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Affirmations: A Powerful Tool to Connect with Your Higher Self

A recent article, Affirmations… Do they really work? by Christy Whitman says explains that affirmations are positive statements begin with “I” which refers to your Higher Self, your Divine Self. The “I” is a part of you that is associated to the God force or the God within or the inner part of your being as well as the ego and the personality self. As you say or think affirmations, you’re inviting the greater “I” within you to be present and to express itself, opening the doorways to experience a new higher reality. Learn to connect with your Higher Self through QSCA with a Certified Quantum Success Coach. Each time you say “I am”, you are calling upon the divine self within you, calling upon the power of the universe to make it so. So if you can follow this statement “I am” with positive thoughts you are invoking the power of the universe, the Divine within you to help you in creating this statement as your reality. As you say these affirmations, feel the reality and the power of the “I” within you to create the

reality you want. Be it known that the universe is friendly and it is always supporting us, and you can work well with the Law of Attraction and other universal laws through QSCA Coaching Program with qsca Christy Whitman. Nevertheless, too often many people say “I am” and then follow it with a negative statement like “I am nothing”, “I am dense”. It’s crucial to catch yourself if you find yourself doing this and change what you say about yourself and your life to really reflect a more positive reality. Working with a Certified Quantum Success Coach can help you increase your self-confidence and self respect. Your thoughts and feelings create your reality and as you say affirmations to yourself, you can begin to attract them and create them as real. In QSCA, the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, you will learn to use affirmations to open and expand your awareness of what you can have to align you with your soul’s wisdom and to assist you in tuning with the unlimited abundance of the universe. Affirmations are a tool; they are a process, a great tool to help you. It is one of the fastest and most

effective ways to change your reality, and you can learn and master this process through Quantum Success Coaching Academy Coach Certification Program.

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Affirmations a powerful tool to connect with your higher self  
Affirmations a powerful tool to connect with your higher self