcaster Dr Marc Morris for an illustrated talk, and discover the reasons why the Norman Conquest was the most important event in our nation’s past. Marc Morris is a historian, author of four books, who also presented the television series Castle on Channel 4. [ MONDAY 5TH NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 6.30PM ] [ £6.50 / £5.50 FRIENDS / £4.50 CONC. ]

FRIENDS OF THE BOOK FESTIVAL QUIZ The Friends Quiz is always a popular event during the Festival. Literary knowledge is not compulsory - a little will help along with lots of general knowledge! Teams can be no more than 6 people but don’t worry if you are on your own - or can’t quite make up a team - you can join with others. There will be a raffle during the evening. Booking To book for the quiz, please call Jenny Coleman on 01303 240289 or email SPECIAL QUIZ NIGHT OFFER Buy a bottle of house wine and receive some free nibbles. [ MONDAY 5TH NOVEMBER ] [ 7.45PM ] [ QUARTERHOUSE BAR ] [ £30 PER TABLE (max 6) or £5 PER PERSON ]



Book FestiVal




Welcome to the world of Flavia Gemina, the year is AD 79, Ostia. Caroline Lawrence takes you on the thrilling adventures of her heroes as they solve mysteries from Ostia, to Pompei, Rome, Greece, North Africa, Egypt and Turkey. Learn surprising facts about the Romans as well as tricks of the writer’s trade. The Roman Mysteries is a series of seventeen historical novels set in Ancient Rome, along with half a dozen supplementary titles. Aimed at children aged 7 - 14, the books offer exciting openings for lines of enquiry into almost every aspect of Roman life, including social structure, daily life, mythology, religion, entertainment and leisure. [ TUESDAY 6TH NOVEMBER ] [ LEAS CLIFF HALL ] [ 11.00AM & 1.00PM] [ FREE TO SCHOOLS ] [ CALL: 01303 858 504 TO BOOK ]


BOX OFFICE 01303 858 500


Anne de Courcy tells us the colourful story of husband hunting in the Raj; from dramatic voyages across the oceans, rollicking good times and lightning romances to life on remote outposts. She will bring this forgotten era vividly to life. Anne de Courcy is a well-known writer, journalist and book reviewer. In the 1970s she was Woman’s Editor on the London Evening News until its demise in 1980, when she joined the Evening Standard as a columnist and feature-writer. [ TUESDAY 6TH NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 1.00PM ] [ £6.50 / £5.50 FRIENDS / £4.50 CONC. ]

VITALI VITALIEV Celebrated journalist and writer Vitali Vitaliev gives a talk about his book on

Europe, Passport to Enclavia. [ TUESDAY 6TH NOVEMBER ] [ UCF ] [ 2.30PM ] [ FREE - Booking Required ]

SURVIVORS: THE ANIMALS AND PLANTS THAT TIME HAS LEFT BEHIND: Richard Fortey Richard Fortey traces the history of life on Earth

Photo: Jo Desmond

through the stories of organisms that have survived nearly unchanged for hundreds of millions of years and whose existence today affords us tantalising glimpses of landscapes long vanished. With his customary sparkle and gusto, he takes us on an engrossing exploration of the world’s oldest flora and fauna brilliantly with a poet’s wonder at the natural world. Richard Fortey is a senior paleontologist at the Natural History Museum in London with a passion for trilobites. His hatred of ivory tower science explains the success of his many acclaimed books. [ TUESDAY 6TH NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 5.00PM ] [ £6.50 / £5.50 FRIENDS / £4.50 CONC. ]

PANEL DISCUSSION: CAN A BOOK SAVE YOUR LIFE? Panellists include Vitali Vitaliev, Julian Baggini, Carolyn Oulton and Jane Davis from The Reader Organisation. [ TUESDAY 6TH NOVEMBER ] [ UCF ] [ 6.00PM ] [ FREE - Booking Required ]

