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Annual Report 2012-2013

FALL 2013

Past as Prologue Welcome to the Fall 2013 Link! You will see that this issue is dedicated to our alumni. Their successes are diverse and impressive, each one a testimony to how it is possible to change children’s outcomes and help their dreams become mature reality. If the “past is prologue”, these former students have set the stage for future students’ success. At one time all of these accomplished people faced daunting hurdles, feeling that they were the only ones who had to struggle as they did. Yet each of them found his or her niche, and has progressed along a goal-oriented personally fulfilling path. In my nine years at TQS, I have known most of those whose stories you will read here. Some I taught, some counseled, some guided through tough times. Those I did not have the privilege to know as students, I have met as young adults. As I have often said, in my over thirty years of teaching in a variety of schools, no other school came close to TQS for giving true meaning to my work. In our school, students find hope, possibility and a future. They develop skills and strategies for life, and learn how to advocate for themselves and others. Please read their stories and feel very pleased to be part of this unique school. Ruth Joray

The Searle Family

Dear Alumni and Friends, I hope this letter finds you and your family well. As an early graduate of the Quaker School at Horsham it warms my heart to think of the many alumni families that now exist as a result of the school’s 31year history. Although the circumstances that led to our attending TQS may have been challenging, our ability to move on from the school prepared academically and emotionally is a lasting gift, for which I will be eternally grateful. It has been over 20 years since I graduated from the Quaker School. As I think back over the defining moments of my educational career, I recall many special experiences at the high school and college level. However, when I reflect deeply about the experiences that shaped me, it is The Quaker School at

Horsham that stands out. A place that not only helped me overcome and cope with my dyslexia, but a school that taught me the importance of kindness and empathy towards others. It is here where I learned lessons of perseverance and developed the confidence necessary for getting through college and later graduate school. This allowed me to teach and work as an administrator at a small Quaker school in the Princeton area today. Through the school’s vision, values, and most importantly, its caring teachers, The Quaker School at Horsham continues to provide its students an array of eye opening possibilities to those who arrive frustrated by their previous educational experiences. Whether it is through their cutting-edge language arts program or helping students 2

solve problems through Quaker process, TQS continues its mission with the same commitment it did since its founding. Just as we were fortunate enough to have had others invest the time, money, and effort to making our education possible, we too have a duty to ensure that others, like ourselves, are able to benefit from the education offered by The Quaker School at Horsham. I hope that you will take a moment to remember with fondness, a Quaker School memory and make a donation to the school; so that together we can help create those same opportunities for the children who follow in our footsteps. Sincerely, Chris Searle, Class of 1989

Alumni Stories Michael Hall 2009 Michael came to visit us at the end of this school year. His enthusiastic message to his audience of middle school students was to “Just get out there and try new stuff!” He said that it is important to realize that when you are acclimating to a bigger school, in his case, Solebury, it doesn’t take long to figure out that everyone is as nervous and unfamiliar with the terrain as you are. Michael’s great advice lead him down the path to acting in numerous high school theater productions where he found great joy and satisfaction. He had his first exposure to theater in a TQS middle school play. He discovered he was a born actor and has gone on to hone his talents in not only acting, but music and dance as well. Michael is starting at Gettysburg College this fall, fully planning to pursue his love of theater. Brendan Grant Callahan 2009 Brendan dropped by the school recently on his way from one summer work site to another. He is a graduate of Archbishop Ryan HS and is headed to LaSalle College to study Finance and Economics. As early as seventh grade, Brendan was an entrepreneur, having started a lawn care business of his own. He has since widely expanded that business and has learned other professional skills related to some of his other interests. He says he has always known he loved to earn money and his goal is to become a highly successful businessman. Reflecting on his middle school years at TQS, he talked about having been very conservative and intolerant of others. He realized retrospectively how great his teachers here were and he feels appreciative that no one gave up on him. He has become open minded and interested in what makes different people tick – his gift of gab and curiosity have taken him down some interesting roads. He said that at TQS he learned to persevere – back then he had difficulty accepting the fact that he had a

