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Fashion Marketing and Brand YU CHEN

Target customer i think my target customers are betweem 20years old and 60 years old, they can be young people who are interested in art and have a good economic conditions, and they can also be old artists and designers who have a good understanding of fashion. These target customers may live in an apartment building in the center of the city or in a separate house. As for the location of the commodity market, i think it should be built in the downtown area, which it is also convenient for people’s shopping needs, at the same time, a website can also be established. The offical website of commodity has a lot of help to people’s shopping, and people from different regions can buy the clothes they want by relying on the internet.

4’Ps of Marketing 1. product- clothes centre of city 3.price- more than one thousand 4.promotion: i decide to use the internet and advertising to promote, people can see my brand in the subway, led lighting, TV...

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Brand Ethos

our art should be higher than the reality,and it should be more real istic than reality.

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