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QNY Creative Corp.

ONE GLOBAL VISION We believe that Branding is a process of continuous development, able to make real changes in Organizations as well as on the Market. We believe that the Market should be considered an extension of the Organizations. We consider the Brand as a joint construction made by people in action. People contribute daily to value what they consider to them desirable. It doesn’t matter that these people build the Brand from inside or outside Organizations. We believe that Brands are essentially Open Systems. The Brand is a universe in which groups of people are involved and work together to build a Brand Identity.

ONE LOCAL MISSION Qreactive S.r.l.

Our job is to orchestrate all the elements that allow the realization of Lovemarks. Creatively, operating in a very rational way, we combine all the elements that would facilitate the recognition, attract attention, imaginate and construct the Brand. We investigate, design and build Missions of Communication, so the more detailed elements of the Brand are available, the more are able to motivate the creativity of people, encourage them to act and interact positively in favor of Organizations, Products, Services and Ideas.


International Marketing Strategies _ Introducing Q&Q Group

Q&Q-Group develops international projects for Marketing. It follows the objectives of clients in Europe for the North American market . Based in Manhattan, is responsible for coordinating communication strategies developed by partner agencies Qreactive and QNY Creative (internationally recognized agency and based in New York, as well). Q&Q-Group explores and constantly updates clients on

trends and consumer preferences in the US market.




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We build Brands through Design, Advertising & Digital Media _

We are a creative agency specializing in strategic projects for Brand Experience. Our goal is to reach people effectively being aware of all the channels available today. We are communication experts and experts in communication tools based on new technologies. Above all, we are able to design, produce and involve using all the strength and emotional interactivity that people need to live positive experiences with the Brand.

Welcome to qreactive Italia _

QNY Creative is an energetic New York-based brand development and creative agency with a focus on consumer packaged goods, beauty, music and luxury lifestyle brands. We work with a diverse range of brands across the globe to deliver new and exciting product experiences. QNY is driven by the growth and evolution of a brand. We would have never gotten where we are today if it weren’t for a mutual desire to push boundaries. We like to take risks. We combine strong strategic thinking with beautiful, compelling imagery. We push the creative envelope with every project by always striving to channel our creative forces to achieve a balance between design and concept.

Welcome to QNY Creative New York _ QNYCREATIVE

_ Del Monte速 Italy and Spain TV Campaign 2015/2016

bakery & mixes


frozen and ready meal


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QNY Creative Corp. 1181 Broadway 8th Floor New York, NY 10001, USA +1 212-213-8981

Q&Q GROUP Corp. 1181 Broadway 8th Floor New York, NY 10001, USA

Qreactive S.r.l. Via Verona, 12, 43122 Parma, Italy +39 0521 1781 475

Q&Q Branding US  

Marketing Strategies for the U.S. Market

Q&Q Branding US  

Marketing Strategies for the U.S. Market