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WCU student killed near home By Colin McGlinchey Editor in Chief

Last Wednesday, WCU student Selene Raynor was killed in an apparent homicide in the Strawberry Mansion section of Philadelphia. “Our sincere condolences and heartfelt sympathy go out to the Raynor family during this very difficult time,” Matthew J. Bricketto, Vice-President for Student Affairs, said in an email message circulated around campus. Raynor, 21, who was pregnant, was found by police in her parked Jeep around 1 a.m. Thursday morning in front of a vacant lot, the victim of a gunshot wound to the head. According to police, Tyrell Hart, Raynor’s boyfriend, is the prime suspect in the crime. Hart, 19, who has a criminal record that includes drug-related violantions, was charged with both Raynor’s death and that of her unborn child in addition to other offenses. An impromptu vigil was held in the Sykes Student Union Ballrooms on Thursday evening, where many of those who knew her best were able to share their thoughts and memories of her. “Selene was a special young lady who touched the lives of many on campus as evident by the large

turnout Thursday evening,” Bricketto said. Raynor was a third-year student in the College of Arts and Sciences, majoring in chemistry. She was also an active member of the WCU gospel choir, as well as the Black Student Union and the Student Activities Council. She also served as a Resident Assistant on the fifth floor of Sanderson Hall during the 2007-08 Academic Year. “The loss of a member of the campus community touches us all and the University Counseling Center faculty members are available to assist friends and colleagues of Selene as they learn of this sad news,” Bricketto stated. Raynor’s death comes just three months after another WCU student, Christopher Murph,y was also shot and killed in Philadelphia. Murphy, 23, was shot in July during a robbery in North Philadelphia, even after handing over everything he had, including his wallet, his jewelry and the take-out food he had just ordered. Two 19-year-olds confessed to his murder. Colin McGlinchey is a fifth-year student majoring in English with a minor in Journalism. He can be reached at contributed to this report.

WCU alumni seek adventure in Mongol Rally is to finish in the Mongolian capital, Ulaan Baatar, which is estimated to take about four Autumn is just beginning to weeks of traveling from any of take on a chill, but two West the three start points. Chester University alumni are However, teams in the past already making plans for next have deviated from the shorter year – a plan which involves routes and traveled “as far driving across eightto north as the Arctic Circle and 10-thousand miles of country in as far south as Afghanistan,” as an ambulance for charity and the site says. adventure. Even though the length and Stephen Blahut and Chris climate of the journey seems Plough are teaming up for daunting enough, the Adventhe 2010 Mongol Rally, a race turists place a few more across the European and restrictions on what teams can Asian continents set up by a use throughout the race. UK-based company called the Each team is required to use Adventurists. a car that is less than 10 years Though the main goal of old and has an engine size of the Rally is to delve into the one liter or less (about 1.06 unknown and race from point quarts, or 34 fluid oz.). The exception to these rules is if the team uses an emergency or public service vehicle. This includes police cars, fire engines, road sweepers, cherry pickers and, to the interest of OZNOG racing, ambulances. “We like the absurdity of driving one that distance and knowing full well that the vehicle will be decorated in such a fashion that people will not help but stare,” Blahut said. “There will have to be some welding done as protection to the undercarriage otherwise our vehicle will be destroyed on the Mongol Roads where Photo Courtesy Zita Ramsay Blahut (left) and Plough (right) graduated from WCU in 2006 and 2005 respectively, both with over a third of the vehicles degrees in Theater Arts and Communications. perish on the trip.” By Tara Tanzos News Editor

A to point B, teams also raise money for different charities throughout their adventures. Blahut and Plough have named their team OZNOG Racing, presented through their production company, ThruVegas Media. The pair hope to add up to two more members to their team before their departure from London on Sept. 2. Though the 2010 Mongol Rally will start from three different countries – England, Spain and Italy – there are only 400 teams allowed for the entire race. According to Blahut, the event sold out in two minutes. The ultimate goal of the Rally

Another rule for the Mongol estimate the risks involved Rally is that each team must in undertaking this kind of raise at least £1,000 ($1,490.75) adventure. Your chance of dying can be very high, some for official rally charities. Blahut and Plough have past teams have been seriously picked three charities: Mercy injured . . . You really are on Corps, Save the Children your own. If it all goes wrong, and Project Night Night. The that’s it, tough.” A similar warning is veiled in pair wanted to pick charities that would benefit children’s the “Route” section of the site: “What happens to you education and physical and between the start, the deserts, mental health. While on the race, teams mountains, bandits and wilare encouraged to record their derness is anyone’s guess. In a journey. Blahut and Plough normal year just over half the plan to make their experience teams make the finish line in a “social experiment,” blogging one piece.” Despite the possible danger and providing fans with ways to participate with them before and hardship, Blahut and the Rally takes place as well as Plough are determined and excited for this opportunity. during. “How often can you travel “It is really important for us to be in contact with those the world doing something whom support us along the absolutely crazy,” said Blahut. “It’s one of way,” said Blahut. “I have always struggled with those things will “In finding the grand adventure you remember addition forever, we will of our generation, a real seize the also have a GPS exploration into the unknown.” moment.” Plough in our agrees: “I vehicle that will allow fans to follow have always struggled with the journey as our vehicle pro- finding the grand adventure of gresses online. We will also our generation, a real explorabe updating our journey on tion into the unknown. This is an opportunity to travel to new Twitter each day.” The Mongol Rally website places by means I have never makes it clear that this race imagined.” Tara Tanzos is a third-year student is highly dangerous. Under a section titled “The Warning,” majoring in English. She can be reached at the site states: “ . . . You cannot under-



OCTOBER 19, 2009

On The Record “I’m looking forward to retirement at some point.” -Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, announcing she will not be running for president again.

“Thanks for bringing her violations to my attention. There’s going to be swift action.” -Arnold Schwarzenegger, on TMZ’s photo of his wife violating a state law he signed: talking on a cell phone while driving.

“There’s gunfire every other day and ... there’s all this hoopla about a hot-dog stand?” -representative of Felony Franks, Chicago, on the government wanting the hot dog venue (which employs ex-convicts) to change its name.

“You come back around, and everyone is like, ‘Ugh, you got the cooties.’” -Lebron James, after having a strain of influenza related to swine flu.

A letter from the SGA President... Hello West Chester! Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Ms. Selene Raynor, who was tragically killed in Philadelphia on Oct. 15. Selene was a third-year student majoring in Chemistry and she was active on campus as a former Resident Assistant in Sanderson Hall and was involved in the Student Activities Council, Black Student Union, and Gospel Choir. Selene had a unique gift of touching the lives of all those who knew her, she will be sorely missed on campus and throughout our community. The hours of the WCU library are now officially extended until 2 a.m. Sunday through Wednesday, beginning this past Sunday, October 18 in response to efforts by the Student Government Association (SGA) and the financial support of our provost, Dr. Linda Lamwers. SGA meets every Tuesday night at 7:15 p.m., normally in Sykes Ballroom C – our meetings are always open for students to voice their needs and concerns. “The Hangover” is playing this week in Sykes, Thursday through Sunday night, courtesy of the Student Activity Council SAC. Movie times and the future schedule can be found at Congratulations to our Homecoming Queen Takia McClendon and King Marc Fauntleroy representing the Black Student Union! Make us proud! Good luck to our football team as they crush Cheyney this Thursday night at 6 p.m.! It promises to be a high scoring game! SGA is declaring the game a PURPLE OUT and will be shooting Purple Out t-shirts into the student section, as well as selling the t-shirts for $5 at the stadium. In addition, SGA will be giving out cow bells to the first 300 students and is sponsoring $1 pizza slices at the concessions truck. It’ll be an exciting game, so come root our Rams to victory! Anthony DiJiacomo, President Student Government Association

‘Wild, Wild’ WCU Royalty Last Saturday, Marc Fauntleroy and Takia McClendon were named Homecoming King and Queen. The pair was representing the Black Student Union. Fauntleroy is a Senior majoring in Political Science. He is a member of The Friars and Impact. McClendon is also a Senior. She is majoring in International Relations/ Political Science. Her extracurricular activities include the Abbe Society, Multicultural Affairs Senator, OMA Peer Mentor and BMU Co-Public Relations. The Quad staff would like to apologize to Mr. Fauntleroy and Ms. McClendon for failing to feature them in our last issue.

Amanda Warren/The Quad

OCTOBER 19, 2009



SGA president signs for alcohol law changes By Colin McGlinchey Editor-In-Chief

Recently, Student Government Association President L. Anthony DiJiacomo, III signed the Get Real declaration, joining a list that includes 15 other colleges from all across the country. Get Real is an initiative which was developed by Choose Responsibility, a non-profit organization that seeks to “engage students in a conversation about alcohol issues,� Michael Giuliani, Executive Director of Choose Responsibility, said in a released statement. “Ultimately, I signed the Get Real initiative because the discussion is much needed,� DiJiacomo said. “I believe that the current law is not working and needs to be revisited, which under proper review would likely lead to the minimum legal drinking age being lowered.� According to Choose Responsibility, over 1,800 college students die due to alcoholrelated causes. This figure includes incidents like traffic accidents and alcohol poisoning, among other things. Almost 600,000 students are injured each year as a result of alcohol abuse, while 100,000 are sexually assaulted.

