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Reflections of 2011

REFLECTIONS OF 2011 This year we asked the Quadrant Creative team to share their favourite and not so favourite moments of 2011. In a year of constant media negativity, it’s amazing what positives a bunch of creative people leading regular lives have achieved. Enjoy. From all the team, have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous 2012 QUADRANT CREATIVE For the latest Quadrant Creative news, visit

Tony Scott CEO.....�this year I� upon reflection, had some highs and some lows. 1. Reinvented our business. Excitingly, a lot of new projects are now preparing to go to market. 2. Have continued a consistent training program - gym, bike riding and surfing. 3. Completed several rides to Byron Bay - both coast and mountain routes 4. Bettered my time by 30 mins in the Brisbane to Gold Coast ride in October, and finished the rainbow ride. 5. Missed Karen for 6 weeks while she and a friend went to Spain and walked the 800 km pilgrim track, the El Comino. 6. Had some interesting opportunities to take photographs, from Indonesian children playing soccer to the city lights of KL, luxury homes nestled in the Byron Bay hinterland and a wedding in Fiji. The highlight was in Hervey Bay where we were blessed with 5 adult whales spending 2 hours with us up very close: I was able to capture these magnificent creatures.

RICHARD MIER ACCOUNT DIRECTOR.....”this year I” had some high high’s and some not so high lows.

Highs: • Enjoyed a family re-union in Canada - the first time in our lives the whole family has been together in one place. • Went mountain biking with my 68 year old uncle in Kelowna. He is still fast. • Met my new Nieces and Nephews for the first time. • Spent an entire year landscaping our new back yard. • Rode the 3 peaks non-stop - Tomewin, Springbrook and Beechmont. • Supported Sally in her first Half Ironman Race. • Entered the Mooloolaba Triathlon - what a great race and party. Lows: • Suffered a hip operation and never ending Physio bills. • Nursed the world’s most high maintenance dog following yet another knee operation. • Will miss Christmas with Sally and my family.

ROGER wilson ACCOUNT DIRECTOR.....”this year I” • Went rural and purchased 3 Isa Brown/ Rhode Island Red hens – Henny, Penny and Alice. They’re quite productive, yielding 3 eggs a day. Their output of tasty morsels is well in excess of our needs and as a result, the oversupply has made me popular among friends and work mates. • Also experienced the up side of house swapping. As a Mt Tamborine resident, I live amongst many natural attractions and as a result, was targeted a number of times to swap house. The only catch was visitors had to be prepared to feed and water the chooks and collect the eggs. This they did with alacrity while my family lived in style as ‘new locals’ in fabulous designer coastal homes at Coffs Harbour and Maroochydore. For 2013 we’re planning to swap in southern Europe, chook or no chooks. • Reduced my golf handicap by 5 strokes – it’s now 17.3 • Enrolled in an advanced photography course and passed. • Marked 10 years service to our client Norwest Land.

Grant Newby PRODUCTION MANAGER.....”this year I” • Had a family holiday in New Zealand. • Spent a day helping clean out some stranger’s house after the Brisbane floods. • Shaped the biggest surf board I have ever shaped at 11 foot long. • Had over 400,000 people visit my wooden surfboard blog. • Went camping 3 times at Broken Head. • Shaped the smallest surf board I have ever shaped at 4ft 2”. • Went to a wedding in Ireland. • Organised and hosted 2 surf events. • Visited a friend in Italy. • Lost a great little mate, Monty our 3 legged tailess cat. • Passed through Dubai and Scotland. • Got interviewed by and published in 4 surf mags. • Am looking forward to having 23 friends over for brunch Christmas morning. I hope you all had a great year to and look forward to 2012 and what it may bring.

KIM EFDE FINANCIAL CONTROLER.....”this year I” • Started Yoga classes. • Started researching my Family Tree which has turned into an addiction – it’s fascinating, slow and frustrating but I now find every spare moment is devoted to trawling through names to find connections. • Updated the Quadrant Creative production & finance system to BCC Enterprise.

JIM MOORES CREATIVE DIRECTOR.....”this year I” • Shared my 1st wedding anniversary with Carol, back at Santai Resort. • Became President of my golf club, Lakelands – a position where you hand out lots of trophies to everyone else. • Was prescribed my first reading glasses, after a long period of self-denial. • Collected a bucket of coins for the Leukaemia Foundation. • Cleaned up my Dad’s flooded house in Brisbane, again. • Attended my 30 year high school reunion and laughed out loud. • Bought a new driver (on the advice of a golf store) which ruined my game. Sold that and bought a replacement (on the advice of a mate) and took 6 strokes off my handicap. • Saw the Wallabies smash the All Blacks. Sadly, this was prior to the World Cup. • Won a Super 15 Rugby tipping comp. • Sold more stuff on eBay. • Took my youngest son for driving lessons and started feeling old. • Spent Easter at Kingscliff and a long winter weekend in Melbourne. • Did not win lotto, every week.

