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Issue 02 April 2010



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CONTRIBUTORS Joanne Callahan MBA: Callahan Techniques

Co-developer of Thought Field Therapy with her husband Roger, and CEO of Callahan Techniques, Ltd. Joanne, is a graduate of the University of California Santa Barbara and received her MBA in Healthcare Administration from California State University San Marcos. She is also Director of the Thought Field Therapy Training Centre and publisher and co-editor of The Thought Field, a quarterly newsletter.

Brett Moran

Brett Moran is a very unique and dynamic Matrix Reimprinting practitioner. He has several years of experience working in the fields of addictions and holistic therapies. Through overcoming many destructive behaviours and addictions himself he has a vast amount of compassion and knowledge in this area.


Peter Fraser: Nutri Energetic Systems



8 - 10

Sarah Turner: Old Medicine, New Medicine: the shift is on

11 - 13 Matt Wingett: A taste of NLP 14 - 15 An interview with Eric Peal The Reconnective

Peter Fraser is Chief Scientific Officer of NES Health. He graduated from the University of Melbourne, with a Bachelor of Arts degree and teacher training. Peter’s work has been published in such journals as The American Journal of Acupuncture and The Pacific Journal of Oriental Medicine.

Matthew Wingett

In April 2008, Matthew approached hypnotist Paul McKenna to see if he could help him rediscover his creativity. After one 40 minute session, Matthew found that he was able to write creatively again. Matthew is now also a hypnotist, Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and is working on a novel and personal development guides with various hypnotists.

Donna Kenny: TFT Dx NLP Prac

16 - 18 Brett Moran: Matrix Reimprinting used with addictions 20 - 24 Joanne Callahan: TFT and the joy of a child 26 -27 Breaking new ground in bioenergetic and informational healthcare 28 - 30 Thornton Streeter: A change is on the way and it’s called QUANTUM 31 - 36 An interview with Peter Fraser on how he came to decode the human body field 37 - 38 An inerview with TV presenter Lowri Turner on why she started her VaVoom company 39


Books not to be missed

Donna has a wealth of experience in treating clients using Thought Field Therapy and NLP. She specialises in emotional trauma, weight management and life coaching. Donna runs regular courses incorporating TFT and NLP in both the corporate market and at practitioner level. Donna also is a qualified Reiki practitioner and has furthered her knowledge in bioenergetics through attending many courses associated with the subject.

Dr Thornton Streeter: Centre for Biofield Sciences

Dr. Thornton Streeter D.Sc. is a special Advisor to the ICM, the UK’s leading authority on Complementary Medicine and as a faculty member of Zoroastrian College’s Holistic Health Department, he has been invited to promote their NGO Status with the UN and his training programs are recognized in 190 countries. He is Founder Director of the Centre for Biofield Sciences ( ), UK and India. He has spent over fifteen years specialising in Human Biofield research.

Sarah Turner: Head of Research NES Health

After graduating from university with a BSc (Hons), Sarah spent many years in the pharmaceutical industry including 6 years as a Research Scientist for one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies working mainly on the development asthma products. Sarah has since completed a degree in Nutritional Medicine at Thames Valley University and continues to study the concepts behind illness causation and treatment.

Harry Massey: CEO NES Health Dr Rainer Viehweger: Global Scaling® Lynne McTaggart: The Intention Experiment


Trina Hart TFT Dx

Deputy Editor:

Donna Kenny TFT Dx. NLP Prac




Trevor Hart

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+44(0)1590 688593

Quantum Health 3

WELCOME TO QUANTUM HEALTH MAGAZINE! Well, a big thank you to all of you who wrote such positive emails saying how much you enjoyed the launch issue of Quantum Health. We have readers from all over the world, and the information we are imparting is reaching many, many practitioners. It would appear this is a very good platform to get this useful information out in a creative format. This issue includes a lengthy interview with Peter Fraser from NES Health, who explains a little of how he arrived at the point where he has decoded the human body field, and how that has culminated in the development of the NES Pro Vision and infoceuticals. This is cutting edge material in the area of informational healthcare, which Peter has been fine-tuning for over 30 years. Donna Kenny (Dept Ed) and I had a bizarre interview with NLP Practitioner Matt Wingett; it didn’t go quite how I imagined it would, in that he ended up using NLP on me for an issue I had been carrying in relation to driving (panic attacks), which I am happy to report has now been resolved. He has written an account of our meeting and how it came about. Perks of the job maybe, but that aside, it shows the power of NLP, and how reframing an issue can make all the difference in the world. Thornton Streeter has given us a lot to think about in regard to EMFs; a hot topic (no pun intended) in particular with the use of mobile phones and how they impact on health. He reports back on the 4 Quantum Health

many tests and trials that have been conducted, and their findings. Researcher Sarah Turner talks about new medicine coming of age. Bio-informational medicine is built upon the foundation of quantum physics, where energy and information rule. Not perhaps that new when you consider that Traditional Chinese Medicine and other Eastern modalities have for thousands of years pretty much been using this model – ‘holistic’ is the way forward in the western world, but has been ‘the way’ in Eastern cultures for many, many years. There are many more articles in this issue, which I’m sure you will find of interest. Please lets us know what you would like to see featured in future issues and we’ll try to accommodate as many interests as possible.


HOMEOPATHY – THE BIG DEBATE It’s a serious matter; if funding for homeopathy is to be withdrawn by the government, what will be next for the chop? Homeopathy was the backbone of the NHS when it was first set up, and now the political arena and media circus are focusing on what they see as the placebo effect and seem to be completely disregarding any studies which show evidence to the contrary. Homeopathy, which is a 200-year-old system, has been funded on the NHS since its inception in 1948. The NHS currently spends around £4 million on homeopathic remedies at four homeopathic hospitals every year; a fraction of the cost incurred for the running of other departments in the NHS. But the House of Commons science and technology committee says that this funding cannot be justified, because its members believe that there is no evidence that the treatments work. The committee said that homeopathy only appears effective because of the placebo effect, and that

funding it through the NHS is a waste of money and could mislead the public. More than two thirds of patients say that homeopathic treatment on the NHS has helped them. Homeopathy continues to grow in popularity every year. But despite the demand from patients, services are being cut in the NHS, every day. But whatever your view, one needs to ask where ‘patient choice’ comes in this debate! We all pay tax, of which a goodly percentage goes to funding our wonderful NHS; surely we should have a say? The British Homeopathic Association has a comprehensive section on their website which will direct you to the right course of action should you be of a mind to speak out about this new ruling: do/campaign_for_homeopathy/what_you_can_do_ to_help.html

Disclaimer. All content in Quantum Health magazine is provided for general information only, and should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or any other health care professional. Quantum Health magazine, or any contributors to Quantum Health magazine is not responsible or liable for any diagnosis made by a user based on the content of this magazine. Quantum Health magazine is not liable for the content of any external website listed, nor does it endorse any commercial product or service mentioned or advised on any of the sites. The views expressed by authors of articles published in this magazine are solely those of the author and are not necessarily the views of or shared by the editor, publisher or directors, shareholders and employees of Talk Media Limited.

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Quantum Health Magazine is published by: Talk Media Limited, 129a High Street, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 9AQ United Kingdom. Company Registration No: 5686037

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Come on Gordon Time is Running Out Consumers launch last ditch campaign with Celebrity support

that could be lost by denying the public their right to choose.” There is much anger among consumers. The commitment to keep supplements available and to fight the Brussels bureaucrats was made in 2005 under the Blair Government, yet almost five years later, this Government has failed to implement even its own policy. Sue Croft, Director of CHC, the active group behind the highly successful Save-Our-Supplements campaign said:

Actress Jenny Seagrove and CHC supporting this campaign at Westminster

The Government must immediately raise its game in Europe to save thousands of safe and popular vitamin & mineral food supplements that could be banned under EU proposals. That’s the bold message being sent in the form of One Million postcards to MPs with thousands of posters shouting the same words from every High Street across Britain. Speaking ahead of today’s launch of the Time Is Running Out campaign, Shadow Minister for Health, Mike Penning MP, said: “I am delighted to join Jenny Seagrove and Consumers for Health Choice in supporting this campaign. “Consumers must be allowed to have free access to safe supplements of their choice. I am a firm opponent of the proposed EU Food Supplements Directive and it is about time the Government stood up for the retailers and the thousands of jobs

6 Quantum Health

“We do feel very let down. The Food Standards Agency was instructed to fight our corner in Brussels; they accept that our supplements are safe - yet they have failed to speak up for British people. As things stand, doses of all vitamins and all minerals could be reduced to meaningless amounts to appease countries such as France and Germany who wish to control the market. Such an outcome would be catastrophic. “The official view of EU regulators remains that the destruction of the British industry is an acceptable price to pay for harmonizing the market across all Member Stares. That is outrageous yet our Government is allowing it to happen. Gordon’s Government should wake up, keep its promises and block this burdensome and meddlesome legislation. We will make this a General Election issue with 10 million leaflets in circulation; perhaps that will help concentrate their minds.”


What are memories made of? Memories are the basic stuff of thought. We access our stores of knowledge every time we perform a task, communicate through speech or formulate the simplest concepts. Yet the physical form of memory has long been mysterious. What changes occur in the brain when a new memory is encoded? One thing we do know is that memory formation involves the strengthening of synaptic connections between nerve cells. Using sea slugs, which have a relatively simple nervous system, a team led by Kelsey Martin at the University of California, Los Angeles, last year became the first to watch memories being made, in the form of new proteins appearing at the synapses (Science, vol 324, p 1536).