Get Real has set up a three- importance of each student rec- Chester is a gorgeous, familyIn addition to all of this, a study also found that 20 percent pronged effort to get the word ognizing not only the impact friendly town. We need to do our of male college freshmen admit out on the failures of the that their decisions have on part to help keep it so. to having 10 or more drinks in current drinking age system. themselves, but on the sur“Furthermore, individuals an evening. This is more than They have focused on students, rounding community as well. need to remember the possible double the definition of “binge college administrators and “There is nothing inherently consequences binge drinking elected officials. drinking.� wrong with alcohol, but the can have on their lives – “Many impacting people like their to look at academics, social issues criminal from an record, and idealistic health,� viewpoint, DiJiacomo forgetting said. the reality of The iniour culture, tiative society, and encourages general adminhuman istrators nature. to create “The alcohol preGet Real vention and statement education concludes programs. that Legal “West Age 21 Chester ‘pushes it University (underage and student alcohol use) organizaout of public tions need places to provide and into more “Choose Responsibility� features a line of anti-Legal Age 21 products and apparel for supporters to purchase in support of “Get Real.� secretive, dependable underprogramOn the student level, the plan over-abuse of alcohol is wrong, ming ground settings where injury, as alternatives to sexual assault, and alcohol stresses responsibility and good especially when it wakes up drinking. There needs to be poisoning are most likely to decision making. alcohol-alternative families during the night and regular, DiJiacomo stressed the trash is left on the streets. West programs in the student union occur,’� DiJiacomo said. late every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night so that students have a viable alternative,� DiJiacomo said. “In addition, I would like to see the South Campus Apart-





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.##.'..#-,.(/&,-/ ,+"4!0, #. 0&  -* 1#/"4!0, #. 0&    -* -,+/,.#" 4 3.",3/('.##.#2#),-*#+0#+0#.

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“West Chester is a gorgeous, family-friendly town. We need to do our part to help keep it so.� ments and The Village become a wet area of campus. I believe that this will allow responsible students, who would like to be able to drink in their apartments, to live on South Campus, thus reducing our footprint on the Borough. “I believe that this will alleviate many of the Town-Gown issues and allow our reputation to wholly focus on the excellence of our University,� DiJiacomo added. As for elected officials, they are asked to acknowledge both the consequences of the current drinking age as well as to consider more effective alternatives to the current system. The Get Real plan developed out of a movement that took place over a year ago by 135 university presidents who sought to bring the debate over underage drinking to the rest of the country’s attention. Get Real was created as a way to incorporate the students themselves into the movement. The Get Real plan and Choose Responsibility work in support of the National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week, which is observed each year during the third full week in October. This year it will run from Oct. 18–24 with the intentions of helping to foster a conversation between administrators and students.

Colin McGlinchey is a fifthyear student majoring in English with a minor in Journalism. He can be reached at CM646588@ [ed-i-tawr-ee-uhl]



The Quad rains on the Homecoming parade


People give power to words. Let your words give the people power.

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Normally I take this time to regale you with stories about things that don’t matter to anyone outside of myself. Purell dispensers, “Terminator 2” toys, bicycle parking. You know, all that nonsense that seems to interest me in the same way “American Idol” seems to interest the rest of the country. As much fun as I’m sure that usually is for you to read, this time I actually have something serious to bring up. In our Oct. 6 issue, The Quad really dropped the ball. Our coverage of Homecoming was completly lacking. So much so that we didn’t even mention the fact that Marc Fauntleroy and Takia McClendon--- who were representing the Black Student Union--were elected Homecoming King and Queen. This oversight was huge. How can you even cover Homecoming without noting the King and Queen? Before last week I wouldn’t have even though it possible, until I realized that is exactly what we had done. That type of nonsense may just get us put in the Guinness Book of World Records, but for all the wrong reasons. The Quad calls itself “the student newspaper of West Chester University,” but in order for that to be true, we need to cover the things that students care about. And I’m pretty sure that more then a few of you out there care about Homecoming and its surrounding festivities. This doesn’t make up for not adequately covering what is essentially the BIGGEST event of the academic year, but it is a guarantee that we will do everything possible to not allow the stories that matter to you to slip through the cracks again. To Marc Fauntleroy and Takia McClendon, we apologize for in any way diminishing your accomplishment. This was not intentional, but rather a careless mistake. To anyone who was offended by this slight, we also apologize. Just because our paper is run by WCU students, it doesn’t mean that it is automatically “THE student newspaper.” Even a total lack of competition doesn’t make that statement true. That is a title which we need to earn. I understand completely if many of you out there don’t feel that it is an accurate title, but it’s been true of The Quad in the past, and it will be true of us again. That you can count on just as sure as the sun will rise, Megan Fox will say something stupid and Michael Bay will make bad movies. It’s just the way of things…

Founded in 1932 as Quad Angles, The Quad was re-named as such in 1975. The Quad is the independent, student-run newspaper of West Chester University of Pennsylvania and is published weekly throughout the academic year. The Quad is published on 10 Mondays each academic semester and has a weekly newsprint circulation of 5,000. The Quad is funded primarily through advertising sales and although we receive a budget through SGA and the student activity fee, The Quad is run solely by students and is not edited or altered in any way by University faculty, staff, or administration. The University has no prior review of the content. Rates and mechanical requirements for display advertising can be found on our Web site. Inquiries may be placed at the addresses or phone numbers listed above. Classified advertising may be purchased on our Web site: The Quad reserves the right to refuse any news items, letters, or advertising thought to be offensive or inappropriate. The Quad exercises care to prevent omissions and factual errors. Corrections for any published error will not exceed the space or prominence of the error that occurred. Claims for adjustment must be made within five days of publication. The Quad is printed by Bartash Printing in Philadelphia, Pa.

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OCTOBER 19, 2009

See page 7 for information on breast cancer awareness month



PostSecret creator confesses in new book Actually, today I was just going through the book and yesterday and seeing the postcards and really, in a way for the first time, feeling a great sense of accomplishment by being able to allow these postcards to speak and these untold stories to be shared, and I’m very proud of that part. Q: You said in a video for the PostSecret Event Tour 2009 that you like to create a place that takes people out of their everyday lives just for a moment so they can feel free and open with themselves. Do you think

that comes through quite a bit in the latest book. Q: Have you received any criticism from religious groups Frank Warren, the creator of due to some of the secrets you the PostSecret phenomenon, held have posted? an event at West Chester UniA: It’s pretty rare. Sometimes versity last September about I’ll receive a message that’s the roles secrets play in people’s something like “Jesus is the only lives. His new book, “PostSecret one you should tell your secrets Confessions on Life, Death, and to” or something like that. But God,” continues to reveal the PostSecret isn’t trying to replace raw emotions and similarities anything. It’s not supposed to be everyone seems to share. like the new confessional or the Warren was available on the new psychiatrist couch. It’s just release date of his new book, this additional way that people which is his fifth. can share their secrets artistiQ: First cally, if they choose to. of all, thank Q: You are considered the “most you again trusted stranger in America,” and for coming this new book truly shows how to WCU last accepting you are of people of any September. religion and background. Do you Are there ever feel pressure to live up to any PostSethat label? cret events A: Well, I feel a great deal of, that stick I don’t want to say “pressure,” out in your but I feel like it’s a great honor mind as most that so many strangers have memorable? trusted me with something they A: You would never share with a family know, the one member or friend. So, for me it’s I just had at very important that I protect that Binghamton purity and that relationship. And in New York I do feel a lot of pressure not to do was pretty things that screw-up that trust. memorable. Q: Why do you think college I’m trying students make up such a large to introduce percentage of your target some new audience? secrets and A: I think a couple of reasons. new stories I think it’s very easy for young so that people people to share their passions who come back with their classmates and friends Frank Warren has been a guest speaker at West Chester University. College students have been a group see something online, so ideas for projects share that shares secrets with him and goes on to his Web site to read PostSecrets. a little bit quickly like that. different, in I also, too, think young people addition to to me that I get it right, so I’m the act of exchanging secrets has are at a point in their life where the secrets that students share quite a perfectionist over which a religious connotation? After all, they’re honestly searching for and I think it’s starting to come secrets go in and how they’re you do post secrets on Sundays. what’s authentic and what’s together in a new, more meaning- arranged. A: I think there’s something (bull). And I think that makes And before I get ful way. about PostSecret, their lives more vital and more started, I know how tormenting spiritual Q: “PostSecret Confessions that can be, having to get it just certainly not exclusively though. interesting. And I believe too, on Life, Death, and God” is your right. There’s a lot of humor and a lot that when you’re young, it’s fifth book. How have you seen I feel this great sense of respon- of sexuality and joy and anguish, easier to be trying to find who you the Post Secret project progress sibility, so it’s always a great but there is something substan- are rather than trying to project from your first book, PostSecret, relief when that process is over. tial and soulful too, and I think an image of who you are. Q: PostSecret and the PostSecret Community is a great place for people to escape. Did you have a place like that growing up, whether it be music or what not? A: Yeah, I wouldn’t say it was a place to “escape,” but I would say that punk music and also new wave music, bands like The Clash and The Talking Heads, allowed me to feel like in my small town, there was this broader world out there where it was possible to find people that had sensibilities as I did. Q: Part of your job requires you to formulate the postcards into a book. What books were you a fan of growing up? PostSecret Confessions on Life, Death, and God, is Warren’s fifth book, which is now available. Warren said to check page 103 for two of his A: I liked personal secrets. By Carol Fritz

