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Women Find A Way To Pay For Care At Home (NAPSA)—There’s good news for those looking for a way to fund long-term care services at home: There’s an insurance product that may make it possible. Women Find AmedWay To Pay For Care At Home Long-term care includes ical and nonmedical care for good peo- news (NAPSA)—There’s forathose looking for aorway ple with chronic illness dis-to fund care services at home: ability. long-term It provides such support an insurance product that servicesThere’s as helping with dressing may make it possible. and bathing. These services can Long-term includes be provided at home,care in the com- medical and nonmedical for peomunity, in assisted livingcare or in ple homes. with a chronic nursing Whileillness oftenor disability. suchthe support thought of as Ita provides service for services as helping with dressing elderly, the reality is that you may and bathing. These services can need long-term careat athome, any age. be provided in the comSomemunity, see the in need for such care or in assisted living as particularly strong among While often thought of as a sernursing homes. While often women,thought since women longer vice for the elderly, as many of as alive service for the than men and tend to have higher elderly, the reality is that you may women have discovered, the realrates of disability and chronic need long-term care at any age.ity is that a person may need health problems. More than 70 care Some see the need for such long-term care at any age. percentas of nursing home strong residents particularly among While often thought of as a serwomen, women live longer protection onelderly, their own are women, andsince over three-fourths vice either for the as or many than in men and tend to have through a plan by their of residents assisted-living com-higher women haveoffered discovered, the realrates disability and chronic employer, a group association. munities are of women. In addition, ity is that aorperson may need health problems. More than 70Forlong-term many, a major benefit is the most caregivers are women. When care at any age. percent of need nursing home residents ability to be cared for at home. their husbands long-term either on their own or are women, and over three-fourths half of long-term care insurcare, wives are generally there. Almostprotection through a plan offered of residentsbecause in assisted-living ance benefits pay for home their Unfortunately, many communities are women. In addition, employer, a group or association. According to the National Assowomen are divorced or widowed, For many, a major benefit is the most caregivers are women. When the husband is unable to do the ciation of Insurance and Financial their husbands need long-term ability to be cared for at home. Advisors, there some 7.6care milsame. Almost 70 percent of women halfare of long-term insurcare, wives are generally there. Almost lion individuals receivage 75Unfortunately, or older are widowed, ance benefitscurrently pay for home care. because many ing care at home, and 43 percent divorced or never married,orcomAccording to the National Assowomen are divorced widowed, of all ciation individual long-term care pared tothe about 30 percent of men. of Insurance and Financial husband is unable to do the insurance policythere benefits went 7.6 for milLong-term health 70 care is generAdvisors, are some same. Almost percent of women home lion care.individuals currently receivally notage covered byolder medical 75 or areinsurwidowed, comes to buying a polance, Medicare plans com-When ing it care at home, and 43 percent divorced supplement or never married, of important all individual long-term care pared to aboutFor 30 percent icy, it’s to remember or group insurance. seniors of onmen. insurance benefits went for health care is generthat this is the policy kind of purchase Medicare, Long-term the long-term care bencare.will usually make ally not limited—especially covered by medical insurthat ahome person efits are quite When it comes buying ance, Medicare supplement only once. Since coststoand dis-a polcompared to the potential cost of a plans important to remember or groupdisease insurance. ForAlz seniors on icy, canit’s vary among insurers, debilitating like - counts that this is the purchase Medicare, the long-term care benconsumers find theykind canofoften heimer’s or just the greater need that a person will usually quite limited—especially benefit from speaking with anmake for careefits thatare comes with age. compared to the potential cost of a only once. Since costs and disAn alternative for a growing experienced and knowledgeable debilitating disease like Alz - counts can vary among insurers, numberheimer’s of Americans is long-term professional who stays current or just the greater need consumers find they can often help from themspeaking get the best care insurance. will with pay age. for and can benefit with an for care thatItcomes for the best price. home care, assisted living or coverage experienced and knowledgeable Anfor alternative for a growing a professional youcurrent at for carenumber in a nursing home. is Some professional whonear stays of Americans long-termFind 8.2 million this care Americans insurance. have It will pay for and can help them get the best home care, for assisted living or for care in a nursing home. Some 8.2 million Americans have this

coverage for the best price. Find a professional near you at

Traditional vs. Roth IRA: The Choice Just Got More Interesting

Broadband For All (NAPSA)—Internet access is no longer the luxury it was a few years ago. It has become an essential service important to all Americans. Better access to broadband connections can increase opportu(NAPSA)—Internet access is no nities for commerce, education, longer the it was a few telemedicine andluxury entertainment. years ago. It has become an essenSome policymakers are worried tial service important to all Amerthat icans. the standards of access being Better access to broadband