Where, though, is knowledge stored in the complex brains of mammals? Short-term memories, such as a telephone number about to be used, seem to be stored in two small curled-up structures called the hippocampi, buried deep in the brain’s two hemispheres. In 2008 Courtney Miller and David Sweatt at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa showed in mice that during the first hour after a memorable event there were chemical changes to the DNA of neurons in this area, altering the proteins produced. Over the subsequent week, there were similar changes to the genes of neurons in the cortex. These changes seemed to be permanent, indicating that long-term memories are stored there (Neuron, volume 53, p 857). The pair think they watched short-term memories form in the hippocampus, which then became long-term memories in the cortex. The brain pays extra attention to things that frighten us, as remembering them could mean the difference between life and death. A structure next to the hippocampus called the amygdala is known to play a role in stamping this indelible mark. Last year, a team led by Sheena Josselyn at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada, found that in mice they could erase a frightening memory of a noise by killing amygdala neurons whose synapses had recently been strengthened after exposure to the noise (Science, vol 323, p 1492). It was the first time a specific memory had been traced to the nerve cells that encoded it. It was the first time a memory had been traced to the nerve cells that encoded it It’s still a far cry from seeing a memory in a human being, though. Source: Quantum Health 7

OLD MEDICINE, NEW MEDICINE: THE SHIFT IS ON By Sarah Turner, Head of Research, NES Health

8 Quantum Health

The shift from the “old medicine” to the “new medicine” has profound implications that reverberate beyond the world of medicine The future of healthcare is bio-informational medicine, an approach to health built upon the foundation of quantum physics, where energy and information rule. The shift from the “old medicine” to the “new medicine” has profound implications that reverberate beyond the world of medicine. It may, in fact, help us more easily heal the world. That may sound like a pie-in-the-sky claim, and perhaps it is. But perhaps it is also the evitable effect of our moving from a medicine based on the old physics only to one that includes the newer quantum physics. Whereas allopathic medicine is based in biochemistry—affecting the body through its molecular, cellular and tissue-based aspects— bio-informational medicine goes deeper, to those processes that allow the cells to know what to do and provide the rules by which different types of molecules learn the steps of their particular chemical dance. At this deepest level of the body, reality morphs from substance to the insubstantial—to information and energy fields—and from the laws of Newtonian physics to those of quantum physics. That means we move from the realm of determinism, material-realism and traditional cause and effect to the realm of statistical probability, non-locality and entanglement (where everything is connected in a vast web of relationships and quantum entities can influence each other no matter how far apart they are). Two common words used by the founders of quantum physics to describe the realm of the subatomic—where quantum processes take effect—were “bizarre” and “weird.” One of the startling aspects of the quantum realm is that, as physicist Sir James Jeans once said, at this level of reality the cosmos appears to work more like a great thought than a great machine. Nowhere is this truer than in healthcare and medicine, where mind and body both rule, although the degree to which they co-rule is still the subject of often heated debate. What follows are three areas of transformation that we are experiencing, slowly and sometimes painfully, in the arena of health and medicine, and all three are based on a fundamental shift in science, especially medicine, from classical physics to quantum physics.

1. Figuring Out What Works and Why Energy and information medicine is a body-mindspirit approach to health, so it is more aligned with the new physics than the old. What is becoming clear is that the current standards set by medicine and classical science for evaluating therapies, and for treating patients, do not apply to the new Sarah Turner, medicine. The truth is that they may not even apply Head of Research, NES to allopathic medicine! Here’s why. Health

The conventional “gold standard” for discovering the efficacy of a therapy—from modalities to pharmaceuticals—has been the double-blind clinical study. Generally, two groups are needed to test a therapy or treatment: one group gets the pill or undergoes the therapy, while the other group receives a placebo (a sham treatment or an inert substance such as a sugar pill) with neither the researchers nor the test subjects knowing who is getting which treatment, the real one or the placebo. That is why such studies are called “double blind.” The difficulties with this type of clinical trail for complementary medicine are not unique to the new medicine. Even allopathic medicine is experiencing glitches in this kind of study design. The placebo effect is being recognized as more and more mysterious, and its high rate of effect in controlled clinical trials is calling those studies into question. Very simply, the placebo effect happens when the person taking the treatment, say a new pharmaceutical, so believes in it or has such high expectations for receiving benefit from it that he or she is helped by that treatment—even if that person is taking the inert sugar pill instead of the pharmaceutical. The placebo effect is the cause and effect of receiving therapeutic benefit from a treatment that has no known therapeutic efficacy. The benefit is derived solely from the person’s own belief or expectation. You can call it “mind over matter” if you want, and you wouldn’t be wrong. Current statistics suggest that up to one third of all therapeutic effects—and that goes not only for drugs but even for surgery—are due to the placebo effect. That’s an astounding statistic, and medicine is taking notice, although they seem loathe to replace the double-blind clinical trial with a new approach. Quantum Health 9

A new approach is needed not only because of the complications raised by the placebo effect, but also because the new medicine is not a matterbased medicine. Information and energy medicine inherently include consciousness—including the mind, thoughts, beliefs, expectations, worries, fears and such—and take them into account in their medicine. They know that what you think affects your biochemistry. They understand that what you believe about healing can affect how well you heal. That’s why the new medicine is labeled “holistic.” Since mind is an inherent factor in healing, the placebo effect cannot be used as a test of efficacy. The double-blind clinical trail is outdated and ineffective because it ignores the reality of how “information” informs healing.

2. Fostering a New Kind of Relationship-based Medicine The considerations are even more complex than just accounting for the placebo effect on the part of the patient. Healers will also have to view themselves and their effect upon their patients in a new way. In effect, nature provides her answers partly in terms of the information we ask her. And belief is part of the input, even if it is unconscious. Many

There is an effect in research called “the sheep-goat effect” and it says, simply put, that what you believe is what you see.

researchers think this effect, similar to the placebo effect, only applies to patients. But it doesn’t. It applies to them as well. Studies have shown that what the researchers believe about the efficacy of the treatment impacts the outcome of their study of that treatment. The researcher’s belief can influence the actual outcome of a trial, such that believers in the treatment get results that verify their assumptions and skeptics get results

10 Quantum Health

that verify theirs—even if they are carrying out the exact same experiment! This effect has mostly been studied in relation to psi research, but it applies to all research. If belief is an information field that influences and may even partly structure our reality, there may be no way to ever devise a truly objective test for healthcare treatments or anything else. This is not a dire situation, for in the case of healthcare and medicine, it invites researchers, physicians and therapists to truly recognize that they are part of the healing equation for their patients, and not just as technicians but as real participants in the healing process. It also throws open the door wider to treatments that are already “mind-based,” such as Thought Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, and others. It moves us away from the view of body as machine to the body-mind as dynamic holistic system, and that shift can only be good for medicine.

3. Where Do You Stop and the World Begin? If information fields are the fundamental reality, and all the new physics points in this direction, then everything becomes part of healing, not just the body. Medicine becomes truly holistic in that the environment, diet, relationships, and every other aspect of our lives becomes part of the healing process. We become integral threads in a vast web of relationships that include our psychological, emotional, nutritional, and environmental health. And that bodes well for us all, as we move from seeing ourselves as isolated individuals to members of communities, connected not only to each other but to the earth and even the cosmos. This view is already widely accepted by complementary practitioners, but it is still foreign to most allopaths, where patients are still mostly, or only, their body, symptoms and pathology. This shift in medicine to a more holistic view will no doubt reverberate through our world, influencing not only health but our social and cultural health as well. At a time when our very planet is at risk, information and energy medicine may be just the medicine we need to repair our relationships as they relate to the health of the entire world.

Trina told me that she had panic attacks when driving, and that this had really affected her life.

A TASTE OF NLP FOR LUNCH? by Matthew Wingett The great thing about NLP is that once you’ve got the techniques and the attitude under your belt, you can pretty much do it anywhere. It’s one of those skills that you carry around with you, waiting to unpack when the moment calls for it. Take the day that I met QH’s editor, Trina Hart and assistant editor Donna Kenny for lunch. We were meeting in Graze, a smart little restaurant in Lymington, so that I could interview her for the NLP LIFE Newsletter. I was fascinated by QH and wanted to know more about her, more about the magazine, and more about what the future held in store. It was clear to me that it’s an exciting project, and I wanted to know more.

Matthew Wingett Master Practitioner of NLP and hypnotherapist.

Trina is a lively and bubbly individual, with a naturally inquisitive mind, and I soon found that our conversation was ranging all sorts of topics. It was then that she asked me what else I do for work. And so it came out that among many things that I do, I am a licensed Master Practitioner of NLP and hypnotherapist. Trina’s eyes lit up immediately, and it didn’t take an NLPer’s training in sensory acuity to notice that she was really extremely interested. Probably also the fact that she asked me twice after this: “A hypnotherapist?” with a sound of excitement in her voice might have given the game away! Quantum Health 11

I looked at her for a moment and got a sense from her whole body language that she was someone who genuinely wanted some help. So I asked her what was on her mind. Trina told me that she had panic attacks when driving, and that this had really affected her life. She was clearly a pretty determined woman, but this had most definitely got the better of her.

They weren’t born scared of driving, or scared of spiders, or caterpillars, or birds or cheese - or whatever it is that they’re afraid of.