Special to The Quad

to this new book? A: Well, early on in the project it felt more like a lark or a prank even, but as time has passed, and I’ve received hundreds of thousands of postcards, the project has taken on much more meaning for me, and I think that’s one of the reasons the latest book is called “PostSecret Confessions on Life, Death, and God.” Q: Are you as crawling with excitement for this new book as you were with the first release? A: It’s a complicated relationship because it’s really important

“Catcher in the Rye.” I liked “1984.” I liked “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.” These are all books that made a big impact on me. “Fountainhead.” And not the movie, but “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” as well. Q: You have based your profession on having people tell you their darkest secrets. If you could anonymously tell anyone in the world one of your secrets, who would it be and why? A: I think I would like to share secrets with myself, like, who I was when I was a kid. Like maybe as a kid, I could share secrets with myself as an adult and vice versa. That would be great. Q: Could you ever tell that a secret belonged to someone you know? A: Yeah, my daughter tried to submit one of her secrets one time. I caught that. And so did my wife—my wife shared this secret and tried to get it on the web: “I want to sleep with Richard Gere.” I pulled that one pretty quick. Q: Most people send their secrets through postcards, but what was the most unusual item on which you’ve seen a secret? I remember seeing one on a potato and a banana, I think. A: Yes, boy, I’ve received them on so many items—naked Polaroid pictures, seashells, sonograms, wedding invitations. People can be very creative. I’ve received more than one on cell phones, and I don’t know how to read the text functions. One time I got six secrets, each one written on one side of a Rubik’s Cube, and then, all scrambled, but I figured it out. I can’t solve a Rubik’s Cube, but I can solve each side independently, so I was able to read all the secrets. Q: Do you know how long it has been since you had a day with an empty mailbox? A: I can’t remember the last empty mailbox. It only happens when I check it too early, which actually, it’s pretty frequent because I really enjoy getting the mail every day. Q: You said in your Today Show interview that you are looking for a way to share the stories of secrets on television or film. Should we expect a PostSecret movie in the future? A: That’s an open question because I’ve had to say no to a lot of ideas that weren’t right, and so, I don’t know. I’m not going to do it unless I can do it right. I feel it’s so important to retain the integrity of the project. I’m not in any rush. If we can’t do it right, I won’t do it. “PostSecret Confessions on Life, Death, and God” is now available. Carol Fritz is a student at West Chester University. He can be reached at

Check out Frank Warren’s Web site to read or post secrets:

OCTOBER 19, 2009



Students raise awareness for breast cancer month By Ginger Rae Dunbar Features Editor

Each year, more than 192,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, according to the Web site disease. Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death in women. In the US alone, there are 2.5 million survivors of breast cancer. Breast cancer can develop in one or both breasts, in men or women. It is more common for women to develop breast cancer than other kinds of cancer. There are several types of breast cancer, including noninvasive cancers and invasive cancers. Noninvasive cancers are known as “carcinoma in situ” which is referred to as DCIS.

GLBT history month relates to today’s students By Marcelle Bacon Asst. Features Editor

Among all of the students at West Chester, many are what people would consider “gay,” “lesbian,” or “transgendered.” These students are people with whom we study, participate in class activities with, work alongside, and who are also our friends. Most people do not realize what some of these students have gone through to finally let the truth be known about their sexuality. Rodney Wilson, a high school teacher, was one of the first people to organize cultural leaders and other teachers to educate the public about events that are embedded in the history of gay, transgendered and lesbian people. His desire for the public to have knowledge of gays, lesbians and transgendered people eventually led to a grassroots campaign, which educated and celebrated the history of homosexuals. Eventually this campaign deemed October as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT) History month. October was chosen to be the month of celebration of the history of gays, lesbians, transgenders, and bisexual, due to the fact that October contains the two anniversaries of the first ever marches held for gays and lesbians. The first was in Washington during October 1979, which attracted more than 200,000 and the second was also in Washington, in October of 1987, which drew a crowd of more than 500,000 people. Many different gay/lesbian

organizations endorse the month of October as GLBT History month. The Gay and Lesbian Alliance against Defamation, the Human Rights Campaign, and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force are all different examples of the various organizations that endorse it. The issues to be exposed during GLBT History month include marriage rights, AIDS, discrimination and domestic partner benefits. However, it is mostly to celebrate the historical figures of GLBT history that have brought the gay and lesbian community more freedom. A big part of GLBT History month is Coming Out day, which this year took place on Oct. 11. The first Coming Out day was Oct. 11, 1988. This day is to encourage anyone who is bisexual, gay, lesbian, or transgendered to “come out” to co-workers, friends and family. The “coming out” of these individuals helps the GLBT community by letting the world know that gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered people are everywhere. To find out more about the month of GLBTs, the GLBT History Month Web site offers an icon of a person for every day of the month of October. These people include gay, lesbian and transgendered icons of the gay community. Each day, the icon contains a biography of the person, free videos, downloadable images, and other resources. The Web site is htt:// Marcelle Bacon is a third-year student majoring in French. She can be reached at MB650800@wcupa. edu.

Lobular carcinoma in situ is referred to as LCIS. LCIS can be a warning sign of one developing breast cancer; this could be in the same breast or the opposite one that it is found in. Most noninvasive cancers are DCIS, which means cancer cells are in the ducts or lobules of the breast. Without treatment, DCIS may lead to invasive cancer. Invasive cancer can spread and affect more areas of one’s body, including the bones, liver, lungs, and brain. There are also several types of invasive cancers. Breast cancer consists of many different stages and since cancers are not the same, the stages depend on the size of the tumor, as well as if the cancer has spread. The higher the stage number one is in, the more advanced the cancer is. Patients should talk to their doctors about the

All photos by Lukas Jenkins/ The Quad

Zeta Tau Alpha held a breast cancer walk on Oct. 18 to raise money for their philanthropy of breast cancer awareness.

stage of their cancer. In stage zero, the cancer is in the ducts or the lobules of the breast. It could be DCIS, which has the possibility of leading to invasive cancer if it is not treated. LCIS increases the chance of one having cancer; LCIS is not usually invasive cancer. Stage one consists of having invasive cancer that has not spread to other areas. Early stages of breast cancer may have patients in stage one, depending on the size of the tumor. Patients can be in stage one with a tumor that is less than two centimeters. Stage two has subgroups, which also depend on the size of the tumor. The tumor could still be less than two centimeters or be less than five centimeters without spreading. By the third stage, the cancer may present as a large tumor and is advanced. In stage four, the cancer has spread to other parts of the body. Patients who have recurrent cancer, cancer that has come back to the breast or to another part of the body, are in stage four. It is important for cancer survivors to continue to have doctor check-ups. The doctor will examine the breasts, chest, neck, and underarms. Doctor exams should occur every three to six months, during the three years following therapy. The next two years after that, doctors recommend survivors to be checked every six to 12 months. Survivors should getchecked out annually after this. This information was found on To find out more on breast cancer or the stages of the cancer, and how to detect breast cancer, see the Web site. If one may have detected a lump in their breast, get checked out by a doctor. Ginger Rae Dunbar is a thirdyear student majoring in English with a minor in journalism. She can be reached at

Adopt a shelter dog month is an opportunity for a house dog By Suzanne Brady Staff Writer

Every year, millions of dogs are put into animal shelters, found on the side of roads, or simply abandoned. October is a month of awareness, including adopt a shelter dog awareness. There are many options for people looking to give a helping hand if one is not able to adopt. It is possible for people to foster kittens or puppies until the animals are adopted. Other options include

Confidential.Convenient.Affordable.  BirthControl–EmergencyContraception GynecologicalExams–PregnancyTesting STD/STITesting&TreatmentforMen&Women  Presentthisadfor$5.00offanysupplyorvisit  8S.WayneStreet,WestChester.....610Ͳ692Ͳ1770

having people donate time at the shelter by walking the dogs, or simply donatations, toys, food or any other items that are vital to animals. According to, animal abuse or neglect is more common in houses with violence or aggression within the family. Dogs can make great companions, often said to be a man’s best friend. Whether one is feeling sad, happy, or simply just relaxing, dogs can be companions in many ways. Parents have dogs as support when their children leave for college, to a new home, and for the real world. Some students have dogs as friends in an apartment rather than roommates. In the film “Marley and Me,” there is a scene with Jennifer Aniston, where her

character finds out she has had a miscarriage. Aniston and Owen Wilson’s characters return home, and Wilson’s character walks back into their living room to Aniston’s character crying while Marley, the dog, simply lays his head on her knee and she hugs him. Dogs are true friends who never judge and will always be there when one needs them. Suzanne Brady is a fifth-year student majoring in Spanish. She can be reached at