Broadband For All

connections can increase opportunities for commerce, education, telemedicine and entertainment. Some policymakers are worried that the standards of access being

Broadband is important to the general welfare of all Americans, including those who live in rural communities. Broadband is important proposed for rural areas, parttoofthe welfare of broadband all Americans, the general FCC’s national who live in rural plan,including may not those be adequate. communities. According to Harry Thomas, president of Venture Communicaproposed for rural areas, part of theCooperative FCC’s national tions in broadband South plan,“By may not beaadequate. Dakota, setting low national According Harry broadband speed to goal, theThomas, FCC of Venture Communicahas president guaranteed that consumers, tions Cooperative in South businesses and communities in Dakota, “By areas settingthroughout a low national high-cost rural speedsubstandard goal, the FCC the broadband U.S. will have has guaranteed that consumers, broadband service.” businesses and communities in You can let Congress and the high-cost rural areas throughout FCCthe know how important Internet U.S. will have substandard benefits are to service.” rural communities. broadband For more information, You can let Congress visit and the FCC know how important Internet benefits are to rural communities. For more information, visit

(NAPSA)—How high do you think your taxes are headed? The answer to that—along with other factors—could help you decide Traditional vs. Roth IRA: which retirement accounts may The Choice Just Got More Interesting make sense for you: Traditional (NAPSA)—How IRA, Roth IRA or both?high do you think your taxes are headed? The The decision became more siganswer this to that—along with other nificant year because the factors—could help you decide income limits for converting TrawhichIRAs retirement accounts may ditional into Roth IRAs were make sense for you: Traditional Financial adviser (right) helps a removed. (As were those affecting couple decide which type of IRA IRA, Roth IRA or both? SEP and IRAs and workThe SIMPLE decision became more sig- suits them best. place savings plans former nificant this yearwith because the employers like 401(k)s.) Already, income limits for converting Tra- heightened interest in Roth IRA which until 2010 had Fidelity Investments says that ditional IRAs into Roth IRAs were conversions, Financial adviser (right) helps a limited to which those type with of modiRoth IRA (As conversions have been removed. were those affecting couple decide IRA adjusted gross incomes of increased that Roth are fied SEP andand SIMPLE IRAsIRAs and worksuits them best. m oplace r e p osavings p u l a r aplans m o n gwith n e wformer i n - $100,000 or less. Factors To Consider heightened interest in Roth IRA vestors—and you401(k)s.) can judge for employers like Already, which Fidelity Investments says that conversions, First, know that until both 2010 typeshad of yourself why. been currently limited to those modiRoth IRA conversions have IRAs have with the same Contributions to Traditional fied adjusted grosslimit: incomes of increased and that IRAs are annual contribution $5,000 IRAs may provide anRoth immediate $100,000 less. o r e p o p u for l a r those a m o nwho g n emeet w i n - (or $6,000,orfor those age 50 and taxmdeduction Consider vestors—and you can judge for older). Factors Also, if To you’re opening a certain basic income and other know that both types of yourself why.but taxes are ultinewFirst, Roth IRA—as opposed to conrequirements, IRAs currently have the IRA— same Contributions to Traditional mately due on amounts with- verting from a Traditional IRAs may provide an immediate annual contribution limit: $5,000 drawn. On the other hand, Roth income limits to make any Roth tax deduction for those who meet (or $6,000, for those age 50 and IRA contributions are not deduc- IRA contributions still apply (a certain basic income and other older). Also, if you’re opening a adjusted income of tible, but may leave free from new Roth IRA—asgross opposed to conrequirements, but you taxes are ulti- modified thanfrom $120,000 if single and federal income long as withyou less verting a Traditional IRA— mately due tax on as amounts thanlimits $177,000 if married and keep the money inother for athand, least five income to make any Roth drawn. On the Roth less years IRA jointly). contributions still apply (a IRAand contare ribu59½ tionsorarolder e not when deduc- filing That said, here are three youtible, takebut it out. adjusted gross income of may leave you free from modified to discuss In other words, Roth IRAs, less than issues $120,000 if singlewith and federal income tax as long as as you important adviser: Keri Dogan, a senior presiless financial than $177,000 if married and keep the money in forvice at least five your years and areInvestments, 59½ or older puts when filing • Isjointly). not having to take “required dent at Fidelity That distributions” said, here are three it out. “hedge” against minimum starting at it, you are take a potential important issuesfactor? to discuss with other words, IRAs, 70½ a critical futureInhigher federalRoth income taxas age financial adviser: being in a Keri Dogan, a senior vice presi- your • Do you anticipate rates. • tax Is nobracket t havingafter to tak e “re quired dent Fidelity Investments, puts lower you retire? “Mostatinvestors should consider minimum distributions” starting at it, are a potential • Are you a young professional having a Roth IRA as“hedge” part ofagainst their age 70½ factor? big earnfuture higher federal tax with timea critical for potential overall retirement plan income to potenDo you anticipate being in a rates. tially help minimize taxes and ings•gains? “Most investors should consider lower tax bracket after you retire? Finally, if you’d like to see maximize retirement savings,” • Are you a young professional having a Roth IRA as part of their a Roth IRA conversion sheoverall says. retirement plan to poten- whether with time for potential big earnMany help higher earners in particingsmake gains?financial sense for you, tially minimize taxes and may check out the Roth Conversion ular appear to have already gotFinally, if you’d like to see maximize retirement savings,” tenshethe message. Hence the Evaluator whether at a Roth IRA conversion says. Many higher earners in particular appear to have already gotten the message. Hence the

