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QS Salary & Recruitment Trends: 2009 Report

Because of the exchange rate change, MBA salaries by sector, in US$ terms, have dropped this year. Consulting offers are averaging $92,000. Financial Services offers are averaging $89,000 (these figures exclude bonuses). The highest salaries have been offered by IT/Computer services companies averaging $95,000.

Average salary 2009 ($) United Kingdom 108,900 France 100,400 Denmark 99,500 Spain 92,000 Belgium 88,100 Germany 81,500 Netherlands 79,200 Italy 71,400 Eastern Europe Salaries in Eastern Europe, except for Russia, tend to be much lower in comparison to their counterparts in Western Europe. Many multinationals offer similar salaries to their MBAs whether they start work in London or Moscow, but even in Russia, salaries offered to MBAs by local Russian companies tend to be much lower. Across the region, local employers tend to offer much lower salaries, compared to multinationals. The figures below represent average MBA salaries in the region by country including responses from both multinational and local companies.

Asia Pacific MBA salaries across the Asia Pacific region vary enormously and it makes little sense to look at averages for the region as a whole. We have broken the region down into three meaningful zones. Australia and New Zealand have MBA salaries more akin to other Anglo-Saxon regions like the UK and USA, with an average salary of US$80,700. North Asia and Singapore, with an average salary of $62,300, is made up of Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. Reported MBA salaries in this region range from $22,000 to $120,000. But MBA salaries are rising rapidly – in the last five years average MBA salaries in China have risen from $25,000 to just over $50,000 - and we expect them to gradually catch up with their higher paying trading partners in the West. South East Asia includes India, Thailand, Vietnam and surrounding countries where MBA salaries are consistently much lower and average $31,200. Of these countries, India presents the most variety. The vast majority of companies are paying salaries of between $20-25,000 and hiring locally educated Indian MBAs. However, western-educated Indian MBAs can earn salaries in excess of $90,000 and enjoy a remarkably low cost of living. As such, India offers one of the best returns on investment for internationally educated MBAs looking to return home to work. Average salaries: Asia Pacific 2009 ($)

Looking at responses by industry in the region, consulting, metals & mining and technology companies offer the highest salaries to MBA graduates, typically in excess of $65,000.

Average salary 2009 ($) Russia






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Source: QS International Recruiter Survey 2009

QS Salary & Recruitment Trends 2009 Report  

QS Salary & Recruitment Trends 2009 Report

QS Salary & Recruitment Trends 2009 Report  

QS Salary & Recruitment Trends 2009 Report