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2014 Media Kit

About The Quad

The Quad is the student news service of West Chester University of Pennsylvania, the largest state-supported insitution of higher learning in Pennsylvania, and one of the largest universities in the Philadelphia region. Advertising in The Quad is an economical and effective way to communicate your message to the over 17,000 students, faculty and staff at West Chester University. The print version of The Quad is published on most Mondays during the fall and spring semesters, with a newsprint circulation of 2,500 copies. The Quad is also widely read online at wcuquad.com, and on mobile devices at issuu.com/quad. The Quad is printed in a six-column tabloid format, with a finished size of 10.75” tall by 11” wide, and a print area of 9.89” square. Advertising rates are based on a base rate of $5/column inch, with a column inch measuring 1.648 inches wide and .989 inches tall. Turn the page to learn more about how you can get started advertising in The Quad.

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Display Ad Sizes and Prices

FULL PAGE $258 60 column inches @ $4.30/column inch Height: 9.89 inches / Width: 9.89 inches


30 column inches @ $4.40/column inch Vertical: 9.89” tall x 4.945” wide (size illustrated) Horizontal: 4.945” tall x 9.89” wide


SEE YOUR AD IN COLOR Four-color process is available for an additional charge of $149.

15 column inches @ $4.60/column inch Vertical: 9.89” tall x 2.472” wide Horizontal: 2.472” tall x 9.89” wide Square: 4.945” tall x 4.945” wide (size illustrated)


20 column inches @ $4.50/column inch Vertical: 9.89” tall x 3.296” wide Horizontal: 3.296” tall x 9.89” wide (size illustrated)


10 column inches @ $4.70/column inch Vertical: 4.945” tall x 3.296” wide Horizontal: 3.296” tall x 4.945” wide (size illustrated)


7.5 column inches @ $4.80/column inch Vertical: 4.945” tall x 2.472” wide Horizontal: 2.472” tall x 4.945” wide (size illustrated)

Custom size ads


Inserts no larger than 10.75 by 11 inches may be purchased at the rate of $125 per thousand (minimum of 1,000). Inserts must be pre-printed and delivered directly to our printer.


6 column inches @ $4.83/column inch Horizontal ONLY: 1.978” tall x 4.945” wide

Display ads outside of the dimensions of our standard sizes are priced @ $5/column inch, with a minimum size of 4 column inches.

BUSINESS CARD SIZE $20 4 column inches @ $5/column inch Horizontal ONLY: 1.978” tall x 3.296” wide



How to place your advertisement

To place an ad in The Quad, contact us at QuadAdvertising@wcupa.edu Please tell us... • the size of the ad you would like to place • the date(s) you would like the ad to run • if you want a full-color ad ($149 extra per ad) Be sure to send us your complete, camera-ready advertising materials, which must be received no later than 6 p.m. on the Thursday before publication. We prefer PDF, TIFF, or JPG format files sent as email attachments, consistent with the the dimensions of your ad size selection. Please contact us in advance regarding conversion from other file formats, or for assistance in the creation of materials. The Quad is not responsible for the appearance of ads when materials submitted do not match the dimensions of the ad purchased. The Quad cannot guarantee the position of advertising within an issue, although we attempt to honor requests when practical.

Questions? Contact Us! Advertising Manager QuadAdvertising@wcupa.edu Editor-in-Chief QuadEIC@wcupa.edu Quad Office 253 Sykes Student Union West Chester, PA 19383 (610) 436-2375


5% Off for prepayment of advertising contracts 10% Off for placing 3 or more consecutive ads 15% Off ads from WCU Offices and Non-Profit Organizations 20% Off ads from SGA-approved WCU Student Organizations


Bulk contracts are billed in advance and must be used within one year of purchase. Pre-paid/consecutive discounts do not apply.

100 column inches: $420 ($4.20/column inch) 200 column inches: $820 ($4.10/column inch) 300 column inches: $1200 ($4.00/column inch)

Web advertising on wcuquad.com

Large leaderboard banner (728 px wide by 90 px tall): $100 month Rectangular sidebar (300 px wide by 250 px tall): $75 month Small mini-banner (205 px wide by 90 px tall): $50 month Contact our advertising manager for more information about web advertising contracts.

Classified Advertising

Place your text-based classified ad anytime on our website at wcuquad.com. Just click on the link for classifieds. Classified ads cost 30 cents per word, with a minimum of 20 words ($6 minimum charge).

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