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APRIL 2018


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Quail Ridge Country Club

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The Covey Newsletter is published by the Quail Ridge Marketing & Membership Department: Holly E. Kaspar, MBA Director of Marketing & Membership Joyce Pleasant Communications Director Dominique Jean-Jacques Membership & Marketing Assistant WE WELCOME YOUR FEEDBACK If you have a story idea, photo, article, or any suggestions, please send to: Joyce Pleasant: Thank you to our members, staff, and friends for their contributions to this publication, and to our dedicated team of editors.

COV EY, noun a party or flock of birds, especially quail. . a group of people or things; a gathering; party

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April 2018 | The Covey

APRIL 2018

CONTENTS Cover Feature: A Fresh Take on Club Cuisine In the Kitchen with Chef Reza Adhitiya p.18 FROM THE TOP OF THE NEST 5 Club President 7 P.O.A. President 9 General Manager 10 Marketing & Membership - Membership Updates p.12 - Welcome New Members p.14 - New Member Cocktail Party p.17 CLUBHOUSE 18 Cover Feature: Club Cuisine 21 Upcoming Clubhouse Events 22 Special Feature: QR Sports Hall of Fame 23 Photo Feature: Hall of Fame Induction 26 Photo Features: - Easter Carnival - Busch Wildlife - Annual Meeting - Bethesda Day 31 Around the Club: Member Spotlight

GOLF 32 Golf Updates, News, & Events TENNIS 42 Tennis Updates, News & Events AROUND QUAIL RIDGE 44 Community Safety Updates 45 Community Association Updates 48 Realty News 48 Rental Program 49 Spa & Fitness 50 Events & Activities 51 In Memoriam

the Covey | April 2018

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April 2018 | The Covey

Dear Friends and Fellow Members: I am writing to you today, just after the “Sip and Chat,” regarding the South Golf Course and Community Irrigation Project. We had a very nice crowd attend and many very good questions. The proxies were mailed on April 10 to all members, at both local and northern addresses on file. In addition, we created a webpage for this information on the private side of the Club website, if you need to print a proxy or view any of the materials. I encourage each of you to exercise your right to vote and return your proxy in time for the called meeting on April 27 at 9:00 AM. Your Club Board recommends a YES vote on this issue. As we begin to wind down the first season in our new Clubhouse, we can look back fondly at our first New Year’s Eve party, the Grand Opening Gala, and so many more great events that made this year special. We continue to marvel at the overwhelming popularity of the new Clubhouse, and we can’t wait to see what our management team has in store for us next year. Bill, Carl, and the entire management team will take this summer to critique every area of the operations, from hours open, offerings, and menus, to service levels, training, and more, in order to ensure that we get better as an organization every year. We are off to a great start and are committed to making Quail Ridge a place that you cannot wait to enjoy with family and friends. As usual, our Membership and Marketing team is busy onboarding our summer members and finalizing our summer reciprocal program with other area clubs. This is a very nice benefit for our full-time residents, allowing them to enjoy 12-15 other golf courses and clubs for dining and golf during the off season. This year, it will also allow members from those clubs to have an opportunity to see and enjoy our new Clubhouse. Our plans are to open at least three nights for dinner this summer on a schedule opposite of our friends at Delray Dunes, providing a dining option between the two clubs almost seven nights a week.

The plans are progressing nicely for the Fitness Center since your approval of this project in early March. The site plan has been submitted to the county for consideration, the architect is finalizing some last minute changes to the floor plan, and the contractor is out to bid with his sub-contractors. We expect to have a signed contract for the construction of the facility within the next thirty days. Scott and the Tennis team will be completing their summer projects, including the rebuilding of courts one and two, into hydro courts beginning in May or June. They will also host their annual Junior Summer Tennis Camps, as well as several USTA events. Dan and the Golf staff will be busy handling our summer leagues, reciprocals, and member play. Dan and Bill will also be working together with our interior design firm to add lockers in the Ladies’ Locker Room this summer. Joe and the Agronomy team are taking a different approach to maintenance this summer, only closing each golf course twice, but for longer periods, so we can always ensure that one course is in optimal shape. Finally, thank you for the confidence that you have placed in me by electing me as your Club President for the second year. The entire Board and I are committed to preserving and protecting the assets and facilities of this beautiful place that we call home. Best wishes to you all for an enjoyable summer. Respectfully,

Gerry Leider Club President

the Covey | April 2018

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[ From the top of the Nest ]

Club President’s Report

P.O.A. President’s Report Dear Friends: It has been a true whirlwind in my first six weeks as your newly-elected President of the Quail Ridge Property Owners Association. First, let me say thank you for the trust that you have placed in me, as well as the rest of your elected Board Members. I firmly believe that we have a well-comprised Board of Governors dedicated to operating Quail Ridge in a fiscally-responsible manner, while at the same time, ensuring that we are protecting and enhancing our assets. Since our Annual Meeting in March, we have been busy appointing and organizing all of the Committee Chairs responsible for the many areas of Quail Ridge. Did you know that between the P.O.A., Club, and Coordinating Committee, there are nineteen standing Committees? With each Committee averaging more than ten individuals, there are more than two hundred Members in Board or Committee service for the good of the community and Club. Our primary focus since the Annual Meeting has been the coordination of the documents necessary to bring the South Golf Course and Community Irrigation

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April 2018 | The Covey

Project to a vote. That has entailed multiple meetings for the POA and Club Boards, as well as the Coordinating Committee. Following the Annual Meeting — in which we discussed the state of the P.O.A. and Club, recent real estate success, the Clubhouse project and Bundling — we also continued to host a series of meetings to keep everyone informed. Our Town Hall Meetings in March to discuss potential financing plans for the proposed projects, and our most recent “Sip and Chat” event, gave everyone the opportunity to ask questions and express their opinions. We hope that you took the opportunity to participate. Now, we sincerely hope that you will carefully review all of the information contained in the Proxy package and consider a YES vote for the Project. Real Estate sales have continued strong throughout the peak season this year, and traffic is now beginning to slow down. Our revised forecast for the year for new member sales is in the mid-fifties compared to our normal forty transactions per year. This does not include

Sathena, Victor, and their team will soon begin the removal of seasonal flowers as the summer heat and humidity takes its toll. The fichus hedge on Golf Road is receiving its spring trimming and shaping. For those of you that have noticed the open area along Golf Road heading west, that is due to a vehicle accident that caused damage to the hedge. Replacement plants have been added but it will take some time for them to grow in.

[ From the top of the Nest ]

any member-to-member transactions. In addition, our “Stay and Play� program has prospects booked through the end of April to visit the Club and community.

borhood painting projects. If you need assistance, please call them at 561-737-5100 ext. 3380. Also, please remember that we offer a very nice summer home inspection service with weekly emails to keep you informed. You can schedule this by calling 561-737-5100 ext. 3352 and speaking with Delfin. Finally, based on the active weather season last year, the entire management team will be meeting in the coming months to review our Emergency Preparedness Guide and Hurricane Manual. This is an annual task to refresh and prepare the team to take quick action to protect our assets.

Our Landscaping team will also begin the tree trimming work in the community south of Woolbright. Our focus last year was north of Woolbright. In-house crews will be touching up the northern part of our community.

Thank you again for the opportunity to serve as your President. I look forward to a great year. Best wishes for a superb summer season and we look forward to seeing everyone again this coming fall.

Mike and the General Maintenance team will be active over the next forty-five days or so assisting many of our members with closing up their homes. This summer, they have several paving jobs, as well as neigh-

Regards, Bob Liguori P.O.A. President

the Covey | April 2018

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April 2018 | The Covey

[ From the top of the Nest ]

General Manager’s Report Dear Friends and Members: There is a country song titled, “Don’t Blink,” and it seems very appropriate to start this article with it. I was at the Men’s Golf closing day dinner last week and Dan spoke about how we started the year with our Opening event in the cart facility just a few short months ago. That hit home with me as to how far we have come since the beginning of the season last November. Time literally flew by this season, and here we are at the end. Our sincere hope is that it has been a full season of good times and fond memories enjoying your time here at Quail Ridge. Every day now, when I walk the dining rooms, many of you are saying your good-byes until next fall. You should know that it has been our sincere pleasure to have served you this year. As we complete the season, we will begin to move right into the other major summer projects on our “to do” list. The three major items are the final Certificate of Occupancy and financial closeout for the Clubhouse, finalizing plans and permits for the construction to begin on the Fitness Center, and completing our due diligence on “Bundling” for the Coordinating Committee’s review. We will also take the summer to finalize all punch list items in the Clubhouse, and to make any adjustments needed to our back-of-the-house areas to provide better member service next season. This will also be our first summer season in the new facilities, and we will learn what to expect in terms of usage from our full-time members, summer members, and reciprocal guests. Speaking of reciprocals, our Golf staff and Membership and Marketing staff are putting together a very nice list of area Clubs that members can enjoy this summer. We will be publishing that list with the hours and services in the very near future. St. Andrews Club on the ocean has offered beach passes to our members again this season for a very nominal rate - watch your email for more information about this offer.

