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Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Oregano

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PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Suprema Altitude, Lda - owner of the brand From Portugal to You product name

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Oregano




Extra virgin olive oil with dried oreganos sprigs

Product to be incorporated as a condiment in the preparation of meals, salads, etc. To be consumed raw as part of other foods or cooked. characteristics

It can be consumed by the general public, including vulnerable groups such as children, elderly, ill people or people with immunodeficiency’s. Despite the microbiological and physical and chemical stability, this product should be consumed before the expiration date indicated on the package. Nevertheless, you should avoid exposure to the sun or excessive heat.

Recommended use

Ready for consumption; ensure the conservation or preservation conditions Packaging materials First: Glass bottle Bottle:

packaging and storage

Volume: 250 ml

Height: 231,50 mm

Diameter: 50 mm

Weight: 265g

Colour: Transparent

Mouth: 15,4 mm

Second: Cardboard box Third: Pallet Packaging materials: Glass bottle, cork stopper with cap

period of validity

18 months


Do not expose to direct sunlight Keep in a cool and dry place, away from light.

special conditions of use

Properly close the bottle after each use.


All the bottles are carefully washed before the filling.

manufacturing process


Production photographs

Product photograph

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Oregano  
Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Oregano