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How to Decide on an Exercise Program When deciding upon an exercise program you must decide what you want to achieve. Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to gain muscle? Or, do you want to gain muscle and lose weight. Let us start by discussing the right way to lose weight. If your main goal is weight loss then you want to concentrate on diet and also on cardiovascular exercise. Luckily, losing weight at home is not that hard to do. Here are a couple of dieting tips for people who want to lose weight. Do not count calories, that is right you don’t need to count calories to lose weight, but you do need to eat healthier. For me, my best diet to lose weight is to eat as much fruit and vegetables that I want and to eat a small serving of protein at each meal. You will also want to eat five to six meals a day about three hours apart, but remember no junk food just fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and healthy fats. For cardiovascular exercise, I recommend to begin a walking program and then move onto a program like couch to 5 k. This program is for people that have not exercise for some time and want to gradually get back into shape. The program consists of running and walking and gradually increasing the amount of time that you run verse walking. If you are looking to gain muscle mass then you will want to cut back on the amount of cardiovascular exercise and focus more on strength training. While a gym membership is not required to put on muscle, it is easier to do if you have a basic dumbbell and barbell set. You do not need to have a whole gym, but if you can afford a bench and power rack you can do a lot more exercises. If you cannot do the weights then I suggest an at home program, in the next couple of paragraphs I will compare p90x vs insanity. These are the top two at home based exercise programs. If you are only looking to lose weight and gain cardiovascular health, then I definitely would choose Insanity. If you want to get ripped, meaning losing weight and gaining some muscle mass, then you will want to do P90X. But, for the best results I would combine these to programs into a hybrid program where you do Insanity workouts and P90X workouts. What you basically do is the weightlifting programs from P90X and mix these with the weight loss workouts from Insanity. This way you have the best of worlds, weight loss and muscle building. Plus you will get more variety and not just one trainer or the other.

Get in Shape at Home After reading this blog post you will have no excuse to not getting enough exercise even if you do not have a gym membership. In fact I do not recommend that you get a gym membership I believe that they are a waste of money. Why spend forty dollars a month renting exercise equipment when you can get just as good of a workout with no equipment at all, plus you can get outside and get some fresh air. Below are my top exercises that can be done without any sort of exercise equipment.

1. Walking As simple as it sounds walking can be a great way to get some cardiovascular exercise. I am not talking about a leisurely stroll, if you want to get a good workout from walking you must walk fast. Now a lot of people may be thinking that cannot walk outside when it is cold or when it is raining out. If this is your case then think outside the box, maybe walk up and down the stairs in your home or at work a couple of times a day. 2. Push-ups – not just for weight loss, push-ups are the favorite upper body of the military. The push-up works the chest muscles, triceps, shoulder muscles as well as builds the core region. If you are a novice to push-ups then I suggest that you begin by doing a couple of sets on your knees and always be sure to use proper form as to not cause any injuries. 3. Jumping Jacks – No equipment need to perform this exercise that you likely remember from your childhood. I like to do jumping jacks as a warm up before I do my push-ups or go for my walk. 4. 4. Squats. This is the best exercise to build muscles in your legs and also to attain overall health. Some people say that squats are bad for their knees and if you do have a previous knee injury I would not recommend squats. But, if you are healthy try to do 3 sets of 10 squats two to three times a week. If you do this for a couple of months I will guarantee that your legs will feel stronger and everyday tasks will become easier. In the end, remember if you want to live a long healthy life where mobility is not hard, you need to exercise and eat right. I am not saying that you cannot enjoy life or have a Big Mac once in a while, you just need to exercise a few times a week and be sure to eat healthy. This means eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats. In my next post I will talk a little more about diet and little less about exercise.

How to Eat Healthy Okay, most people know that eating healthy is the key to weight loss, but did you know that there are what we call super foods that can help you lose weight even faster. In this article, I would tell you the best foods to eat that will ensure that you will lose the most weight possible. To make the most of this article I would suggest adding one of the below foods to your daily diet and build up from there. Food number one is black beans, filled with over fifteen grams of protein as well as filling fiber, your body will feel full and you will get the protein that muscles need without the high fat that is found in red meat. Oatmeal, this is my morning super food. High in fiber oatmeal is also contains healthy complex carbohydrates. Having a healthy breakfast that includes oatmeal may boost metabolism for the rest of the day. Meaning you will burn more calories though out the day. Just remember to not eat the instant oatmeal as this oatmeal contains lots of unhealthy sugar. Food number three is salmon, essential fatty acids are all of the rage now a days, and for good reason. Healthy fats like those contained in salmon are proven to ward of disease and increase mental well

being. If you cannot get two servings of fatty fish a week, then it is suggested to add a fish oil supplement to your diet. Food number four, blueberries, known as a super antioxidant this tiny blue berry should be a staple in anyone who wants to live a long healthy life’s diet. With only 80 calories per cup and over three grams of fiber, blue berries are a great snack to munch on. During the summer I like to add a couple of frozen blueberries to some low fat milk, this is a great healthy frozen treat when it is warm. For the last food on my list, I choose broccoli, broccoli can be eaten cooked or raw. While some people do not like the taste of this veggie. I suggest eat it and learn to like it. With filling fiber and just thirty calories in a serving this green vegetable can help you lose weight and keep body fat off. Above is suggest a sample of some the healthiest foods in the world, there are many others like apples, pineapple, tuna, and whole grain carbohydrates. But, the above foods are my favorite and I suggest you incorporate them into your diet not only for the fact they can help you lose weight, but that they can make you feel much better overall.

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