She told me a little more: she had been doing CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) for many weeks, but that nothing was coming of it. She was still very afraid, and she “just panicked” when she started driving. She also explained that the reason she was so interested in my job was that she had been advised to seek hypnotherapy by a friend. She clearly wanted help, so I made a decision there and then that if I could help her straight away, I would do so. But I wanted to get the measure of her first, and the measure of the restaurant. After all, working in a restaurant that’s playing soft rock and funky muzak can get in the way of the highly relaxed inwardly-directed state that is so useful for a client to make changes. What’s more I wanted to know how Trina did her phobia. To those who aren’t NLPers, this might seem like a funny way of putting it. “Surely, a phobia just happens to someone, doesn’t it?” But no, as I explained to Trina, people “do” phobias. They weren’t born scared of driving, or scared of spiders, or caterpillars, or birds or cheese - or whatever it is that they’re afraid of. They learn it. Or more accurately, their unconscious learns to do it while they are probably thinking about something else. They hypnotised themselves into it. Which means they can learn how to do something far better instead. 12 Quantum Health

Lunch with Trina was interesting not only because she is a pretty interesting person, but also because I had set myself the task of watching and listening very closely to find out more about her. Over lunch we chatted about many different things, including her phobia. She told me that it first manifested about five years before when she was at a particularly stressed time of her life. She had been driving along down a hill, and then, suddenly, all the stress and fear that she had been feeling in the rest of her life had suddenly overwhelmed her. And there she was, terrified of driving. It was like a switch that had suddenly gone on. Well, the truth is, that’s pretty much exactly what it was. Her brain had built in an extra loop of behaviour that it didn’t need to have, and just like a switch, now the behaviour was switched to “on” she did it every time she found herself in a position similar to the first time she experienced the panic. If anything, it had worsened in the intervening years. I told her that her story was far from unique, and that I have people come to me from all over with exactly this sort of story. I also explained to her that just as she had learned to do her phobia quickly, she could also unlearn it quickly. I told her a few stories about previous clients to help her get a sense of the changes that can be made, and also to start to prime her unconscious to accept change. Then we did our interview. It was really interesting, and I was delighted to find out about QH and how it’s going to grow into the future. But that’s one for me to write up for another time and another place! At the end of the interview I made some noises about getting an appointment set up for Trina to come and see me. I had noticed that Trina has a very active mind, and I wanted her to be as relaxed as we could manage in the little restaurant, so I started asking her some very simple questions about how she does the phobia. How does she imagine it? I knew already from observation that in her mind she made a huge life-sized picture of exactly what it was like to be in the car, driving along. As we spoke, she became more relaxed,

which is a natural thing that happens when you are starting to focus on the things that go on in your mind in a more detached way. And then I started to interrupt the pattern of behaviour that she was doing in her mind, so that her brain began to “recode” it. I did all of this as if I was just asking her questions, and in this way we slipped gently into an NLP session. The fun part of the session came from tapping into Trina’s sense of humour as we worked, and working on her very strong visual capabilities. I had laid down a series of suggestions during our previous conversation to build her unconscious expectation of what was going to happen. Now we were at the delivery point. After about fifteen minutes of work with her, we were done. To be frank, I felt that in this less-thanideal environment it was possible that we might need to do a little more work, but that overall, we had cracked the back of her fear. “So,” I said, “Shall we test this work?” Trina opened her eyes and blinked at me. “What, go and drive?” “Sure!” And so it was that we got in the car and took it out for a drive, in busy traffic in the rain. In the past, she told me, she would have been deeply afraid of doing this. And yet, here she was, with only a shadow of her previous fear left behind. From her description of what was going on internally, I concluded that I was right to assess that the majority of the work was done. I advised her strongly to drive every day as much as possible, and left her with the clear suggestion that the more she drives, the more comfortable her brain and body will get with her new response to driving. We were both pressed for time, and so we agreed to follow up and nail any other minor anxieties that might be left. I was very pleased with the session as I headed home. It is such a joy to do something useful for someone, and to make changes that can have a positive effect on the rest of a person’s life.

So, that is how Trina Hart and I ended up having a bit of NLP for lunch!

What is NLP? NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a tool for bringing about lasting powerful change in people in a short space of time. Devised by Dr Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970s and 1980s, its emphasis is not on finding out the causes of problems, but arriving at useful ways to overcome them. In order to do this it utilises the imagination, largely because the imagination is the place where people’s fears, stresses and limiting beliefs reside. To help the unconscious mind make the necessary changes, an NLP Practitioner will utilise hypnosis, trance or meditative states to get the client’s mind relaxed enough to make the changes. NLP is also used by life coaches and sports coaches to enhance performance, by politicians to improve communication and by business people to enhance effectiveness. It encourages and produces a frame of mind that enables individuals to deal with problems without wasting useless emotions, and to use the mental energy they were previously wasting to get more of what they want. Courses in NLP are available from its co-creator Dr Richard Bandler, through NLP LIFE TRAINING. Go to for more information. About Matthew Wingett Matthew Wingett is an NLP Master Practitioner and writer. He writes advertising copy and website copy, as well as articles and stories. He also used to write episodes for ITV’s hit television series “The Bill”. His NLP clients have included people with phobias, severe anxiety, stress, personal relationship problems, as well as smokers, people with low self esteem and all manner of problems. Matthew was trained by Richard Bandler, by tv hypnotist Paul McKenna, by life coach Michael Neill and by the President of the Society of NLP John La Valle. He writes NLP LIFE, the newsletter for NLP LIFE TRAINING. Matthew is based in Portsmouth, UK. You can contact Matthew at to discover how he can help you.

Quantum Health 13

RECONNECTIVE HEALING, A GLOBAL PHENOMENON An interview with the founder of reconnective healing.

Dr. Eric Pearl

Los Angels based healer, Eric Pearl has a very interesting background in that as a doctor he ran a highly successful chiropractic practice for 12 years, until one day everything changed; he had discovered that his patients were reporting receiving miraculous healings from the sessions. The dynamics had changed and Eric has become a global phenomenon, healing people with a range of problems; AIDS related diseases, epilepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, and the list just goes on and on. This healing has gone on to be known as Reconnective Healing. Eric travels the globe extensively throughout the year teaching others how to use this new, allinclusive spectrum of healing frequencies that allow us to completely transcend “energy healing” to access a new level of healing. To date, he has taught this new level of healing to over 60,000 people in more than 70 countries, bringing about a generation of healers worldwide. I caught up with Eric and asked him more about his work:

QH: Eric, what would you say was the most dramatic healing that you have given? EP: If you saw the film The Living Matrix, you will know that I did a dramatic healing on a small boy, Demitri, who was suffering from cerebral palsy. But actually, always the most dramatic is the most recent healing; however, Demitri stands out as it was an unusual circumstance that led up to this. I was giving a presentation in Greece, and at the end of the presentation a group of people came towards me carrying a small child; he was wearing braces on his legs. He had cerebral palsy and was 14 Quantum Health

unable to stand and unable to speak very well. His mother asked me if I could give him a healing as he was booked in for surgery, and she didn’t want him to go through that. I took Demitri over to the stage area where I had a therapists couch in place, and Demitri lay down on the couch. I started to work on him with my hands; just moving them above and around his body. I was four minutes into the healing the when venue organisers indicated that they were closing up, so I had to finish. Then an amazing thing happened. Demitri started to run around, he went up and down the stairs to the entrance, he could do things he had never been able to do. The parents watched in amazement and in shock. You could see the fear in their faces that he may fall. But he didn’t; he hopped. He ran up and down the stairs.

QH: Did the healing happen in that short space of time? EP: Healings are instant. They happen.

QH: What was the response of the parent? EP: The mother was really happy, but the father was distant. It was too much for him to take in. His fear was that it wouldn’t last, so he didn’t want to believe it. But the mother was very interested in what had happened, so I invited her to come to one of the seminars I was holding so that she could learn the work. She didn’t realise that anyone could do this; she thought it was just a gift I had. So I taught her how to heal.

QH: Have you seen Demitri since that time? EP: Yes. The parents brought him to see me. The progress he had made was wonderful. He showed me how he could talk, how he could spin around, how he could open his hand, which previously had been half closed. He told me he could hold his own cup; he had not been able to do that before.

QH: I imagine that was pretty emotional the way and quit directing, to step back and let a seeing a child’s life turned around like higher power guide. Who’s saying this? I thought. It can’t be me. that? EP: Yes, it was very emotional. It means he can play with his friends and run about like the other children his age. He can play ball, climb, run and do all the normal things he wants to, but couldn’t have done before. The father though, was still not convinced. He was waiting for it to wear off, or stop working. Reconnective healing is very often instantaneous, which can be too much for people to take in. It lasts a lifetime, every time. Two years later and Demitri is still running around.

QH: What do people experience during the healing? EP: Patients commonly see a circle of doctors wearing white coats, conferring and guiding the healings. They can be seen talking in the circle, yet they can’t be heard. Another regular vision is a young Native American girl who places a leather band with shiny, square ornaments on your forehead. Often a Native American male also comes and stands in the room. (We are not yet sure whether he’s a chief or a shaman.) Another visitor is a very tall, handsome angel, usually described as eight, nine or ten feet tall with huge, densely feathered white wings in scalloped rows. I am told that he stands behind with his arms around my waist, peering over my right shoulder, silently guiding my hands. Many of these angels seem to have their own specific scents: flowers, incense, and herbs - in particular, rosemary.

QH: How can you explain the way your healing works? EP: I had always been an ‘in-charge’ type of person who could accomplish whatever I set my mind to. While others took a ‘wait-and-see’ attitude, I preferred to dominate, manipulate and control situational outcomes. Obstacles that seemed invincible to others were invisible to me, so I would charge ahead and get things done. The most galling expression on earth to someone like me was, “If it’s meant to be, it will be.” Meant to be, schmeant to be. If I want it to happen, I’ll make it happen, and don’t any of you namby-pamby fatalists get in my way. So, imagine my surprise when the realisation dawned on me that for these healings to really accelerate, I had to get out of

But it was true. Not only did the energy know where to go and what to do without the slightest instruction from me; the more I got my attention out of the picture the more powerful the response. Some of the greatest healings occurred when I was thinking about my grocery list. This is all new to us.

QH: Can anyone do this type of healing? EP: Yes, we are all able to do this, or a part of this. We can access it more now than before as time is shifting; expanding and opening up. Physics is in a bubble of time and energy, and the bubble is expanding out into the universe to something that’s not been accessed here before. Once you remove ego, we realise it’s something we have always known. Ego tries to add something to what has already been done.