BEETHOVEN: JOHN SUCHET You know the music... but do you know the man? John Suchet brings new understanding to a difficult and complex character in his new illustrated life of the world’s greatest composer. The author of five previous books on the subject, John Suchet is recognised as a leading authority on Beethoven. He presents Classic FM’s flagship morning programme and is a former newscaster for ITN. [ TUESDAY 6TH NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 6.30PM ] [ £9.50 / £7.50 FRIENDS / £5.50 CONC. ]



Photo: Mark Bothwell

It’s not uncommon for a hit TV series to be based on a bestselling novel, but David Hewson is turning this formula on its head with his highly-acclaimed novel based on BBC4’s The Killing. With video and audio, the bestselling author reveals how he deconstructed 20 hours of television into a book that diverts from the original in some significant ways. David Hewson is the author of twenty two books published in more than twenty languages. [ TUESDAY 6TH NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 8.00PM ] [ £9.50 / £7.50 FRIENDS / £5.50 CONC. ]


BOX OFFICE 01303 858 500



NOVEMBER BLOOD SISTERS: THE WOMEN BEHIND THE WARS OF THE ROSES: Sarah Gristwood & Alison Weir Attention has rarely focused on the early Tudors royal ladies. Sarah’s new book, Blood Sisters, vividly tells the stories of seven of them. Alison Weir has written on all these women and her latest novel, A Dangerous Inheritance, is partly set in the reign of Richard III, and tells the story of his bastard daughter. Come and hear Alison and Sarah discussing their intriguing, often feisty and sometimes tragic heroines.     Alison Weir and Sarah Gristwood specialise in retrieving women’s histories, and both have researched this period extensively. Alison Weir writes both fiction and non fiction. [ WEDNESDAY 7TH NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 1.00PM ] [ £6.50 / £5.50 FRIENDS / £4.50 CONC. ]

FAHRENHEIT 451: FILM Director François Truffaut (1966) with Oskar Werner, Julie Christie and Cyril Cusack. 112 min. Based on the 1951 Ray Bradbury novel of the same name. Guy Montag is a firefighter who lives in a society where books have been outlawed by a government fearing an independent-thinking public. It is the duty of firefighters to burn books. People are drugged into compliancy and get their information from wall-length television screens. After Montag falls in love with book-hoarding Clarisse, he begins to read confiscated books and question the government’s motives. [ WEDNESDAY 7TH NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 5.00PM ] [ £6.50 / £5.50 FRIENDS / £4.50 CONC. ]

DISCUSSION AND TRIBUTE TO RAY BRADBURY Paul March Russell, Paul Kincaid, Maureen Kincaid-Speller. Three of UK’s best science fiction specialists lead the discussion on Fahrenheit 451 and pay tribute to the late Ray Bradbury. Come and join in.

[ WEDNESDAY 7TH NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 6.30PM ] [ FREE WITH FILM ] [ £6.50 / £5.50 FRIENDS / £4.50 CONC. ]

CHRISTOPHER PRIEST: Interviewed by PAUL KINCAID Prolific and award winning author Christopher Priest

talks to Paul Kincaid about his work, particularly his latest novel The Islanders (winner of the British Science Fiction Association best novel), a guidebook to the Dream Archipelago and murder mystery . He reflects on the evolution of Science Fiction from Wells, through Ray Bradbury to the present time. Christopher Priest has published eleven award-winning novels, four short story collections and a number of other books, including critical works, biographies, novelizations and children’s non-fiction. He has written drama for radio and television and is Vice-President of the H.G.Wells Society. [ WEDNESDAY 7TH NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 8.00PM ] [ £9.50 / £7.50 FRIENDS / £5.50 CONC. ]


THE EGO TRIck Talk by author Julian Baggini, writer,

journalist and co-founder of The Philosophers’ Magazine. [ WEDNESDAY 7TH NOVEMBER ] [ UCF ] [ 6.00PM ] [ FREE - Booking Required ]





