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Top 4 e-commerce conversion myths to eliminate in 2014

Conversion is one of the most challenging metrics for most e-commerce stores. Conversion Rate Optimization is one of the key performance indicators and most merchants fall prey to various myths associated with conversion, while evaluating this metric.

So, which are the basic myths associated with conversion optimization?

1. Visitors like crisp content

Longer pieces of content on the web pages kill conversion. Well, let’s bust this myth. Customers and prospects like reading crisp content, but only crisp content might not work well for the pages that require long description. An in-depth understanding might be required for a certain type of products off the shelf and if the same is supplemented with short descriptions, prospects might walk away and choose a competitor that demonstrates it more carefully. Long block of texts can only kill conversion if the content is not catchy. Try to format the long content into a story with bullet points, images, headings and links. Avoid labyrinths and scattered text for a better conversion with long pieces of content, Hire and e-commerce Development Company for your content needs.

2. Social proof boosts conversions

Certainly, social proof boosts conversion rates. Reviews and ratings integrated with social word of mouth make more customers easily however; it’s not a magic broom. Along with the social proof integration, an ecommerce store needs to win multiple other challenges to boost the conversion rates.

Right from product descriptions, image processing, content marketing, SEO to store management everything counts to boost up the conversion rates. Some merchants feel conversion rate gets hampered due to improper calls to action. This might be true for some merchants but for most others, many different factors affect the conversion. To mitigate the challenges, consult an e-commerce development company.

3. Store’s success is measured through CRO

Conversion rate optimization is one of the vital KPIs for any e-commerce stores. Conversion attracts ROI and expands the bottom line however; this is not the only vital metric an e-commerce store should eye on. There are various other important metrics like the loyalty ratio, regency, bounce rate, browser and resolution percentage, cross selling ratio, email capture ration etc. An ideal conversion technique should emphasis on all of these metrics and not just the pure conversion of prospect to a customer. Some stores resort to a web application development company for various apps development enabling better customer experience and conversion.

4. More the traffic better the conversion and ROI

Many stores partner with SEO companies to leverage on the website traffic. Most merchants feel that conversion is the byproduct of traffic, which is a myth. Let’s bust this myth. Traffic is certainly important to boost the conversion rate however; apart from the traffic conversion happens on repeat purchases and other factors on the site. Understanding the customers’ requirements and improving the product delivery, merchandising etc. might as well boost the conversion. Developing an app for easy checkout might shoot up the conversion rate too.

So at the end - Summing it all up, e-commerce conversion is vital and the base of growth, but do not have any of the above myths in your mind while aiming to grow your store to the pinnacle. If you wish that all this things can done by us for your online ecommerce store then visit here :-

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Top 4 e-commerce conversion myths to eliminate in 2014  

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