OCTOBER 19, 2009




‘Rocky Horror’ production brings new look to Adler Theater By Mary Bachman Special To The Quad

Fans of The Rocky Horror Picture Show have been growing substantial amounts ever since the cult phenomenon first sprung up among London stages in 1973. Richard O’Brien’s script, which splashed color across the British punk scene of the time, gained audiences’ attention through his highly visual and outlandish production. The Rocky Horror Show became even more of a worldwide phenomenon in 1975 when it went to film and was put into the mainstream of motion cinema, gaining even more followers of the show. The film’s success transformed the show further for its fans by becoming the first midnight showing in New York City. These showings, unsurprisingly, flourished into an even bigger success with its encouragement to have viewers participate in the show, promoting fans to come in costume and act along with the play. The science fiction/horror parody takes hold of its audience from the very beginning when the narrator asks to take his listeners on a strange journey where O’Brien’s fictional characters, Brad (Jon DeGaetano) and his fiancée Janet (Rebecca Righi), are swept immediately into an unfamiliar world of Transylvanians. Their captor, Frank (Matt Whalen), who exposes himself as, “just a sweet

transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania,” claims to know the secret to life when he brings his creation, Rocky Horror (Colin Earyes), to life. The West Chester University Department of Theater and Dance, in cooperation with The College of Visual and Performing Arts are now bringing this widely marked phenomenon to the University’s newest establishment, the Madeleine Wing Adler Theatre. To keep in the spirit of O’Brien’s eccentric costumes and twisted plotline, the entire production crew has remodeled the Adler Theater space just for this performance. The traditional seating for this space has been partitioned off and masked by black drapes to bring the focus on the stage and promote interaction among the viewers who will be taking their seats upon the stage where bleachers will be set up. Through the non-traditional arrangement of the Adler Theater stage, and the unusual placement of seating in order to allow the audience to participate, the Department of Theater and Dance has strong hopes that this event will lend an opportunity for the entire community to come together, the target audience includes residents from off-campus, local high schools, participants of nearby theaters, and even a turnout from those Rocky Horror followers who tour the country to see different variations of the London stage version. This is an exciting new way to view a show for the

audience, cast, and everyone involved in the play since there will be lots of opportunities to get caught up in the story with everyone attending visible on stage, throwing props and shouting out call back lines. The very innovative setting of this Show Dates and Times: Friday 23 and Saturday 24 – 8pm One Matinee showing Saturday 24 – 2pm Sunday 25 – 2pm Thursday 29 and Friday 30 – 8pm Saturday – 7pm and 12pm ***Preshow half hour before each show (w/ M.C. Trick Sullivan) For Buying Tickets (On Sale Now): Student tickets - $12 Non-student tickets - $15 ***Group rates available Tickets available at Box office located in Anderson Room 118 Or Reserve tickets by phone 610-436-2533 -People are encouraged to get tickets in advance, especially for the midnight showing on Halloween. Tickets will also be sold at the door. new space mirrors the intent of O’Brien’s vision, allowing the audience to see and interact with each other just as much as the actors on stage. The entire cast and crew encourages the audience to be involved in the performances so much that they are selling goody

bags at the beginning of each show filled with different props to be used, such as confetti, noisemakers and playing cards which can be thrown on the stage in an effort to have everyone participate with the events of the plot. It is also asked by the crew that since these props will be sold before each show no confetti, rice, glass bottles, super-soakers, lighters, lotion, or food of any kind is brought from outside the theater. A pre-show will also be held a half an hour before each showing time, with M.C. Trick Sullivan, where there will be costume contests, for those who come dressed in character to get everyone into the Rocky Horror spirit. Director and choreographer Liz Staruch, along with music, vocal, sound, lighting, set, and costume design, are all working together to bring the very prominent British punk scene of the London 70s. They put a much more rockand-roll twist on the largely gothic-transsexual view that is so commonly associated with the film, to make a very visually and acoustically refreshing ensemble while still staying true to the themes of the Rocky Horror Picture Show that so many are familiar with. Just to remain in the complete nature of the show, and for those fans who cannot break apart from the Rocky Horror tradition, the Department will be holding their first-ever midnight showing of any performance on Halloween

night. This rendition of The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a widely anticipated performance, with plans for the play’s production having begun in June of 2009, the involvement of over 70 students behind the scenes makes every detail including hair, makeup, and set-design to match their vision of what The Rocky Horror Picture Show should be. Though so many different renditions and adaptations of this play being shown all throughout the country, the production’s followers have always seemed satisfied with how the true spirit of the play has been captured and remained fully intact ever since the picture’s cult began over 35 years ago. And for having been such a shockingly revolutionary idea for its time, the show certainly seems to remain a huge part of popular culture throughout each generation. With the play’s huge fan base and continual following, the spirit of Rocky Horror does not seem to be dying out anytime soon. Mary Bachman can be reached at

‘Wild Things’ a wondrous, delightful adventure By Kory Dench Staff Writer

First, you’re going to need to throw out the PG rating. I definitely would not recommend this film for younger children. Second, as director Spike Jonze

(“Being John Malkovich”, “Adaptation”) was quoted saying in many interviews, ““The main goal wasn’t to make a children’s movie. I wanted to make a movie about childhood.” In that way “Where the Wild Things Are” does nothing but succeed. Based on the 1963 book written

and illustrated by Maurice Sendak, the film is about a young boy Max (Max Records) who is butting heads with his divorced mother (Catherine Keener) and acting out in wild and inappropriate ways. Dressed as a wolf and acting much the same as a cub, Max soon finds himself running, sailing and landing on a far off land, playing with a pack of Wild Things. Records completely commands his first starring role, really settling into the wolves pajamas and Keener is as well cast as ever as a loving mother on her last nerve. “Where the Wild Things Are” gets a superb boost from those actors tapped to bring the “monsters” to life: James Gandolfini (The Sopranos,) Paul Dano (“There Will Be Blood,”) Chris Cooper (Conklin, the man sending agents to kill Jason Borne in The Borne Identity,) Catherine O’Hara (any recent Christopher Guest movie) and Forest Whitaker (“The Last King of Scotland”, “Vantage Point”) all combine with the puppetry and CGI (which was modeled after recordings of the actors as they spoke) to make the project that much more rich. As for the creatures themselves, Gandolfini brings not only love and compassion but also a stark element of terror to his character Carol’s emotional and temperamental actions. Dano voices the meek and unsure ram creature Alexander, while O’Hara positively sings (and in one scene, not well) as the consummate “downer” Judith

and Whiticare provides personality for Ira, the troll like partner of Judith and is the one responsible for “…putting the holes in the trees.” Their words and the subsequent delivery of them is presented

original, to confront the theme as he stated in a 1981 interview of “…how children master various feelings - danger, boredom, fear, frustration, jealousy - and manage to come to grips with the realities of their lives.’’ Jonze and co-writer Dave Eggers’ hard work and thought on the script shows as the movie builds with Max’s continued exposure to his dream world and the creatures that fill it, until it is clear that he is not the master of the domain, but rather one being that must dwell and cope with each and every element within it. Visually, the movie is both stunning and different from its printed counterpart, using an earthy pallet of color and different locations other than the jungle to illustrate Max’s journey. The creatures over which Max presides look downright through the imagination of the incredible on the screen, a comchild that created them, making bination of effects used to make for child-like sentiments and their interactions with Max all sentences, but also adult respon- the more real. Sets, locations, the sibilities for this boy dressed as a music of Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Karen wolf attempting to be their king. O” and nine-foot tall puppets all The actors put in a superb effort combine to give the film a look of to bring the script to life, blown an autumn adventure through a up from just the 9 to 10 sentences child’s eyes. (depending on who you consult) Kory Dench can be reached at comprising Sendek’s work in the



Author Spotlight: Arthur Nersesian By Ken Schmidt Copy Editor

Mark Twain may be considered the grandfather of “realism” writing for his legendary text “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” a novel that brilliantly illustrated a young boy’s innocence in the face of a time period of blind racism. In the middle of the 20th century John Steinbeck used an excruciating amount of detail to describe the hardships of the “Great Depression.” These are just two writers that wrote historically significant pieces of realistic literature detailing and critiquing society of their era. In our time of economic hardship and a new breed of the working class, it is Arthur Nersesian detailing a new world of casual laborers and general apathy. Nersesian pens about a generation raised with poor moral upbringing and who constantly striving for self-realization. The Armenian author was born and raised in New York, the location where all his novels take place. Nersesian burst onto the scene thanks to Mtv Books picking up his first novel, “The F*** Up.” Following in the footsteps of authors like Twain and even Homer, this novel is a modern day Odyssey of an unnamed narrator whose decisions and apathy lead to his downfall. The unnamed working class everyman begins as a movie theater usher, a job that almost any person can relate to, a job where the employer feels constant alien- Neresian is a ation, where there is stories no room for climbing a ladder to success. It is a job where each day is a meaningless grind leading to nothing but a miniscule paycheck. The narrator eventually loses his job over a pay raise he did not even want. His boss could not afford the extra fractions of a penny to employ him so instead of returning him to his base salary he is let go. He moves in with his best friend Helmsley following being kicked out by his current girlfriend but following in the title of the novel, he messes up that too when he enters into a physical confrontation with Helmsley’s girlfriend. If the narrator of Nersesian’s novel is a modern day Odysseus then Helmsley’s girlfriend Angela is the Cyclopes, sirens, and hydra all rolled into one.