Thank you all so much for all of the fantastic referrals of your friends and family to visit the Club and community this year. We are having our best real estate year ever because of you. We encourage you to consider inviting friends and family down throughout the summer as well so that we can “keep the vibe alive.” Your referrals are always our best source of future Members. We will also be participating in several road trips to Members’ home clubs this summer to share our message. Finally, I want to offer a special thank you to the more than 200 Members that serve on two Boards and nineteen standing committees. The time that you give selflessly each year to help guide our Club and community is remarkable. More than 20% of the entire Membership is involved in some part of the governance of Quail Ridge, and together you are making decisions that will have long lasting positive effects on our community. Thank you all for a fantastic season! Our entire team wishes you the best summer ever, wherever your travels take you. We look forward to a great summer season and to making next year the best ever at Quail Ridge. We hope to see you at the Club soon. With warm regards,

William E. Langley, CCM, CCE Chief Operating Officer

the Covey | April 2018

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[ Marketing & Membership ]

Marketing & Membership This has been an incredible season here at Quail Ridge, and there’s certainly a vibe of excitement in the air. With the opening of the new Clubhouse, a full calendar of sold-out and well-attended events, record-breaking sales and Club usage, and membership inquiries coming in at a rapid pace, it has been a season to remember! As this has been my first full season here at the Club, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on all of the great things our Marketing & Membership Department has accomplished over the past year, helping to spread the word about Quail Ridge and our Championship Lifestyle: • PLANNING We developed a multi-channel marketing plan to promote Quail Ridge during the Clubhouse construction, leading up to opening and beyond. Our approach married both digital and traditional marketing tactics, including targeted advertising, trade shows/expos, social media, website and mobile technology, press and more. • ADVERTISING We managed a number of print and digital advertising campaigns via LINKS Magazine, Ideal Living Magazine, Kingdom and TPC Magazines, Homes & Land, as well as boosted social media posts and content through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn social media platforms. In addition, we’re using an all new medium to attract attention and highlight our Club and events, using to create news-clip style video ads, which are proving to be very popular. • EDITORIAL Quail Ridge was featured in editorial and advertorial content through LINKS and Ideal Living Magazines, featuring multi-page ar-

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April 2018 | The Covey

ticles on our Club and new Clubhouse, as well as a feature in the article, Florida: State of Golf. We’ve also worked hard to secure positive press and PR. • PUBLICATIONS/DESIGN We’ve worked all season to update and elevate all of our marketing and membership publications, starting with the full redesign, renaming and rebranding of this publication - The Covey Newsletter - along with work on flyers, posters, menus, signage, programs, and printed materials all across the Club. There will be more to come as we continue to upgrade all we produce. • TRADE SHOWS Quail Ridge was represented at a number of trade shows and expos this year, including: Ideal Living Fall Show in the Tyson’s Corner/ Washington D.C. metro area (September 2017); Ideal Living Winter Show in the Schaumburg/Chicago area (January 2018); and a new venue for us, the Toronto Star Golf & Travel Show in the Missisauga/Toronto, Canada area (February 2018). • QR ONLINE In October, we launched the all new Quail Ridge Country Club website, which was fully-rebranded and redesigned to better showcase our Club and incredible array of amenities, while allowing better access for members, and new ways for prospective members and rental guests to interact and contact the Club. It’s proven to be an excellent tool for generating leads and driving interest in the Club.

• PHOTOGRAPHY We worked with a professional photography and video crew this year to take all new beauty shots, and to film a new marketing video for the Club. We look forward to sharing these soon! A very big thank you to all of our members who helped out and modeled for the shoot! • SUMMER MEMBERSHIP Our team managed the acquisition of a full roster of Summer Golf Members for the 2017 summer season, and are already on our way to filling this year’s program. We’ll be incorporating some new avenues for promoting the program this year, and expect to see it fill quickly. Learn more about the 2018 Summer Membership on Page 13 of this newsletter. • MEMBERSHIP We’re actively working to improve membership processes, better integrating the new member experience in conjunction with Real Estate, improving the tours, orientations and on-boarding processes, and improving overall departmental procedures. In addition, we’ve worked closely with various committees to assist with membership category peer analyses and market research to help guide new category changes and fee structures.

[ Marketing & Membership ]


Non-Resident Golf Membership REFER A FRIEND TO LEARN MORE Do you know someone who isn’t looking to purchase real estate, but is interested in year-round, full golf membership with Quail Ridge? Let them know about our Non-Resident Golf Program!

Non-Resident Golf Members enjoy full access to all of our amenities, all year round, including golf, tennis, spa & fitness, and our full calendar of dining and events at the Clubhouse! Please encourage them to contact Holly Kaspar at (561) 737-5100 x.3306 or by email:

It has been an exciting season of great changes, and we look forward to keeping that momentum going, and continuing to find new ways to promote Quail Ridge and ensure continued success.

Holly E. Kaspar, MBA Director of Marketing & Membership

A team from Granite Digital/GDI was on-site to take all new photos of the Club, and film our new marketing video!

the Covey | April 2018

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[ Marketing & Membership ]

Keep the Vibe Alive!

Share the Excitement Here at Quail Ridge It’s an amazing time to be a member at Quail Ridge Country Club. With the grand opening of our beautiful Clubhouse, we’ve turned to a new chapter in our community’s history, and the level of excitement couldn’t be higher. You can truly feel the “positive vibe” in the air. It can be heard in the laughter and camaraderie of our members, enjoying a round of golf, a game of tennis, a group class at the Spa & Fitness Center, or a delicious meal on the Quail’s Nest Patio. You can see it in the numbers from our record-breaking sales and listings, and the flood of new interest in the Club flowing into our Membership offices. This has been a season to remember and we’d like to share just a few of our highlights and facts: • Our Members are utilizing every inch of our new Clubhouse - from the indoor and outdoor dining rooms, card rooms, and locker rooms - to the beautiful new Golf Shop and our time-honored Hall of Fame. • We’ve had record high interest in membership and real estate, and daily inquiries about our programs and upcoming summer membership. • Year-to-date real estate sales represent our second best year ever recorded. • In February we tied our monthly sales record and sales doubled compared to last year.

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April 2018 | The Covey

• The Spa & Fitness Center has experienced record-breaking usage. • Golf and Tennis have seen phenomenal participation in events, and everyday use. • We’re reaching current and potential members in new ways, with our new website, mobile app, and redesigned publications and newsletters. • We are seeing new interest from our targeted advertising and trade shows. Your Membership, Marketing & Real Estate Committee and I encourage all of you to spread the word about the “vibe” at Quail Ridge. Share these exciting highlights with your friends and neighbors, invite a guest to experience a round on our championship golf courses or to enjoy the world-class dining experience in our beautiful Clubhouse. As we close out the season and look toward to an exciting summer, let’s make sure we share the excitement of our Championship Lifestyle at Quail Ridge with our friends and neighbors back home.

It’s up to us to keep “The Vibe Alive!” Bill Franks Membership, Marketing, & Real Estate Committee



Are you familiar with our Non-Resident Golf Membership Program? Do you know someone who might be interested in year-round, full golf membership with Quail Ridge, but isn’t looking to purchase a new home within the community? We encourage you to let them know about our Non-Resident Golf Program!

At Quail Ridge, we celebrate our history, and are proud that we often have multi-generational members within our community. In addition to family members purchasing homes and becoming members themselves, we also have a number of members who joined Quail Ridge via inheritance or legacy transfers. Whether it’s a member passing their membership on through an inheritance, or a member seeking to transfer their membership to a child who would like to take over their privileges, our Legacy Program makes this transition easier.

Non-Resident Golf Members enjoy all the privileges of our resident members, without owning property in the community. They have full access to our two championship golf courses, as well as our 16 HarTru tennis courts, Spa & Fitness Center, and worldclass dining and events at our beautiful Clubhouse. We’ve also recently changed the fee structure for our NR program, making the initiation fee ‘on par’ with our resident golf fees. The initiation fee for Non-Resident Golf is now $45,000, matching the Resident Golf fee, and with the same annual golf dues as resident golf members. This exclusive program is limited to only 30 memberships, and we are close to filling these spaces. If you know someone who may be interested learning more, please encourage them to contact Holly Kaspar, Director of Marketing & Membership at or ext. 3306.