QH: Do you do many private healings? EP: I don’t do many private healings; mostly they are spur of the moment, as was the case with Demitri. I teach this to others in order that they can heal others. The courses for those interested in learning more of Eric’s work are: April 9 - 11 • Hamburg • Germany Congress Center Hamburg • Am Dammtor / Marseiller Str. • 20357 Hamburg, • +49 40 3569 0 April 16 - 18 • Prague • Czech Republic Top Hotel Praha • Blazimska 1781/4 • 149 00 Praha 4 - Chodov • +420 267 284 111 April 20 • Malmo • Sweden Svansjon Hilton Hotel • Triangeln 2 Malmo, 20010 • +46 (0) 40 693 47 00 April 23 - 25 • Stockholm • Sweden Electrum Restaurang & Konferens • Kistagangen 16 • 164 40 Kista/Stockholm • +46 (0) 8 632

38 01 April 30 - May 2 • Montréal • Canada Hyatt Regency Montreal Centre Villa • 1255 Jeanne-Mance Street • P.O. Box 130 • Montreal, Quebec H5B 1E5 Or visit Quantum Health 15

The aim of this article is to introduce therapists, practitioners and the average Joe into a simplified overview of addictions; giving an insight into the field of addiction from my perception using the unified energy field known as ‘The Matrix’. Brett Moran

With so much stigma attached to addiction, many homeless and hardcore addicts are merely being cast out from society and left without a purpose or a position in today’s social groups. But addicts are big business in the world of medical professionals, who have at their disposal a myriad of costly medication, counsellors, rehabilitation units etc. at their disposal – mostly funded by the NHS. There is an agenda here that could be missing the point; by suppressing the root problem, or constantly and consciously discussing the surface issues, the individual will always be left with the same emotional imbalance, and an energy disruption in the body and field. Medication and talk therapy all have its place, but I see it is only addressing the illusion i.e. the behaviour or substance which is on the surface and on a conscious level. We need to work on an energetic or subconscious level through mind and body healing. This is where the work needs to take place in order for any natural healing process to begin, in any form of disease, including addictions. Addictions can come in many ways, shapes and forms; from illicit drugs and smoking, to prescribed medication and alcohol. They also come in the

identity of behaviours such as gambling or the Internet, unhealthy sexual encounters and even crime. The dictionary definition of addiction is: the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, (as narcotics), to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma. But whatever the addiction is it is just a shortterm solution to a bigger underlining problem. The individual is caught in an emotional and energetic field, which has been created through either trauma or through repeating patterns, thus creating morphic fields. Some say it’s a fix, which it can be, but my perception is focused solely on the underling problem. I believe we are all addicted to something in some way and underneath we are simply seeking the same things; love, inner peace, kindness or happiness. It seems though that some travel off the path whilst seeking a harmonious and loving life, and utilise other forms to try and bring harmony into their lives. We just lose the way through life’s events, and our perceptions of ourselves, and of the world in which we live. We then seek it externally and become addicted to that external something. A monk once told me that we are forever chasing mirages and when we get there it is not what it seems, or what we are truly looking for. So we are never satisfied and forever chasing. Of course depending on our journey, some addictions are clearly stronger and unhealthier than others. But it seems that we are all striving for the same things.

ADDICTED By Brett Moran 16 Quantum Health

As Dr Bruce Lipton points out, it is our first six years in life when our brains are still being developing and we are in unconscious states of mind. Let’s look at in these two basic principles; • the individual is trying to numb the underling pain, which has been caused by a trauma, or • there is not enough joy in their lives so they are trying to bring it in through the addiction. Or social environment is another widely recognized factor as to why one has become addicted to a certain substance. Through the area that they are brought up in and maybe peer pressure diverts the individual into a spiral down the path of addiction. I’m not hear to tell you that I do I agree; to be honest it sounds like a cop out. I would like to explain it through using the energy field, the matrix; a technique called Matrix Imprinting, and also bringing in an obvious understanding that our perception controls our genes and life around us, as Dr Bruce Lipton points in his book The Biology of Belief. There is an energy field that connects all that is from the past to the present and the future. We all communicate through this field using vibrations and emotions, the unspoken language. When a person is addicted to something there will be underlying and underpinning issues that were created in the early years of life. And this is what needs to be resolved in order for one to be free from addiction. The issues and problems are emotional and energetic blocks, as much as they are psychological. They are brought on by the individual’s exposure and perception to big or small traumas that they have encountered and experienced throughout life. Our perception turns our genes on and off on a daily basis and negative energy blockages it seems, can cause many diseases, such as addiction. One solely turns to an addiction as a tool to heal pain, or to fill a void that was created. I call this ‘the hole in the soul’. When a trauma is experienced we either fight, flight or freeze. If we freeze it is our mind’s protection in some way; maybe we couldn’t deal with that particular trauma at that time, or perhaps we didn’t know how. We try to protect ourselves from what is going to happen and a part of us splits off into the

matrix field. This part is called an ECHO (energetic consciousness hologram) and that ECHO stores the energy, emotions and its perception of what happened. So I feel it saves us to protect us. It then stays imprinted in our subconscious minds. And we understand that our minds are not in our bodies but they are out in this field, connected to the matrix. We tune into our ECHOs on a subconscious level over and over again, especially when current or similar events trigger us. We re-live the trauma as though it was happening in the present moment, and so we have the same emotional intensity attached to it as when it originally occurred. This could be ten, twenty, thirty, forty or even fifty years ago. As Dr Bruce Lipton points out, it is our first six years in life when our brains are still being developed and we are in an unconscious state of mind. This is where we make up our minds about the world and ourselves or our role in it. This is also where many of us create ECHOs, either for protection or we have simply read the events wrong; our perception can often be incorrect. Listen to the little voice in your head and notice how repetitive it is to certain situation you face that may challenge from day to day. ‘‘You’re not good enough’’ or ‘’no body loves you’’ or maybe ‘’ you’re going to get it wrong anyway’’; this is an ECHO in your field doing its work. Until they are resolved on an emotional level and the ECHO has resolution, the situation will always be with you and challenge you. Another aspect is if we continue to repeat behaviours and patterns that we create our own morphic fields in the matrix, they can come down through the generations, as Rupert Sheldrake goes on to explain in some of his outstanding work on mophic fields and resonance. This is why it is so hard to ‘kick the habit’ and give up the lifestyle. There are so many failures because of a) the ECHOs and b) the mophic fields. They are too strong to break free from and willpower alone will not secure success.

Quantum Health 17

Nor will suppressing the feeling with medication and talking consciously about your problems; you need to take out the negative emotional charge in order to heal and move forward. So a substance or behavior can numb, divert or even suppress an ECHO so that the individual does not have to face the trauma. It pushes it to the back of the mind, or further out in the field. But when you attempt to stop the addiction, or in many cases medication, it will rise to the forefront of ones mind and the emotional intensity and energy that is stored in the ECHO and field will still be there, just as strong as it was on day one. With Matrix Reimprinting we can tap on acupuncture points to help release the pent up energy and stored emotion from the ECHO and in the field. We guide the client to tune into the field and their ECHO. Then we tap on the ECHO and by using the power of the mind, visualization and verbalizing the issue or problems faced; we release the built up energy. Whilst tapping we ask the client to verbalise and picture in their mind the work taking place on the ECHO. So the ECHO becomes the new client and addresses the presenting problem, which then enables them to get into the vibration and emotional feeling, and release what has been stored and causing pain for all this time. The ECHO will gain resolution using an array or resources. The client may need to feel loved, need increase happiness and gain awareness, or an acceptance to what has happened that resulted in a trauma being created so many years ago. After the ECHO has resolution and the emotional intensity has completely shifted, we then let it change the picture in the field for a more positive, brighter one; it can be anything the client may wish had happened instead. This is then imprinted into the mind and field to make its new reality with a positive charge. By doing so you then change the perception of the ECHO, and remove the emotional charge that has been stored for so long. Most of us have our core issues, limiting beliefs and ECHOs, and they are all stored emotionally and subconsciously. Some of us just have stronger ones then others. 18 Quantum Health

I have seen miracles with this technique, and understand it to be one of the most simple and obvious ways forward.

I found that many addicts are still very tuned into this energy field, just like young children are. They are also very spiritually tuned in to a bigger picture. But due to encountering many childhood traumas in early in life, they have not yet emotional grown. They are trapped in this energy filed which resonates with a familiar pattern which they only know how to deal with by blocking the pain in whatever shape or form their addiction comes in. So the ECHO is given the opportunity to rewrite the past, which in turn will transform their future. I have seen miracles with this technique, and understand it to be one of the most simple and obvious ways forward. You cannot wave a magic wand over an individual and change the course or path with a click of a finger, but with this new understanding and cutting edge technique you can and will make their journey of addictions a lot shorter. Brett Moran is a very unique and dynamic Matrix Reimprinting practitioner. He has several years of experience working in the fields of addictions and holistic therapies. Through overcoming many destructive behaviours and addictions himself, he has a vast amount of compassion and knowledge in this area. By truly empathising with others and stepping outside of the box Brett looks at the bigger picture and uses very simple but profound approaches. He has a huge amount of passion when it comes to helping others unleashing the beauty of their minds and making positive change.

For more information on Brett’s work with addictions, please visit:

MATRIX MEDITATING ONE-DAY WORKSHOPS With Addiction Specialist Brett Moran

Matrix Meditating is a new cutting edge energy psychology technique that has been adapted from Matrix Reimprinting. What will be covered on the workshop? Introduction to Matrix Mediating & Mindfulness New insight and research into mind-body healing An understanding of how we can create new morphic fields Practical demonstration and group Matrix Meditation “Matrix Meditating workshop covers an insight and combination into leading biology and new sciences, putting them together with some basic but profound principles from spirituality and the practice of mindfulness’’

Workshop dates: Bristol – 26th June Bournemouth – 4th September Brighton – 26th September Studley Warwickshire – 16th October Chiswick London – 23rd October


Please visit our website for all enquires or contact Brett for a free 20 consultation to help resolve any issue, gain balance or move forward in life. 07931553218 Quantum Health 19


We have had many life changing results from this course, however, none more heart warming and joyous than what I am about to share with the readers of Quantum Health.

Over the last couple of years, as the founders and developers of Thought Field Therapy (TFT), we have created a course that provides TFT’s highest level of effectiveness and focuses on enhancing the positive as well as eliminating the negative. We call this class our Optimal Health course, where we address the whole person, mindbody and spirit. This story is the essence of bringing about healing and joy and exemplifies the power of TFT Voice Technology. Our very first Optimal Health course was in London, UK, in September 2008. We were very excited to begin sharing our Voice Technology procedures with the world. One of our attendee’s, Michelle Smith, shared her story with us over the last year and a half and now we will share it with you. I will use her words to accurately convey her experience. She attended Optimal Health hoping to eliminate her endometriosis and become pregnant. Bits and pieces from Michelle’s e-mails tell her story.

The Pain: My name is Michelle Smith and I was on the first London VT Optimal Health course in September. Those of you that were there might remember me as the lady who was treated by Roger for Endometriosis.