years old, I had written this book over 12 years ago, and they were really the first to say that they would publish it. At that point, it was the only show in town so I took it. But to their credit, they were very good about leaving it alone.” Nersesian wrote several narratives that follow a similar diction to his first novel. He followed up his modern day Odyssey with “Chinese Takeout,” a novel centering around New York-based independent art, “Dogrun,” a bold novel written in the voice of a sexual repressed woman, “Suicide Casanova,” written about this generations sexual deviance, and “Unlubricated,” a story that exists inside the framework of 9/11 New York. However, after all his hard hitting works of realism, Nersesian departed from his original pieces and began “The Five Books of Moses.” Partly a satirical look at politically motivated violence, the first two installments (“Swing Voter of Staten Island” and “Sacrificial Circumcision of the Bronx”) told the story of Uli, a man who is victim to a drug induced amnesia that ends up in a Nevada desert renamed Rescue City, New York. All the residents were relocated after the original New York was devastated by a terrorist attack. Uli discovers the atrocities of a land run by two violent, political gangs, the Piggers and the Crappers, and eventually attempts to flee. In the second novel, Nersesian delves deeper into the terrorist attack that destroyed the east coast version of New York with a novel deeply immersed in research. Though half the novel “dirty realist” author who writes about New York-based still follows Uli’s attempted escape from the Nevada wasteland, he tells the narrator “Any given the other half details the life and counterculture will eventually be time of Paul Moses, a fictional absorbed into and become a part of older brother to New York induspop culture,” a comment that could trial giant Robert Moses. For any readers interested in be construed as a direct attack at a apocalyptic societies or even the media powerhouse like Mtv. Nersesian told Chief Magazine historical significance of New about the importance of this line, York’s mid-90s makeover thanks to as well as the irony of it being in mogul Robert Moses then the first a novel published by Mtv. “MTV two novels in the series will make occurred ten years early than it for interesting reading. Nersesian plans to break from did, I can’t even imagine the East Village punk scene, you know, Tele- his series to write another novella vision or Richard Hell, The Talking that would appeal to his original Heads; I can’t help but think that crowd. It will be called “Mesopotatheir music, their look, their feel, mia”, and is expected to hit shelves would have been swayed…. A lot early in 2010. Ken Schmidt is a fifth-year student of those bands, a lot of them would have lost their edge. So, on one majoring in English with a minor in hand MTV was the total antithe- Journalism. He can be reached at sis, but on the other hand, I was 39 As the narrator pieces his life together by working at a pornographic movie theater (under the guise of being a homosexual) his web of lies and deceit catch up to him once again and eventually he ends up homeless and injured after a run-in with the police, and later a gang of young thugs. This novel is truly a great piece of 21st century “dirty realism.” Nersesian does not waste time developing many of his minor characters, but one person who makes the narrative a truly gripping tale is the misunderstood sidekick, Helmsley. The man is a brilliant writer but tends not to publish his work and is the smartest person the narrator ever met, yet he falls for a drunken and profane woman who does not understand her man’s true nature. One of the most prophetic lines uttered in the novel comes from Helmsley when

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Team Mascots 10. The Nationalsʼ Presidents Race 9. Billy the Marlin 8. Phlex 7. Klementʼs Racing Sausages 6. The San Diego Chicken 5. Dancinʼ Homer 4. Springy The Spring 3. Mariner Moose 2. Capital City GoofBall 1. The Phillie Phanatic Courtesy of

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In compliance with the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act, West Chester University is providing this written notification to its students and employees. More information can be found in the Ram’s Eye View Guide Book 2009-2010 (available on the WCU website). Things to Know about the Code of Conduct • The Student Code of Conduct applies to student behavior on and off campus. • The Code also applies to student organizations. A group can be sanctioned based on the behavior of any one of its members. • You are responsible for the behavior of any guest you bring on campus. If they violate the law or the Code of Conduct, you may be sanctioned. • If you know where alcohol and/or drugs are being kept, you can be charged with possession. • If you help, encourage or know about a Code of Conduct Violation and fail to report it, you can be sanctioned as if you have committed the violation yourself. • If you’re suspended or expelled, you’re not allowed on campus and your tuition will not be refunded. University Alcohol and Drug Policies • No person, regardless of age, shall consume or possess any alcohol, liquor, malt, or brewed beverages on West Chester University property, except as approved by the president of the University. • Students (regardless of age) may not sell, exchange, possess or consume alcohol on campus • University prohibits unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by students and employees on its property. This includes drug paraphernalia. • WCU vigorously enforces all local, state, and federal laws regarding drugs and alcohol. • Using alcohol illegally off campus violates the Code of Conduct. • Students may not display empty alcohol containers in a residence hall or any affiliated university housing • Using legal substances (e.g., inhalants) to alter one’s mental or physical state is a violation of the Code of Conduct and may also be illegal. University sanctions for alcohol and drug related offenses. Students face a range of actions if they violate the Code of Conduct. The can include – but are not limited to: • Parental notification • Disciplinary reprimand and fines • Educational programs • Community service • Disciplinary probation for at least 1 semester • Loss of privileges to represent the University (on a sports team, in artistic performances, student government) • Housing reassignment or loss of University housing • Disciplinary suspension – you may have to reapply to school after this sanction. • Disciplinary expulsion • Selling drugs or furnishing alcohol to minors are serious violations of the Code of Conduct which may result in a suspension or expulsion.


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OCTOBER 19, 2009

WCU fights tough in loss WCU Falls from page 16 DiFebbo, the Red Raiders went back to work. This time they used a brotherly connection. DiFebbo found younger brother Chase Difebbo for 35 yards plus an additional 15 yards on a facemask penalty against West Chester. The Golden Rams defense did a good job of holding the Red Raiders to a field goal to make the score 17-0 at the half. West Chester finally got on the board in the third quarter when Wright found senior wide receiver Steve Miller for a 12-yard score to make it 17-6 following the missed extra point. Shippensburg increased their lead following a 75-yard pass and catch when Chad DiFebbo found Chase DiFebbo late in the third quarter. Early in the fourth quarter, Wright found Miller once again for a 7-yard touchdown to make it 24-12. West Chester was not able to finish the comeback bid as they fell to the Red Raiders 24-19. The Golden Rams offense outgained the Red Raiders 306 to 277. West Chester finished with four yards rushing on 21 attempts compared to 77 yards rushing for Shippensburg. Wright finished 22-54 for 302 yards, two touchdowns and three interceptions. Miller finished with a game-high 11 recep-

tions for 181 yards and two touchdowns. Beahan had six receptions for 80 yards, playing a majority of the game when Dan DePalma got injured. Chad DiFebbo finished 10-22 for 200 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions. Chase DiFebbo finished with four receptions for 137 yards and one touchdown. Holland finished with eight total tackles and three fumble recoveries. Senior linebacker Sam Scott finished with eight tackles, two sacks and one forced fumble. Corey Rhood finished with six tackles and an interception. The Golden Rams look to get back on track this Thursday against cross-town rival Cheyney University at 6 p.m. at Farrell Stadium. All the action can be heard live on 91.7 WCUR.


NOTES The loss to Shippensburg snapped West Chester’s five-game winning streak against the Red Raiders … West Chester leads the all-time series against the Red Raiders 21-9-1 … Shippensburg’s last win against the Golden Rams at Seth Grove Stadium came in 1999 … In their last two games, West Chester has 20 penalties for 221 yards called against them LJ Harrell is a fourth-year student majoring in Marketing. He can be reached at

56 - 7 Editor’s Golden Rams Football Picks


49 -13 Amanda Warren/ The Quad

OCTOBER 19, 2009



Women’s rugby romps Princeton By Ryan Frisco Asst. Sports Editor

West Chester scored one more try before the half, courtesy of rookie Hannah Johnstone. A Laura Waltman conversion made the score going into the half 17-5.