may make financial sense for you, check out the Roth Conversion Evaluator at

(NAPSA)—For the environment’s sake, you can take your old computers, monitors, laptops, (NAPSA)—For the environprinters, faxes, ink and toner carment’s sake, you can take your old tridges and all-in-ones to any Stacomputers, monitors, laptops, ples U.S. store to ink be recycled. printers, faxes, and tonerFor carmore information on going green, tridges and all-in-ones to any Stavisit ples U.S. store to be recycled. For * * *on going green, more information A foundation that promotes lifevisit long learning for motorcyclists has *** a website with safety tips and A foundation that promotes lifelong learning for motorcyclists has information on where to find a safe a website with safety tips and riding course. The Motorcycle information on where to find a safe Safety Foundation’s Basic Riderriding The Course is course. designed as Motorcycle a 15-hour Safety Foundation’s Basic Ridercurriculum. To learn more, visit Course isordesigned a 15-hour call (800)as446-9227. curriculum. To learn more, visit * *(800) 446-9227. or *call Pet owners often resort to * *high-calorie * usingPethigh-fat, owners often resort to human foods such as cheese or using high-fat, high-calorie peanut butter to such give medications human foods as cheese or to peanut their pets. Veterinarians recbutter to give medications ommend soluto theireasy, Veterinarians rections such easy, as Gpet-healthy R E E N I E S ® PsoluILL ommend ® ® POCKETS Treats. tions such as G R E E N I E S P I L L POCKETS® Treats. *** The lemon zest* and * * grains of zest andAfrican grains of The lemon paradise (an ancient paradise (an African brewing spice) in ancient Samuel Adams brewingAle spice) in Samuel Adams Summer make it a perfect Summer make and it a other perfect pairing forAle shrimp pairing for shrimp and other seafood dishes. The malt is light seafood dishes. The malt is light enough that it doesn’t overpower that it doesn’t overpower theenough shrimp and the lemon and the shrimp and the lemon and spice flavors complement seafood. spice flavors complement seafood. * ** ** * The Department of of Defense and The Department Defense and U.S. Olympic Committee U.S. Olympic CommitteeParaParalympic Division recently partnered lympic Division recently partnered to create “Warrior Games” to create “Warrior Games”for for200 200 wounded warrior athletes from wounded warrior athletes fromall all military services to to demonstrate military services demonstrate their resilience after life-altering their resilience after life-altering injuries. read inspirationalstostoinjuries. To To read inspirational about wounded soldiers particriesries about wounded soldiers partic-