learning disability, but he has since come to terms and knows how to advocate for himself. He said that after all he has been through in his life, he would do it all over the same. He values what he has learned and how he has grown through adversity. Tim Potts 2007 I remember showing Tim how to smooth and form very basic clay forms when he was a middle school art student. His first masks were elegant, simple images that suggested Japanese Kobuki masks. It was a way for him to express his sensitivity. As a severely dyslexic child, he had difficulty expressing himself verbally. A few years ago I was visiting the art department at Wyncote Academy. Tim was there working on an awesome clay model of a science fiction character mask. It truly was awe-inspiring. He was devoted to learning how to make the clay work for him, developing complex features, expressions and subtleties that make an evocative image. He was also learning the art of casting and model making. His Wyncote teacher, Bruce Weiner, could not stop praising him for his creativity, vision, selfdiscipline and technical skills. Tim went from Wyncote to The Art Institute of Philadelphia. He has now transferred to University of the Arts in Philadelphia, the region’s finest art school, studying special effects in filmmaking. He certainly has overcome his fear of selfexpression and gained tremendous confidence via his artistic talent. There is no doubt that someday we will see Tim’s name in the credits for some spectacular major motion picture for his talent in making what was once only imagined, into reality.

2nd Grade

Isaac Goldberg 2008 Isaac started his creative life early at TQS. He and some friends imagined that they could simulate an SNL episode, based on what was at hand at school. With the support of the 3

inexhaustibly patient Jonathan Kratz, the first Goldberg production was born. It was hilarious and very much in the style of SNLthere was no mistaking the source of their inspiration. Isaac has gone on to produce several independent films, the first of which was screened last year at the Ambler Theater, followed by a Q&A with the artist/director and cast of the movie. Isaac is studying filmmaking at Montgomery County Community College and has an unparalleled love of imagery. Look him up on FB, if you want to see some wonderful pictures and promising projects. John Lawlor 2000 John Lawlor called me this summer to set up a business meeting as a representative of the company where he is employed as a financial management intern. I told him that 8th Grade he could interview me if I could interview him! John completed college with a degree in history and minor in finance. He is now in the middle of law school, also with a focus on finances. His interest is in helping people manage their assets so they can maximize their futures and realize their goals. He was the ideal consultant: kind, patient, well informed, and very compassionate. It was a great pleasure getting to know John as a young professional. He has accomplished so much; his resume is a mile long with diverse programs, projects and credentials he has acquired in so few years. His determination and conviction to his goals of helping others with legal/financial situations certainly won my confidence in him. Rebecca Lawlor 2007 Rebecca is going into her junior year at The Pennsylvania State University, State College, getting her B. S. In Hospitality and minoring in Hearing and Deaf studies. She was recently accepted into the National Society of Leadership and Success, Sigma Alpha Pi. (continued on page 4)

(continued from page 3) She is an honor student at Penn State and a Resident Assistant in the freshmen dorms. (A resident assistant is someone who supervises the resident halls and mentors Rebecca in 4th Grade students.) She also served as an orientation leader at Penn State and a member of the Hotel Restaurant society. After graduating with her degree she hopes to get a job that will allow her to work with the deaf community at a resort or hotel industry. “I am currently going through the interview process with Milestone Hospitality for a summer 2014 internship along with other hospitality companies like Hershey resorts and Walt Disney College Program. My favorite memory from The Quaker School would be when we took our beginning of the year trip to a camp for three days. We would stay in cabins and get to catch up with old friends while making new ones.” Peter O’Halloran 2012 This spring Peter came to speak with the TAP class and middle school about his transition into high school. Peter inspired our students to go out for athletics; he is the captain of the baseball team and loves it. Jeff Petzak asked Peter to explain how technology has helped him transition and function in high school. Peter told us about using his tech skills in all classes, for planning his long term assignments and keeping track of his daily schedule. In other words, he uses technology all day in school. One of Peter’s talents in TAP was his ability to integrate technology and to help others understand how to incorporate it into their work. Peter’s love and talent for math is leading him towards the study of engineering. Peter is now a sophomore at Upper Dublin High School. Brian Ford 1990 “At TQS, I learned how to learn, and developed the confidence necessary to thrive after leaving such a nurturing environment. The changes were neither instantaneous nor