53-0. “Princeton is an old rival, and it always feels good to beat West Chester University’s a rival,” senior Sasha Stauffer women’s rugby team is back to said. “This win was important, their normal, it’s comwinning pletely fashion. changed our After a rough, drive and low-scoring motivated game against us to keep Delaware, West our drive Chester came through the back these last EPRU’s.” two weeks and Once completely blew again, their competiSarah tion away by a Glick led combined score the team of 87-10. These with three two games were trys in huge for the the game. Lady Rams, Stauffer as they have a opened up newfound conthe scoring fidence and a for the Lady great shot at Rams in the the number contest as one seed in the she scored Eastern Penna try eight sylvania Rugby minutes Union tournainto the ment. game. Anna Over Fall McGlade break last converted weekend, the try to West Chester put West played host to Chester Maryland Uniup 7-0. versity. The Little did Golden Rams the Golden barely escaped Rams know Maryland that score with a victory would be all last season, they needed skirting by the to seal slimmest of the deal. margins, 12-10. The WCU The defense let squad was up the same far from 10 points this finished season, but won though. in a much more After commanding Stauffer’s fashion, 34-10. score, Glick Sarah Glick, went back in her second to work, year, led the once again Lukas Jenkins/ The Quad team in scoring scoring two with three trys The women’s rugby team took a must win game away from Princeton on Saturday, beating them 53-0. Next week, they will host Ship- trys in the in the match. pensburg in another must win game to make the playoffs. If they win, they can take the top seed in the EPRU tournament. first half. West Chester Cheryl had fallen to seasons in the EPRU champion- Johnson added one more before No. 22 in the rankings, but made West Chester matched their ship game, always a close affair. the buzzer to allow West Chester it clear that they are a force to be first half performance in the On a cold, wet, rainy Saturday to take a 24-0 lead into the half. reckoned with this season. second with 17 more points and morning in the barracks of West Michelle Gerlach opened up Glick was unstoppable early only one try let up. Glick added Chester, the Princeton Tigers the half with her second try in in the game, as she scored two her third try of the game early in entered the ring in a rematch two games to give the Lady Rams trys in the first 12 minutes of the half, converted by Waltman. of last season’s EPRU cham- a 29-0 lead. Fifteen minutes play. Those two unconverted The final two trys of the game pionship – the outcome was a later, Johnson pushed her second trys along with a Terp uncon- came from Maureen Rae and completely one-sided blowout try of the game into the trizone verted try made the score 10-5. Michelle Gerlach. victory by the Golden Rams, to make it a 34 point lead. This game was huge for West Chester, especially going into the next weekend’s match against Princeton. West Chester has played Princeton the past three

West Chester then went on a seven minute scoring spree, as Glick, Mary Bocchino, and Megan Lamm all scored within seven minutes of each other. Lamm converted two of those trys. That would end West Chester’s scoring in the game to bring them to the final score of 53-0, stunning the visiting Princeton Tigers. The game puts a new light and sense of motivation in the Golden Rams season. “After our first try we didn’t let up, we just kept moving the ball,” Stauffer said. “We played as a team today.” Stauffer said that this was a huge key to West Chester’s victory against Princeton. The Tigers are a very dangerous team, and West Chester really came out as a team to shut them down. Saturday against Princeton was a big game for West Chester, but now next weekend brings with it probably the most important match up of the season, as West Chester hosts Shippensburg. Stauffer says this game is a must win for the Lady Rams. “In order to be ranked first going into playoffs we need to beat Ship’. If we are first we get a better seed for the EPRU tournament.” A higher seed will give West Chester an easier road to the championship game. They will most likely be facing Delaware again, who is responsible for West Chester’s only conference loss so far. “We need to play as a team again and hit them hard and low, not only in the rucks, but in every tackle,” Stauffer said against next weekend’s game. Shippensburg is a very physical team that has given West Chester problems in the past. The Lady Ram squad has come together very nicely so far this season, and needs to keep that strong bond alive in order to do well. This is Shippensburg’s first year as a NCAA Division I team. Before, they were only a club team, so they were able to bring fifth year seniors back. They will be without that advantage this weekend, as they travel to West Chester’s south campus for an all-important EPRU match-up. Ryan Frisco is a third-year student majoring in Communication studies. He can be reached at RF648257@

Men’s hockey introduces Division-III team By Matt Chandik Staff Writer

West Chester University has seen its men’s hockey program make great strides in recent years. With the team on a tremendous upswing, team officials decided that it was time for the program to add a second team at a lower level. The 2009-10 season marks the unveiling of the WCU Division III club team, and the team figures to make an impact right away. “We’re very excited about our D-III team,” WCU general manager Dom Bellizzie said. “We’ve got a lot of talent in our organization and we only have so many spots on the D-I team, so this team presents a great opportunity for some very talented players.” Former WCU teammates Jason Munter and Jason Ferrell will be behind the Golden Rams’ bench. Both are coaching rookies

at this level, but both are bright individuals who should quickly become comfortable handling the coaching reins. As younger coaches, the pair should be able to relate well to the players, as they’ve both been through similar situations. The two bring experience, savvy and a deep knowledge of the game to the team. “I think we’ve got the potential to be a top team in the conference,” Ferrell said. “We’ve got a lot of players with experience at the D-I level and we’re counting on them to be leaders for our team. Some of those players include Drew Mervin, Tom Haeberle, Justin Lewandowski Ryan Bones, and Andrew Gregoire. All have played a significant amount of games for the Division I team and will be expected to be the team’s leaders and its best players. “I definitely feel like one of the team’s leaders,” Lewandowski

said. “I feel that a lot of the new guys look up to some of the older players, especially those with experience on the (D-I) team.” While Haeberle, Mervin, and Lewandowski will lead the offensive charge, much of the defensive game plan will revolve around Bones, a sophomore defenseman with tremendous potential and poise. “Bones is going to be our captain,” Ferrell said. “We really like what he does back there. He’s very calm and composed and he seems to calm everyone down. He’s got some game experience and he’s someone the team can look up to.” “Mervin, Lewandowski and Gregoire can all put the puck in the net, and they’re also players that the rest of the team’s going to look up to. We’re expecting big things from them. Our top two lines are almost entirely comprised of players with (D-I) experience, which is a very nice

luxury to have,” Ferrell said. The team will compete in the Delaware Valley Collegiate Hockey Conference, and it’s a conference in which the team feels it can make noise in. “We feel that we can absolutely be at the top of the conference,” Lewandowski said. “We’re a very deep team with a lot of experience and there’s a lot of good talent on the roster.” “I think we have a very good chance of winning the conference,” Ferrell echoed. “We’ve got a lot of skill and we’ve got a bunch of players who are very motivated, which always helps.” Farrell admits that he’s somewhat unfamiliar about the conference’s elite teams, but says that he expects a lot of competitive and close games. The Golden Rams sprinted out of the gate with a 3-0 record which saw them out-score opponents by a 32-6 margin. WCU opened their season with a 13-3 pasting

of Shippensburg, followed it up with a 3-2 nail-biter over Richard Stockton and crushed Bryn Athyn 16-1 on Saturday night. The Golden Rams embark on a tough four-game road trip with games against Lehigh, Widener, Penn State-Berks and Alvernia. The four-game swing will determine whether the team is a contender for the DVCHC title in its inaugural season, or if it is a pretender who will need to cut its teeth against the conference’s elite before being able to eat with the big boys. The team has enough size, speed and skill to lay claim to being the conference’s best team. However, games are played on the ice, not on paper, and the Golden Rams will have to prove themselves worthy of a lofty billing. Matt Chandik is a fifth-year student majoring in Spanish with a minor in Journalism. He can be reached at



OCTOBER 19, 2009

Field Hockey undefeated in A-10 By Ryan Frisco Asst. Sports Editor

While the West Chester field hockey team has struggled lately, falling below .500 for the first time on the season, they have battled back and come on strong in A-10 Conference play, ending the week 2-0 in the division. On Friday, the Golden Rams hosted St. Louis in a crucial game to get their record back to .500. St. Louis has had a rough season, managing only one win so far, and 0-1 in the A-10. West Chester was determined to keep them down in the cellar. Alisha Moran made quick work of the St. Louis defense as she scored the game’s first goal only a minute into the match. It was Moran’s fifth goal of the season. St. Louis did not give up easily though, as they were determined to turn their season around. The southern team fought hard to stay in the game, allowing nothing the rest of the half. That changed quickly once the second half rolled around. Kristen Foore added a second goal for West Chester six minutes into the half, and first year Michele Schrift added a goal of insurance later on in the half. Joelle Zarefoss completed a perfect game in goal to hold St. Louis scoreless and hand the Lady Rams the victory 3-0. This win was huge for WCU, because it means that they remain unbeaten in conference play. These are the games in the season that matter the most if West Chester wants to make the playoffs at the end of the year. The Golden Rams first A-10 conference game of the season was last week when they traveled to La Salle. This was the first conference game for either team, and West Chester took the advantage with a 4-2 triumph over their rival. This win was huge for the West Chester University Golden Rams team, as they had lost six games in

a row after starting the season 5-0. First-year player out of Delaware Melissa LeNoir was the first to turn the zeros on the scoreboard, scoring her eighth goal of her rookie season in the tenth minute. Kristen Foore was the second Lady Ram to post a number, as

to cap the Golden Rams scoring at four on the day. La Salle would go on to score one more goal in the half, but it was not enough as West Chester grabbed their sixth win of the year. Zarefoss made eight saves for the Golden Rams, picking up her sixth victory on the

two losses came at the hands of the Lock Haven Bald Eagles. The Vonnie Gros visitors shut out the hosts 4-0 in a disappointing showing for West Chester, as their record dropped below winning for the first time on the season. The game stayed a 0-0 tie