[ Marketing & Membership ]

Additional Membership Updates

As we continuously evaluate and update membership categories and costs, the Board approved returning the fee to perform a Legacy or Inheritance Transfer to it’s previous amount of 50% of the current initiation fee. All Legacy or Inheritance transfers moving forward will need to pay a fee equal to 50% of the current initiation fee for that category (either golf or social). If you have any questions or would like to explore this option, please contact our Membership Office.

Summer Membership APRIL 28 - OCTOBER 28

We’re fast approaching another exciting summer of golf here at Quail Ridge Country Club! We offer a limited number of Summer Memberships, allowing access to a number of great amenities: - Two 18-hole championship golf courses - Spa & Fitness Center - World-class dining at our Clubhouse - Tennis privileges (available for an additional fee) These memberships are filling fast and are expected to sell-out in the coming weeks. Please Call Membership at (561) 737-5100 ext.3307 or email to learn more the Covey | April 2018

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[ Membership ]


New Members

Gary & Gabrielle Woodland

Nathalie Belley & Luc Gravel

Honorary Members Gary and Gabby join Quail Ridge as Honorary Members. Gary, a PGA Pro Golfer, was coached by Quail Ridge Hall of Fame inductee, Ross Randall. Gary is from Topeka, KS and attended Kansas University, while Gabby is from Phoenix, AZ and attended Baylor University. They moved to Delray beach in 2016, and their son, Jaxon, was born in June 2017.

Golf Members (Hibiscus) Luc and Nathalie also belong to Club Tennis Saguenay in Quebec. Luc is a retired IT Director, having served for 32 years with an organization in the mining industry, and Nathalie is a Pharmacist. They have two children, and also reside in Falardeau, Quebec, Canada.

Pierre Beaudoin & Hélène Robitaille

Pamela & David Troutman

Golf Members (Royal Tern) Pierre and Hélène are also members of Knowlton Golf Club in Quebec. He currently serves as Chairman for a large manufacturer of planes and trains, and has served in various roles for that organization for the last 31 years. She serves as a Civil Engineer. They have two children, and also reside in Westmount, Quebec, Canada.

14 |

April 2018 | The Covey

Golf Members (Royal Tern) David and Pamela are legacy members of mother, Dorothy Troutman, who has been a member since 1988. They are also members of the Country Club of Harrisburg in Pennsylvania. He is the President and Owner of a car dealership in PA. They have two children, and also reside in Millersburg, PA.

Victoria Esposito & Edward Brennan

Golf Members (Kittiwake) Edward and Victoria are also members of the Montreal Country Club. He is currently a Real Estate Broker in Montreal. In addition to Quail Ridge, they also have a home in Verdun, Quebec, Canada.

Judge David French

Golf Member (Royal Tern) Judge French formerly belonged to several clubs, including Hamlet Country Club, Miami Shores and Broken Sound, as well as Palm Beach Yacht Club where he held a summer membership. He served as an Attorney for 30 years, prior to being elected to his current role in 2006 as a Circuit Judge in Palm Beach County. He has one son, and resides in Boynton Beach year-round.

[ Membership ] Carolann & Frank Donata

Jean-Paul Labelle and Roberte LeBlanc

Diane and Robert Pohlmann

Social Members (Osprey) Frank and Carolann belong to Upper Montclair Country Club in Clifton, New Jersey. He is a retired Attorney, and she is a retired School Counselor. They have one child, a daughter, and also reside in Totowa, New Jersey.

Social Members (Meadowlark) Jean-Paul and Roberte also belong to Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club in Boca Raton. They are both retired and have two daughters. They also reside in Montreal.

Golf Members (Mallard) Robert and Diane belong to Seagate Beach Club in Delray Beach. He currently serves as a Partner in a management consulting firm. They have two daughters, and reside year-round in Boynton Beach.

Johanne Prevost & Richard Massicotte

Ann-Marie Lacombe & Pierre Gingras

Gregory Ross & Dr. Roy Vargas (Pictured)

Social Members (Kittiwake) Richard and Johanne are also members of Club de Golf St. Michel de Bellechasse in Quebec City. She is retired, and he is currently the President of a Retail Investments company he owns and manages in Quebec. They have three children, and also reside in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

Golf Members (Osprey) Pierre and Ann-Marie are also members of La VallĂŠe du Richelieu Golf Club in Sainte-Julie, Quebec, and are former members of Club de Golf de Beloeil. He is a retired insurance Account Director, and she is a retired Registered Nurse. They have one child, and also have a home in Greenfield Park, Quebec.

Golf Members (Chinaberry) Gregory has been a Quail Ridge member since 2015, and was recently joined by spouse and new member, Dr. Roy Vargas. Gregory is the owner of a Milwaukee, Wisconsin Architecture and Design firm, and Dr. Vargas is the Dean of Academic Affairs at a local college. They reside locally year-round. the Covey | April 2018

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[ Membership [ Clubhouse]]


New Members

Kelly & Stephen Pesek

Diane Vincent & Ronald Laramee

Manon Dalpe & Remi Wathier

Golf Members (Kittiwake) Stephen and Kelly belong to Weston Golf Club, Wianno Yacht Club, and The Wianno Club, all in Massachusetts. He is the Owner/ Manager of an investment management business, and she is a retired Registered Nurse. They have four children, and also reside in Weston, MA.

Golf Members (Hibiscus) Ronald and Diane belong to Miromar Lake in Florida, and formerly, the Club de Golf Le Mirage in Canada. He is currently President for a Medical Real Estate Developer in Canada, and she is a Designer. They have two children, and also reside in Laval, Quebec, Canada.

Golf Members (Green Heron) Remi and Manon are also members of VallĂŠe du Richelieu and Knowlton Golf Club, both in Quebec, Canada. He is currently the President of a food distribution company in Quebec, and she is a Head Nurse. They have five children, and also reside in Saint Mathieu de Beloeil, Quebec, Canada.

Marie Claude Dubuc & Francois Gauvin

- Not Pictured Jeffrey & Janet Buckley

- Not Pictured Anthony Edgeworth

Golf Members (Azalea) Francois and Marie also belong to Beaconsfield Golf Club in Canada. He is a Partner and CFO for a venture capital firm in Montreal, and she is retired. They have two children, and also reside in Mont-Royal, Quebec, Canada.

16 |

April 2018 | The Covey

Social Members (Shelldrake) Jeffrey and Janet are also members of Weekapaug Golf Club and Watch Hill Yacht Club, both in Westerly, Rhode Island. He is retired, most recently owning a Heating & Cooling company in RI, and she is a retired School Teacher. They have one daughter, and also reside in Wellfleet, MA.

Social Member (Kittiwake) Anthony is also a member of The Brook and the Racquet & Tennis Club, both in New York. He is currently the President of a custom book publishing company in Gulf Stream, FL. He has two children, and resides in Boynton Beach yearround.

New Member [ Membership ]

Cocktail Party

the Covey | April 2018

| 17


a fresh take on

Club Cuisine W

hen creating memorable experiences for members and guests, a world-class dining program is essential. The opening of our new Clubhouse provided the perfect opportunity to re-imagine that dining experience, from training staff to provide impeccable service, to managing every aspect of successful Food & Beverage operations. Leading efforts on the culinary side of service, Executive Chef Reza Adhitiya shines with his fresh take on Club cuisine.

18 |

April 2018 | The Covey

Freshness and quality are evident in every dish Chef Reza and his team prepares. “All menu composition and development is driven by seasonally-sourced foods, emphasizing quality over price, and simply-prepared,” he says. “We’d like our members to savor and taste the quality of the foods without masking them too much with unnecessary ingredients… less is more.”