Ian Truscott 2009 Graham Truscott 2010 A letter from Anne Truscott: It’s great to hear from you!...Wonderful changes are occurring at TQS!! I always read the TQS Link so I would be happy to update you about Ian and Graham. Ian is currently beginning his junior year at Millersville University majoring in biochemistry and doing very well. He made honor roll this semester and plans to pursue a graduate degree. Graham did very well at Christopher Dock and graduated summa cum laude in June which means he achieved a 4.0 GPA all fours years at CD!! He ran cross country and track for 3 years, was a member of the National Honor Society, participated on the robotics team for 4 years and was involved in the service committee. He took 3 AP classes this year - including English and Spanish - and excelled…because his achievement started at TQS!! He will attend Messiah College and major in Biblical Studies with a minor in Spanish and was accepted to the Honors program. He hopes to attend Seminary after college. He has a residential summer job at Bear Creek Camp which will prepare both of us for his transition to college. I hope he and Ian can speak at TQS some day because they would not have succeeded without that foundation. Kudos to you, to the entire TQS faculty and to their Wilson tutor, Denise Guiteras!! Graham actually mentioned his struggles with dyslexia in his graduation speech and what he overcame through hard work and with tremendous support and expert instruction from caring teachers. Please share this with the faculty - he owes his success to them!! Please stay in touch. Keep up the great work at TQS! You’re changing lives. Best, Anne easy, but over time I learned not only how to read, but that I could read. TQS is not a panacea, and does not claim to be one. Frustration and academic difficulties do not sublimate upon enrollment. Nevertheless, the outward expression of my teachers’ faith in me sparked my own perseverance, which combined with a rock-solid program and curriculum, produced outstanding results. There is no question that my experiences at TQS formed both the bedrock of my academic success and my life-long love of learning.” Brian is an attorney and a Special Education Hearing Officer. Josh Lewis 2009 After Josh’s 8th grade commencement from The Quaker School (June 2009) he started at The Crefeld School, located in Philadelphia, for ninth grade. This past June Josh graduated from high school at Crefeld and will be attending Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts this fall. Josh had great success at Crefeld academically, emotionally and socially. The Quaker School was instrumental in Josh’s high school success. He became a gifted writer under the tutelage of several exceptional writing teachers, particularly Lisa Sutton. Josh has 4

clearly embraced the Quaker values promoted and practiced at TQS. When Josh started at The Quaker School in 2001 he was painfully shy and socially awkward. Making friends was a major challenge for him. Due to the caring, skilled and nurturing teachers who worked with Josh, and the amazingly sensitive students he came into contact with, Josh overcame his shy, awkward disposition. During his senior year at Crefeld I was repeatedly amazed at the number of friends he made and the social engagements he attended! As Josh’s dad, it is my belief that the social growth Josh has achieved is a testament to the values and skills promoted and instilled by the dedicated Quaker School faculty. Josh is now a freshman at Clark University in Worcester, MA. Written by Josh’s father, Steve Lewis. Christen McCreavy received the 2013 Arthur A. Murray award at Woodlynde’s graduation. Mr. Murray was Woodlynde’s head of school for years. The student receiving that award has demonstrated leadership and academic accomplishment and is a role model for the teachers and students. She also received the National and Presidential Physical Fitness Awards.