Endometriosis varies for each of its sufferers and my symptoms were excruciating pain and fertility problems for which we had been referred to and seen by a specialist. Anyway, to cut a long story short, Roger found my womb and reproductive area to be in a state Joanne Callahan of reversal (negative polarity). He diagnosed a MBA: Callahan treatment for the endometriosis which I applied Techniques several times that day as well as checking the reproductive area for reversals repeatedly during the training. To cut a short story even shorter.... I fell pregnant that very evening! I am now just over 3 months pregnant. I test the pregnancy every day and a couple of times found it to be in reversal, so I have treated that and checked again later in the day and so far all is well and good. I have my first scan due this Thursday and I am feeling very excited. I experienced so many symptoms during the first three months, some were not even in the books such as hot flushes at night. But, I was able to use VT for so many of them. It really helped keep me calm and worry free. When I discovered I was pregnant, I politely advised Joanne that her husband had made me fall pregnant. I am about to treat my husband for fear of poohey nappies and baby sick. Its no joke, he really is Quantum Health 21

violently sick at the sight and smell of them. I am also treating myself for the blood tests and the prospect of labor. I suffered greatly from fidgety legs and found that diagnosing the toxin removed this in seconds which was such a huge relief, the leg swings I had were so extreme they were making me spill my tea.

The next update: Just to keep you updated on my VT baby, I have just had my 20 week scan and everything is perfect. I now know that I am having a little girl. I am so high at the moment I think I might need VT to bring me back down. Her due date is 29’th May and Mummy and Daddy are just walking about with their heads in the clouds and silly grins on their faces. Oh, and before I forget, her name is Olivia Louise. TFT VT isn’t always about fixing the bad stuff.

My daily uses for TFT VT: I test my pregnancy and baby every day and everything is great. There were some reversals in the early stages about once a month but I treated them immediately. In fact she seems to be two weeks ahead for her age. She is definitely no older, that I can guarantee. But she is doing all the things an older baby would do even though she shouldn’t have reached that stage yet. The doctor says she is the size of a baby a bit older too. So my question is; is it quite normal for the baby not only to be bigger (which I know can happen) but to be ahead in its development whilst in the womb? I wondered if treating reversals could make any difference. I am completely fascinated by the whole baby growing process, and loving every second, even the indigestion and other more unpleasant side effects, which VT has cleared up too. Some side effects will have doctors telling you that it will only disappear once baby is delivered (i.e. another 5 months!). VT totally eliminated my symptoms immediately and the physical problem in 3 days. No medications!

22 Quantum Health

Dear All, Just an update, the baby is now 3 weeks bigger than she is supposed to be. Conception dates are guaranteed and she is blooming. I have a feeling VT will have a lot to answer for upon delivery and the pain algorithm is going to come in handy! Yeast and sugar are a real problem. I am trying to stay off them and it’s like coming off a drug. I have to tap the urge algorithm to keep me sane and the anger algorithm to calm me down. Sometimes when baby is jumping around and seems particularly fidgety, I check for toxins. After they are diagnosed and treated, she settles down. I realised that she always appeared active to different degrees about 10 minutes after I had eaten. Her activity levels increase when I have a toxin. I didn’t realise this until I saw how much she clamed down after treatment.

TFT Helps Cold and Associated Symptoms. Last week I had a nasty cold, sickness and upset tummy. I hadn’t felt bubs move all night and the next day and I was concerned. I dragged myself to the table and sat there with a pen and paper and diagnosed a treatment for myself and my symptoms. I also found perturbations within the pregnancy, and lastly I tested Olivia. I was horrified to find she needed a very long treatment. But I applied the treatment and just after the 9g she started to wriggle, and continued to do so all through the last part of the treatment and afterwards too. I sang to her and she settled down. After that she moved regularly again. It made me realize that if I need a treatment I always need to check Olivia too. My treatments do not automatically treat her, she needs her own treatments. For days after, until my illness disappeared, I had to treat myself, the pregnancy and Olivia. Now nothing shows up when I test for the pregnancy and Olivia, but as I have mentioned before, she is a big girl and at the first scan she was 1 1/2 weeks bigger, then a month ago she added another 2 weeks, and now she has another week so all in all she is 4 1/2 weeks bigger.

I spend most of my time in my PJ’s as all my clothes are toxic and within 30 minutes of wearing them I have fidgety legs

Both my husband and I were 7 lb babies, so it’s not in the family. Also at the moment she is breach, but that can still change easily. If the scan shows her as being breach, I will tap the PR spot and see what happens. The fidgety legs are a nuisance but TFT fixes that all the time. It is 100% caused by toxins, whether it’s my food or my maternity clothes, usually it’s the latter. I should be 26 weeks, but I am measuring 31 instead. I hope all this VT hasn’t made her grow into a super baby. I still apparently have another 12 weeks to go and at this rate I might give birth to a toddler! I see a c-section coming.

Anyway, mum and baby are doing well. Baby is now 5 weeks bigger than she should be. Has keeping her out of reversal meant that she has grown to her full potential? My midwife thinks she may be tall. Her parents are not tall though. I spend most of my time in my PJ’s as all my clothes are toxic and within 30 minutes of wearing them I have fidgety legs, the baby won’t settle and I get indigestion. As soon as I remove them and treat them all, everything settles down again, including Olivia. I have also found that when I am in any kind of pain, (and there can be many during pregnancy, though not for everyone) if I treat the fear of the pain, the muscles relax and the pain reduces without having to use the pain algorithm. I will definitely be using this first for the contractions, and the pain algorithm second. Fear exacerbates my pain. Please find a picture of our long awaited VT baby Olivia Louise. She was born by c-section on 29’th May 2009. She weighed in at 8lbs 15ozs.

Quantum Health 23

So for all those mums and dads out there, remember, there is so much opportunity to use TFT with your children

TFT After Delivery: Apparently they do not know what causes colic in babies though there are some theories. They know what happens but not why. They also do not have any cures. VT works great! It stops the crying very quickly. We also treat reversals on her tummy area. Sometimes the pain algorithm is enough. I tap the side of her hand several times a day and under nose and sometimes when she wont sleep and just cries, the tapping on the side of the hand is just enough to send her off and stop her fussing. She always giggles when I tap under her nose, TFT is a game to her.

Staying healthy and joyous: I thought I would list a few times I have used TFT VT with my baby. I used VT throughout my pregnancy and treated all the baby’s reversals, she is in the 91st percentile and in clothes 3 months bigger. She isn’t chubby, in fact she is quite lean for a baby. She is just tall and we are a short or average family!! Maybe reversals stop us all from growing to our full potential in the womb and out? Our health visitor says she is intelligent and ahead for her age in language too. Anyway, back to my point. I have recently used VT for weaning her off the dummy (pacifier) which I was told would take a few days maybe a week. It took two attempts.

was able to go to sleep very quickly after that whereas a few minutes earlier she had been crying hysterically. Finally, I use TFT whenever she cries, first to eliminate her discomfort and then to discover the cause. I have also treated myself for tiredness which has been a lifesaver at times and for my temper, because even if you are a saint, getting up 15 times a night will test anyone’s patience. I have felt a bit crazy at times and treating it has changed the way I respond to her. She is so laid back and contented, everyone says how happy she is. I tap reversals on her hand and under her nose everyday and she sits on my lap while I do a collarbone breathing every morning. At her 8 month check they commented on how she turns the pages of a book and that they do not check for that ability until they are 2 years old. Our health visitor says she picks things up very quickly. So for all those mums and dads out there, remember, there is so much opportunity to use TFT with your children. When I tap under her nose she turns into a statue, and when I stop she carries on moving, it’s quite comical to see. It has made me a much better mother and we are both so much happier for using VT. Kindest regards and eternal thanks Roger, you have touched so many lives among my family and friends, and made such a difference I can not begin to explain. You deserve a knighthood, you are an unsung hero.

I also used it for myself as it was so upsetting seeing her cry. I also used VT when she recently had a cold. She was very congested to the point of being sick a couple of times. After treating her, the congestion was 70% improved by the next morning. I have also used VT when I had to give her some medication. I held her on my lap and gave a surrogate toxin treatment and cleared it. She 24 Quantum Health

Michelle Smith Note: For details about the Optimal Health course in London, Michelle Smith is writing a book on motherhood and would love to hear from anyone with interesting and informative cases. Her e-mail is: michelleanderson

Click here to ďŹ nd out more or to register:

Quantum Health 25


breaking new ground in education in bioenergetic and informational healthcare By David L. Preston, IBIH Course Coordinator*

David L. Preston, IBIH Course Coordinator*

In the Autumn of 2008, a group of experts from several countries met to discuss how they could take bioenergetic and informational healthcare (BIH) forward. Already millions of people worldwide were benefiting from BIH and the numbers visiting BIH practitioners were growing – but how could this growth be encouraged further? What could they do to bring BIH out of the fringes and into the mainstream? The result was the founding of the Institute of Bioenergetic and Informational Healthcare (IBIH), a not-for-profit organisation with its headquarters in Königswinter, Germany, dedicated to the dissemination of information about this groundbreaking approach to health and wellbeing. It was agreed at the outset that IBIH would play a leading part in research and education, and that all surpluses arising from its activities would be used to further these aims.

