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X, Y Theta Motorized Aperture Commercial Laser Modules

The X-Y, Theta Aperure Module is a motorized device that is designed to control laser beam size and shape for applcations that require precise patterning. The module provides independent control of the X, Y and Theta parameters allowing beams of any aspect ratio and orientation to be generated. An interal calibration and anti-backlash function simplifies setup and calibration.

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Motorized Aperture Module

INPUT beam height fluence diameter

60 mm (other configurations upon request) 10 J/cm2 max 3.6 mm min* *(to utilize maximum slit opening the beam must fill the slit)

OUTPUT X, Y range resolution accuracy speed

0 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 2.5 mm 1.0 % (0.25 um resolution with a 100x objective) +/- (25 um + .01 * position) < 1.0 s full range of travel

Theta range resolution accuracy speed

+/â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 45 degrees from horizontal 1.1 % ( .50 degrees) +/- (1 degree + .01*theta) < 1.0 s full range of travel


RS232, w/ bypass output which allows multiple units to be daisy chained on the same serial port. 57,600 (other speeds available on request) < 1 s, full range motion, for all three parameters

baud rate tact time

Toll Free Phone Fax Phone Line

(800) 510-6530 (406) 582-0237

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V1.0 11/4/11

Motorized Aperture Datasheet  
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