Thank You to: Horsham Monthly Meeting of Friends The Quaker School is very grateful to Horsham Friends Meeting for our lasting and meaningful relationship. Over thirty years ago, George Rowe knew a handful of struggling students who needed a new way to learn. He was committed to helping them. Seeking a Quaker Meeting to become the home for this innovative school, George and Beverly Morgan approached HFM. Starting in the basement of the Meetinghouse, the school spread to the upper floor, to the antique schoolhouse across 611, to the Charles Cabin, then across the street from what was then the Hatboro-Horsham high school. During that time, HFM offered TQS space, support and ultimately made it possible for the new school building to come to pass. As one component of the capital campaign, begun about twelve years ago, the Meeting underwrote a major part of our bank loan, which we have since been able to retire. The property on which our beautiful school sits belongs to HFM; we are intertwined with one another. The generosity of the Meeting has continued in its support of TQS with ongoing gifts that match all debt repayment gifts made by members of HFM. The property is a treasure. Our students love exploring the woods and creek; building footbridges and boardwalks; learning to identify indigenous plants; and walking the path between the school and the Meeting House for worship each week. On service days students clean the natural environs of the school, taking pride in their beautiful green campus. Our new garden program includes a greenhouse built from recycled materials and raised beds. Our financial debt to HFM is repaid, but the value of the connection continues to grow.

Volunteers We are fortunate to have the dedicated service of two amazing library volunteers. Glenna Folmer and Nancy Hennessy have systematically sorted through our entire inventory of books acquired over thirty years. They have culled duplicates, learned the computer system and set it up for a self service check in and out system. Glenna is the grandmother of student Chris LeCure and Nancy is a retired English teacher whom we met through RSVP of Montgomery County. They are a wonderful team, meticulous and patient, and focused on a common goal – making our library efficient and user-friendly. Karen Wright and Patricia Thomas are giving us a completely selfless gift of their time and expertise. Needing a Development officer midyear, these two alumni parents stepped up as a team to lead Development through the 2013-14 school year. Karen and Patricia’s sons attended TQS quite a few years back, and both have been board members. Karen is presently the secretary of the board. When you see their names on development appeals, or if you hear their voices calling to update contact information, the work they are doing is truly a labor of love. Consultants This is a note about some very important people you might not even know who contribute to the growth of our school’s programming. Marlyn Vogel, our School Psychologist, works in support of Admissions and our reading program. Marlyn’s expertise in educational testing, reading and training college students to be future reading teachers have brought TQS into the foreground in special education. Julia Sadtler, current President of the PBIDA, worked with us this spring and summer in Admissions. When we needed an ace in a hurry, we were unbelievably lucky that Julia was available to step in. Julia is the former head of admissions at The Crossroads School, as well as an educational researcher. Julia so enjoyed working at TQS that she has decided to accept the invitation to join the marketing committee of our school Board. Edu-tech Academic Solutions provides us with truly amazing tech support. Bob Sager leads the company whose generous and highly professional infrastructural services keep us moving forward. Edu-tech employee, Joe Duke, is a well-known face around TQS.

Montgomery County Intermediate Unit The Montgomery County Intermediate Unit provides a myriad of professional services to our school and students that would be far beyond our ability to include in our budget. TQS qualifies through programs known as non-public education and special education services. Many of our families are familiar with the Speech & Language therapy, and the School Counseling services, as their children receive direct services. In addition, we have the benefit of a Curriculum Consultant, Behavior Consultant, Adaptive PE Consultant, Professional Development, and Technology Grants. These multi-talented professionals are integral to our school. Some might be behind-thescenes, but the support they provide our faculty is immeasurable, and greatly appreciated. TQS Board of Trustees The TQS Board is clearly behind the success of our school. Each Board member has participated vigorously and energetically in the improvement of the functioning of the Board itself, as well as making a direct difference in the school. Robust committees, guided by dedicated leadership, set and meet meaningful goals. We have just completed a Strategic Plan that we will share in the near future. It is wonderful to feel the support of caring and committed leadership.

