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what’s your style? With all the visual stimuli out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Creating a mood board will give you a clear vision of your style right from the get go. Find inspiration in books, magazines, blogs, and web sites (there’s a list of my favourites on page 186), and pull out images you are immediately attracted to. Do any similarities shine through? Are you drawn to rooms that are bold and blingy, modern, eccentric or classic? Don’t worry if the looks don’t match. The more styles you introduce the more intriguing your space will become.

A kaleidoscopic blend of pieces make up eclectic interiors, and literally anything goes – from midcentury modern to pop art to a smidge of baroque. It’s a hard look to pull off since nothing matches yet it’s all got to make perfect sense. A highly creative and innovative style, you bring it together by harmonising and contrasting colour, texture, shape and finish.

CLASSIC With a nod to the past and a wink to the future, classic style is all about balance, symmetry and order. It’s formal, it’s elegant and it’s a style that marries luxe materials (think metallics) with super-glam fabrics (think cashmere and leather). Woods are often dark, furniture often crisp and defined; symmetry abounds.


Boho pads are uninhibited, cosy, cocooning and fabulously idiosyncratic. Comfort is all-important; from deep squishy armchairs to homespun fabrics to the warm hues on the walls. Think rustic and offbeat, with the odd drippy chandelier or jewelled accessory making the whole thing sparkle and shimmer.

GLAM0R0US Glamorous interiors are layered, theatrical, elegant and exotic. From daring palettes to tantalising textiles to exaggerated scale you need to be a little fearless with this style. Go bold with colour or add a little sheen through rich metallics, it’s all about mixing styles from around the globe. Individuality and imagination are key.

rock 'n' roll Rock ’n’ roll interiors set convention aside and push a few boundaries. This is decorating as self-expression. Think furniture in oddball finishes, daring high voltage jolts of colour, salon style art, and playful proportions. It’s bold, it’s blingy and it’s fabulous!

Decorating with Style  
Decorating with Style  

Decorating Abigail Ahern style is about creating spaces that make you happy – not just buying the latest ‘it’ chair. According to the intern...