”All menu composition and development is driven by seasonally-sourced foods, simply-prepared, and emphasizing quality over price.” To capture that freshness and quality in each dish, many of Chef Reza’s dishes celebrate local seafood and other regional ingredients. Our menus often feature mahi and swordfish from just off the coast of Boynton Beach and the Jupiter inlet, grouper from Islamorada, soft shell crab from Jacksonville, and yellowtail snapper from Key Largo – just to name a few. “Florida is known for its seafood – from the Panhandle to the Keys. We’d like to take advantage of that here at the Club. It makes sense for us to support local fisherman and farmers by hiring our own fisherman and farmers tied to our produce supplier and seafood vendor. This ensures simply the freshest seafood available. We insist on sourcing our products from the local Florida market as much as possible.” It’s more than just the ingredients that are fresh. Keeping the menus new and exciting through frequent revision is also imperative. Chef Reza works collaboratively with General Manager/COO Bill Langley, and Director of Operations, Carl Horace, to feature a wide array of cuisine throughout the year that highlights the best of the season. With an ever-changing menu, he also says that setting up recipes which everyone on his team must follow and adhere to, helps to

guarantee that the kitchen consistently delivers the utmost quality at every meal. One of the keys to keeping things fresh, is doing away with the old style of stock-piling inventory in the kitchen, opting instead for the “just in time” method of shortterm storage. “My father used to work at an assembly plant for a car manufacturer,” says Chef Reza. “There, demand drives production. Taking notes from that idea, we only purchase food for what we need, driven by the forecast for two days ahead of time. That way our product is always fresh, there’s less waste and spoilage, and most importantly, we can turn the products on a daily basis which saves money in the longer run, and assures the highest quality of our cuisine.” Chef Reza would like to thank our members for all of their patience, and feedback this season, which has helped him and his team to continuously improve. He says he is constantly researching new recipes and developing innovative ideas for food, plating and presentation. “We have a great team in the back-of-the-house that worked tirelessly this season to get our Clubhouse open and kitchen operations rolling, and we look forward to the exciting future of cuisine at the Club.”

the Covey | April 2018

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[ Cover Feature ]



[ Cover Feature ]

Florida Ceviche Ingredients Marinade: 1 clove garlic, minced 1 cup lime juice 1 cup lemon juice ½ cup olive oil Fish/Seafood: 10 oz of fish (snapper, grouper, corvina, shrimp, calamari, etc.), cut into half-inch cubes Vegetables: 1 tbsp tomato, seeded & finely diced 1 tbsp jicama, finely diced 1 tbsp cucumber, finely diced 1 tbsp red onion, finely diced ½ tsp jalapeño, seeded & finely diced ½ tsp cilantro, chopped 1 ½ limes, juiced Salt and black pepper to taste

Method of preparation 1. In a non-metallic bowl, combine the marinade and the fish. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours. 2. In another bowl combine the marinated fish and vegetables together. Add salt and black pepper to taste. 3. Garnish with fresh cilantro and fresh corn. Make it Peruvian style by adding boiled, cubed sweet potato.


This is a traditional ceviche recipe, with ingredients you can find at your local market. The possibilities for this dish are as wide as your imagination! You can work with vegetables you have in the refrigerator, and be sure to get the freshest fish you can from your local fish monger.

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April 2018 | The Covey

Upcoming Events [ Clubhouse ]

at the Clubhouse


Easter Brunch 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM Club Casual Call for Reservations


QR Chorus Dinner & Show 5:45 PM Cocktails 6:30 PM Show 7:30 PM Dinner Jacket Requested - $55

8 Masters Watch Party 3:00 - 7:00 PM Clubhouse Complimentary 9

Breakfast on the House 8:00 AM at the Clubhouse Complimentary Breakfast House Committee Presentation

APRIL (Continued)



Sip & Chat 5:00 - 6:30 PM Q&A Session on Irrigation & Golf Course Projects Complimentary wine & cheese Call to RSVP


Cinco de Mayo Cinco de Derby Party 5:00 - 10:00 PM Clubhouse - $25 Club Casual


Tina Turner Tribute Band 6:00 - 10:00 PM Dinner and Show - $60 Call for Reservations


Mother’s Day Brunch 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM Clubhouse - $45 Club Casual Call for Reservations


Wine Dinner Old World vs. New World 6:00 - 8:00 PM Clubhouse - $75 (No Band) Club Casual


Memorial Day BBQ 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM Clubhouse - $30 Club Casual Call for Reservations


Summer Membership Begins

the Covey | April 2018

| 21

[ Special Feature ]

Celebrating Excellence with the Quail Ridge

Sports Hall of Fame Quail Ridge Country Club celebrates a rich history of excellence in sports, and honors the many achievements of its members through its prestigious Sports Hall of Fame. Located in our Clubhouse, the Sports Hall of Fame showcases a wide range of memorabilia from current and former members who have accomplished incredible feats in the world of sports, on both the amateur and professional levels.     Step back in time and explore our museum-like display cases featuring Hall of Fame honorees; among them, two former Masters winners – Sam Snead and Claude Harmon. You’ll also find memorabilia from three of the most decorated amateurs in the game’s long history, including Ralph Bogart and Dale Morey, who were among Quail Ridge’s original Hall of Fame induction class in 2007. A year later, they were joined by Johnny Owens, who helped Bogart and Morey cofound the Society of Seniors, the premier organization for elite amateur golfers whose national headquarters is at Quail Ridge. Other top amateurs include Harreld Kirkpatrick, who won more than 100 events in his home state of Kentucky, and Gen. Bill Ely, who was profiled in Sports Illustrated in 2011 for shooting his age an amazing 2,005 times.

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April 2018 | The Covey

While the emphasis remains on golf, in 2008 Quail Ridge inducted Bruce Karr, a member of the wheelchair sports Hall of Fame and someone who carried the torch in the Wheelchair Olympics. As we move into the future, the contents of the Hall will continue to evolve as we continue to build our legacy. Quail Ridge is proud of its illustrious Hall of Fame history. The Hall of Fame, through the inductees’ memorabilia, tells some of the great stories of Quail Ridge Country Club and its members. Please visit our Sports Hall of Fame in the Quail Ridge Clubhouse and discover the accomplishments of our cherished members which will live on forever.

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Quail Ridge Sports Hall of Fame

Induction Ceremony

the Covey | April 2018

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O [ Photo Feature ]

n March 13, Quail Ridge celebrated its Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, honoring Ross Randall, Tom Rex, and Richard Stackhouse – three men who played and contributed to the game of golf at the highest level throughout their lives.

“The greatest lesson I learned from Coach is nothing in this life is given to you. Everything you do in life is earned. Coach earned this induction for his love of this Club, his love of this membership and his love for this great game.”

Ross Randall spent 28 years as head men’s golf coach at the University of Kansas, leading the Jayhawks to seven NCAA Championship appearances and was named Conference Coach of the Year three times. In addition to coaching All-Americans such as threetime PGA Tour winner and new, Honorary Quail Ridge member Gary Woodland, Randall played on the PGA Tour for eight years and worked as a PGA Professional under Claude Harmon at famed Winged Foot.

North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams, who worked at Kansas with Randall for 15 years, also sent a video to congratulate Randall.

Tom Rex was a top amateur player in Michigan, winning the state’s Public Links Championship in 1983, the Pro-Senior Amateur in 1985, the Senior Open Super Seniors and the 2014 Father-Son (with Tom Jr.).

Stackhouse was also a military hero who served in the Army Air Corps, flying 32 missions, including D-Day. He was awarded three Air Medals and the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Dick Stackhouse was a longtime rules official from Indiana, working 18 U.S. Opens on the USGA’s Rules Committee, and served as a golf administrator for many years. He was one of eight original founding members of the Society of Seniors and played in four U.S. Senior Amateurs.

Tom Rex, in addition to his amateur titles in his home state of Michigan, qualified for the 1981 and 1983 U.S. Senior Opens and the 1983 U.S. Senior Amateur. He was runner-up in the 2003 Canadian Super Senior Amateur.

The trio join an illustrious group of Hall of Fame inductees at Quail Ridge that includes Masters champions Sam Snead and Harmon. Randall and Stackhouse were inducted posthumously – both men passed last year - in front of a crowd that included golf legend Jack Nicklaus and wife Barbara (close friends of Rex’s), Hall of Fame architects Pete and Alice Dye (friends of Stackhouse) and Woodland, who spoke on behalf of Randall.

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April 2018 | The Covey

Jim Bounds, a top amateur player and friend of Dick Stackhouse spoke at the event as well. “He just loved competition. Dick once played in an exhibition match with Ben Hogan as his partner. You can imagine which team won,” he said.

