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Flux of Measure

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Copyright © Jane Joritz-Nakagawa 2012 All Rights Reserved Photographs and cover art by Alexis Alvarez Copyright © Alexis Alvarez 2012 All Rights Reserved


Flux of Measure Jane Joritz-Nakagawa -Photographs by Alexis Alvarez-

quarter after press

Founding Editor: Calvin Pennix


city moving the sea inoffensive insulting you with fat baby waste attack a bundle seer always incubating to be my jonny cake a lot or more mostly splintering every day for names on a wall always moving heavy tarnish my baby cuz france borders on germany and you were my ally in the last war to revive the debt crisis is a winner anger is vital to my existence i could endure anything for before i became a popular method for pain relief reporting election results heavy lookers oh my baby deepest winter i find my charm always beating on the door red-faced spouse of many


what my fraternized body clutching the appearance of phenomena so i pack the kidney on ice the blade it was oozing above unknown streets coffee shops invade the crib and stroller stretching your toes can help keep them limber


dominate flattened hills for pathways to neurons lost in dispersions of language lining up the numbers everything you know is wrong arrabiatta bazooka sukiyaki at which i aim if it was coded i did not know the key in the meantime voices still trembling devouring light violent imprint of my mother any particular thought at the back of my head public garden with nappy grass



robust babe shot of sympathy certain amusements eyebrows bristling tall buildings crowd together nobody walks that street anymore happy happy an odd sound ghost of life in silver miniature denouement is hectic prediction protect me from the alarm head legs and teeth impatiently tugging humiliated and punished furniture froze in a bowl little boudoir relish luminence horrors of wars tiptoe into the parlor pallid landscape make my acquaintance cuz i acquiesce every hour for you uncalled for eagerness is officiated facilitated by impossible moments i parted my gums for effects sorry i hung the jury employee of the month on a fuzzy drifting partial enemy balustrade


landfill shiny diagram eye of misalignment self-oblivion only salvation i would like to follow someone but i don't know who so i follow this somewhere his somewhere hiss somewhere where, so i(t) became his where some were followed once flowing out of this his is secluded caviar envelope a duct of with ruffled horns

garden party in combat

the clock is flat and i want it dead window a mob memories in the shape of burning planes dreams unopened terrify you forever oh look pigeons on the stairs droppings the only noise allowed in this cramped world in which no one fits unless thrust by force ignored by clouds tired of repeating happy victim remember who you are among very hidden people


synthetic hair to whom scenery adheres monster rerun i encoded my baby wow your sunburn is bright try my wavy surfboard special one time offer two timer my jonny baby after the toilet tissue of memory oh is exploded for vaccuum listen up teriyaki nobody knows the way to mars so we go to kyoto and buy a tiny dour torch for bulbous bassinet but let's not play favorites oh wrinkly ones i was just a fetus fetish garbled paint on wall and your name is winky miffy missy happy victim USB midget babies fit in your pocket stiff soul fest please insert here stuffed nappy blanket stuck ghost body such a baby stew palpable gust of backside summer oh baffles whoosh saluting the queen of no bling bling at sing sing juggle my jiggly ass filthy sluts faked abbreviation emphatic alleviation injection baby with gravy swanky crib just a prop for sopped up swoop bleary formula bouncings flooding on squeeze now bent and sore trapeze your name rhyming with nothing satin assonance dense grasping not expecting since the obscurity comes from the old antithesis between external and internal perception and hands always in my pockets


hours come gliding making yourself a(t) home that's no reason to reject inspection in the shape of yesterday unconfined fissure next to abandoned syllables pain stations rubber chicken double breasted surrogate lawsuit having a tendency to reject tissue not like my own oblivion self key to salvation oh patty cake and jonny cake lay the word on my back so i can shrug it off if you are often affected by rashes conception which we are now outlining allows me to cease to adhere hands in pockets flyaway inflammation spiritual cheekbones rustling wildly mouthful of hands a manner of treating the world in detachable forests tho scarcely succeeding scarcely a scar slut unfold objection time dreamless dreary dividing the soul of reason in objective time things to be left unfinished


truly hard to kill the parasite without also killing the host gaps between life and death in ambivalent language substitute for inaction in the shroud condition of cognition


Flux of Measure  

Poetry chapbook from Jane Joritz-Nakagawa Flux of Measure Jane Joritz-Nakagawa 11 pages quarter after press

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