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There’s no doubt that curries are adored the world over – for their welcome shot of spiciness, their one-pot easiness and the conviviality of enjoying them with friends. But what actually is a curry? The answer is that it is a dish cooked in a sauce flavoured with a harmonious blend of spices where no one taste will take centre stage. Chicken curry is thus different from yogurt chicken, cumin chicken or black pepper chicken, where one flavour dominates. Depending on which region of India it comes from, that chicken curry will also be imbued with a different blend of flavours. Tomatoes, dairy products and garam masala creep into a northern curry, while coconut, tamarind and mustard seeds prevail in the south. As Anjum proclaims on the cover, she loves curry – and this book contains a spicy mix of restaurant classics, regional dishes and her own delicious original creations – 50 main dishes that burst with the flavours of India. There are curries to warm you in winter and curries to cool you down in summer. Some are hot and others are mild, though all can be adjusted to taste. Some are simplicity itself to make, while others recreate restaurant favourites with all the same layers of flavours. 25 accompaniments include breads and rice, chutneys and raitas, quick vegetable and salad side dishes and, as a prelude, delicious bites to start your meal. I LOVE CURRY is the essential book for all lovers of Indian food, whether confident cooks or novice enthusiasts.

Anjum Anand was the presenter of two successful series of BBC2’s Indian Food Made Easy. Her book of the same name, published to accompany the TV series, was among the top 10 best selling cook books of 2007. Her followup, Anjum’s New Indian, has so far sold more than 100,000 copies. And her next, Eat Right for your Body Type, is one of the bestselling health titles of 2010. £17.99 Hardback ISBN 987 1 84400 889 6 176pp 253 x 201mm 40,000 words including 75 recipes 100 colour photographs Publication October 2010

I Love Curry  

In India, a curry is a dish whose sauce is flavoured with a harmonious blend of spices. In this deliciously spicy book, Anjum Anand, voted P...

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