“We came to Quail Ridge in 1976 because of all the great golfers and great people who are here,” Rex said. “What I love about the game is the friends you get to meet. This is such a great honor.” See More on Facebook View more photos from the Hall of Fame Ceremony, and see the latest Club news on our Facebook page. “Like” & Follow Us @QuailRidgeCC

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Easter Carnival & Street Fair

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April 2018 | The Covey

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Busch Wildlife Sanctuary Presentation [ Photo Feature ] 28 |

April 2018 | The Covey

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Annual Meeting of the Club, P.O.A. and Condo Association

the Covey | April 2018

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34th Annual

Bethesda Day Tournament & Dinner [ Photo Feature ] 30 |

April 2018 | The Covey

Around the Club

Spotlight on our Members & Friends [ Photo Feature ]



One of the original founders of the Quail Ridge Men’s Fellowship over twenty five years ago, Ron Screen passed away last December.  Urban Youth Impact is an inner city ministry based in West Palm Beach that now has a location in Boynton Beach. Founder Bill Hobbs spoke to the Men’s Fellowship on January 23, and  was presented  the donation by  the Men’s Fellowship leader, Tom Adams. The Men’s Fellowship meets each Tuesday at 8:00 AM, in the main Clubhouse. All Quail Ridge members and guests are invited.


Sean Kelly was presented The Shining Star Award by Urban Youth Impact founder, Bill Hobbs, who noted that Sean has given many hours to assist the staff to “love, equip and empower inner city youth to fulfill their God-given purpose.” Quail Ridge’s Men’s Fellowship has been a long time supporter of Urban Youth Impact, and most recently a contributor to the opening of its UYI Boynton Beach outreach location.


Chuck Holderness’ grandson, Thomas Jordan, is quite the angler! He caught a rare Peacock Bass in the lake on the 8th Hole of the South Course earlier this month!

the Covey | April 2018

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On the Links Updates from our Director of Golf

[ Golf ]

As winter turned to spring and the azaleas at Augusta began to bloom, we looked forward to the celebration of Easter and our remaining time together. Although the season may now be winding down, we still have exciting activities on the schedule for your enjoyment. For those who have been with us, time has certainly flown by as we embraced our new Clubhouse, engaged in social and competitive events, honored champions, and enjoyed each others’ company. We also spent a considerable amount of time planning the future of Quail Ridge, especially as it relates to the golf course project. What an exciting time to be a part of such a special community! I can only hope that this opportunity is embraced with solidarity, but more importantly, I hope we continue to support one another regardless of our various viewpoints. I would like to thank the Golf and Green Committee for their continued support of our programs, especially our “Player Assistants” program. We have worked hard to improve the on-course golf experience with our Professional Golf Staff, and the results have been positive. I would especially like to thank Rob Murphy for his continual effort as he sets the standard of what member service is all about.

By now, I hope you’ve had the opportunity to meet our Director of Instruction, Carmen Costa. Carmen has agreed to head up our teaching program and is off to a fast start helping members improve their golf swing. Just around the corner are Men’s and Ladies’ Closing Days. Be sure to save the date as we conclude our tournament program and reveal the winners of our season long cup competitions. Lastly, I would like to thank the membership for their support of the new Golf Shop. We are committed to providing a variety of quality products with exceptional service and pricing. We will continue to seek out new and alternative products that create excitement and offer something for everyone. “See You on the Links”

Daniel Brosnihan, III Director of Golf

Unaccompanied Guest Policy

From November through April, Unaccompanied Guests will now be subject to the following rates:

The Board voted to approve an “Unaccompanied Guest” policy which will be implemented at the start of next season - November 1, 2018.

Guests: $200 fee per person, plus cart fee Family Guests: $100 fee per person, plus cart fee

Unaccompanied Guests are defined as any guest(s), sponsored by a member, who wishes to play without a Member present in the group.

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April 2018 | The Covey

At Quail Ridge, we strongly prefer guests to be accompanied by a member. Requests for Unaccompanied Guest play must have the approval from the Director of Golf and a sufficient number of open tee times must be available.

[ Golf ]

Men’s Golf Association Celebrating a Successful Season! Since my last article, the season has been occupied with many M.G.A. sponsored events. Aside from the regular Men’s Day on Wednesday mornings that continue to be well-attended, the following other major events were recently held: The one-day Member-Guest Tournament was conducted with 46 teams participating. Members and Guests were treated to a continental breakfast, a stainless steel tumbler for both participants, a luncheon, and awarding of prizes. The annual Member-Member Team Championship was full with 180 players competing in 15 flights. Immediately following golf after day one, all participants were treated to a dinner and cocktail party sponsored in collaboration with the MGA Hole-in-One Club. After the final match, Carl Everett and Arnold Edwards captured the coveted “shoot-out” which featured a new and welcomed format. Most recently, the Match Play Championship was contested as MGA Members put their games to the test.

Congratulations to those who found victory in their flights and to the 2018 Match Play Club Champion. Lastly, we celebrated Closing Day on April 11. Golf led the way with an A-B-C-D Scramble, followed by complimentary dinner and drinks. All players who made a Holein-One were recognized, as well as the winner of our annual MGA “Charlie Bowie” Cup, Serge Goulet. As President of the MGA, I wish to thank my Board for a successful season. I also wish to thank the entire golf staff for their efforts throughout the season, especially our direct liaison, Mike Korenoski. Rest assured, we are committed to providing value for your MGA membership and will continue to explore new ideas as the MGA continues to evolve.

Dominic Taddeo President, Men’s Golf Association

Golf Instruction - Carmen Costa Quail Ridge is very proud and excited to announce the hiring of Carmen Costa as a Director of Instruction. Carmen is a past winner of the prestigious Tri-State PGA Section Teacher of the Year Award and is an accomplished player, twice qualifying for the PGA Club Professional National Championship. Carmen excels in teaching all areas of the game and attracts players of all ability levels. Beyond his own teaching abilities, Carmen is a leader in the development of a mentoring program for other PGA Teaching Professionals.

Born and raised in western Pennsylvania, Carmen is a graduate of Gannon University in Erie. When not teaching or playing the game, he and his wife, Bobbie, enjoy spending time with their daughters, ages two and four. We are extremely pleased that Carmen has agreed to become a member of our team for next season. We look forward to his return this fall. the Covey | April 2018

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Ladies’ Golf Association What a great season we’ve had! Our membership continues to grow and we are now 316 strong! The Ladies’ Member-Guest was well-attended, with 137 members participating. We would like to thank Holly Broom and her team for the wonderful, “Secret Life of Gnomes” theme this year - it was a big hit! Congratulations to all the winners!

[ Golf ]

Congratulations to Diane Hebert on winning the low gross in our President’s Cup. 163 members participated in our Rally for the Cure this year, raising over $20,000 to be used in treatment centers in our area. Thank you to Linda Kibler, Kathy Vodak and their team for organizing such a special event. Maggie Gilmour also did a beautiful job with the flower arrangements on each table. This year, we had a different format for the Women‘s USA/Canada Day. Two Americans and two Canadians played on each team, followed by dinner. Our Club Championship was the week of March 13,

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April 2018 | The Covey

and we’d like to share a very warm congratulations to the winner, Janet Kelly. The winner of the 1st Flight is Mimi Boucher, 2nd Flight is Kathy Clarke, 3rd Flight is Eileen Watson. We encourage everyone to come to Closing Day. It will be a Drop out Scramble which is always a fun format. My thanks to all who made these events so memorable: Matt Corey, our president, Sandra Van As, and all the staff. As we move toward summer and think to next season, we encourage you to consider volunteering with us. Our membership relies on the help of our volunteers. I wish you a wonderful summer and hope to see you hurry back in the season.

Heather Strickland Publicity, Ladies’ Golf Association

Hello 2018! Great events in the New Year starting with our expedition across Golf Road to Delray Dunes. Lady Niners enjoyed the hospitality of our neighbors and friends! Congrats to the team of Joan McFarland, Helen Weeks, Pam Henderson and Kathy Gray for taking first place! Then, here at Quail, literally a “Kick Off” to 2018! Josette Evans and Diane Gibson refereed the Super Bowl themed Sunday Fun Foursome on the 21st. First place winning team was the Patriots: Chris and Lisa Perrin and Kevin and Nicole O’Donnell. Closest to the Flag Stick: Chris Perrin, Closest to the Line: Janet Bambrick. The Edythe Jaeger Founder’s Tournament reminded us of the mission of the 9 Hole Ladies’ Golf Association: Appreciate and enjoy the game of golf and those we play with! In the winners’ circle: Gross Score Champion: Joan McNamara. Net Score Champion: Nicole O’Donnell. Our official opening luncheon, combined with the Member-Member Tournament on February 6, gave us the chance to thoroughly enjoy dining alfresco in the Clubhouse after our round of golf. With a zen vibe of “Keep Calm and Golf On,” we got tips from Greg Glover on how to actually put that phrase to good use on the golf course. Easier said than done! Maybe the winners Adrienne Ovian and Nancy Jennings already know how. Adrienne also put her ball closest to the flagstick. Kudos creating the perfect atmosphere for the event to Nicole O’Donnell and Nukhet Piyale. The decor was so creative! Then, with “Turnabout Fair(way) Play” we hosted Delray Dunes for the invitational at Quail Ridge. Chef did a delectable job on the Chinese New Year menu selected by Ann Davis and Joan Baer. We traveled to the Orient on a wave of chopsticks, lettuce wraps, fortune cookies and tea! The highlight of the day was showing off the new Clubhouse to our Delray Dunes guests, who were totally impressed from the moment they arrived. Placing first: Michele Lemire, Michele Fontaine, Jacqueline Geswell and Savina Hamell. Closest to the line: Carolyn Bartlett. Closest to the Flagstick: Janet Bambrick.

