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Of language|s| the rain speaks Felino A. Soriano

Copyright © Felino A. Soriano 2012 All Rights Reserved Cover art by Duane Locke Copyright © Duane Locke 2012 All Rights Reserved

Of language|s| the rain speaks Felino A. Soriano

quarter after press Founding Editor: Calvin Pennix

Acknowledgments I would like to thank the editors of The Long Poem Library, experiential-experimentalliterature, Static Movement, and Guerilla Pamphlets for their support in publishing some of the poems presented in this collection.

for Gabriela

Much thanks and gratitude to Calvin Pennix —as his articulated writings create fulcrums of understanding/miracles of intuitive meaning, brilliance

Don't threaten me with love, baby. Let's just go walking in the rain. Billie Holiday

1. rhythm:ed past pluralized renditions drum then drums or (drumdrumspace drumdrum) an etcetera of hopeful delineation against stagnant numbers’ numerous days sans sacred or scared scarring among a whispering whip of softened ( healed) wind, realizing hope and the secretive love among wet/land agreeing within solace a vernacular of sedentary consolation

2. watch as my wandering wave ext

ends op ens

between spoken disappearance my fingers ex pel the oscillating function

as renovated matter: their timetables of growth/reuniting mannerism’s

secondary freedoms to incorporate greeting’s distance / \ proclaimed

3. within and between eyes’ cylindrical sight arms arise encountering bodies the brokenness of rhythms each hour constructs as motion and color ’s excelling realization— mobile these predefined pursuits slide as snakes among openness of vision’s corporeal regard

4. words with

open hands

warmth of gilded

bouquets’ indigenous

learned behavior

the tongue in the instance of memory


gifts and



fulcrums of

recalling emotional reception

5. circles, cycles; mauve, movement; tremor(s), timestamp; secondary achromatic dosage ml of then softened a rainwalk again halting against soil of softness and bridge of orange the leaves left rocking as numerical order s arrive unnoticed

6. sweat amid population of somatic thrust, knowledge of the hearsay augmenting directives’ mind-hope diligence of structural scolding, remorse

7. they’ve queried constant they’ve mandated response they’ve incorporated ideological freedom and they’ re nonlistening mirrors they’re ignoring concrete-heavy impulses they’re postulating self of nonchalant directions and all’ve delivered guidances of memory’s cyclic mores consulting with troubled halos loitering windows of multilayered differences

8. subtle moments as tiny leanings sculpted from the hand-wind of noon’s elongated memory portions of sound become broken fractals, illusions of blurred momentums, then, as to admire honoring physical aggregations time begins

9. certainty in the emblem of drum these fingering yoyos these mechanical memories pulsating collaborations of sound and relevant interpretations

—of movement rhythm suspended judgments dialogical meanings occurrences readied by broken rings of elevated truths these circles of serial renditions incorporating elegance in contoured tools these melodies of fractioned blurs encapsulating elegance in jazz then mathematics of the hearer’s reciprocation

10. words wearing halos holding slim fingers of wind’s elongated grasp this greeting of softened kindness containing verbs of meandering heal rejuvenating scarred skin of emotional comprehension the proclaimer a causational bed of burgeoned concurring methods to enthrall, elate encompass, and abscond among hatred of quotidian logic

11. train-my positional watching, vantage antiquated by-moment each then newness interprets my eyes’ articulating veneration

12. botheration you’ve incorporated into language, language of unheard positional desolation, sacred wander of meandering meaning—

the hope creating happenstance of angle a lean of please presenting open-hand expectations of forgetful


13. fulcrum-mention woven wave of corporeal (recalling?) recalling demonstrative sameness the muscular data improves, newness gauges changes stilled as a softened rendition of lake’s altering whisper then as rain dances the rough rendering mention holistic opening portends delicate as the mother-son embrace creating hibernating recollections awaiting burgeon of the year-to-date acclimation

14. collaboration created often delving chaotic misinterpretation, whole gauge reconditioning meaning’s roleless companionship corrective rendition of clueless confines of predefined architecture

15. dimmed eyes encapsulating imageless captures of a mirror ’s broken, elongated struggle

resurrected shape of erected physical compassion mobile solitude upon arrow-toes dotting unheard secrets of a watcher’s absolute secret:


until an hour’s gracious beginning undressed movement’s cursive understanding

fulfilling variants of touch, sifting across gravel of misinterpreted ideologies of dance of her body’s realigned proportion contents bedlam (truncated)

evaporate, collate


of the crossing ideology ( wing, flesh, interdicted sapience

spontaneous evaporation)

rolled reciprocation land- then alternate volume of touch relaying matter and curling punctuation, realization noon alternates risen adumbrations attenuating echoes

above sequences of blatant contour of

16. benefaction inspired interior decorum, fascinated apotheosis analyzing angles of valuable light determining sequence of reciprocating evaluation

17. temperature of hold, flesh flamed entanglement dislodged absence’s anecdotal lesson; voice dressed in camouflage concealed remnants of vocal steering of youth’s reliant alabaster scolds

18. recovery adulation, premise sequence syncopated pulsation

breath exit


visual permanence existential

re direct


19. temperature of hold, flesh flamed entanglement dislodged absence’s anecdotal lesson; voice dressed in camouflage concealed remnants of vocal steering of youth’s reliant alabaster scolds

20. return

reenacting resolutions the modular facet of controlling now’s scientific fissures delving the past hides sedentary histories radial absolvents following skeletal apparitions into halls of soundless reputation

21. dismissive as the curtain-reveal of part time diligence enveloping miracles: of the moving grayness solitary speech becoming spoken elemental fusions the angular ornaments of the landing numerals etching wet miracles drawn by windwoven handmade certainty this moment of clarity obtains