Launch of Transitions 2 Pavement Pounders’ Journal Transitions 2 addresses the universal themes of crossings and change through personal experience as did Transitions 1 but this edition emphasizes the idea of ‘liminality’, those in-between times and places or between two worlds, one dead, the other powerless to be born, and the symbolism of the fountain. A local explorer looks anew at our coastline. An archaeological project discovers the past in its present. A local poet crosses to the prose of a richly evocative memoir. Fountains both spiritual and real magically appear and the mortal model for The Folkestone Mermaid becomes immortal! [ WEDNESDAY 7TH NOVEMBER ] [ GOOGIES CAFE FOLKESTONE ] [ 7.00PM ] [ FREE - Booking Required ]


BOX OFFICE 01303 858 500

Why is the horseshoe lucky? How did a Kent train bring down a Luftwaffe fighter? Who was the most hated man in Kent history? Why did Churchill try to sell Chartwell? Why was an old steam train sent through the Channel Tunnel before it opened? What pagan symbols were found when Canterbury Cathedral’s oldest tomb was secretly opened? Let Dr Martin Latham charm, entertain and intrigue you with his lyrical history of Kent which has sold thousands in its first few months. [ THURSDAY 8TH NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 1.00PM ] [ £6.50 / £5.50 FRIENDS / £4.50 CONC. ]


An Amateur Shot at Golfing Respectability

Forget the Ryder Cup, forget keeping your head still, correcting your putting stance and holes-in-one. David Godwin has a dream, shared with millions of amateur golfers. He’s not aiming to break on to the pro circuit. David Godwin is going to break 80. Or it’s going to break him. He tells us with humour and charm how he did it and how it can be done. In his day job, David Godwin is one of the UK’s most successful literary agents. [ THURSDAY 8TH NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 3.00PM ] [ £6.50 / £5.50 FRIENDS / £4.50 CONC. ]

A WRITER’S JOURNEY: Author Karen Lesley and Zoe Meyer, Director

of Zoe’s Books, discuss the creation of Karen’s book Coleman (Female), with Zoe’s perspective on facilitating the book production and working with the writer. [ THURSDAY 8TH NOVEMBER ] [ UCF ] [ 3.00PM ] [ FREE - Booking Required ]


Marc Arnold shows how tuberculosis was viewed along lines of class in English coastal resorts such as Folkestone and Sandgate. He assesses the shifting interrelation of medical, political and social forces and analyses the relationship between scientific ideas and attitudes to poverty and chronic disease. Conflicts between an infection model of the disease and a focus on social reform still characterise approaches to tuberculosis treatment today. [ THURSDAY 8TH NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 5.00PM ] [ £6.50 / £5.50 FRIENDS / £4.50 CONC. ] PANEL DISCUSSION: Should writers be their own publishers?

Panellists include Zoe Meyer (Director of Zoe’s Books), Martin Latham (Manager, Waterstones, Canterbury), Mark Swain, (writer and consultant), Chris Meade (writer and Director of if:book UK) and writer and speaker Jane Wenham-Jones (Chairperson) [ THURSDAY 8TH NOVEMBER ] [ UCF ] [ 6.00PM ] [ FREE - Booking Required ]




Anthony Slinn, artist and lecturer, looks back on the

20th Century and discusses a major work from each decade. He also takes us through a fascinating variety of artists and genres - Cubism in the first decade, Sutherland in the 50s, Lichtenstein and Warhol in the 60s and beyond. [ THURSDAY 8TH NOVEMBER ] [ THE GRAND ] [ 6.30PM ] [ £8 ]

