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App Display Design

Features: Clean UI Share locations Split bills Communicate easily Emoji and other interesting elements Build your own style

Problems Between Roommates: Washing dishes Messing up the room Making noise during night Parties Different time schedule Inappropriate words Bad memories

record important eve

reserve kitchen,TV, washing machine and

holiday/birthday hint


d others.


DIY background pictures change language

change password and personal information

CMYK: 7,49,81,0 RGB: 232,152,58 Hex: #E8983A CMYK: 39,63,100,1.7 RGB: 174,109,21 Hex: #AE6D15 CMYK: 6.8,16.1,16.8,0 RGB: 241,222,210 Hex: #E8983A


olor and Fonts

use“add”to add bills use “transfer”to send money to your roommates use “bank account” to manage your payments

• Roboto, Bold,10. • HanziPen SC,Bold,28.

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App Display-Design  

App Display-Design  

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