Lukas Jenkins/ The Quad

West Chester University’s field hockey team had a great week, winning both of their Atlantic-10 conference games. They have evened their season record up at 7-7, and are hoping to continue their success at Richmond on Sunday.

she added her fourth of the year late in the first half. La Salle shot one past Zarefoss just before the buzzer to cut the lead to 2-1 going into halftime. Leah Angstadt notched West Chester’s third goal of the game three minutes into the second half on a penalty stroke. Four minutes later, LeNoir netted her team leading ninth goal of the season

year in another great performance in goal. In addition to those two A-10 conference games, West Chester also played two non-division games, one against Lock Haven University and the other against Lafayette. Unfortunately, the Golden Ram field hockey team fell in both contests. West Chester’s first of those

until Lock Haven scored a goal 22 minutes into the match. That started an onslaught of Bald Eagle scoring, as West Chester went into the half down 3-0. One more goal added by Lock Haven in the second half sealed the deal as they walked off the field with a 4-0 win. West Chester only recorded five shots in the game. Over fall break last weekend,

West Chester once again lost in front of their home crowd, as they fell to Lafayette College 3-0. Lafayette scored two goals in the first half off of penalty strokes, as the Lady Rams only managed one unsuccessful shot. The Lafayette Leopards added one more goal in the second half off a well-placed reverse flick. West Chester had many chances to score towards the end of the game, getting off 14 shots in the second half alone, but were unable to skirt the ball past the goalie as she shut out the hosting Rams. Melissa LeNoir continued her stellar rookie season last week, and was once again recognized for her efforts. In the first week of play, LeNoir was named the A-10 Player of the Week and Rookie of the Week after a stellar performance, scoring seven points in her first collegiate game. After two goals in last Friday’s game against LaSalle, she was once again named the A-10 Rookie of the Week. LeNoir is impressing in her first year. She is currently leading the team in goals (9) and overall scoring (21). In addition, she is also second in the conference in goals scored, points, and game winning goals, of which she has three. Although LeNoir is a rookie, she is a proven leader on the team, and will be one of the scorers up front the team counts on to take them into this year’s postseason. Cat Baskin said that the team is really excited about playing conference games right now and are even more excited about their chances to make it to the championship. West Chester continues their A-10 conference schedule Sunday, Oct. 17 when they travel to Richmond. Ryan Frisco is a third-year student majoring in Communication studies. He can be reached at RF648257@wcupa. edu.

Volleyball strives to keep playoff hopes alive By Steven Fisher Staff Writer

The West Chester volleyball team’s recent resurgence has kept their playoff hopes alive with wins over Slippery Rock, Millersville and Glenville State. Friday, Oct. 9 West Chester’s Volleyball team played Clarion University and Slippery Rock University in a double header inside Hollinger gym. Clarion University defeated the Lady Rams 3-0 in the PSAC crossover round-robin by scores of 25-11, 26-24, 25-21. Clarion dominated the first match, however, the final two matches were close. Freshman Lexi Kegerise and Junior Michelle Powers each posted six kills in the loss to Clarion. Helen Fitzpatrick accumulated 22 assists while Lisa Campbell ended up with 10 digs. Later that day, WCU faced off against Slippery Rock. West Chester trailed Slippery Rock 11-9 in the fifth and deciding set when Kegerise was inserted back into the lineup and provided the spark the Rams needed to finish off their opponent. WCU went on a 7-3 run to close out the final match and complete the come from behind win. The five matches were scored 22-25, 27-25, 20-25, 25-18,16-14.

West Chester trailed Slippery Rock 2-1 going into the fourth set. The Lady Rams were able to dig deep and pull out an impressive 25-18 win to force a fifth set. Kegerise added nine digs and three blocks in the winning effort. Powers added 13 kills and Kelly Martin had 10 of her own to support the Rams’ offense. Captain Lisa Campbell registered a team-high 19 digs while Fitzpatrick and Kyra Yost each posted 17 digs of their own. Saturday Oct. 10 would be a day in which the WCU volleyball team would like to forget. WCU lost both matches 3-0 Saturday afternoon to Indiana (Pa.) and California (Pa.) inside Hollinger Fieldhouse. In game one Saturday, West Chester fell to Indiana (Pa.), 25-18, 25-23, 29-27. Lexi Kegerise picked up right where she left off against Slippery Rock with 12 kills. Fitzpatrick posted 25 assists and 17 digs. Campbell contributed 13 digs as well. Powers posted nine kills and five blocks. Ashley Focht had eight kills for the Rams. In the nightcap against California (Pa.) Powers registered six kills and Brook Foskey had five in the 25-20, 25-16, 25-15 defeat. Fitzpatrick registered 11 assists and seven digs for the Golden Rams.

Campbell posted eight digs while Yost recorded seven. Last Tuesday West Chester University’s volleyball team ended their losing streak by beating up on University of the Sciences of Philadelphia (USP) 3-0 in a non-league game. Kegerise registered nine kills while Powers, Martin and Focht each chipped in five apiece. Fitzpatrick recorded 20 assists and 12 digs in the victory. Martin contributed six blocks, and Yost posted five service aces as well. Friday, Oct. 16 WCU hosted division rival Shippensburg inside Hollinger Fieldhouse. Despite a great effort from the Lady Rams, WCU dropped the match 3-2 in a pivotal PSAC game. In game five WCU had an early lead; however, Shippensburg came back with an 8-4 run to close out the win. WCU lost the match 25-20, 18-25, 25-21, 18-25, 15-11. Campbell had a seasonhigh 33 digs, and upfront Kegerise led WCU with 13 kills. Powers contributed with 11 kills, and Fitzpatrick had another consistent game dishing out 34 assists. For Shippensburg Kali Antolik registered a match-high 14 kills, hitting .333 for the match. Jenny Pry had 12. Andrea Heimsoth recorded 41 assists.

Saturday afternoon the WCU volleyball team had to quickly forget about their defeat at the hands of Shippensburg the night before because they played host to PSAC division opponent Millersville University. The opening game would prove to be the most interesting between the two teams. In game one there were seven lead changes. The match was close throughout until Millersville put together an 11-5 run to pull away from WCU and ultimately win game one by a score of 25-19. Game two was a completely different story; WCU came out swinging and took an early 15-5 lead. After having a ten point lead the Lady Rams never looked back and took the match 25-11 to even up the series at one a piece. West Chester went on to win game three by a score of 25-15. In the do or die game for Millersville, WCU delivered the knockout punch by defeating MU 25-19. Overall the game was scored 3-1 in favor of WCU, 19-25, 25-11, 25-15, and 25-19. Kegerise and Powers led the team in kills, Fitzpatrick had another impressive game and Campbell played stellar defense in the win against Millersville University

Saturday night WCU took on Glenville State. In game one WCU made some early mistakes which led to points for Glenville. WCU was able to overcome their early mistakes and take game one 25-20. Game two was dominated by WCU; with the match tied at 13 a piece the Lady Rams went on a 12-2 run to close out game two 25-15. Game three was more of the same from WCU’s offense. The Lady Rams made quick work of Glenville defeating them in game three 25-13, and 3-0 overall. West Chester University’s volleyball team is now 15-12 overall and these next few weeks are very important if WCU wants to get back into the playoffs. This upcoming week the WCU volleyball team will host Lincoln University on Tuesday the 20th at 7 p.m. inside Hollinger Field House. On Friday they will host PSAC division opponent East Stroudsburg at 7 p.m. and on Saturday they take on PSAC division opponent Lock Haven at 12 p.m. WCU will also collide with Bowie State Saturday at 4 p.m. inside Hollinger Fieldhouse. Steven Fisher is a third-year student majoring in communications with a minor in Journalism. He can be reached at

OCTOBER 19, 2009



Men‛s soccer team continues their season-long struggles By Chris Monigle Entertainment Editor

The West Chester men’s soccer team endured another tough two weeks, winning just one game and losing three, dropping their record to 3-8-2 on the season (1-4-2 in the PSAC East). On Oct. 6, The Golden Rams traveled to Shippensburg to face the Red Raiders and snapped their 3-game losing streak, beating the Red Raiders 3-1. In their last meeting, the Golden Rams battled Ship to a 1-1 draw in 2OTs. In this meeting the Red Raiders were still searching for their first win of the season while West Chester’s offense was really beginning to find itself. Ricky Williamson began the scoring for the Golden Rams in the 15th minute of the first half, heading a ball past Ship goalkeeper Clay Sale off an assist from defender J.J. DiFerdinando to make the game 1-0. In the 36th minute, the West Chester offense struck again. This time, mid-fielder Neil Gallagher took a pass from mid-fielder Ryan Dicce to make the game 2-0. The Red Raiders managed to cut the lead in half in the 45th minute when Dee Barlee beat junior goalkeeper Peter Weiss for his first goal of the season. In the second half, the Red Raiders outshot the Golden Rams 9-6 as they tried to come back to win or tie; however, West Chester made the Red Raider task harder. In the 51st minute, Ricky Williamson netted his second goal of the game and fifth of the season when he took a feed from senior defender Chris Ponto and put it past Sale for the third West Chester goal of the game. The talented West Chester defense stood strong in the second half, bearing down on the Red Raider attack. The Red Raiders got off four shots in the final 10

