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Cremona is a city in northern Italy near Milan with a deep culture linked to the world of violin making. The name of Stradivari brings us back centuries in the fascinating world of the handmade creation of musical instruments that are unique in the world and that make Cremona the worldwide reference point for violins. People come from all over the world to learn the art of violin making; some stay, other people leave again spreading and handing this art down.



This knowledge related to the world of wood and its processing in all its aspects was a starting point and spur to create something dierent and unique that would be transversal to the deepest traditional and highly technological production. A note to thank all those who wanted us to share in their knowledge, so enabling our birth.


QUADROLEGNO IN SHORT • Quadrolegno was born from a company for decades in the field of flooring and pioneer in the search for new ways to create, live and experience the wooden floor as part of a system that is not only aesthetics, but sensations, technical performance and safety. • Due to different production processes, Quadrolegno brings together the best of the manufacturing, knowledge and research on the Italian domestic market. The production flexibility allows us to study the products and solutions without limitations. We produce and create what we think is right to produce and create; it’s not the machines to tell us what to do, but our customers. 04

QUADROLEGNO AND ITS PARTNERS • Quadrolegno has a long-term collaboration with its partners with regards to purchasing, manufacturing, researching and meticulous checks of: raw material at source and at inward-bound , production in its different stages, packaging, transport, guarantee of quality.


• The products Quadrolegno are certified at source; forest conservation is respected and supported. Our suppliers are obliged to respect the rules and regulations and therefore be controlled by recognized certification bodies. • Quadrolegno is in direct contact with the sawmills and joinery: their processing techniques and and we know the wood they deliver to us; control of raw oak, engineered wood and of the entire production process.


THE PROCESSES OF PRODUCTION QUADROLEGNO PURCHASING: • We have partnerships with accredited suppliers and sawmills. • Guaranteed continuous quality. • No purchase of occasional or promotional batches. • We have partnerships with accredited carpentries. • Quality of wood : selection. • Record of all data in an updated archive. PROCESSES: • Humidity control of the various materials. • Visual inspection of the quality arousing from the experience of those who work seriously and consciously. • Record keeping of all data / parameters and building annotations for on-going improvement. 06

THE PROCESSES OF PRODUCTION QUADROLEGNO PACKAGING: • Individual order : parquet and customized sizes. • Last visual inspection: quality and finishing. • Umidity measurement of outbound wood. • Packing list. • Insertion of product info and notes addressed to buyers and people working in the building site. LOGISTICS: • Collaboration with accredited freight operators. • Control of delivery times. • Problem solving.



• It is a beautiful wood floor with a natural look, character and elegance. • Wide range of collections, products and colours. • Possibility of a "tailor-made" at the request; production global availability and versatility. • Continuity of product, look, quality and relations; Quadrolegno is a reliable and identifiable company. • No mass production: each floor is unique. 08


• Continuous interaction with the market and its trend-setter • Creates trends, meets needs. • Higher quality of raw material. • The best of wood floors: no concessions on quality or aesthetics. • Tailored in size and finish, adaptability to individual projects and custom interiors. • On a Quadrolegno you can live from the very first da. 09


Quadrolegno wants its customers to be informed; for this it provides an updated documentation of the materials and their management after installation. The Product Info Card Quadrolegno includes information relating to: • Features of the product delivered; • Analysis of the site before installation; • Recommendations for installation; • Post-laying tips for the proper management of the site once the installation has been completed; •Tips for floor maintenance. • We are always at your side. 10

QUADROLEGNO CLASSES OF APPEARANCE For each timber required, the European legislation provides different quality levels divided by class of appearance, with very specific aesthetic characteristics depending on the type of wood regulated. Whether it is solid or engineered (therefore with the top layer in oak or other wood species), the choice is then divided into: • Circle; • Triangle; • Square; • Free class. Quadrolegno focuses on the culture and the subjective perception of its customers by offering a range of choices that can cover even the most customized demand. 11


It's mandatory. All the wood floors marketed on European territory must have the EC mark. Release of formaldehyde. Content of Pentachlorophenol. Biological durability. Resistance / thermal conductivity. Reaction to fire.



R & D BY QUADROLEGNO We interact with the market, ranging from traditional sectors such as that of wood or other materials to furniture, bio architecture, environment, restoration, health and safety of those who live and operates on top of a wooden oor. We analyze the trends, tastes and needs of our interlocutors, in the continuous search for NEW MEANINGS.



TECHNICAL RESEARCH BY QUADROLEGNO Depending on the type and characteristics at start of the wooden floor of the various collections that we offer, we customize standards such as EN 1910 on the stability of a wooden floor, modifying it or making it stricter or studying the behavior of the solid and floor in the extreme situation of floor heating.


R & D BY QUADROLEGNO The behavior of wood floors at different latitudes and longitudes is incredibly heterogeneous, which is why we carry out periodic tests and ongoing research to find new materials and production techniques to make the materials more and more performing. We carry out tests on raw materials and finished products at the most important R&D centers and testing laboratories in the field of wood furniture such as: • Catas • Consiglio nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) - National Research Council -and IVALSA (Istituto per la valorizzazione del legno e delle specie arboree) Institute for the valorization of wood and arboreal species. 15

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