ipating in adaptive sports, you can visit the Army Wounded Warrior ipating in adaptive you can Program (AW2) blogsports, at www.aw2. visit the Army Wounded Warrior Program (AW2) *blog * * at www.aw2. Get your files organized for * *you get every next year’s taxes,*so Get your organized for deduction you files can. To help, Dome next year’s taxes, so you get every has a Tax Deductions File and a deduction you can. To help, Dome book to keep track of rent has a Tax Deductions File and a expenses income. Learn book toand keep track of more rent atexpenses and and income. Learn more (800) 432-4352. at and (800) 432-4352. * * * Best-selling author * * * Steve Martini Best-selling combines fact andSteve fiction in author Mar“Guardian of Lies,” a breathless tini combines fact and fiction in “Guardian of Lies,” a breathless tale involving rare coins, an extaleagent, involving rare coins, an exCIA a ruthless assassin, CIAa agent, a ruthless assassin, and conspiracy stretching back conspiracy back toand theadays of JFK stretching and the Cuban to the days of JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis. It’s available Missile Crisis. It’s or available where books are sold through where books are sold or through *** *** When injuries occur in the When injuries occur in the workplace, workplace, work work site site athletic athletic health healthspecialists specialists use use sports sports medmedicine icinetechniques techniques to to provide provide early early treatment treatment and and speed speed healing. healing. This Thisproactive proactive approach approach pays pays off off ininfewer fewerworkers’ workers’ compensation compensation claims, which makes the workclaims, which makes the workplacesafer. safer. Learn Learn more more about about place Concentra’s health health care care solutions solutions Concentra’s