Leah received her D.A.R.E. Diploma in 2010. She is now a sophomore at the Pathway School. 5

Dear Friends, We just got back from a wonderful long weekend with Sarah and Dave Witter, the parents of former TQS student, Peter Witter. The three of them moved to Vermont a year ago, now that Sarah and Dave have retired. They are all big ski enthusiasts. In the winter, Pete works as a ski lift assistant at Stratton, a ski resort very close to where they live. This summer he has begun to work as an electrician’s apprentice. He lives with his parents, drives to work, and seems pleased with his life as a 21 year old. He was very willing for me to interview him for a TQS publication. He said that one of his good memories from TQS was being a lighting technician for the school play, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. After TQS, Peter graduated from Solebury School. Joanna Robinson, Peter’s former teacher at TQS

First Time Donors At TQS we like to “make a fuss” over special occasions. It is a special occasion when someone makes a charitable contribution to TQS for their first time. We are pleased to send a BIG thank you to all of our first time donors! If you are not on the list this year, maybe next year you will be. Remember no gift is too small. They all make a difference… Louis Park Sylvia Adamo Ahold Financial Services Richard and Toni Berkman Fidelity Charitable Grants Ann Frankel

Gwynedd Monthly Meeting John Kelly Lebowitz and Nowak Family Christopher LeCure Sheila and Norman Lunger Samantha Baker-Evens Outdoor School 2007

Board of Trustees Announces Beverly Morgan Scholarship Fund

Jeff Rosenthal 2008, notes from Jeff ’s mom, Cindy Palmer: Jeff Rosenthal (TQS 2008) is a sophomore at Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana, majoring in music composition. Jeff was proud to be one of the first two TQS students to attend The Crefeld School in Philadelphia for his high school years, and is pleased to have been followed there by several other TQS alumni in subsequent years. Being able to express himself musically 2nd Grade in TQS talent shows, including performing with teacher Jonathan Kratz, was wonderful groundwork in preparing Jeff for the performance-oriented music classes at Crefeld. Crefeld’s program of teaching the students selfadvocacy with regard to their own learning styles also built upon these same skills that TQS instills in its students. The invaluable ability to bond and work one-on-one with teachers at TQS was followed by the same opportunity at Crefeld and at Earlham. Earlham, a Quaker-founded college, has instituted a Quaker Fellows scholarship program which nurtures spiritual growth and the development of leadership skills. Jeff is one of the second cohort of Quaker Fellows at Earlham. The Quaker values imbued in TQS’s approach formed an essential platform for Jeff ’s ability to merge Jeff currently his Quakerism and his academic life.

The Board of Trustees has created a new financial aid fund to complement the George Rowe Scholarship Endowment Fund. There is a critical need for additional financial aid dollars to allow more students who can benefit from our program to attend the school. Unlike the Rowe Fund, which uses only interest generated, the Morgan Fund will use donations in the current year to augment the financial aid budget in the following year. Head of School Ruth Joray said that last spring we lost five middle school students, and the timing for them was terrible. Despite significant financial aid, their families simply could not afford the balance. With this new fund these students might have stayed. The new fund is named to honor Beverly Morgan, founding co-director of The Quaker School from 1982 to 1990. Bev, a Quaker, joined the working group to establish a Friends school for children with learning differences early in the planning stage. She came to us from the Bristol Township Public School District, where she was a special education teacher in the middle school, bringing essential experience and knowledge as well as a commitment to make the school successful. Bev is currently living in Westby, Wisconsin, where she is an active volunteer in a local food bank and a member of the La Crosse Worship Group. The Board of Trustees is happy to create this new option for donors, understanding that some may like their donations to benefit today’s students and some may prefer to build the endowed fund for future generations. 6

Karen Pfender is now a successful sophomore at Delaware Valley Friends School. While at TQS, she found her passion for photography and interest in “V&V” (Visualizing and Verbalizing®).

Alumni Phillip “Mac” McKenna made a surprise visit recently. Many teachers remembered him and flocked around to share memories. Mac is studying business in college and has traveled around the world!

Class of 2013

Congratulations and best wishes in high school! Come back to visit and share your stories!

Front Row (left to right): Elizabeth Sutton, A.J. DeMarco, Jonathon Burden, Kalif Taylor, Kristi Jester, Ameer Lunger, Zion Miller, Ruth Joray. Back Row: Steve Lewis, David Kent, Jeff Petzak.