Perhaps our favorite event on the calendar is Rally for the Cure which reminds us that there is so much more to be done in the fight against breast cancer. We had an outstanding turnout for the event hosted by Vice President Helen Weeks, who did an incredible job. Many of us felt we had our beloved Pam Brosnihan giving us tips along the way. Armed with mulligans, ribbons to get close to the green, and muscle men to get us near the pin, we all had a fun, if not hilarious, day! The team of Adrienne Ovian, Lisa Perrin, Nicole O’Donnell and Ellen Mesmer placed first. With 22 ribbons unused on the last hole, the team sent Nicole crawling 22 yards to get close to the green. Talk about team spirit! Congrats to Alice Hales and J.B. Valk, closest to the line and closest to the flagstick respectively. We couldn’t have had such a wonderful outing if it weren’t for our He-Men David Krone and Bert Evans. Thanks guys. A huge shout-out also to Cynthia Barnes, who is our member in charge of toasts this year. Here’s cheers to YOU. On March 6, we continued our fabulous year of events with the Member-Guest Tournament. Michele Lemire and Gina Pratt-Belisle, with the help of Executive Chef Reza Adhitiya, gave us an outstanding Italian-themed luncheon. What a delicious complement to our day of golf. Winners were: First place team: Nicole O’Donnell, Sandra Young, Kathy Gray and Ellen Rubel. Closest to the line - Guest: Ali Lopez, Member: Kathy Gray. Closest to the flagstick: Gina Pratt-Belisle. Thank you to Clubhouse Manager, Rochelle Figueroa, and the entire staff for helping make our events so successful! Be sure to join us for our upcoming event - the Putting Contest and Closing Luncheon: April 10. See you all there!

Ellen Mesmer Publicity, 9 Hole Ladies’ Golf Association

the Covey | April 2018

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[ Golf ]

9 Hole Ladies’ Golf Association

[ Golf ] South Course Winners

Jeane Chevrier, Sara Beauchamp, MJ Dandurand, & Jocelyn Roberge

36 |

April 2018 | The Covey

North Course Winners

Claudine Fortin, MJ St. Jacques, Helene Boisvert, & Diane Paquette

Rally Winners

Adrienne Ovian, Lisa Perrin, Ellen Mesmer, & Nicole O’Donnell

Pretty in Pink

Kathy Gray, Heidi Hall, & Jessica Buys

[ Golf ]

Rally for the Cure Tuesday, February 27 What a special day as Quail Ridge celebrated and supported the cancer organization, “Rally For The Cure.” In conjunction with weekly Ladies’ Day, both the LGA & 9-Hole LGA participated in a scramble tournament style format coupled with many fun

activities and special events. The LGA raised approximately $20,000 with heartfelt donations from all, including a sizable contributions from the Royal Bank of Canada. The Lady Niners raised over $2,000. Thank you to all Committee Chairs and their teams!

Ladies Member-Member

9-Hole Ladies’ Edythe Jaeger

January 16, 18, & 19 Congratulations to Patty Chick and Julia Shovelin for winning the Member-Member Team Championship. Their total of 55 points were just enough to edge out the team of Claire Lassonde and Nicole Perron who had 52 points.

Tuesday, January 23-30 The Lady Niners paid tribute to their founding member by competing in a 2-week ringer event - the Edythe Jaeger Tournament. Congratulations to Nicole O’Donnell (pictured left) for capturing the “net” flight and Joanne McNamara (pictured right) for winning the “gross” flight.

Pam Brosnihan Memorial Tournament Sunday, January 28 We celebrated the life of Pam Brosnihan by participating in the 4th Annual Pam Brosnihan Memorial Tournament. Approximately 150 players teed it up while over 200 joined for the dinner and evening program.

The PMB Foundation Board is extremely blessed to be a part of this accomplishment, but more importantly, is humbled by the gracious support of those who donated.

It was proudly announced that Pam’s Foundation has partnered up with the Florida State Golf Association. With a $25,000 contribution, the FSGA has agreed to name a golf tournament after Pam. The event will take place at Quail Ridge every year in September and will focus on junior golf.

Thank you again for the support and honoring Pam in this very special way.

the Covey | April 2018

| 37

Ladies’ President’s Cup Tuesday, February 6-13 Played over a two-week period, this individual eclectic ringer tournament was competitive to the end. Each player took their better score on each hole over the two rounds. The field was divided into four equal flights. Congratulations to the winners.

2018 WINNERS Gross: Danie Hebert Flight #1: Becky Komminsk Flight #2: Peg Barrett Flight #3: Pat Starshak Flight #4: Nicole Perron

[ Golf ]

Men’s Member-Member Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, February 7, 8, & 9 Celebrating it’s 23rd year, the Men’s Member-Member event is undoubtedly the most popular MGA sanctioned event. Teams were placed into flights based on total team index. Each of the 15 flights were comprised of six teams and each team played a nine-hole match against each other. All flight winners competed in the final Shootout (new format) to determine the over-all champions.

2018 Overall Champions

Arnold Edwards & Carl Everett

2018 Shootout Participants & Flight Winners

Bobby Weed - Golf Course Architect On-Course Visit During a visit on March 5, Bobby Weed met with a group of golfers who represented both the 18-Hole & 9-Hole Ladies’ Golf Associations. Bobby opened with a summary of his architectural design style, planning and design approach, followed by a question and answer segment. After that, it was onto the South Course for a more in-depth discussion of course design and strategy. We would like to thank Bobby for his Quail Ridge visit. For more information or articles on Bobby Weed, please visit

38 |

April 2018 | The Covey

The Invitational Wednesday-Saturday, February 21-24 Definitely a highlight event of the season, The Invitational featured a fabulous assortment of activities which were enjoyed by everyone who participated. Ronnie Grove, Golf & Tournament Chairman, arranged a spectacular event that will be remembered by all.

[ Golf ]

Competing in a 9-Hole Match Around format, 48 teams were seeded into flights of six teams. Each team played a 9-hole match against all the other teams in their flight. The winning teams in each flight then advanced to the coveted Shootout. Aside from the tournament competition, many other activities were arranged including various social engagements, gifts, prizes, and entertainment.

The 2018 Invitational Overall Champions

Andre Courville & Louis Morin

Couples Club Championship Saturday & Sunday, March 3-4 The format for this 36-hole championship event was 9 holes of Shambles, 9 holes of Alternate Shot, 9 holes of Four-Ball and 9 holes Aggregate Stroke Play (Championship Flight Only). Teams were flighted according to total team handicap index. After the final round, a dinner and awards presentation was held to celebrate all winners. Gross Champions

Patty Sue Grove & Ronnie Grove

Net Champions

Holly & Gordon Broom

9-Hole Ladies’ Club Championship Tuesday, Thursday & Friday March 13, 15, & 16 Congratulations to Nicole O’Donnell for capturing the 9-Hole Ladies’ Club Championship. O’Donnell stormed back after being down early, to defeat Heidi Hall. During her acceptance speech, O’Donnell stated that next season, she will be moving up to the 18-Hole LGA. Dan Brosnihan and Jessica Buys pictured with Runner Up - Heidi Hall / Champion - Nicole O’Donnell the Covey | April 2018

| 39

Ladies’ Club Championship Janet Kelly Earns 4th LGA Ladies’ Club Championship Janet Kelly capped-off a great week of golf with a victory in the final round of the Ladies’ Club Championship against the defending champion, Annie Cloutier.

[ Golf ]

Kelly played near flawless golf in each match this week. That impressive play continued today and was too much to overcome for the defending champion. The victory earns Kelly the honor of Ladies’ Golf Road Cup Team Captain for 2019.