BEING HUMAN: A rich performance of contemporary poetry brought to life skillfully and enchantingly by a trio of actors - Benedict Hastings, Elinor Middleton and Barrett Robertson - based on poems from the Bloodaxe Books’ anthology, Being Human. Thoughtful and passionate poems about living in the modern world; poems that touch the heart, stir the mind and fire the spirit; poems about love and loss, fear and longing, hurt and wonder. Being Human is directed by Steve Byrne (Interplay Theatre, Leeds) and designed by Talking Birds (of Coventry). Midland Creative Projects in association with Belgrade Theatre Coventry and Bloodaxe Books. [ THURSDAY 8TH NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 8.00PM ] [ £9.50 / £7.50 FRIENDS / £5.50 CONC. ]


BOX OFFICE 01303 858 500

NOVEMBER THE WOMAN READER: BELINDA JACK Belinda Jack explores the controversies women’s

reading has inspired since the beginning of the written word, the efforts to prevent women from gaining literacy and to censor their reading. She tells us about Babylonian princesses, rebellious nuns, famous and infamous wives, and nineteenth-century New England mill girls. Belinda Jack is Tutorial Fellow in French, Christ Church College, University of Oxford. She is the author of George Sand: A Woman’s Life Writ Large and Beatrice’s Spell. [ FRIDAY 9TH NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 1.00PM ] [ £6.50 / £5.50 FRIENDS / £4.50 CONC. ]

In this charming film, British retirees travel to India to take up residence in what they believe is a newly restored hotel. Less luxurious than its advertisements, the Marigold Hotel nevertheless slowly begins to charm in unexpected ways. [ FRIDAY 9TH NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 3.00PM ] [ £6.50 / £5.50 FRIENDS / £4.50 CONC. ]

Deborah Moggach: Event chaired by Simon Booker

The author of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (first published as These Foolish Things) tells Simon Booker about writing from script to screen, adapting classics as well as her own fiction and about her latest novel. Deborah Moggach is the author of 16 successful novels, the latest In the Dark set in London during WW1. Her screenplay for Pride and Prejudice was nominated for a BAFTA. [ FRIDAY 9TH NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 5.00PM ] [ FREE WITH FILM ] [ £6.50 / £5.50 FRIENDS / £4.50 CONC. ]


Photo: Carolyn Djanogly


THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL Director John Madden with Judy Dench, Bill Nighy, Maggie Smith, Tom Wilkinson and Penelope Wilton.


Sir John Major

Sir John Major , the former prime minister, tells his father’s

story as a springboard for an entertaining history of the music hall, from its origins in Elizabethan times through to its heyday in the nineteenth century and eventual decline with the rise of radio and cinema in the twentieth century. Packed with colourful anecdotes this warm-hearted history captures a golden, bygone age of entertainment. Born in 1943, John Major left school at 16 to start working. He was 19 when his father died aged 83. Interested in politics from an early age, he became a member of Lambeth Borough Council in 1968 and entered Parliament in 1979, the beginning of a brilliant career that led him to become Prime Minister in 1990. He is a former President of Surrey County Cricket Club. [ FRIDAY 9TH NOVEMBER ] [ Saga Pavilion ] [ 6.30PM ] [ £9.50 / £7.50 FRIENDS / £5.50 CONC.] The Saga Pavilion, Enbrook Park, Sandgate High Street, Sandgate, Kent CT20 3SE


BOX OFFICE 01303 858 500

An Evening with Pam Ayres Pam Ayres brings her latest show to Folkestone to coincide with the paperback release of her autobiography, The Necessary Aptitude , which was one of the bestselling autobiographies when it was published in hardback last year. Pam has been an audience favourite for over 35 years for her observations on the comic details of everyday life. Pam’s latest show includes a selection of new poems and stories, as well as some audience favourites. After the show Pam will be signing copies of her autobiography. Pam is a regular on TV and Radio, recently on programmes such as Just A Minute, Ayres On The Air, QI, Countdown, The One Show, and The Paul O’Grady Show.

