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Top 10 tips to observe for developing cutting edge android apps The android platform is on app. The surging popularity of smartphones and corresponding increase in the number of apps vying to arrest the prospective users’ attention to their own specific promotional information has transformed the custom android apps development marketplace into a competitive battlefield. Hassle free android apps development can be facilitated by adhering to certain proven designing tips. •

Uniform underlying theme: A global theme can provide significant respite from having to induce a new style for each app activity. The inherent dark or light themes can be used in conjunction with the intended visual appearance of the app to heighten user experience.

Pliable layouts: The smartphones come in varied screen sizes. It is imperative to employ adaptive layout designs which automatically stretch to adjust to the screen size.

Employ runOnUiThread(): If threads are intended to be used in the app to exhibit some information to the user, it is imperative that the thread is invoked from the main thread. runOnUiThread() can be run to enable the execution of the code in the user interface.

Avoiding images as button backgrounds: Most web designers tend to apply image files to define the buttons’ and lists’ background when they first plunge into the android mobile application development scenario. It is advisable to build a custom selector in xml that directs the display of information in various states of the views.

Adjusting to phone rotation: Most developers fail to provide for overriding of onConfigurationChanged() code which handles device rotation and cause the activity to restart in the midst of a running task when the device changes direction.

Compatibility: When embarking on google android apps development, it is required to test the final prototype on various versions of android device emulator to pave way for seamless functioning by weeding out incorrect displays and functioning in various views.

Optimizing ListViews for undisrupted scrolling: The ListView rows should be wrapped in a container class for speedy loading and undisrupted scrolling. When you hire android apps developer New York, he automatically takes care of such aspects.

Prefer DIP over PX: Dip command ensures that the margins and padding appear undistorted in screens of varied sizes and resolutions.

Understanding the fragmented nature of Android: The open end Android has been researched upon intensively and

consequently modified accordingly to fit various devices with their own peculiar themes. It is advisable to create unique buttons for the app instead of relying on Android capabilities. •

Dev Tools application: Google has powered the emulators with state-of-the-art application that can be installed in the device to display the memory consumed by your app. Android apps development New York agency will optimize the performance of the app effortlessly.

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Top 10 tips to observe for developing cutting edge android apps