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Montgomery, Alabama

Rich in history with a progressive vision Contributing writer, Jennifer Schmeer, visits Montgomery on the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination.

The airport is small which makes for an easy arrival and while getting my suitcase at the baggage claim I ask a gentleman how far was the Renaissance Montgomery Hotel from the airport. He shared it was only about ten minutes away and told me this was a really nice hotel. The locals seem proud of what they have to offer new guests.


We arrived in the evening, so our first glance of the city was under the night sky and the historic and modern buildings lit up the night. Downtown felt alive with people walking around; stopping at the plethora of restaurants and shops. Driving around downtown was exciting and I noticed the Court Square Fountain that was built on top of an artesian well and is the location where two communities, Alabama Town and New Philadelphia had grown together to form would be called, Montgomery. On top of the fountain is a statue of Hebe,

Like I always say, don’t turn down an invite to explore a city which brought me to Montgomery, Alabama for the first time. As the plane was landing, a well-dressed woman sitting beside me shares with me that she lives on Lake Martin which is just outside of downtown and shared all of the new venues Montgomery has added such as a river walk. She was proud of her city and the direction it was heading.

Renaissance Montgomery Hotel & Spa…

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the Greek goddess of eternal youth. Across from the fountain is the bus stop that Rosa Parks famously refused her seat thus starting the Montgomery Bus Boycott, a crucial part of the early Civil Rights Movement. You are surrounded by history when in Montgomery. As we pulled into the Renaissance one word came to mind, grandiose! This modern hotel with a rooftop pool and spa is walking distance to the new river walk and I can see the river from our room on the high floor. My teenager will order room service which will promptly bring us her favorite wings and a chicken ceasar salad for me with crème brulees for dessert. We have a full two days planned of site seeing, so we will relax and get a good night sleep for our upcoming adventures.

Shashy’s Bakery… After a comfortable nights rest, we head to Shashy’s Bakery for breakfast. When we pull up, I notice the metal exterior of this building and love how it has been converted

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