________________________________________________ I was very impressed by your friendly, dynamic staff and your well-behaved, courteous students. It is evident everyone is working together for the betterment of each student. ~ Visiting Professional

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Annual Report 2012-2013 The Board of Trustees of The Quaker School at Horsham gratefully acknowledges the generosity of its many friends. Their thoughtful and continuing stewardship makes our work possible. This publication recognizes donors who made gifts from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this report. Please contact the Development Office at 215-574-2875, extension 19 or to make a correction or for more information on how you may donate to The Quaker School at Horsham.

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Phillip and Madeleine Henderson Rolland and Janet Henderson Mark and Nancy Hennessy Celestine Hill Frank and Connie Jarrett Dafydd Jones Ruth Joray and Frank Root Leon and Randi Katz Claire and Ron Keefe Alan and Gail Keim John Kelly John and Karin Kruidenier Alana M. Lambert Christopher LeCure Lebowitz and Nowak Family Orlando Leibovitz and Lissa Reidel Richard and Molly Logan Elizabeth Lukshides Barbara Maples Jo and Jim McCabe Scott and Sally McCracken Patricia McGrath Deirdre Mecke Nancy Meisinger and Peg MacDonald Gustave and Patricia Mondragon Bethann Morgan Mario Moussa and Robin Komita Gary Mucklow and Sharon Gimpel Peter O’Halloran Leon, Gina and Alexa Oboler Thomas and Holly Olson James and Lisa Perry Keith and Stanley F. Peters Charles and Ruth Peterson Elva Petzak Karen Pithie Mimsey Potts Samuel and Barbara Reiner Patricia Renzulli Robert and Joanna Robinson Deborah S. Rogers, M.D. Harry Rothwell George and Margaret Rowe Katherine Rowe Michael Rueter and Julie Stone 8

Bonnie Saunders Peter Schiano Jack Seitner Merritt Cooke and Grace Sharples-Cooke Charles Sines Harry and Alyse Smith Warren and Barbara Snyder Thomas and Carolyn Spencer Mike and Cate Stefanski Claude and Andrea Surratt John and Sandy Szumiloski David and Joanne Tarditi David and Sabrina Tarditi Daniel Turner Thomas C. Unger Diane Vernon Robert and Marlyn Vogel Martin and Elizabeth Whalen Jay and Linda White Richard Willis Barry and Merle Wolf David and Karen Wright Wrightstown Monthly Meeting Michael and Hyelee Yoon Tom Zug

Honorary Gifts In honor of George Rowe and Beverly Morgan by Patricia McGrath In honor of Beverly Morgan by Bethann Morgan In honor of Chester and Romaine Plevyak by John and Sandy Szumiloski In honor of Mimsey Potts by Betsy and Dan Crofts by Maxfield Family Fund In honor of George and Margie Rowe by Maxfield Family Fund

Memorial Gifts In memory of David MacInnes by Thomas and Carolyn Spencer

Corporations, Foundations 10 Types Inc. Advertech Aetna Foundation Ahold Financial Services Fidelity Charitable Grants Floral Vale Periodontics & Implants, P.C. GE Foundation Good Search Maxfield Family Fund Merck Partnership for Giving Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Target The Quaker School at Horsham Faculty United Health Group United Way of Greater Philadephia & SNJ Verizon Foundation Willow Grove Foundation

George Rowe Scholarship Endowment Gary Caldwell and Patricia Thomas Joseph and Barbara Devlin Education With a Difference, Inc. Cynthia Evans William S. Hallowell Walter and June Hallowell Frederic and Mary Hanisch Frank and Connie Jarrett John and Karin Kruidenier Karen Pithie David and Karen Wright Wrightstown Monthly Meeting

Special Projects, Professional Development, After School Program Elizabeth Eschallier Robert and Colleen Fox Friends Council on Education Alan and Carol Ann Gray Frederic and Mary Hanisch Phillip and Madeleine Henderson Frank and Connie Jarrett Dafydd Jones Frank Root and Ruth Joray John and Karin Kruidenier Deirdre Mecke

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Scholarship and EITC Friends Council on Education Germantown Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends John Martin Trust Lomax Family Foundation Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Philip Rosenau Company, Inc. Robert M. Elizabeth Taylor Fund John and Sandy Szumiloski Universal Health Services, Inc.