Shane Macgregor ART DIRECTOR.....”this year I”

1. Started painting again. Painted a portrait of photographer Trevor Worden and was a finalist in the Northern Rivers Portrait Prize. 2. Had an awesome 5’4” Mini Simmons surfboard shaped for me by Grant here at work. 3. Discovered Elk at Broadie...drank lots of coffee. 4. Went on a boys surfing trip to Brooms Head... got epic waves. 5. Had my oldest daughter start high school...finally she is much taller. 6. Made it through my wife’s second year of a Fine Arts Degree...and finally saw her on her holidays. 7. Was taught to ride a Rip Stick by my youngest daughter. 8. Took my daughters and 2 of their friends camping... didn’t get much sleep. 9. Loved taking portraits of friends. 10. Completed a joke.

VICKi FIELD ACCOUNT MANAGER.....”this year I” 1. Finished renovating our property in Macksville after 4 years, 500 litres of Selleys spakfill, 1000 litres of paint and a quite a bit of unlady like language. All TV renovation shows should be banned – they are full of crap! 2. Climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 3. Started renovating my home on the Gold Coast as now I am an expert at using spakfill, paint and swear words. 4. Got a personal trainer at the gym with a goal to be fit and healthy by Christmas. 5. Finished helping my mum renovate her Queenslander after white ants ate half of it. 6. Had my eyebrows waxed at a day spa for the first time ever – cost a fortune, didn’t make much difference – and decided money better spent elsewhere – like Bunnings maybe. 7. Tried to give up coffee about a million times – put in too hard basket for now. 8. Will spend New Year’s Eve in Sydney watching the fireworks.

JULIA REINIKKA GRAPHIC DESIGNER.....”this year I” • Welcomed a cute new nephew into the family. • Said goodbye to my little red motorbike and upgraded to a W800. • Celebrated my sister’s 40th birthday. • Had a chance to work on some fun game animations & illustrations. • Went to Soundwave to see some great bands. • Painted lots on my graphics tablet & finally finished painting murals on my walls. • Enjoyed my work at Quadrant Creative!

SHARON SERCI GRAPHIC DESIGNER.....”this year I” • Went to New Zealand and saw my brothers for the first time in seven years. • Made a photo book for my brothers of our reunion. • Ate far too many easter eggs. • Sold my house to my 19-year-old son. • Took my 14-year-old son to hospital for broken bones, frequently. Bought him a Playstation to keep him indoors. • Planned our wedding with my fiance and decided eloping is easier. • Learned to use MYOB for bookkeeping. • Met my friend at 5.30am for spin classes. • Had my car remodelled in a hit and run. • Went running with my dog and cooked her vegies to get her well. • Got a fright when my cat dragged a snake indoors. • Had a holiday in Evans Head. Tried surfing again, decided to stick to land. • Went fishing, ended up eating steak. • Cooked a four course dinner for my Mum’s birthday. • Bought an iPad. • Learnt to cook gluten-free. • Loved taking photos with my camera. • Started shopping early for Xmas.

TIM HAMILTON GRAPHIC DESIGNER.....”this year I” • Started with high expectations after winning the 2010 QLD Formula Vee title, but only won 2 races all year! • Embraced a tougher challenge by racing interstate, in VIC and NSW monthly. • Won a race at Bathurst (albeit the first 4 cars collided on the final corner) • Had the rear of my racecar destroyed… 4 times! • Took a $4000 ambulance ride then discovered there was a x-ray unit at the scene! • Got addicted to The Renovators • Decided to start running… which I’ll start next-week • Finally got onto Facebook. Don’t “Like”. • Went on a cruise around New Zealand. • Fell asleep in the Top Gear Live Stage Show - it really was that boring. • Was Studio Manager at Quadrant for a month… Grant, don’t ever go away again! • Got addicted to Avocado and Thai cuisine. • Finally went more than 3 months without losing sunglasses... I really like them!

BYRON SCOTT ACCOUNT MANAGER.....”this year I” had a reasonably uneventful year • Climbed Mt Warning for my birthday and got appendicitis two days later which resulted in an emergency appendectomy, three days in hospital and two weeks of recovery. • Won the Quadrant footy tipping competition, having never cared much for NRL. • Sold my motorbike and enjoyed a cold and wet summer camping trip to Broken Head. After a fairly quiet 2011, I’m looking forward to whatever 2012 brings.

FIONA francIs ACCOUNTS.....”this year I” • Was told I am going to be a grandma for the first time next February - a very exciting and a new phase of my life which I am very much looking forward to. • Achieved a very much sought after golfing award, winning the annual ladies matchplay championship at Arundel Hills, after 12 years membership. Can’t wait for 2012!

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Quadrant Christmas Card 2011  
Quadrant Christmas Card 2011  

Quadrant Christmas Card 2011