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SAFETY FASTENERS IN SAN JOSE Whenever the topic of earthquake preparedness comes up invariably so too does the question - what’s that? Turns out it’s a lot of things, but in terms of a home, it’s securing furniture and electronics with safety fasteners in San Jose. What most people don’t realize is that the #1 cause of injuries or even death in an earthquake is from heavy items falling on top of people and the best way to avoid that is by using safety fasteners in San Jose. The technical term for it is non-structural interior mitigation and what that means is securing those tall, top-heavy pieces of furniture around your home. The general rule of thumb is that if it’s heavy enough to hurt you if it falls on you it should be secured. QuakeHOLD! have pioneered state-of-the-art safety fasteners in San Jose that can be used in just about any household situation. And what puts our safety fasteners in San Jose head and shoulders above anything else is that they are made of flexible nylon. What’s unique about these straps is that they enable bigger, heavier furniture to move independently of the structure during an earthquake and not crash to the floor. The straps also act as shock absorbers to some degree by absorbing some of the energy from a quake. The old way of securing furniture was to brace it with metal brackets, but the problem with that is the brackets can be ripped from the wall during shaking because metal is rigid and has no give in it, effectively defeating the purpose of securing the item in the first place. Another unique aspect of our safety fasteners in San Jose is that they don’t need to be drilled into your furniture as was the case with those old metal brackets. By incorporating what’s called a hook and loop design and combining it with industrial strength adhesive, the straps can be attached to the top of the piece of furniture being secured by pressing them in to place. The other end of the strap must be scred into the wall stud to secure the item in position. That’s it. That’s all you need to do to stop your wall unit, bookcase, china cabinet etc from crashing down in the next earthquake.

Earthquake Cabinet Latches Hayward Earthquake preparedness is front and center these days and something else people in earthquake zones should be thinking about is earthquake cabinet latches in Hayward. Earthquake cabinet latches in Hayward are inexpensive and easy to install and can be applied to all the cupboard and cabinet doors around your home. Online store is a great place to start when you’re looking for safety fasteners in San Jose and earthquake cabinet latches in Hayward, as ll as a complete range of earthquake preparedness and safety items, including survival kits. No matter where you live, if you’re in an earthquake zone chances are it’s one that’s overdue for a major earthquake - most of them are according to the experts. And because earthquakes can strike at any time anywhere, safety fasteners in San Jose are the best way to guarantee that you won’t run the risk of losing all the contents of your home. Don’t put it off one more day, safety fasteners in San Jose are necessary and it is strongly recommend that you get yours today.