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Game Changers

As we move into an increasingly interconnected, accelerating, hyperglobalized world, it becomes imperative to understand the complex drivers of change and the implications of its disruptive effects. If we scrutinize these changing trends, we can anticipate that there will be dramatic shifts over the next decade that will transform the entire business landscape. In fact, in today’s world, uncertainty has become the only certainty of our time. However, instead of viewing uncertainty and change as a threat, we can be getting ahead of them by embracing disruptive innovation through the continuous ideation of innovative and non-conventional business models, concepts, products and services. Top chief executives cite business game-changers as the fundamental component of the competitive landscape of today's global economy. Technology is accelerating the blurring of industry boundaries, bringing seemingly unrelated sectors together and defining the way in which companies operate. Often the greatest business disrupters that change the game come from outside traditional industries. SOURCE: FORBES MAGAZINE (OCT 12, 2015)



Exponential Age

Uber, the world’s largest taxi transport company, owns no vehicles.

Facebook, the world’s most popular media owner, creates no content.

Airbnb, the world’s largest accommodation provider, owns no real estate.

Alibaba, the world’s most valuable retailer, has no inventory.



Think Lab QSingular is a forward-thinking laboratory or thinklab devoted

to the pursuit of breakthrough thinking and innovation, with the aim of creating new ventures that may become game-changers. It stands to be a lab of innovation where creativity, intelligence, research, gut-instinct, passion, and cross-sectoral partnerships coalesce to bring about new and disruptive concepts to life.

❖ Q-Insights: we create breakthrough innovation in companies and organizations by combining unexpected connections. ❖ Q-Labs: we tirelessly investigate new ideas, visionary dreams and revolutionary concepts for current and future adoption. ❖ Q-Ventures: we develop new cutting-edge business ventures in cooperation with both private and public sector partners.

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