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Over 20 Years Of Experience Our extensive track record has allowed us to become one of the most experienced and recognized company in Colombia and worldwide in the oil market, engaged in the business of trading petrochemicals, chemicals, and energy products. Along these 20 years, in order to provide excellent products and service to our customers, we have built close relationships with our key partners such as Ecopetrol S.A. and the main companies of logistics, ground transportation, storage and shipping. Our experience and deep knowledge of the market has led us to take the strategic initiative of building a distillation plant to offer a great variety of products obtained from petrochemicals and other raw materials.

Partnerships Strategic partnership allow us to guarantee our customers prompt deliveries, best quality products, excellent customer services, centralized logistics and a detailed follow up in the process of distribution. Ecopetrol Key partner for the last 20 years and main supplier of the products we currently offer. Maersk Line Exclusive cost of freights and on time deliveries. Hapag Lloyd Booking advantages and flexible deadlines. CMA – CMG Worldwide availability for containers and services. Hamburg Süd More than 160 destination ports worldwide. Cartagena and Barranquilla Port Association Allow us to guarantee the distribution of our products. Almaviva Customs agent collaborator to offer our customers more security, efficiency and support. Ground transportation we count with the support of the main companies of ground transportation in Colombia, allowing competitive transportation costs.

Countries We Currently Have Business With: Colombia- Brazil – United States – Ecuador Mexico – Argentina –Peru – Uruguay Venezuela – Costa Rica – India – China Dominican Republic – Bolivia

Products We are suppliers of petrochemicals, chemicals and energy products that meet international quality standards. Additionally, we count with extensive experience in logistics and distribution of our products, following the parameters and technical requirements provided for shipping, storing and handling. Focused on establishing long-term business relationship with our customers, we are committed to offer support and advice, ensuring quality and compliance in our deliveries.

Aliphatic Solvents Characteristics These solvents are produced from the distillation of natural gasoline. Aliphatic solvents are obtained by reaching the boiling point, undergoing to purification, neutralization and rectification of its limits of distillation. Solvent Nº 1A Apiasol Solvent Nº 2 Solvent N° 3 Solvent Nº 4 Hexaneries.

Aromatics Solvents Characteristics Produced in the distillation of aromatic obtained in petroleum refining . These products are liquid, volatile, and with a characteristic odor. These solvents are not soluble with water and are generally used to mix with alcohol or other organic solvents. These products are flammable, extreme precautions must be taken in handling and storing. Benzene Toluene Mixed Xylenes Ciclohexane Heavy Aromatic

Lubricant Bases Characteristics Lubricant Bases are produced through vacuum distillation from selected crude. For Paraffinic Lubricant Bases the treatment includes extraction with phenol, extraction of solvents with wax and hydrotreatment. For the Naphthenic Lubricant Bases, this process requires hydrotreatment. These products are used in the production of Oil Lubricant Bases with excellent characteristics. Light Paraffinic Base Medium Paraffinic Base Bright Stock Paraffinic base Medium Naphthenic Base Heavy Naphthenic Base

Glycerin Characteristics Crude glycerin is a by-product in the process of Biodiesel production. Refined glycerine is produced when the crude glycerin undergoes a distillation process to remove impurities and to obtain an optimal product to produce cosmetics, syrups, etc. Crude Glycerin Refined Glycerin

Low Density Polyethylene Characteristics Polymer with density of 0.910 to 0.925 g / cc. Produces different types: Polyphenol 640, Polyphenol 641, Polyphenol 656, Polyphenol 683. Prime Poliethylene FE Poliethylene (near to prime) Applications Polyphenols 640 (without additives) It is used for producing bags, containers for liquid medicines and films for uses in the agricultural and construction business. Polyphenols 641 (with additives) Used in the manufacture of grocery, bakery and food bags as well as book covers. It is also used to make semi-industrial bags and food packaging for automatic sealing process.

Paraffin Waxes Characteristics Paraffin wax is obtained through vacuum distillation of reduced crude with range between 350 (662°F) and 650°C (1,202 º F). During this process several type of paraffin are produced: Semi Refined Paraffin with melting ranges between 54°C and 64°C (129.2°F - 147.2°F) Fully Refined Paraffin with melting ranges between 54°C and 64°C (129.2147.2°F)

Energy Products Oil and derivatives used as a source of energy in different sectors such as bunker production, refineries, thermal power plants etc. Crude Fuel Oil Naphtha Light Cycle Oil Biodiesel

Solvents Production Plant Global and Colombian perspective is that production of light crudes has been decreasing. Heavy crudes have become the most viable alternative to petrochemical production and refining. At the same time, the demand of petrochemicals is increasing, especially for solvents in the medium industry Given this situation, experience and vision of our company, we have decided to invest in the construction of a distillation plant. Our goal is to optimize the characterization of some of the by-products of the refinery, in order to obtain clean petrochemicals with low environmental impact, as well as fulfilling specific needs of our customers and the market in general. Our plant is strategically located in Barrancabermeja Santander, near to Ecopetrol´s largest refinery, where most of our raw materials are obtained. The plant has an approximate area of ​​48,000 m2 (517,000 ft2), designed by an interdisciplinary team and following all international standards of industrial operation, guaranteeing safety and reliability in our processes. Production will begin in 2013 with the following main products: 1. Imposol 100 (Aromatic 100) 2. Imposol 150 (Aromatic 150) 3. Thinner 4. Blending for developing lubricants bases oils 5. Deodorizing of White spirit 6. Base for glue production

Conversion Table

*Note: The Items on this table adjust to normal conditions of 82ยบ F (28ยบC).


Suministramos gran variedad de productos químicos y materias primas que cumplen con estándares internacionales de calidad.

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