Championship Runner Up Annie Cloutier

FLIGHT 1 Winner Runner Up

FLIGHT 2 Winner Runner Up

FLIGHT 3 Winner Runner Up

Mimi Boucher Holly Richey

Kathy Clarke Randy Fuller

Eileen Watson Pauline Grieder

The 2018 LGA Ladies’ Club Championship was an individual match play event played Tuesday, March 13 - Friday, March 16

40 |

April 2018 | The Covey

Match Play Club Championship Wednesday-Sunday, March 14-18

Twice is Nice for Perrin

[ Golf ]

In the final played on the North Course, Chris Perrin defeated Marco Pennampede 5 & 4 to win the Match Play Club Championship. With the win, Mr. Perrin becomes the 6th member in the 40-year history of the event to successfully defend his title. Mr. Perrin also earns repeat honors to Captain the Men’s Golf Road Cup Team during the competition, which Quail Ridge will host in 2019. Thank you to the Men’s Golf Association for their sponsorship of the tournament and to all of the members who came out to watch the game.



Grove in Solid Victory

Comprised of 8 players seeded by handicap index FLIGHT 1 WINNER DOUG CARLSON RUNNER UP GARY SPIEGEL

With steady play, Ronnie Grove defeated two-time defending Legends Champion, Harry Cain, in the final match. This is Ronnie’s first Match Play victory in the Legends Flight which consists of the best 8 players ages 70 and older. Ronnie now holds both Legends Trophies as he also won the Stroke Play Championship back in November.


the Covey | April 2018

| 41

On the Courts Updates from our Director of Tennis

[ Tennis ] We held our Annual Member Appreciation Day on Saturday, April 7, and it was a big success. Complimentary hot dogs, chips, and drinks were served to the first 100 members. It’s our way of saying thank you to all of our incredibly enthusiastic members who supported our tennis programs and leagues this year! During April and May we will continue to offer morning activities for adults. Men’s Day Doubles is on Tuesdays and Thursdays (All levels are welcome), the Ladies’ Club Doubles on Mondays, and our Mixed Doubles Round Robin on Sundays. Contact the Tennis Pro Shop for times and details. Interested in sharpening your doubles skills? We offer Shot of the Week Clinics and a Doubles Skills & Drills Clinic on Wednesday mornings. If you are looking for a strenuous and fun group workout with music, then sign-up for one of our fast-paced Cardio Tennis Workouts! Try it out… it’s a blast! Cardio Classes are on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Please contact the

Tennis Pro Shop (Ext. 3329) for reservations and times. For our members who will be heading north this month, we wish you a fond farewell and safe travels home. We hope you have an awesome summer! For the members remaining in South Florida, our complimentary Monday and Friday Guest Days begin on May 4. Invite your friends and guests to play tennis and then enjoy some lunch at our beautiful Clubhouse. Guests are always welcome at Quail Ridge! We will see you on the courts! Scott Fleming Director of Tennis

Junior Tennis Team Charity Event

Summer Junior Tennis Camp


MONDAY - FRIDAY 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

$20 Minimum Donation Tennis Attire

42 |

April 2018 | The Covey

Week #1 - June 11-15 Week #2 - June 18-22 Week #3 - June 25-29 Week #4 - July 2-6

All Levels - Ages 4 & Up!

[ Tennis ]


Information STAFF DIRECTORY Director of Tennis Scott Fleming, Ext. 3331 Head Professional Chris Harker, Ext. 3430 Assistant Professional Alex Bilotti, Ext. 3329 Assistant Professional Matt Weiss, Ext. 3329 Operations Manager Roberto Cortes, Ext. 3329 Tennis Pro Shop 561-735-4530

TENNIS PRO SHOP HOURS Monday and Friday 8:00AM - 3:00PM Tuesday through Thursday 8:00AM - 7:00PM Saturday 8:00AM - 1:00PM Sunday 8:00AM - 4:00PM TENNIS COURT HOURS Monday - Sunday 8:00AM - 10:00PM

TENNIS COMMITTEE Chairman George Kellner Joe D’Amelio Harris Jackson Terry James Janet Langley Lee McCarroll Jack Neuman Denise Porter Francine Rourke

PICKLEBALL HOURS Monday - Sunday 1:00PM - Sunset

the Covey | April 2018

| 43

keeping you safe [ Community Safety ]


As the season comes to an end, please continue to be assured that your Community Safety Team will be here around the clock, keeping your homes and the Community safe and secure. For those of you who will be here for the summer, as always, don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions or if we can be of any assistance. To our members heading north for the summer, please review the following information: • Please notify the Community Safety Department of your approximate departure and return dates by contacting Laura Kenney at 737-5100, x. 3373. The more information you provide, the better we can respond to any situation that may involve your home. • Members that maintain alarm systems in their homes should NOT have their telephone lines disconnected. If you disconnect your telephones and an emergency at your home arises, Community Safety as well as the Central Dispatch Center would fail to receive the alarm signal, since all alarms are transmitted over the telephone lines. • There will be many auto transports and moving vans arriving in the weeks to come. Please remember to instruct the drivers that they must enter the community via the North Gate on Boynton Beach Blvd. Inform either gatehouse of their impending arrival dates. It is also imperative that when hiring a moving van to pickup furniture or boxes, please consider the area in which you reside. Some of the larger trucks and trailers are unable to drive into the subdivisions without causing considerable property damage.

44 |

April 2018 | The Covey

• While we generally enforce the community’s rule that limits commercial traffic between the hours 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM, Monday through Saturday, we will, with Advanced Notice, waive that restriction due to the unpredictable schedules of these out-of-state vendors. • I would like to remind everyone to continue to be thorough this summer when hiring vendors, contractors, domestic help, etc. Be sure that they are properly licensed, insured, and bonded. Legitimate companies will have no problem providing such information, and anyone who seems reluctant or cannot provide documentation should be considered suspect. Once a contractor begins work, we recommend that access to your homes be controlled as strictly as possible. Do not give keys to anyone. When the vendor is placed on your guest list, simply let us know that they will require a key, and then tell the vendor to sign out the key each day at the South Gatehouse. This will allow us to track their activities. • Use of Residence - In your absence, please plan ahead when having guests who will be staying at your residence. A Use of Residence form must be completed and forwarded by fax to (561) 3640238 well in advance of your guest’s arrival. This keeps us well informed of who is coming and going, so that we can keep a watchful eye on the community. Have a great summer, and please stay safe! Eric J. Price Director of Community Safety

Another fabulous season at Quail Ridge is coming to close and I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you. Thank you for allowing me to serve Quail Ridge as your Community Association Manager. It is a privilege and I am grateful to work in this beautiful place. As you pack up for the summer, here are a few things to think about before you depart: It is important to arrange for regular inspections of your unit to make sure that your home is secure and protected from leaks, humidity (mold), and other hazards that may arise. Quail Ridge can assist you with arrangements for this type of service, call Housekeeping at extension 3352. If you have someone other than Quail Ridge watching your unit, please notify Community Safety with this information. If you do not have a service, here is a checklist of items to take care of: • Make sure all electrical appliances are disconnected • Unplug TV’s, and computers. Keep Comcast boxes connected and plugged in, so program updates can be downloaded to the boxes • Turn off the main water valves, and the valves to the water heater, under the sinks and toilets • Make sure your bike is stored and tagged in your bike barn • Contact the Post Office to have your mail forwarded

• Contact the Accounting Office to have your Quail Ridge mail forwarded to your northern address • Discontinue your newspaper • Have your phone forwarded • Do not disconnect your phones if you have an alarm system • Lock all windows and doors • Do not leave valuables in your residence when you are away • Notify Community Safety of your departure and make sure they have your northern contact information • Verify with Community Safety that they have a key to your unit, in case of an emergency • Make sure all outdoor furniture, plants, planters, umbrellas, etc., are brought inside. No items are to be left outdoors • Contact General Maintenance at extension 3380 to be placed on the Hurricane Shutter Closure List

Have a wonderful summer! Barbarann Larrabee, LEED AP, CMCA Community Association Manager


This is a reminder that Hurricane Season begins on June 1. Please ensure that you store all furniture, umbrellas, planters, etc., inside your unit. During a hurricane, these items can become dangerous projectiles and cause a lot of damage.

the Covey | April 2018

| 45

[ Community Association ]

Community Association Updates

[ Community Association ]

Your Local, POA, & Condominium Representatives All the 2018 Annual Meetings are over and the local area Presidents, P.O.A. Resident Governors, Condominium Resident Directors and P.O.A. & Condominium Board Officers for 2018-2019 are: APARTMENT CONDOS VILLAS Azalea Robert Bruneau Coralberry Stephen McDonald Blue Heron Brian McGarry Limeberry Irene Davis Bobwhite Richard Pinsonnault Meadowlark Carol Williams Egret Theresa James Royal Tern Richard Latham Green Heron James Bambrick Sanderling Fil Spizzirro Hibiscus Jack Brennan Seaholly Andre van As Kingfisher David Campbell Shelldrake Martha Heald Kittiwake Arnold Edwards Tamarisk Wayne Shovelin Mallard Donald Aiken Waxwing Fred Briese Mockingbird James Sechrist Osprey Robert Derba VILLAGES Sandpiper Peter Henrico Chinaberry Douglas Carlson Partridge Pat Starshak Spicewood Alain Benedetti P.O.A. & CONDOMINIUM OFFICERS & AT-LARGE MEMBERS President Robert Liguori B.W. (Bill) Franks Vice President Brian McGarry Angela Kerfoot Secretary Christina Berry Treasurer Dominic Taddeo

Please take a moment to thank your Board representatives for their dedication and time devoted to your community.


