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Financial Impact for Small Business Quad provides financial services to Small Businesses in the Greater Toronto Area. Our services are professional, reliable, efficient and seamless for our Clients.

Bookkeeping Tax Services Valuation Consultation

We service a wide range of industries, including:

Professional services Consumer Services Education Food & Beverage Hospitality Wholesale Health & Lifestyle Real estate Contracting & speciality Trades Startup ventures


Designed to meet the unique requirements of your business including: Recording, managing and processing sales, purchases, and payroll Recording and managing all assets and liabilities Management and remittance of regulatory items Preparation of month end reporting packages Preparation of year end working papers Instant access to metrics online (detailed, trending and performance reports)

Tax Services Comfort That Your Taxes are Efficiently Managed

Performing continuous analysis of potential tax liabilities and tax issues Completing and filing tax returns Handling all correspondence and communication on your

Valuation Providing You with Valuation Insight

Providing insight into the value of your business Tax planning purposes Supporting the purchase and sale of businesses


Providing You with Specialized Consultation Selling or Buying a Business Financing Financial and Business Consulting

Advantages All core financial services are under one roof increasing efficiency Access to expertise such as Valuation services Comprehensive reporting, including industry specific analysis, providing our clients with a competitive edge Instant access to client information is available online

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Quad business services  
Quad business services  

Quad book keeping services in Toronto provides affordable accounting for any kind of business requirements.