Photo: Trevot Leighton

[ FRIDAY 9TH NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 8.00PM ] [ £19.50 / £17.50 FRIENDS / £17.50 CONC. ]






In this inspiring and interactive workshop, Folkestone-based spoken word poet Leah Thorn will give insights into the ways poetry can be used to empower and to effect change. Based on ‘release’, the anthology that she compiled and edited as writer-in-residence in a women’s prison, Leah will offer individual and group writing exercises. No previous experience of creative writing is needed - just come prepared to explore, take risks, play with words and have fun. [ SATURDAY 10TH NOVEMBER ] [ UCF ] [ 10.30AM to 1.00PM ] [ £20.00 / £15 CONC. & FRIENDS ]


BOX OFFICE 01303 858 500

HOW TO CATCH A STAR Once there was a boy and the boy loved stars very much… Every night he watched stars from his bedroom window and wished he had one of his own. One day, he decided he would try to catch a star...but first he had to think of a plan. Following the international success of ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’, acclaimed children’s theatre company Blunderbus is proud to present this funny, gentle retelling of Oliver Jeffers’ bewitching story. This clever new show comes to life with an irresistible blend of music, puppetry and storytelling - a must-see for small people aged 3-7, and grown-up stargazers! Adapted for the stage by Bill Davies, with music and lyrics by Frank Goodhind. © Oliver Jeffers. Published and licensed by HarperCollins Children’s Books.

[ SATURDAY 10TH NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 11.30AM ] [ £5.00 ADULT / £4.00 CHILD / £16.00 FAMILY / £4.00 CONC & FRIENDS ]

WHAT’S NEXT FOR THE ARAB WORLD? Journalists Lin Noueheid and Alex Warren, author of The Battle

for the Arab Spring, look back at its causes, the torrent of hope, change and conflict it unleashed and the competing forces vying for dominance in the region. There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion of what’s next for the Arab World. Lin Noueihed is a Reuters editor based in London. She has reported from the Middle East for twelve years, covering politics, economics, and conflict. Alex Warren is a director of Frontier, a Middle East and North Africa consultancy. He has lived and worked around the region, and since 2009 has specialised in Libya. [ SATURDAY 10TH NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [2.30PM ] [ £6.50 / £5.50 FRIENDS / £4.50 CONC. ]


Annie Harrison has interviewed countless women on

the ups and downs of the search for the elusive ideal man. Here she will give sound advice on husband hunting, motherhood, serial monogamists and meeting the one. Annie Harrison had a 20-year career in PR before becoming a writer. She crossed the marriage line with inches to spare in her late thirties and had two sons in her forties. [ SATURDAY 10TH NOVEMBER ] [ FOLKESTONE LIBRARY ] [2.30PM ] [ £6.50 / £5.50 FRIENDS / £4.50 CONC. ]




Charlie Connelly went on a quest to understand the beautiful mystery of the weather. This journey took him back to the creation of the planet itself and included some tremendously entertaining fraudsters, well meaning philosophers and people who went to war with the sky. Above all he will show how it helped him grasp better who we are. Charlie Connelly’s eclectic interests have led him to write such books as Stamping Grounds: Liechtenstein’s Quest for the World Cup, Attention All Shipping: A Journey Round the Shipping Forecast, In Search of Elvis: A Journey to Find the Man Beneath the Jumpsuit, Did Those Feet: Walking Through 2000 Years of British and Irish History and Our Manin Hibernia: Ireland, the Irish and Me.


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Photo: Sarah Williams

[ SATURDAY 10TH NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 4PM ] [ £6.50 / £5.50 FRIENDS / £4.50 CONC. ]

HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH? What if permanent economic growth was not the way forward, particularly when considering the environmental impact of our ever-growing need to consume? Robert Skidelsky argues that wealth is not an end in itself but a means to the achievement and maintenance of a ‘good life’. He offers to reinvigorate the idea of economics as a ‘moral science‘.There will be plenty of time for discussion. Lord Skidelsky is Emeritus Professor of Political Economy at the University of Warwick. His three volume biography of the economist John Maynard Keynes received numerous prizes, including the Lionel Gelber Prize for International Relations and the Council on Foreign Relations Prize for International Relations. [ SATURDAY 10TH NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 5.30PM ] [ £9.50 / £7.50 FRIENDS / £5.50 CONC.]