IBIH set itself three main goals: • To bring together the wealth of knowledge about BIH and make it available to students, researchers and practitioners, thereby promoting bioenergetic and informational healthcare (BIH) worldwide and creating a world-wide body of skilled and effective practitioners. • To stimulate and contribute to the ever-growing body of research. • To educate the general public about the principles, methods and benefits of BIH. The founders were concerned that many complementary health practitioners experienced in BIH have little depth of understanding of its theoretical foundations, nor of the extent of the research that is now taking place at the cutting edge of science. IBIH is plugging these gaps. 26 Quantum Health

Central to IBIH’s educational mission is the Diploma Course, the first independent, international education programme of its type, providing a depth of insight and understanding to help all BIH practitioners, whether working in the mainstream or in complementary therapy, become better informed, more highly skilled and successful, regardless of their chosen BIH modalities. The course is aimed primarily at those who wish to practice BIH. It currently comprises eight selfstudy, distance learning modules and two fiveday, classroom-based seminars. Each module is designed to take 4-6 weeks to complete and is supported by a range of internet-based resources developed by physicians, scientists, trainers and expert BIH practitioners. All materials are in English (with plans to offer other languages in the future). The open learning format allows students to study from anywhere while remaining in touch with the course tutors, and offers the flexibility to work around other commitments. The first three modules provide a thorough grounding in basic anatomy, physiology and pathology (AP&P), essential knowledge for all health practitioners. Students already qualified in AP&P to a suitable level can progress straight to the fourth, and receive a 25% discount from the course fee. The fourth module looks at bioenergetic regulation systems, epigenetics and quantum biology. It introduces the concept of the human biofield, and the role of information in regulating the body’s energy system. Students who pass this module (modules are assessed by a combination of multi-choice tests, a reflective diary and a concise essay-style assignment) then take the first seminar, an opportunity to consolidate the written materials, gain hands-on experience supervised by an experienced tutor and facilitator and discuss

with fellow students. They also learn new skills in recognising the body’s energy field, conscious communication and distinguishing wellness from disease. The fifth and sixth modules cover bioenergetic disease cause models and healing processes, nutrition from a BIH point of view, and the history and range of bioenergetic technologies, including energetic diagnostic devices such as the Vega, Scio, Life System, and NES Provision, bio-electric stimulation therapies such as TENS, Scenar and MiHealth, and electronic and laser-driven meridianbased devices. Advice is also available on how to choose the BIH system that suits you best The seventh module focuses on psychosomatic disorders. It includes insights and evidence on the power of intention, beliefs and emotions, placebo and nocebo effects; the effects of stress and discoveries made by scientists working in the area of Psychoneuroimmunology; the I-T-I-A Formula©, and the ‘power’ psychologies of CBT, NLP, EFT and others. The final module focuses on setting up and running a successful BIH practice. Many caring and competent BIH practitioners struggle to make an adequate living from their practice because they are reluctant to get involved with the business side of things, especially marketing and sales promotion. Module Eight aims to put this right. Students who have completed all written modules attend the second seminar, which focuses on practical applications, client handling and personal success, and take the final exam. To date, seminars have taken place at IBIH headquarters in Königswinter, but in future will be run regularly at various locations around the world, reflecting demand. Venues will be chosen close to major airports with reasonably priced accommodation on-site or nearby. You can join the programme at any time and work at your own pace. The only proviso is that you have access to e-mail and the internet, and you must pass all the relevant modules prior to attending the seminars.

Once qualified, Diploma holders are invited to join the IBIH Association, enabling them to keep in touch with fellow practitioners and share their skills and understanding with each other. Recognising that BIH is not a static discipline and that new advances will be continually incorporated into the course, IBIH offers all Diploma holders who remain in good standing access to the evolving web-based learning materials in perpetuity. IBIH Director of Education, Dr Folker Meissner, sums up one of the guiding principles of the IBIH Diploma. ‘There’s a huge amount of information about energetic medicine, especially on the internet, mainly unstructured and some of it inaccurate. It’s hard to know which can be relied on, and which is most important. We sift through all this information and give you the really important material in an easily accessible way, so the course can be your navigation system through this exciting area!’ IBIH has received the blessing of world authorities such as biophysicist James Oschmann, Heartmath’s Dr Rollin McCraty, and researchers and authors Prof Rupert Sheldrake and Dr Bruce Lipton. It is not ruled by any particular belief system, philosophy, manufacturer or financier. Its aim is simply to bring together the best available information on BIH in order to offer a thorough understanding to both health professionals and the public at large. The founders are determined that IBIH will remain in the forefront of these new developments, growing and adapting as scientists continue to reveal the relationships between consciousness, bioenergetics, biochemistry and illness. You are invited to take part in this exciting new venture! For further information, visit or e-mail *David L. Preston has worked in education for more than 25 years as a teacher, teacher-trainer and programme manager. He is Course Coordinator for IBIH’s Diploma programme and the author of several books including ‘365 Ways to be Your Own Life Coach’ and ‘365 Steps to Self-Confidence.’ IBIH Education Director Dr Folker Meissner and some IBIH students at a recent Diploma seminar IBIH Education Director Dr Folker Meissner takes some IBIH students for an early morning walk in the Rhine forest. Quantum Health 27

Dr Thornton Streeter: Centre for Biofield Sciences

A CHANGE IS ON ITS WAY – AND IT’S CALLED QUANTUM There is no doubt “quantum” has become the buzz prefix for all things related to health. It is however important for those involved to define how quantum physics can provide the matrix for the new integrated quantum health to emerge out of traditional and modern medicine. Otherwise we are in danger of it being just a fad word – another ‘alternative’ to ‘complementary’. Quantum health allows us to understand the interchangeability of energy and matter –something the Newtonian model simple can not appreciate. Modern medicine, which is essentially governed by Newtonian physics, can only deliver mechanical and chemical answers often guilty of doing nothing more than masking symptoms or temporarily postponing the end. We have been fooled into thinking that the pharmaceutical industry’s ‘weapons of mass prescription’ are to be credited with their healing when usually it should be credited by the body’s own power to heal itself over time. This is why iatrogenic death (i.e. death by doctor) is one of the biggest killers in the world.

Usually we are on a great cocktail of drugs, not just one - have these cocktail-effects ever really been studied?

I am always stunned by the irony of the ivory towers of our current health system and can only surmise that we are victims of our own bad choices. Those whose decisions pollute, chop, trample and rape 28 Quantum Health

this world deserve nothing better. It seems only those who embrace an holistic sustainable lifestyle are drawn towards true healing options. I am sure there are huge sums being secretly paid to suppress natural, cheaper and safer alternatives to protect the drug mafia’s racket and I would encourage anyone to investigate the global impact of this. But I salute my fellow healers who risk their own freedom to practice what they know works in this deluded environment. God Bless you. The letter that was prepared to sign the near death warrant for homeopathy in Britain is a case in point- I would love to expose the money trail to those clockwork, flat-earth fools. There is no place for their gold standard racket of clinical research and I am sure the truth will prevail, even if a few of us have to be sacrificed again at their burning stakes of ignorance. We have all heard the observer affects the results of his/her observations and is the reason why drug companies appear to show good results in a scientific environment for their drugs. We now know from the meta-studies conducted years later that the efficacy is in serious doubt after millions are already taking these medicines. This is why I am so passionate about contributing to the scientific understanding of the poorly understood human biofield –the subtle body that links us to both the world of classical physics and that of quantum physics. As scientists have now developed equipment sensitive enough to measure this subtle field, a door has been opened for institutional investigations on a global scale. Currently we are investigating the meridian system with our study at the South West Acupuncture

Fig1. Thermal image of meridian after moxibustion Fig.e 2 PIP biofield image of chakras

College in Boulder, CO using Medical Thermal Imaging (FDA- Approved Class 1 Imaging) and a moxibustion technique to map out the full anatomy of these channels (Fig 2.). As the heat from the moxibustion is carried down the meridians, the thermal image clearly displays these channels running through the body. At MIT, Pune we are working to build an Atlas of Disease States based on chakra functionality (Fig.2) using a number of different devices, including Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP). This ground work will allow a level playing field for research and access for the full spectrum of scientists and health care professionals to cocreate a more accurate and integrated anatomy and physiology of the meridians and biofield.

conference, you can still order the DVD’s of the lectures at http://www. I, for one, am glad Camilla Rees, an American Campaigner, has single handily put EMF radiation on the agenda of the political arena. I would like the discussion to expand to the location of mobile phone masts in residential areas and on water towers,

I was impressed by the vision presented at the first Quantum Energy Medicine Conference in Copenhagen in 2008. It was incredible to witness the birth of quantum health in Europe after many years of gestation and nurturing. The vision of my hero James Oschman, was a clear call to celebrate the victory of the inevitable rise of our non-invasive medicine, and he signed the death warrant for a drug industry already bleeding under a hail of successful claims. If you are interested in learning more about the Quantum Health 29

Without and with a solar wind mobile harmoniser where a pink pool of disturbed energy can be clearly seen in this PIP images.

especially those that flout the legal guidelines in fast-developing countries like India and China. If you would like to know more about EMF effects on biological systems, please read her book entitled, Global Health SOS, which you can order at: One of the hot topics in the media is the long-term impact of harmful electro-magnetic fields (EMF’s) on the human body from mobile phones, masts and power lines, often cited as the guilty parties. Concerns about these uncertainties have spawned a huge business in EMF shielding tools and personal protection devices, some costing hundreds and even thousands dollars. This entire business could possibly be the biggest scam in the market so far. There are real concerns about their efficacy, however a sensible self-regulation in our industry should be implemented, otherwise regulations will be imposed upon us, which could suffocate many of the exciting developments with valid efficacy and long-term credibility. We cannot fail all of those suffering greatly from EMF sensitivities and disruptions, whose lives are laid waste by diseases that appear out of nowhere, but seem to be caused by dirty power and the innocent use of a mobile phone. The Centre for Biofield Sciences has tested over a dozen devices and some of them seem to work well in pilot studies, although few long-term studies have been conducted. Last year our research team started to look at an emerging new field called information medicine. It appeared to be an obvious development from 30 Quantum Health

the early pioneering radionic devices, but now with a computer interface that could allow all kinds of exciting graphics and real time data analysis. In fact, we coined the name ‘quantum radionics’ before the industry itself seemed to choose information medicine for itself. There is no doubt the early devices such as the Quantum Xerroid and the Life system stirred up quite a controversy with supporters swearing by the evidence in their case studies and detractors concerned about time lost in seeking modern treatment and wasted on ‘empty boxes’. Our mission at CBS has always been to take an independent line, to design tight protocols and to trust the data our set of observation tools relay to us when evaluating a new healing modality. Now we have completed several studies into the LIFE, SCIO, NES Health System, and the CORE, and there is no doubt as to the statistical significance of the efficacy in their treatment functions. Although many questions as to how these devices are working, how they really stack up in multiple, peer reviewed studies are still to be answered. I, for one, feel these questions should be asked and hope to inspire students around the world to encourage their faculty to begin partnering research with local clinics who have these devices and the experience to use them professionally.