Maggie Fine Fund Gary Caldwell and Patricia Thomas Child Development Foundation Frederic and Mary Hanisch Phillip and Madeleine Henderson Frank and Connie Jarrett John and Karin Kruidenier The Quaker School at Horsham Parents Association Diane Vernon David and Karen Wright

Do you remember this hayride in 2002?

Dottie Sines Memorial Fund for Music Education C.K. Radcliff & Sons, Inc. Gary Caldwell and Patricia Thomas Gail and Tom Crane Joseph and Barbara Devlin Frederic and Mary Hanisch Phillip and Madeleine Henderson Horsham Friends Meeting Frank and Connie Jarrett Dafydd Jones Frank Root and Ruth Joray John and Karin Kruidenier Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Charles Sines Mike and Cate Stefanski Florence Verdeur David and Karen Wright

The pilot TAP class built a river-worthy canoe with Jeff Bishop. Philadelphia Yearly Meeting George and Margaret Rowe William and Mimi Seyfert Charles Sines Baltimore Yearly Meeting and the Sue Thomas Turner Quaker Education Fund David and Sabrina Tarditi Tyson Memorial Fund David and Karen Wright

Gifts in Kind Joe and Leslie Duke Louis Park Karen Pithie Jeffrey T. Petzak Musicopia

Mortgage Reduction David and Tara Charles Exelon Horsham Friends Meeting Frank and Connie Jarrett J. Ellwood and Joan Kirk 9

Hilary Leonard admiring the snake at Outdoor School, 2006.


Our Donors

Annual Fund The Annual Fund provides additional money to support the operations of The Quaker School at Horsham. Therefore, it is our most important fundraising priority. Gifts to the Annual Fund ensure quality instruction, classroom materials, technology, library and special programs such as ice skating. Support from parents, grandparents, alumni, alumni parents, faculty, staff, Board of Trustees and Friends is vital to the annual operating budget and is deeply appreciated. Beverly Morgan Scholarship Fund The Beverly Morgan Scholarship Fund benefits students whose need is above and beyond the typical scholarship provided to qualifying students. Your contribution to this scholarship fund provides immediate assistance to students in need.

Donations Funded

Dottie Sines Memorial Fund for Music Education The Dottie Sines Memorial Fund for Music Education was created to honor one of our founding board members and long-time dedicated supporter of the School. Dottie’s love of children and music is well known. This is a wonderful way to support arts education at The Quaker School at Horsham. George Rowe Scholarship Endowment Fund The proceeds from the George Rowe Scholarship Endowment provide financial aid to students in need. The proceeds are disbursed annually. This fund contributes to the long term scholarship health of The Quaker School at Horsham.

Jordan Gregson is now a sophomore at The Woodlynde School. He was a member of the pilot TAP class. John Dearing is a sophomore at Bucks County Technical HS. He already runs a “cottage industry”, utilizing his extraordinary tech skills.

Matching Gifts Many corporations will match your donations to The Quaker School at Horsham. This is a wonderful way to increase your donation. Some corporations will double and even triple your contribution. If your employer has a matching gift program you will be required to fill out a form and provide a copy to the Development Office at TQS to initiate the matching process. Some corporations may require you to participate in the annual giving program through the United Way in order to receive a matching gift. Please designate The Quaker School at Horsham as the beneficiary of your gift by specifying the TQS United Way code number of 8840. Sustaining Gifts: A sustaining gift is a donation made in increments over time. Regularly scheduled monthly donations can make giving to The Quaker School at Horsham more manageable.

