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What is “Allowing Meter” A recent article by Christy Whitman believes that everything that you create in your life whether good or bad is an outcome of the combined vibration of your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, words and actions. QSCA Christy Whitman will teach us the significance of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs in order to receive our earnest desires. The combination of these forces produces an internal set-point that controls how much you allow to receive. This internal mechanism called “Allowing Meter” will be fully discussed in QSCA with Christy Whitman life coach.

The combined vibration we generate through our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, words and actions creates a very accurate range of experiences that we are open to receiving. The set-point of our Allowing Meter controls the range of ideas that are available to us in any given moment and determines the quality of experiences we magnetize. Quantum Success Coaching Academy with Christy Whitman will help us learn to reconnect with our external goals, and become more conscious of the inner resources and be empowered to achieve our goals.

So how can you tell if your set-point is open or not? Your Allowing Meter is open and that you are in a state of receptivity to your own desire if you feel fine when you think about some facet of your life. But you will experience some degree of tension if you desire something that falls beyond the parameters of your Allowing Meter. This tension is letting you know that in this moment, your thoughts, beliefs, emotions or perspectives are repelling the very outcome you desire. Christy Whitman coaching will help us discover the negativity and help mitigate the resistance so we can once again become open to receive.

We have different set points that decide just how much energy, happiness, ease, liberty, and abundance you are comfortable allowing into our life. Christy Whitman life coach will help us learn the art of magnetizing and manifesting by resetting our Allowing Meter to receive abundant life.

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What is “allowing meter”  
What is “allowing meter”