Forward Bryan Nugent scored minutes of play but freshman season. The Golden Rams nearly the game’s first goal in the 27th goalkeeper Garrett Bleiler, in relief of Peter Weiss who recorded equaled Wilmington in shots but minute from a feed by Ricky Wilthe win, posted four saves in his Wilmington goalkeeper Ethan liamson. He beat Slippery Rock’s appearance, all in the final 10 Kavanagh turned away all six keeper to the upper-right side of minutes of the game to preserve the West Chester win. Two days later, the Golden Rams traveled to Wilmington, Delaware to face powerhouse Wilmington University, a team that had dominated the PSAC in nonleague games, defeating both Millersville and ESU. Wilmington continued its dominance over the PSAC, beating the Golden Rams 3-0. Garrett Bleiler took his first loss of the season and college career after allowing two goals. Peter Weiss allowed one goal Lukas Jenkins/ The Quad in relief of The men’s soccer team had a dissappointing two weeks, winning only one out of four games. They are curBlieler. rently third in the PSAC East division, behind Bloomsburg and Millersville. They have one more divison game. Wilmington began the scoring in the 6th minute shots he faced. Wilmington had the net. The Golden Rams held the 1-0 when Chris Sims scored. In the the advantage in corner kicks as advantage through the first half 49th minute, Sargbah Tarpeh well. Two days later, on a Saturday and most of the second. In the scored the second goal of the game, and in the 79th minute, afternoon, the Golden Rams lost 85th minute, Slippery Rock took a Nicklaus McDonald padded the a heartbreaker in OT to Slippery corner. Jeremy Deighton headed lead, scoring the third goal of the Rock, in a PSAC crossover match. the ball into the net and tied the

game at 1-1, sending the game to OT. In overtime, Patrick Conley headed the game winner past Peter Weiss, who earned the loss in this game after relieving Garrett Bleiler who made five saves and didn’t allow a goal in his 60 minutes of game action. Last Friday, on a rainy and cold night, the Golden Rams battled first-place Millersville (13-1, 7-0) in a PSAC East battle, losing another close game 2-1. In the 6th minute, Aaron Roland scored his fifth goal of the season for Millersville when he headed a ball past keeper Garret Bleiler. In the 22nd minute, mid-fielder Pat Baffuto doubled the Millersville lead, scoring his fourth goal of the season off an assist by Steve Melnick The Golden Rams cut the lead in half in the 35th minute thanks to a successful Zach Weaver penalty kick, his fifth goal of the season. Millersville dominated the first half though, tallying 10 shots in the first half. In the second half, the Millersville defense held the Golden Rams scoreless. Josh Labik nearly evened up the score in the 70th minute but his shot hit the post. A minute later, Millersville keeper Matt Langione saved a Ryan Dicce shot. In the 77th minute, a Josh Labik shot was blocked. Millersville held on for the 2-1 win and its perfect PSAC East record. The Golden Rams will travel to Central Islip, New York for a non-league match on Friday afternoon. They return home to play Philadelphia University on Oct. 28 and close out the season at East Stroudsburg. Chris Monigle is a fifth-year student majoring in Literature. He can be reached at

Women’s soccer continues stiff defense By LJ Harrell Sports Editor

The West Chester University Lady Rams soccer team continued their winning ways this past week as they defeated Millersville University 2-0. West Chester is the top-ranked team in the Atlantic Region. The No. 7 Lady Rams (12-1-1, 9-1 PSAC East) scored two goals in the final 20 minutes of play in order to pull away from the Marauders. West Chester, whose only division loss came to the hands of the Bloomsburg University Lady Huskies, have won 11 of their last 12 games, tied the other and have allowed one goal compared to scoring 33 of their own. Sophomore defenseman Brittany Couper scored the first goal of the game as she beat Millersville goalkeeper from 30 yards out. Five minutes later, freshman forward Jen Gangl added insurance for the Lady Rams as they moved closer to clinching another PSAC Eastern Division crown. Lyndsie Bernardini made two saves in the game, recording her tenth shutout of the season, tying a school record. Hilary Smart recorded ten shutouts last season. Bernardini extended her string of scoreless soccer to 773 minutes. The West Chester defense, led by juniors Cindi Nickels and Jessica Bennett, allowed Millersville to get off only three shots throughout the entire game. The defense, which is

No. 1 in the country, continues to play tough in front of Bernardini down the homestretch of the season. On Oct. 6 the Lady Rams defeated Shippensburg University on the road 3-0. West Chester swept the season series with the Red Raiders. Junior forward Sarah Oswald continued her impressive season as she recorded two second half goals to lead West Chester. Oswald ranks second in the NCAA in assists and assists per game. She also leads the Lady Rams with 23 points (six goals and 11 assists) on the season. Melissa McKeary scored 43 seconds after Oswald’s first goal to ice the game for West Chester. McKeary also notched an assist on Oswald’s second goal. On Oct. 10 the Lady Rams defeated Gannon University 1-0 in a PSAC cross-over matchup. In the 43rd minute Bennett took a McKeary crossing pass and netted it past the Gannon goalkeeper for the only score of the game. The defense for West Chester continued their strong play as Bernardini only had to record three saves throughout the game. West Chester gets back to work this week as they host Kutztown University in a PSAC East matchup on Tuesday at 3 p.m. and Holy Family University on Friday at 6:30 p.m. LJ Harrell is a fourth-year student majoring in Marketing. He can be reached at

Lukas Jenkins/ The Quad

The West Chester defense, which is top-ranked in the country after the games played this week, is led by juniors Jessica Bennett (#23) and Cindi Nickles, who rarely allow freshman goalkeeper Lyndsie Bernardini to get pressured by opponents.


OCTOBER 19, 2009


The Quad


Women’s soccer continues tough defense - page 15

Field Hockey unbeaten in A-10 - page - 14

WCU falls short at Ship, 24-19 By LJ Harrell Sports Editor

On Saturday, the West Chester University Golden Rams (4-4, 3-2 PSAC East) strolled into Seth Grove Stadium at Shippensburg University playing with the “win or go home” mantra. In order to get into the playoffs and defend their PSAC Eastern Division championship, they had to defeat Shippensburg, Cheyney and Bloomsburg. Unfortunately for the Golden Rams, that dream came to an end Saturday afternoon after falling to the Red Raiders (6-2, 4-1 PSAC East) 24-19. The weather did not help things for West Chester as

numerous passes from senior quarterback Joe Wright could not be handled by receivers throughout the day. Footing for both teams hindered what many thought would be a high scoring matchup between two of the top offenses in the PSAC. Penalties, which have been a cause for concern for West Chester all season long continued to be the problem on Saturday. Even though the Golden Rams committed 11 penalties for 111 yards, had four turnovers and Wright completed 41 percent of his passes during the game, they still had a shot to win the game at the end. “The kids hung tough,” head

coach Bill Zwaan said. “They fought back and we had a chance to win there at the end.” With just over four minutes remaining in the game, the West Chester defense forced the Red Raiders to punt the ball away. Junior defensive back Jay Nelson broke through the Shippensburg protection and blocked the punt, which was scooped up and returned 42 yards for a touchdown by Brad Herr to make the score 24-19 Shippensburg. After not being able to recover the ensuing on-sides kick, the West Chester defense went back to work. On the second play of the possession for Shippensburg, quarterback Chad DiFebbo was

hit by senior linebacker Mike Dell and fumbled, which was recovered by fellow senior linebacker Mike Holland. Wright led his offense back onto the field with a chance to win the game. On the first play, Wright found senior running back Lee Hopkins for 19 yards down to the Shippensburg 26-yard line. After spiking the ball, Wright found redshirt freshman wide receiver Sean Beahan for eight yards to the 18-yard line. On 3rd-and-2, and with no timeouts remaining, Wright dropped back and was sacked by Red Raiders linebacker Riley Bowen for a loss of 12 yards. With the clock running, Wright was

being pressured and was forced to throw the ball to Hopkins who was tackled seven yards shy of the first-down marker. Shippensburg got on the board first when DiFebbo found junior wide receiver Mike Harris for a 22-yard score with a little over two minutes remaining in the first quarter. In the second quarter, Wright threw his second of three interceptions as junior cornerback Travis Proctor stepped in front of a pass and returned it 30 yards to put Shippensburg up 14-0. After a three-and-out by the West Chester offense following a Vic Iturbides interception of See WCU Falls on page 12

Amanda Warren/ The Quad

On Saturday, the dreams and hopes for the West Chester University Golden Rams of defending their PSAC Eastern Division championship, winning the PSAC conference championship and making the playoffs for a sixth consecutive year came to an abrupt end after falling to Shippensburg 24-19. West Chester has three home games remaining, including this Thursday against cross-town rival Cheyney.

Quad 97-05  

The Quad issue of October 19, 2009

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