Please contact me at drthornton@biofieldsciences. com if you would like to contribute to this column in the future, or would like to discuss further any portion of this article.

THE BODY IS MORE THAN A BAG OF CHEMICALS! an interview with Peter Fraser Quantum Health 31

Peter Fraser: Expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Bioenergetics’ Scientist, Chief Scientific Officer of NES Health and author of Decoding The Human Body-field and The Unturned Stone QH: What turned you from allopathic medicine to Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Peter Fraser NES Health

PF: Back in the 70s I did yoga and I studied yogic philosophy, and then I studied the Buddhist psychology, about mind and body philosophy. That didn’t satisfy me. I want things to fit. None of it made any sense because the Indian material in yoga and the Chinese material don’t fit with medicine. I later then started to question the relationship with biology and physics; why doesn’t biology fit with physics? We have all these bits and pieces of information about us, that don’t fit together; I couldn’t make sense of it. Now I’ve managed to fit a whole lot together in different systems of medicine from thousands of years ago to the present day. I don’t think there are a whole lot of medicines. I think there’s one medicine, and we don’t understand it very well. I lost a lot of teeth when I was a teenager and was forced to go to the dentist and have more and more extractions. I couldn’t understand why I kept getting abscesses in my mouth and then even in 2003 when I met Harry Massey, I was still getting abscesses near the ears. But now I understand what was happening all my life, from age 15 to age 50-something; like Harry, I had chronic fatigue fairly badly.

QH: How did your chronic fatigue manifest itself? PF: It’s embarrassing. The thing I remember most about it is the humiliation. I’m moderately intelligent and I used to go out in Melbourne where I lived for 33 years, and get lost. On all those straight roads I got lost because you loose your sense of spatial awareness. You simply get in your car and drive out and you don’t know where you are; I used to end up in tears in the car. I couldn’t find my way home, and I am a grown man. I’ve lived there all my life. I found that humiliating in the extreme. 32 Quantum Health

I began picking up leads about what it might be about and I wasn’t very happy with any of the leads. That went on for years, in fact. In 2000 I finally met Harry. I’d only just managed to get myself better, because the thing about it is it relapses. You think you’re better then six months later it’s back again. You could take every vitamin and every pill in the world, it still comes back. It’s a virus and it mutates. At the age of 50, I gave up natural medicine well and truly. I was so sick and tired of herbalists, homeopaths, massage therapists, hands-on people who said ‘oh I can fix that, all you do…’ People get tired of the outrageous claims and the silliness. There must be an underlying framework that all these things that work, a bit, are referring to. There must be a bog-standard theory of medicine that includes reiki, massage, taking oils, yoga, homeopoathy, and so on; they’re all completely different, but what’s the same about them is that they are all about giving information to the body. I can say that now in ten seconds, but it took 35 years to be able to see it. Because one thing that natural medicine has, is a lot of theories. But I’m not interested. To me it either works or it doesn’t work.

QH: So for you, what is the proof? PF: It’s got to work. I couldn’t tell you how many ideas I’ve dropped, including perfectly respectable ideas out of books about natural medicine. I studied books on herbalism, homeopathy, meditation; it just went on and on. I just naturally gravitated to it. I was very disillusioned about the whole trip because they talk such a lot of nonsense. They’re well-meaning, lovely people and they’re nice. And I said yeah, you say this works and then you do it and it doesn’t work, and the thing that natural medicine lacks is this underlying framework and

this repeatability. It’s got to work in a substantial number of cases or people just say it was anecdotal. Harry got better from chronic fatigue, great story; it’s an anecdote. If you get a hundred people and 80 of them out of the hundred show significant improvement, that’s a scientific sort of a statement or premise of interest. I’ve got another story of chronic fatigue. I got better too. I dashed about in the Australian bush collecting wild flowers and Edward Bach, the famous guy who did the Bach Flower remedies, was desperate and he gathered leaves and stuff, and found them useful. I got 132 different Australian wild flowers. I sent them to the herbarium and got them identified and I thought, I’ll do it this way. I was putting the whole disease outside myself and trying to find something outside that was working on me. Now, 30 years on and we’re looking at the conflict inside and how we’re relating to the outside. We’re doing it all back to front.

QH: Lets say someone has psoriasis. How would your treatment differ from somebody else’s, who claims to have the answer? PF: With an infoceutical treatment we put them through a diagnostic matching test to see what they are like. We treat the healthy part of the body and leave the sick bit alone. It’s the opposite of what everybody else does. We treat health and not sickness. So with psoriasis, you usually get that on the elbows, knees and maybe around the ears. We treat the good parts of the skin. Nobody can fix psoriasis; everyone can fix it and it comes back next week. So we took another approach. We’re up against a medical system that hands out drugs that are toxic, to anybody, at the drop of a hat. We’ve got a hospital system that takes bits out if they don’t work. Would you go to a mechanic with your Ferrari and he says this bit doesn’t work (he throws it out), this bit doesn’t work? And sure your body can

keep working pretty well without a whole lot of its bits, but I don’t see health as handing out toxic substances or removing bits that don’t work. I see it as making it work better than it was. We’re talking about healthcare instead of medicine, but we need medicine. You get a broken leg or a broken neck, you’re in a car accident and you’ve got to have emergency care and they are very good and very devoted at it. So I don’t see the conflict. So what we’re saying is saying, there are a certain number of people in the community who want to achieve more, to get rid of some of their aches and pains and ailments and we can help them, we can show them how to do it.

QH: Did you have a eureka moment with your discoveries? PF: I had eureka moments for ten years or so, and then a biologist scientist picked me up and gave me a few hundred thousand dollars and said hey, lets develop this, and it kept coming back, it wouldn’t die. We realised that the body is more than a bag of chemicals. Treating it at the chemical level is fine but what’s the use in talking to the employees when you can go to the head office; we’re looking for the control system. Can we correct where the problem’s going wrong instead? If you ask me, the disease is a car crash, it’s what happened as the result; we need to go back two hundred meters to find out what started the car crash. So if you like, why treat the result when you can get at the cause, and the cause is by no means clear. What we’ve done is tried to use Chinese Medicine and traditional Indian Ayevedic Medicine ideas, which are very ancient and they’ve stood the tests of time. They are still going. We’re picking up clues from tracing ancient medical systems and finding out a scientific way of evaluating them. Otherwise if you haven’t got some sort of scientific way of testing something, you’re a philosopher. If you’ve got a rigorous, objective test, you’re a scientist. And I think I’d rather go to a scientist for health and healing than a philosopher; I want to know that something has been tried properly and evaluated.

Quantum Health 33

The biggest breakthrough, in the mid 1990’s, was finding a tool for measurement of something we had been trying to measure for 80 years; physicists didn’t know how to make measurements of the quantum field. So they got an elaborate mathematics device by Richard Feynman and other great physicists. They’ve done it. We know how the quantum field works but we still can’t measure it.

expressed in a scientific way. You know, we’ve been kicking goals for years, and I think we’re getting to the point now where we can stick our hands up and say I think we’ve kicked some goals here. And maybe we can help with healthcare. That’s the stage of development we’re at, and we can see that it’s got enormous possibilities that have been ignored in our culture.

I think the greatest thing that we’ve done in 20 or so years of research is to find a way of how the field works which will trick us into what’s happening.

QH: Lets examine the science; men in white coats still think this is spurious.

QH: What is the field? PF: Today I understand it. It’s a mindset thing. If energy moves through space, it creates a field. Why it does this is because the energy itself is structured, and as Harry said, we are looking at the structure of matter, which is in fact, just energy in space. Believe it or not, the physics of space hasn’t been studied. They’ve studied everything else. Space is full of waves and we’ve found ways to evaluate what we think is happening in space because we’re getting inter-reactions of different fields. You can imagine the complexity of the body; the number of inter-reacting fields that are there. If the fields are the control mechanism for the body and the cause of disease, it’s so complex. It’s very daunting to know where you would start to try to sort it out. The Chinese have already got it into categories, haven’t they? We found out that ancient Chinese medical knowledge was spot on, but just not 34 Quantum Health

PF: I have an ice-cream mans jacket but what happens with the science isn’t the jacket, it’s here in your head and it’s being able to take the blinkers off a little bit. It’s like Zen Buddhism; it’s about being able to see things as they really are without preconception. Can you believe how hard it is not to have preconceptions about medicine and health, because from the moment you are born somebody is telling you, ‘don’t do this, do that’? It’s brainwashing. Starting again from scratch is what I tried to do, with no preconceptions. You ask very basic questions about what is energy; does it move, why does it move, how does it react with other energy? We had to go back to very, very basic particle physics to get a paradigm to explain what we thought was happening in Chinese medicine. It was incredible.

QH: How does physics deal with medicine and health? PF: Here we’ve got this colon meridian, it’s meant to be an energy channel. You say what sort of energy is it? Why can’t anybody detect it? This

is the scientist’s approach. You’ve got to say what the energy is. Is it electromagnetic? Is it magnetic? Is it some sort of quantum field? Is it electrical? Is it photonic? That’s the only energies there are. The first thing we discovered is there’s no mysterious life energy that the physicists haven’t discovered yet. That was all chi, the life energy. So that was all one big theory down the drain, but there’s something about quantum physics that looks really interesting. We know we can’t detect a physical energy channel in the body. We don’t have any device to measure it or track it because we don’t know what the energy is. We started there. What kind of energy is traveling through the body that is supposed to be the control system, and how do we measure it? It was a long series of fortuitous events led us towards finding physicists existing, two or three big physicists who are on our side, who are saying what we are saying and agree with our observations. We found Milo Wolfe, a Physicist in America, whose idea of the structure of the atom enables us to have energy travelling from one place to another, between people, around people, out into space and so on. We got a connected view of the universe that means information is everywhere and is available. Physicists, chemists and biophysicists don’t like action at a distance because it requires a field theory, and it is a bit hard. In order to get chemistry to work, the atoms and the molecules have to be next to each other and this cannot be. So if you have a control system, it has to work at a distance.

You have got to have every cell of the body knowing what every cell is doing. It is going to be instantaneous. It can’t be chemical as chemistry is too slow. So we come back to the field theory of biology, which was popular in the 1920’s and was dropped because the chemical companies said we are going for a chemical model of the body.

