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Game Changers

As we move into an increasingly interconnected, accelerating, hyper-globalized world, it becomes

imperative to understand the complex drivers of change and the implications of its disruptive effects. If we scrutinize these changing trends, we can anticipate that there will be dramatic shifts over the next decade that will transform the entire business landscape. In fact, in today’s world, uncertainty has become the only certainty of our time. However, instead of viewing game-changers as a threat, we can be getting ahead of them by embracing disruptive innovation and working collaboratively.

Top chief executives cite business game-changers as the fundamental component of the competitive landscape of today's global economy. Technology is accelerating the blurring of industry boundaries, bringing seemingly unrelated sectors together and defining the way in which companies operate. Often the greatest business disrupters that change the game come from outside traditional industries. SOURCE: FORBES MAGAZINE (OCT 12, 2015)



Exponential Change

Uber, the world’s largest taxi transport company, owns no vehicles.

Facebook, the world’s most popular media owner, creates no content.

Airbnb, the world’s largest accommodation provider, owns no real estate.

Alibaba, the world’s most valuable consumer retailer, has no inventory.




Hype Cycle

Innovation Trigger

Peak of Expectations

Trough of Disillusionment Time

Slope of Enlightenment

Plateau of Productivity



Foresight Lab

QSingular is a forward-thinking lab or thinklab devoted to the pursuit of breakthrough innovation,

with the aim of identifying and developing technological concepts that may become game-changers. It stands to be a laboratory of innovation and creativity where the unusual or the unexpected happen. A singular place where intuitive research and cross-sectoral partnerships coalesce to bring about new and disruptive business concepts to life. The Q lab team consists of a diverse network of collaborators from around the globe who can respond to the specific requirements of each venture project.

Our lab's research approach is unique in two ways: First, we tirelessly investigate new emerging technologies that have the potential to change things. Second, we fearlessly blend as many different ideas as possible until the unimaginable breakthrough occurs. Our philosophy is to envision and embrace the future by welcoming change (whether social, technological or cultural) adapting to it, learning from it and building upon it. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” Eleanor Roosevelt (1884 – 1962)



Research Projects QSingular is engaged in developing advanced research projects

and technologies with commercial potential, thereby progressing nascent projects to the point at which they will be considered attractive opportunities for investment/partnering with industry. The company is structured in three divisions to reflect its main activities: consulting, research and venturing.

ď ś Q-Insights: developing innovation programs for organizations with the intention of strengthening their foresight capacity. ď ś Q-Labs: investigating and testing technological developments to evaluate their potential usability and commercial viability. ď ś Q-Ventures: nurturing new cutting-edge business ventures in cooperation with both private and public sector partners.



Disruptive Ventures What are the trillion-dollar industries of the future? For years, we have been constantly analyzing and examining global megatrends, paradigm shifts, disruptive innovations and advancements in technology that have a unique potential to radically change the world. This effort has allowed us to create a foresight capacity and thus to identify the most promising emerging technology fields in which to invest and start new business ventures.

Currently, we are investigating a set of ideas, concepts and innovations within all these emerging technology domains, because of its potential to transform the market and to revolutionize transversally across several industries. Aligned with this, we are constantly seeking new partnerships to scale-up investments into venture projects. If you are interested in our innovation approach or if you have an interesting idea you confidentially wish to discuss, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

ADVANCED MANUFACTURING ● Tissue 3D Bioprinting ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ● Machine Learning BIOTECHNOLOGY ● Self-healing Hydrogels COMPUTING ● Quantum Microprocessors ENERGY ● Wireless Power Transmission FINTECH ● Blockchain Virtual Currencies GEOENGINEERING ● CO2 Sequestration MATERIALS ● Self-assembly Graphene MOBILITY ● Autonomous Drone Vehicles ROBOTICS ● Self-replicating Nano-robotics SENSORS ● Auto-configurable Sensor Network VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE ● Gesture Control Interface

Q Singular Futures Thinklab

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