22. death in spiraled contours, mentoring of emotional retinas, logic expanding partial reform then circular diversion a self upon self reenactment of deliberate dissipation

23. diversion of declining devotion the or

stutter of structure misinforms

misinterprets spectral glances at a sudden depth’s elongated soil or melancholy palm, ob sc u re

predicated fathoms within

24. constant this need to engage existence to perform then upon landing insist to outlast arid rejuvenation of a summer's dialogue with ornamental wind or sustained reinvention

25. a sadness becomes prophecy becomes wilt across a serrated lip motif of open mouths' need to intertwine with spatial indemnification

26. removed by ache of tonal angles these prosodic birds weave when wearing blurred attraction the eye or pluralized devotion of vision encapsulates motion as sturdy chaos, syncopated cultures

27. relegated blur (s) these dim spheres of antiquated meaning; many open hands encapsulate engines and enunciated fathoms teetering against fulcrums’ diligent forays

of malleable approaches)

fabricating reliable growth (the afterward rendition

28. hear the piano the hurried motive of approbation a fury (yet unharming language of topical teaching) maintaining dissipating friction as disarming noon’s warmest or most destitute mention of logical expanse

opened mentioning of

29. in the fluid coverings moisture amid cloth of dawn’s awakening momentum

surgical angles arrange reflectional mirrors containing

calibrated ghosts who’ve

mirage and mentioning of losing understanding renew in the actualization of existence within wilt of flower’s ongoing


30. in the absence of sensations desiccated angled momentums of eyes’ global crying contain curtailed fabrics of fluent fabrications: of man then more (men) the plural of deceit causational circumferences detonate worded species as languid thought succumbs the concepts elongated with summary of others’ premeditated smokescreens

31. swollen antiquated serial needed fulcrum fathoms rotating relocating harmonies these sentences of prose then unbroken rhythms

32. broken edges perforated meanings succinct in desirous ½ conceptions as the whole of instances, relapsed

now then

or when designated design fulcrums escape (reentering) motions

enacting reforming messages

returning to the swimmable slants of incarcerated ideologies

33. pressure (whisper-scold template of burgeoning emotion) cushioned landing within memory of a leaf’s momentary motion


gaze of grayed articulation the

elder speech of dusk’s open queries:

in the land of ongoing embrace whom or

when becomes blackened wings of onlookers hanker to

connect ratio of fractioned devotion with

sedentary pressure to dissipate, fully?

34. with speech fascination

identity focal emblem attribute


with / or otherness calibrating balance between morning’s aggregative approbation

35. varied hands or skeletal functions of apparitions— each or either notions containing margins of left-only sameness this language of vague momentums, vanish

36. time and its

smaller fractions (halves and infant dimensions)

become (as broken as) highlighted manifests of token explanations the harm is humor or / and hardened stature the components outline regarding healing thus misleading many

37. amid window a face resembles echo a child retains smile although abbreviated, calm, the wilt an unwrapped semblance of neoteric observation reason contemplates as holistic implication of mobile diversions

38. many (more so multiples of silent onlookers) combine when creating secretive amusement when italicizing angled inventions of slanting symphonies of silver shadows woven into flattened dimensions of alterative fundamentals

39. rocks thus targets

thus aggregated fathoms; architectural voices of water’s falling

bodies containing contours of concealing edge and sunken skulls who’ve obtained elongated differences of angled surgical removal of interpreted excess

40. night or night a beginning tone of specialized language the inward opening into wall a cement retreat of eyes’ organic


41. wind wears its cold well wears ridicule well wears welcome amid grievances and unrecognized prophecy from the west

42. glass undisturbed dusted by wakening unworried dissemination


articulate bend and wander spl|a|yed

angular multiple joints

centered camaraderie of

hands on hands-on communities joining connected , (ing) openness of hand later resuscitated emblems

condoning emancipated dryness of noon’s

43. radio un plugged portioning rhythms portioning matter in the always ritual of time’s spinning mantra‌

44. over heard whelmed �under spectrum emotional cont(inuous)ents cohesive similes perforated against edge of varied superstitions succinct in the serenading motive toward multilingual expressions of now and subsequent deliveries

45. road to spoken names tarnished secretions collaborating sound|syllables


generating DNA proliferations of animated singers of explorative desolation

46. intuitive prayer posing




rust of autumn’s orangebrown patina, pursuing being within slouch of an hour’s bending end (near inward explanation of age’s symbolic fascination) fulcrum liberation then closed end-exit circumstance deliver then-of wholeness amid halo of

spoken diameter, detachment

47. promise center deveining salt

from the tongue of explorations of sea|froth|elevated|veneration visceral

amid articulation—


—after radial answer beginning troubled serial denial a vernacular of withheld articulated momentums


48. by fragility’s barren systems the scarcity of elongated clarity a falderal of beige brokenness (early-hour daylong-harmony) rereads syllables of ticking passages hallways of nonchalant occurrences consuming meaning and its deliberate function of dissipating senses

49. an otherness recalls segregated poundings ire of justified ideologies con in



spatial fevers of skin-warmth spectacles these uprooting cancellations of prophetic misinterpretations


50. as with algorithms data decides marketed entrances into broken views, —or/and

denied components of inclusive all

detonating mathematical arguments obtaining logical responses as opinion into fold ed-in persuasions of given meanderings thus memory all moderates closing of given examples and prolonged denial of this substance’s universal incorporation(ecessity)

Of language|s| the rain speaks  

Of language|s| the rain speaks Felino A. Soriano 57 pages quarter after press Of language|s| the rain speaks is a documentation of observe...

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