ARB approval is required for all exterior changes. If you are planning an exterior renovation to your unit, i.e.; windows, doors, pavers, roof‌ etc., or flooring in a 2nd story unit, please contact Diana Ruiz at extension 3381 in the Business Center for an ARB application. The form is also available on the Quail Ridge website After you sign-in, go to the POA section and then to DOCUMENTS & POLICIES.

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April 2018 | The Covey

At the Property Owners Association and Condominium Association meetings held on March 27, 2018 the Boards voted to amend the Community Rules and Regulations. The amendment created a new paragraph L as follows: L. Mortgages The Declarations of Condominium for Quail Ridge Condominium Apartments and Villas state in Article XII: “D. Mortgage. No unit owner may mortgage his unit nor any interest in it without the approval of the Association and the Club, except to a bank, life insurance company or a savings and loan association, or to a vendor to secure a portion or all of the purchase price. The approval of any other mortgagee shall be upon conditions determined by the Association and the Club in its sole discretion. ........ F. Any Sale or Mortgage not authorized pursuant to the terms of this Declaration shall be void unless subsequently approved by the Association and the Club.” Under the Declaration a unit owner may not give a “private” mortgage on his/her unit independent of the sale of the unit without a review by and approval of Quail Ridge. A private mortgage is any mortgage that is not given to a bank, life insurance company, or a savings and loan association. Examples of a private mortgage include, but are not limited to, refinancing mortgages (not associated with the sale or purchase of the unit) given to a natural person, an LLC, a Trust, a Corporation or other entity where these entities are not a licensed and/or regulated bank, life insurance company, or a savings and loan association. The purpose of this provision in the Declaration is to prohibit unit owners from mortgaging away the entire equity in their unit and thus defeating the Condominium Association’s lien rights for unpaid assessments. If there is no equity in the unit against which the Association can enforce its lien for unpaid assessments, then the remaining members of the Association are obligated to pay these unpaid assessments. Legitimate regulated financial institutions such as banks, life insurance companies, or a savings and loan associations are required by government regulation to not give a mortgage on a housing unit which exceeds a certain percentage of the assessed value of the home, in most cases not more than 80% of the home value. Thus the Condominium Association has some protections for its unpaid assessment lien rights (about 20% of the home value) when the mortgage is given by these legitimate financial institutions. If a unit owner plans to give a private mortgage on his/her unit independent from the sale of their unit then they must first submit an application (before the mortgage is recorded in the public records) to Quail Ridge as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

The name of the person or entity (mortgagee) that they plan to give the mortgage to. Submit a copy of the proposed mortgage document form. Submit a copy of the proposed promissory note and the amount of the loan. Submit an appraisal on the value of the unit. Describe in detail the business or personal relationship with the mortgagee. Describe all proposed personal guarantors on the mortgage and promissory note. List and describe all current existing mortgages on the unit. Allow Quail Ridge 30 days to review the application and documents from the date the application is complete. If the application is approved then Quail Ridge will send the unit owner a Certificate of Approval in recordable form to attach to the mortgage for recording. Submit an appraisal on the value of the unit. Failure to submit an application and obtain approval from Quail Ridge will void the mortgage and may result in legal action against the unit owner. the Covey | April 2018

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[ Community Association ]

Quail Ridge Property Owners Association & Quail Ridge Condominium Association Amendment

[ Real Estate ]

Quail Ridge Realty I’m pleased to tell you sales are very strong this year! Quail Ridge has had 39 sales (25 new members) since January 1. That is more than double the same time period for the previous 2 years and the 2nd best 3-month period ever recorded for Quail Ridge! Buyers see Quail Ridge as a beautiful community, an enviable lifestyle, an enticing value & a strong investment for the future. The new Clubhouse has a real “WOW” factor and makes for an exciting, resort-like experience! Potential members also feel the warm hospitality extended by everyone they encounter and comment to me frequently what a welcoming atmosphere they sense in our community.

April is the time when so many of you head “up north,” so I wish you well in your summer travels. Think of us often and please tell your northern friends and neighbors what a fabulous, WARM winter you just had. As always, we invite you to call us at any time to discuss our services. We are here to assist you in making a smooth transition, whether moving in… out…. or just across the street in Quail Ridge. Ann Jara Director of Real Estate

From our Rentals Office: Guest Rental Program Whether you’re coming down for vacation or visiting family and friends, make Quail Ridge Country Club your home away from home. Escape to your own unique, privately-owned condo in Kittiwake, equipped with a private kitchen, living room and bedrooms. You’ll also enjoy all of our amenities! Call our Rentals Office today to learn more at (561) 734-5292 or (866) 680-6822. May 1 to September 30

October 1 to December 19

December 20 to April 30







3 Bedroom, 3 bath townhouse with kitchen and living room








Unit Type 1 Bedroom, 1.5 bath townhouse with kitchen and living room 2 Bedroom, 2 bath townhouse or terrace apartment with kitchen and living room

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April 2018 | The Covey

[ Spa & Fitness]

Spa and Fitness The 2018 season has been an exciting time here at Quail Ridge. The new Clubhouse brought a fresh level of excitement that spread throughout the Club. The Spa and Fitness Center continued that theme with record-breaking usage numbers - and our group class participation doubled! We added new activities like Tai Chi and Mat Pilates, and new services like stretch and afternoon training that helped to bring our service offerings to the next level.

As we prepare for the upcoming Fitness Center expansion, and reduce our hours to the normal summer schedule, we will continue to offer many amazing services and treatments. Be sure to check out the weekly E-blast for group class schedules and massage and facial specials.

Lisa Haggas Director of Spa & Fitness

Summer Hours STARTING MAY 14


6AM - 12PM, & 3PM - 7PM


the Covey | April 2018

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Wine Dinner Cinco de Mayo OLD WORLD vs. NEW WORLD


THURSDAY, APRIL 19 6:00 - 8:00 PM

SATURDAY, MAY 5 5:00 - 10:00 PM

$75 (No Band) Club Casual Call 3337 for Reservations

Mother's Day BRUNCH

SUNDAY, MAY 13 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM Clubhouse / $45 Club Casual Call 3337 for Reservations

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April 2018 | The Covey

Clubhouse - $25 Club Casual Call 3337 for Reservations

Memorial Day BBQ

MONDAY, MAY 28 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM Clubhouse / $30 / Club Casual Call 3337 for Reservations

[ In Memoriam ]

In Memoriam Thomas Abinanti December 3, 2017

David Peck January 28, 2018

Jane Plangere February 23, 2018

Carol Burrows January 3, 2018

Thomas Goris January 19, 2018

Jean Marc Etienne March 3, 2018

Pamela Ardolino January 16, 1018

Nancy Dowdy January 30, 2018

David Delany March 25, 2018

Mary Shuford January 25, 2018

George Harris February 16

Joseph Frederick Green April 15, 2018


Julie Anderson Gordon Broom Harry Cain Dave Chick Deborah Coons Ronnie Grove

John Haverkamp Dan Krease Richard Latham Bob Liguori Joanne Patterson Steve Smith


EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Ben Benedetti B. W. (Bill) Franks Angela Kerfoot

the Covey | April 2018

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3715 Golf Road Boynton Beach, FL 33436



Quail Ridge: The Covey | April 2018  

The Covey is the Official Newsletter of Quail Ridge Country Club in Boynton Beach, Florida. This issue features a cover story on our Chef's...

Quail Ridge: The Covey | April 2018  

The Covey is the Official Newsletter of Quail Ridge Country Club in Boynton Beach, Florida. This issue features a cover story on our Chef's...