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Late one afternoon on the first day of the year 1945, in the living room of the big villa, in Al Ain, the Khouri family was blessed with its only Child (a baby boy) who was named Abdur Razzak by sunrise on the following day. He is my grandfather who is still leading a healthy and happy life with his big family in Al Ain. He was obedient and a respectful boy.. He was very fond of travelling

from one

place to another. He used to love visiting neighboring countries


Qatar, Bahrain, and Jordan. He was a man of adventurous personality, resulting him into being part of the traditional sport of camel race. He started working at the age of 16. He was interested in building structures and later pursued it as his career in the field of construction. He was a very hard working person and had established himself as a successful builder amongst the famous ones of his time. My grandfather got married at the age of 19 years. He has a big family of 8 daughters and 4 sons. He has earned a lot of the society. As a successful professional, he has given many great structures to the nation. He even had designed his house on his own and later converted into a sweet happy home. I keep visiting my grandfather’s place often. He always gives us gift and narrates stories. He puts in great value of life in us and teaches good things. He plays with us and loves to spend time with his grandchildren. I enjoy being with him and proud to have such a wonderful grandfather. May ALLAH bless every one with a grandfather like mine!


Today I will talk about my grandfather .MY grandfather is a kind and friendly person.I love him so much.