Boil Water Advisory: Think Before You Drink

(NAPS)—The power goes out. There is • Filter cloudy or murky water. Look at the construction in your neighborhood. A flood strikes. appearance of your water in a clear glass. If it A water main cracks. Each of these can cause a looks discolored or murky, you may want to filter disruption in the flow of water to your home. This it and disinfect it. You can create a very basic filter disruption can On affect the quality of your water for using a clean cloth, a coffee filter or a paper towel. The Buzz Beating Mosquitoes drinking, cooking and household chores. In these However, it will still need to be disinfected. (NAPSA)—Mosquitoes, known instances, Boil Water Advisories are issued to • Call your Culligan Man. If your neighborhood The Buzz Beating Mosquitoes for leaving itchy red welts onOn their humanensure victims, have longtake topped consumers proper precautions to make or community is under a Boil Water Advisory, (NAPSA)—Mosquitoes, known the list for of warm-weather pest conleaving red on their (NA P S A ) — Cprocedures o u p l e s h afor v i nwater g sure water itchy is season, safe towelts drink. Boil Water Advisories make sure to follow sanitizing cerns. human But this thetopped victims, have long trouble having a baby installed may be in do not mean that water is contaminated, but rather softeners and drinking water systems National Management AssothePest list of warm-weather pest cong l a d t(oNk ha hleerse haarvei n g AnPoSw A )t— Cto utp ciationthat (NPMA) is be reporting that the cerns. But this season, it could tainted. your home. You can find these procedures outlined trouble having available a baby may extensive resources for be National Pest Management Assomosquitoes areUnited likely toStates be worse g l a d tDifficulty o k n o w t hconceiving at there are The Environmental Protection in your Culligan product owner’s manuals. It is also support. ciationespecially (NPMA) isin reporting than usual, many that extensive resources causes a serious blow toavailable women, for Agency and Centers for Disease Control Courtesy of National Pest Managementimportant to call your local Culligan Dealer. Your Association/ mosquitoes arethe likely to be parts of the country that had an worse and support. accordingDifficulty to a newconceiving survey Gene White than usual, many consumers and Prevention toin ensure only local Culligan Man can answer any questions about unusually warm andespecially wetwork spring. causes a serious blow to women, Courtesy of National Pest Management Association/ sponsored by Merck & Co., men, parts ofProblem the country that had an The new Gene use water warm that has been properly for Whitethe safety your With adisinfected little forethought, youquality may andt o o . and Yoof uaccording c a n water, l e ato r naavailability m o r esurvey a t of unusually and wet spring. Heavier-than-normal precipitasponsored by Merck & Co., men, be able to keep mosquitoes fromwater drinking, cooking, cleaning dishes or for personal bottled ser vices and what steps to take The Problem With a little forethought, you may t o o . Yo u c a n l e a r n m o r e ato t tion can leave areas of standing putting the bite on you. Heavier-than-normal precipitabe able to keep mosquitoes from home’s during a Boil Water Advisory. address your water treatment system. water, hygiene which are perfect mosquito tion can leave areas of standing putting the bite on you. • Keep windows breeding grounds. This is cause Follow these safety tips until the Boil Water and doors For more water, which are perfect mosquito properly •screened to keep mosquifor concern, as humans can conKeep windows and doors breeding grounds. This is cause Advisory has been lifted: information, toes outside. tract West Nile virus (WNV),can a conproperly screened mosquifor• Drink concern, as humans bottled water. Drink toes water from a to keepdurvisit www. alert when outdoors potentially illness, outside. tractserious West Nile viruswhen (WNV), a• Be ing dawn, dusk andwhen earlyoutdoors evening durbitten source by an infected mosquito. you know wasn’t affected by a•water main, culligan. Be alert potentially serious illness, when hours, mosquito-biting What Watch For ingwhen dawn, dusk and early evening bitten by an infected such asTo water from amosquito. bottled water cooler or singlecom, http:// activity can when peak. mosquito-biting Also, avoid SymptomsWhat of WNV infection hours, To Watch For use bottled water. You may want to contact a local wa ter.epa. areas activity near water include headache, fever, can where peak. mosquiAlso, avoid Symptoms of rash, WNVmusinfection bottled water delivery ser vice to quickly access gov/drink/ areas get near water where mosquiinclude headache, fever,probrash, mustoes gather, especially during cle ache and gastrointestinal toes gather, especially during cle ache and gastrointestinal peak activity. lems. WNV infection can lead to probto three- or five-gallon jugs of water. emerprep/ *** peak activity. lems.and WNV infectionthough can lead to• Avoid wearing dark colors encephalitis meningitis, A survey conducted for * * * emergency• Boil water to disinfect. This is the best • Avoid wearing dark colors encephalitis and meningitis, though as many as 80 percent of infected and floral prints, loose-fitting A survey HealthyWomen, the conducted nation’s lead-for and floral prints, loose-fitting as many as 80 percent of infected method for ensuring drinking water is disinfected. disinfection. garments, open-toe shoes and humans show no symptoms at all. HealthyWomen, the nation’s leading independent health informahumans show noone symptoms at all. tgarments, - s mand e l l istore n g open-toe pit e r f u m eshoes s o r and tion ing Helpful Hints independent health informaBoil water for minute, lets wite ecool cfm source for women, found 40and s w e e t s m e l l i n g p e r f u m e s o r Helpful Hints tion of source forare women, found TheinNPMA recommends the colognes. clean, covered containers. Boiling will kill any w somew w40 . percent women only The NPMA recommends percent of women are only someyou’ll be spending time following tips to prevent mosquito the• Ifcolognes. what or not at all concerned • If you’ll be spending time following tips to prevent mosquito organisms and provide youmosquito with repellent what or not at concerned outdoors, wear bites: disease-causing stroke. Learn outdoors, wear mosquito repellent about bites: about stroke. Learn clean, potable water. dmore i smore a s tate rat s/ with DEET as well long pantspants • To avoid nesting with DEET as as well as long Support • To mosquito avoid mosquito nesting Support and and breeding sites, sites, eliminate • Use household products. If long-sleeve you cannotshirts. boilshirts. power outage/needtoknow.asp. and long-sleeve and breeding eliminate for the survey was provided by for the survey was provided by • If you have a mosquito infes-infes- Genentech, standing water and other sources • Ifunscented you have a mosquito standing water and other sources Inc.Inc. of the Roche your water, an alternative is to use Genentech, of the Roche tationtation on your contact a of moisture in or around the home on property, your property, contact a Group. of moisture in or around the home Group. liquid household chlorine to sanitize the pest professional. in flowerpots, water dishes, bird- bleach pest professional. in flowerpots, water dishes, birdWhen a Boil Water Advisory is in effect, 1⁄8 Learn MoreMore baths, water. swimming pool add covers, barLearn baths, Simply swimming pool covers, bar- (or eight teaspoon drops) consumers Visit Visit for forshould boil water before drinking rels and other that can rels andobjects otherliquid objects that can colof unscented household chlorine bleach for information mosquito lect Add water. Add a fountain more more information aboutabout mosquito lect water. a fountain or dripor drip and follow sanitizing procedures for drinking options to find a pest system to birdbaths and ponds on control options or to or find a pest systemeach gallon of water. Stir well and let it stand for 30 to birdbaths and ponds on control water systems. professional nearby. your property keep fresh. water fresh. minutes use. professional nearby. your property tobefore keeptowater


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