Charismatic Mark Stevenson has investigated what the future has in store for us and reckons it has a lot going for it. He has met Transhumanists who intend to live forever, confronted robots with mood swings, delved into the possibilities of biotech and nanotechnology and glimpsed the next stage of human evolution. His talk should make us all optimists about the future. Mark Stevenson calls himself a “future broker”. He spends most of his time bringing ideas, people and money together in interesting and positive ways. He is the founder of the League of Pragmatic Optimists. ( [ SATURDAY 10TH NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 7.00PM ] [ £9.50 / £7.50 FRIENDS / £5.50 CONC. ]

THE FUGITIVES The Fugitives are a group of musicians, poets, and multi-instrumentalists from Vancouver. The quartet features the songs of novelist/musician and former Canadian SLAM poetry champion Brendan McLeod , and musician Adrian Glynn , recently nominated for Emerging Artist of the Year at the Canadian Independent Music Awards. They are as likely to spin a story as to sing in harmony, to spit a verse as to tell a joke.

What better way to end the festival? [ SATURDAY 10TH NOVEMBER ] [ QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 8.30PM ] [ £9.50 / £7.50 FRIENDS / £5.50 CONC. ]


SHORT STORY COMPETITION Folkestone Writers are running an open short-story competition. The winning story and one or more runners-up, if considered suitable, will be published in the next Folkestone Anthology.

FIRST PRIZE £100 SECOND PRIZE £50 No particular theme is specified but stories should appeal to an intelligent adult readership. Each entry must be a story, i.e. a narration of a chain of events with a beginning, middle, and end. It must be the author’s own original work, as yet unpublished and not submitted elsewhere. Entries of not more than 2000 words should be typed on A4, double-spaced, with approx 3 cm margins and the title and page number in the header. The covering letter should give the title, author’s name, postal address, email address, phone number, and word count. All entries must be received by 30th October 2012. The winner will be announced at the end of Sandra Howard’s event on Saturday 3 November at 7.30 pm.

Preferably email entries as a Word.doc attachment to or post three copies to John Sussams, 14A Castle Hill Ave, Folkestone CT20 2QT.


BOX OFFICE 01303 858 500


A guided walk for the Folkestone Book Festival by local Community Interest Company Pavement Pounders. This year our walk will be loosely based on the theme of innovation - scientific, artistic, metaphorical and concrete - both past and present. From the coming of the railways 150 years ago to the making of The Creative Quarter, innovation has been central to the story of Folkestone. Explore with us this heritage on our doorstep. [ SUNDAY 4TH & THURSDAY 8TH NOVEMBER ] [ MEET AT QUARTERHOUSE ] [ 11.30AM ] [ £6.50 / £5.50 FRIENDS / £4.50 CONC. ]



FOLKESTONE BOOK FESTIVAL The Friends offer support and sponsorship of Festival events. Your membership of the Friends is an important element in ensuring the future success of the Festival. For an annual membership fee of £10 single, £15 double (couples/friends) you can enjoy the following benefits and make a vital contribution to the Folkestone Book Festival.

Festival Preview • Friends Concessions on Festival tickets • Priority booking • Dedicated Friends area on the • Festival website newsletter • Regular reading group • Book • Annual quiz night

To join the Friends please contact: Jo Olliver, Membership Secretary Tel: 01303 247 775 or email

FESTIVAL READS We have two festival reads this year: Fahrenheit 451 by the late Ray Bradbury: a screening of the Tuffaut adaptation at 5.00 pm on Wednesday 7 November will be followed by a panel discussion with SF experts. At 5.00 pm on Friday 9 November, author Deborah Moggach tells us how the delicious These Foolish Things became the equally delightful Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (screened at 3.00 pm). If you have read the books and would like to give others the opportunity to do so, please leave your book around the town or at any public place where others can pick it up. Do leave your name and comments inside the front cover to let people know that they are welcome to take it away.