QH: Explain the chemistry and physics of the body? PF: The laws of physics take precedent over the laws of chemistry. That is a big statement and I think most scientists would agree, unless you are a chemist. So everything has to obey the laws of energy, which is physics, and that includes chemistry. You have to know that physics is the boss and the chemistry has to do what is possible in physics. Then we found that modern medicine and modern biochemistry doesn’t match back to physics, it is like two different worlds. One is this and one is that. But one must control the other according to the structure of matter. It is over-specialization that has caused this appalling problem whereby biology and physics don’t match up. We are saying that they have got to match up if there is a control system. If we find a control system, it is going to be a physics field control system. I am not a physicist, I am an old school teacher who got into Chinese Medicine, has had to stay up late at night reading physics books that were door stoppers with big words and I could find nothing in the physics books for years that matched what I was seeing happening in my experiments using Chinese medical experiments. Quantum Health 35

Finally we finally found Feynman. Feynman is about reactions of light with electron and interreactions of energy between particles; it might seem a long shot that this might have anything to do with medicine, but it makes a field and it makes something called the quantum electrodynamic (QED) field and we said ‘yes’, because I had done experiments showing we could block and we get a field, and I found out how to set up a QED field.

remembering the mechanism for adjustment, the very fine adjustment of temperature and pressure over your life span. So we went for a field which is able to do things long distance. People think we have an electrical field and a lot of work has been done on that for 40 years, on the electrical characteristics of the body, but it is not enough to explain it all.

QH: How does an electrical field control QH: What is a QED Field and how does it the heart, the PH, the temperature? relate to health? PF: It’s got to have information in it. The information PF: If there is a control system, it is a field system and the field has to be able to work. Have you ever thought why we don’t get too hot and burn up? How is it that the body manages to keep the core temperature? If the core temperature of your body increases by more than 1.5 degrees centigrade, you die. How does the body, night and day and fair-weather and foul, manage to adjust the body’s temperature by one degree for 70- 80 years?

QH: The Medical profession would say that it is done by the brain. PF: They don’t know. They think it is the thyroid or the liver. I don’t think anyone knows how the body regulates its temperature. We are talking about basics. How does the body regulate its blood pressure, its temperature, its PH, its heart rate? All the big ones. And they say it is the midbrain. This is the normal neurological response. But what controls the mid brain? (You remember that picture of the elephant supporting the earth, and then one bright spark in ancient Greece said ‘yes, but what is supporting the elephant’? And they said it is another set of elephants. Suppose we don’t have elephants. It is one of those). Well what is controlling the mid-brain? You have to get something, which is autocephalous, it means having its own brain, its own head; our bodies control themselves. They don’t need that much but our body adjusts its own PH, its own temperature its own blood pressure and so on. It knows when to stop growing and when to start, but how does it know? Until now it was thought to be genes, but it doesn’t appear that genetics can give us enough to convince us that that is the control system, I am convinced that it is not the control system of the body; it is the library of the body to remember how to make 200,000 proteins. It is not the same as 36 Quantum Health

is the control and the field is the carrier,so what we are saying hasn’t been said before. We are saying to get a medical system to go you have got to have a carrier and you have to have information; energy and information together means control system. We were lucky enough to get clues out of a physics experiment that I did, that Harry put me up to. It turned out that he was right. Now all of this sounds like something out of fantasyland and we have the ultimate test in science. Does it work? I have got a big rubbish bag full of bottles of things that didn’t work. Every now and then you would find something interesting and you would keep with that. So the big test is does it work? And if it does not, you drop it. I have been dropping things for thirty years that didn’t work, and we are left with a very small proportion of things that have an effect. So I’m saying, this is all worked out on trial and error, and that is a monumental effort of testing over years and years. We’re getting enormous support from doctors in Europe and doctors in America because they are saying where do we go next? We’ve got to the end of intervention; we’ve got to the end of poisonous substances. What else is there? And we’ve got to bite the bullet and say well maybe some of our theories weren’t right, and we could revise them, and that’s all we are asking. Have another look and see if you want to go down the bioenergetic path. I think many doctors are not very happy with their position in relation to more or less having to hand out somebody else’s products. They see themselves as an intermediary for a company. This isn’t what medicine is about, so we get support from many doctors right around the world. It’s not as ‘them and us’ as you may think. There are many doctors who absolutely love it. And they are taking it up.

THE SECRET TO LOWRI TURNER’S NEW FOUND VAVOOM! VaVoom Health operates from premises on Great Portland Street, off London’s Harley Street. It provides a unique combination of nutritional advice and hypnotherapy to deliver cutting edge and highly effective mind/body solutions to a range of health concerns from weight loss to skin problems, hormonal imbalances, and anti-ageing and stress reduction.

Lowri Turner is a successful journalist and broadcaster. In 2006, she took a life changing decision and studied for three years to achieve a diploma in nutritional therapy from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (DipION) nutrition, qualifying as a nutritional therapist in 2009, having trained Donna Kenny TFT Dx NLP separately as a hypnotherapist.

Quantum Health 37

I catch her as she finishes a radio show for BBC London, to ask her about her new venture, Va Voom Health.

and hypnotherapy plan she devises is individually tailored to your needs. “I want to provide no-nonsense solutions that

Lowri, what led to the decision to change work” Lowri comments further. direction and study nutrition? “I was a plump teenager and a yo-yo dieter in my How has your knowledge of nutrition 20s, eating a poor diet at University” she tells me. changed your personal lifestyle? “My weight went up and down for years by three stone each way. I wanted to understand what was going on in my body and that of others like me”.

“I gave up smoking (50 per day) and alcohol, and I don’t eat wheat, these are the main areas I changed in my life”.

At Va Voom Health, Lowri’s aim is to help you look and feel younger, slimmer, fitter and healthier. Her passion and special expertise is in weight loss, stress-reduction and anti-ageing

Tell me about your collaboration with Champneys at Tring.

“We all know that it’s what goes on in our heads that often controls what we put on our plates. So I decided to study hypnotherapy too”, says Lowri. “Hypnotherapy can be an incredibly powerful tool for reprogramming your brain; it can be highly effective in beating cravings, reducing appetite and stopping bingeing, as well as easing the stress that can lead to all of these. If you’ve struggled to stick to diets before, hypnotherapy can be the key that finally turns the lock”.

“This Summer I am launching a range of wellness breaks at Champneys. These include hypnotherapy for weight loss, a detox programme and a declutter your mind programme”.

What else is in the pipeline? “I’m in discussions about launching a range of skin supplements for Christmas 2010”.

So it’s all go for Lowri, and I ask her what she does for relaxation. “I don’t have much free time at all, but I do have regular hypnotherapy sessions”.

What is different about Va Voom Health?

I ask her how she juggles her work and home life. “Go to a nutritionist and they will give you a food plan, but how long can you stick to it? Go to a hypnotherapist and they will hypnotise you, but will you have any idea what to eat? Va Voom Health is unique because it harnesses nutritional expertise and the power of the mind to create the change you want”. “Hypnotherapy is brilliant for anyone who has tried to stick to diets, but falls off them. It can literally reprogramme your mind, to help you beat cravings for foods like chocolate and bread. For some of my clients, who’ve tried to lose weight for years, it’s the key that finally unlocks the door”. Lowri is able to individually tailor a food and hypnotherapy plan for each client, because as she says “we are all rare and unique”. Whether you want to lose weight, take years off your skin, boost your chances of conception, relieve digestive symptoms or beat stress, every food 38 Quantum Health

“My children are 9,7 and 3. I have an au pair, I don’t iron anything, I’m not on the charity circuit, and I don’t make puddings!”

Background Lowri writes for the Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Evening Standard, The Observer, The Guardian, Grazia and Top Sante. She also appears on TV and radio. She is a regular panellist and stand-in for Mathew Wright on The Wright Stuff on Channel Five, with appearances on BBC Breakfast and Titchmarsh, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 5 Live and BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour. Lowri is a member of The British Association of Nutritional Therapists (BANT) and completed her Hypnotherapy Certification Training and is listed on the General Hypnotherapy Register, overseen by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council. Contact Lowri Tel: 020 7704 0696

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The Biology of Belief by Dr Bruce Lipton

The Biology of Belief is a groundbreaking work in the field of New Biology. Author Dr. Bruce Lipton is a former medical school professor and research scientist. His experiments, and that of other leading edge scientists, have examined in great detail the processes by which cells receive information. The implications of this research radically change our understanding of life. It shows that genes and DNA do not control our biology; that instead DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts. Dr. Lipton’s profoundly hopeful synthesis of the latest and best research in cell biology and quantum physics is being hailed as a major breakthrough showing that our bodies can be changed as we retrain our thinking. ISBN: 978-1401923112 Price: £12.99 In the next issue of Quantum Health we will be reviewing Bruce’s new book, Spontaneous Evolution.

The Eight Factors of Healing

Why Kindness is Good for You

Ebook by Arielle Essex reviewed by Donna Kenny

by David Hamilton David Hamilton turns out yet more inspirational thinking bound in the parameters of science and good old common sense in Why Kindness is Good for You. The feel-good value alone in this book is worth the cover price, but the main essence is the down to earth facts about the biology of kindness and compassion. Kindness and compassion has been preached for 1000s of years as being something that is good for your health and well being. Now we know we should all be practicing it; this book scientifically proves what the East has known for 1000’s of years - kindness is good for you! This book brings all the pieces together. A gem. ISBN: 978-1848501782 Price: £9.99

The Eight Factors of Healing, looks at what impedes healing and what contributes to bring about spontaneous remission. Drawing on research by Lynn McTaggart and The Institute of Noetic Science, together with her own experience of self healing, Arielle Essex looks at the psychology behind illness and uses clear NLP techniques to identify the mental and emotional causes. On the one hand a straightforward manual for healing, with a good ratio of narrative and NLP exercises to work on, this book also serves to make you become incredibly honest with yourself, as you begin to unravel and identify the potential depths of unresolved issues within your life. This book was more meaningful than many of the vast collection of self help books I have to date in my Practitioner’s library. Download The Eight Factors of Healing ebook

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