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Sardines Roes in olive oil

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PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Suprema Altitude, Lda - owner of the brand From Portugal to You product name

Sardines Roes in olive oil



Sardine Roes; Olive Oil; Salt Weight: Sardine roes (85g); Olive oil (33.8g); Salt (1.20g) Gross weight: 135g ingredients

Net Weight: 120g Drained weight: 85g Preserved Sardine Roes in Olive Oil; packaging ¼ Club aluminium 120g. Easy opening Product presented in a first package in aluminium or tinplate, hermetically closed and sterilised. The can may still be included in a second cardboard package, called carton or box. The cans should not be:





Show spots of corrosion


Excessively battered

There should be no internal signs of sulphuring or oxidation, and the varnish should be uniform and intact. Taste: characteristic of the species and the taste of the condiments Organoleptic

Small: characteristic of the species and the covering sauce


Colour: light or slightly pink colour Texture: characteristic of the species Parameter (humidity) pH – 4.5 – 7.0 Water (%) – 4 – 10% TVBN - ≤25mgNH3/100g fish Histamine - ≤50ppm

Physical and chemical

Additives: Non applicable


Nutritional composition: -

Calories (405Kcal)


Lipids (26g)


Cholesterol (515mg)


Sodium (331mg)


Carbohydrates (0g)

Proteins (35g) microbiological

The product is subject to a thermal treatment that ensures the commercial sterilisation of the preserved food.


Once sterilised and stabilised, the cans do not suffer any biological modification that may be harmful to public health.


thermal processing

Sterilisation at 118 ยบC during the stipulated time

period of validity

Adequate pressure and temperature conditions

special conditions of use

5 years after the production date

Production photographs

Production photographs

Sardines Roes in Olive Oil