To make a gift in support of a child’s education, in any k contact the Development Office at 215-674-2875 e

To make a gift online scan this Q 10

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Sources of Income

Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC) Eligible businesses can support The Quaker School at Horsham through the state of Pennsylvania EITC program that provides financial assistance to students in need. If your company qualifies it can receive a tax credit while providing scholarships. For additional information, go to or contact your financial advisor. Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program (OSTC) The OSTC program provides tax credits to eligible businesses contributing to an Opportunity Scholarship Organization such as The Quaker School at Horsham. Business contributions are then used by Opportunity Scholarship Organizations to provide tuition assistance in the form of scholarships to eligible students to attend another public school outside of their district or nonpublic school. For additional information, go to or contact your financial advisor.


Restricted Gifts Restricted gifts to The Quaker School at Horsham provide funding for specific, named purposes such as special events or classroom equipment. Please contact the Development Office if you are interested in funding special events or a particular classroom need. Stock Gifts The Quaker School at Horsham will accept your gifts of appreciated securities. You may avoid capital gains taxes while receiving a charitable deduction for the securities. Please contact your broker, tax consultant and the Development Office if you would like to exercise this option. Planned Gifts Planned gifts help donors enhance their estate tax planning. The most popular ways to provide a planned gift to The Quaker School at Horsham are through a charitable bequest in your will or through a charitable gift annuity. Please contact the Development Office if you would like additional information on Planned Giving. Gifts in Kind The Quaker School at Horsham accepts gifts of supplies and equipment to enhance school programs and special events. A tax deduction letter is issued to acknowledge your gift. Please contact Michelle Lee in the Main Office if you would like to donate items.

_____________________________________________________ “…Utilizing the teachings of The All Kinds of Minds Institute and the tenets of Quakerism, the school nourishes each child’s sense of self by focusing on his or her strengths and helping the child understand his or her challenges. Its stellar academic programming, based on a fully individualized program, meets the academic needs of children...while allowing for the quirks that go hand in hand with most learning differences. And, unlike most of the excellent private schools for children who learn differently, TQS is located in Eastern Montgomery County. I write not to toot TQS’ horn, but to share a school that has changed our son’s life with other parents facing the challenge of finding a school where their child can be accepted, loved and educated…” ~ excerpt of letter from parent published in Philadelphia Magazine


kind or amount, or to discuss additional giving options, extension 19 or at

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Board of Trustees John Kruidenier, President Joseph Devlin, Vice President David Charles, Treasurer Karen Wright, Secretary Rebecca Anwar Penrose Hallowell Mary Hanisch Phillip Henderson Frank Jarrett Deirdre Mecke Peter Schiano Mike Stefanski


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“Unlocking Learners, Building Leaders”

Save the dates Sunday, October 6, 2013 A Day at Camp at The Outdoor School 12-3 pm

Tuesday, March 4, 2014 Open House, 9-10:30 am

Saturday, October 19, 2013 Speaker Series #1, 9-10:30 am Autism Spectrum Disorder and Mental Health Disorders by James Coplan, M.D., Neurodevelopmental Pediatrician

Saturday, March 8, 2014 Speaker Series #3, 9-10:30 am Financial Strategies for the Special Needs Family by Bruce Sham

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 Open House, 9-10:30 am

Thursday, April 3, 2014 Speaker Series #4, 6-7 pm Family Functioning in the Face of a Child’s Disability by Scott Browning, Ph.D.

Saturday, January 11, 2014 Speaker Series #2, 9-10:30 am 504’s, IEP and Due Process by Judith Gran, Special Education Attorney Tuesday, January 14, 2014 Open House, 9-10:30 am

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 Open House, 9-10:30 am

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our alumni and the impact of The Quaker School at Horsham. We know there are more great TQS success stories out there! Please send us your story to be added to our website and other future publications.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 Open House, 9-10:30 am

Admissions Tours and Inquiry Meetings are available by appointment.

The Link Annual Report  

The Quaker School at Horsham 2012 - 2013

The Link Annual Report  

The Quaker School at Horsham 2012 - 2013