for budding journalists As part of the Folkestone Book Festival, the Herald, one of our media partners this year, is on the look-out for aspiring journalists with a flair for writing.

stage or television, used on a games console, heard on the radio or even sampled on the internet in the past 12 months. Our judging panel is looking for information, passion and a flash of panache to sustain the reader through to the end. Our winner will get the chance to interview or review one of the big names on the bill at this year’s Festival. This work will be published prominently in the Herald series. Also on offer is a week’s (paid) work experience so that our winner can experience life in a busy newsroom. The judging panel are Alastair Upton, chief executive of the Creative Foundation, Jonathan Holborow, former editor of the Mail on Sunday, and Simon Finlay, editor of the Herald series of newspapers. The competition is open from September 18 2012 until October 19 2012. Entries can be sent to Simon Finlay, Westcliffe House, West Cliff Gardens, Folkestone CT20 1SZ or

Open to people aged 16- 24, the task is for entrants to submit a review of at least 250 words but no more than 350. The subject matter can be anything you have seen on


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DIRECTIONS By Train Folkestone Central Station is a short walk from the centre of town and approximately 15 minutes from Quarterhouse. National Railway Enquiries 08457 484 950 or

By Car From London head for the M20, turn off at junction 13 follow the signs to the Harbour. (SAT. NAV. USERS – CT20 1BN) Parking The nearest car parks are behind Quarterhouse, Tram Road (2 mins), Payers Park (2 mins) and the Harbour car park (5 mins). Quarterhouse car park is 60p per hour. All council car parks charge daily fees of 90p per hour between 8am-8pm and the Harbour charges £3 per day.

Route from M20 to Quarterhouse (One way system around Harbour)

Suggested walking route

By Bus or Coach A direct National Express coach service runs from London Victoria Coach Station to the main bus station in Bouverie Square, Folkestone. Stagecoach also operates a network of routes linking towns and villages. TaxIS JJ’s Taxis: Premier Cars:

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Have you visited The Cube in Tontine Street?

It’s hard to miss, it’s the large cube-like pink building, home to Kent Adult Education in Folkestone. With 100’s of courses starting this year in Folkestone, there is something for everyone. Enrol now at or call 0845 606 5606 today. Throughout the year we have events and exhibitions taking place at The Cube, visit the website for more details. Visit: or call 0845 606 5606 today!


Christmas at Quarterhouse

Xmas Party Hires now available! Quarterhouse is the perfect setting to enjoy the festive season with colleagues or a large group of friends and family. If you want something truly special, book your Xmas party and function with us and we will tailor it to your needs. For more information or to discuss your requirements please call 01303 858 540 or email

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Waterstone’s at the Folkestone Book Festival We’re proud to support the Festival, and hope to see you at the events for signing sessions and a range of titles by the guest authors. Waterstone’s Booksellers 16 Sandgate Road Tel: 0843 290 8339

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Authors include:

With Thanks to... ...all the authors, publishers, sponsors, supporters, partner venues, Friends and volunteers who each year help to make the Festival a success.

Pam Ayres Artemis Cooper Judy Finnegan John Hegley Sandra Howard Caroline Lawrence John Major Mary McCartney Deborah Moggach

The Folkestone Book Festival is part of the Creative Foundation’s programme of arts activities which includes the Folkestone Triennial, Quarterhouse events programme and development of the Creative Quarter. For more information visit

Christopher Priest Robert Skidelsky John Suchet Rosie Thomas Alison Weir James Wong


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Folkestone Book Festival 2012  

Annual festival of literature, authors and creative writing in Folkestone, Kent UK

Folkestone Book Festival 2012  

Annual festival of literature, authors and creative writing in Folkestone, Kent UK