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“Remember this. That very little is needed to make a happy life.” - Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (121-180 AD)

fayetteville monthly meeting website: meeting contact no.: 1-888-909-1110 Co-clerk: Elizabeth Bullock-Rest 479-283-0942

 meeting for worship Sundays 9:30am, Wednesdays 6pm - 7pm Bennett House (OMNI Center), 3274 N. Lee Avenue, Fayetteville. Note: new venue and time

 meeting with attention to business Most first Sundays after worship.

meeting for healing Meets every Tuesday at 6pm at Bennett House or at an “on the road” location. So requests to have the meeting at someone’s home are welcomed. Friends who have concerns they would like us to remember are invited to provide a name and a few words to be brought to the healing circle. Betty Blanch 479-582-9255 Maya Porter 479-443-1868

committees Committee meetings are open to all with the exception of Ministry & Oversight. Contact the clerks for more info.

Working meetings now take place at the home of Garin Wiggins. 479-575-9302

 activities after meeting Most Sundays 11:15 am for about 1 hour. Coffee and tea available. th

November 14 reflections on simplicity For “Plain Dress November”, a consideration of Quaker plain dress with Brandon Weston. November 21st making our space sacred A worship sharing led by Karen Takemoto. November 28th education program A second hour program yet to be decided. th

December 5 meeting for worship with attention to business The Quaker process in action. A spirit-led business meeting, where all are welcome to join in finding the path our meeting will take.

 Q-life teens Starts at around 5:00pm, alternate Sundays, at Elizabeth Bullock-Rest’s home.



Meets 5pm 3rd Tues. of the month. Peter Marchant 479-839-3317

 hospitality Gladys Tiffany 479-973-9049

 ministry and oversight Karen Takemoto 479-267-5822

 peace & justice

Meets 5pm 4th Wed. of the month. Gladys Tiffany 479-973-9049


Saturday, December 11th At Mary V. Cochran and Garin Wiggins’ home in Fayetteville. Tel. 479-575-9302

we have moved!!! Our meeting moved to a new venue as of November 1st. We now meet at the OMNI Center in Fayetteville. Also note a new meeting time, it now starts, with singing, at 9:30 am. Bennett House (OMNI Center), 3274 N Lee Ave, Fayetteville, AR

Πέτρος We wish our beloved Friend, Peter Marchant, a speedy return to good health, and a speedy return to the USA, after his recent stroke which has left him temporarily stranded in England.

triune? Our nominating committee recommended to November meeting for worship with attention to business that, with the departure of co-clerk David Schoen, clerking of our meeting be shared between Elizabeth Bullock-Rest, Mary Elsie Marchant, and Richard Tiffany. This proposal will be brought again to December meeting for final approval. If approved, they will serve for the remainder of David Schoen’s term – i.e. until January 2012.


committees With the change of venue for our meeting, please check with your committee clerks for the location of committee meetings. They may now be at Bennett House or some other location.

she shall have music … Local women’s singing group, Harmonia, has released their third CD, a musical offering of meditative and soothing music. Deep Peace, Deep Peace is their most mellow and contemplative CD to date ~ a sweet offering to sooth the stress of the times. Contact chantress Elizabeth Bullock-Rest for where to buy.

Also you may wish to check out the women musicians at Terra Studio’s Angel Fest Saturday Nov. 14th and Sunday Nov. 15th.

Contributions to our meeting, in cash or check, are gratefully received. Please put them in the donations box at meeting, or give or send them to our treasurer Richard Phillips, 15139 Prairie Grove Lake Road, Prairie Grove, AR 727539069. Please make your checks to meeting payable to “Fayetteville Friends Meeting”. Some Friends also make donations by regular payroll deductions – ask your employer about this and then contact Richard Phillips to get our bank details. Pledge time is coming;now is the time to consider how you gave this year and how you might give next year. Are you behind in your pledged contributions?

digital connections Keep in touch with us by subscribing to our digital mailing lists and facebook. Fayark Friends is the email list that is for meeting business only and includes a monthly email of this newsletter.

Ozark Quaker is the place where the chattier Fayetteville quakers discuss everything from baby robins to naked quakers.

There is a facebook page for college age and young adult f(F)riends in AR, OK and extraterrestrial environs with the mantra: “we are all fronds connected to that big fern”

And an all-embracing facebook page for Fayetteville Friends at:

November 2010 Quaker Newsletter  

The November Newlsetter of the Fayetteville Arkansas Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

November 2010 Quaker Newsletter  

The November Newlsetter of the Fayetteville Arkansas Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)