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this is a boutique, but this is not only a boutique

brand ethos The difference between my shop with others is our price is more acceptable, there are no top international fashion brands in my shop such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel and so on. Our aim is to find some amazing brand which are hasn’t been found by many people, and also there are special limited product from some brand, such as Adidas, Y-3, Nike, Vans and so on. The price is quite flexible, you can buy a T-shirt maybe 100£, but you also can find a t-shirt only 20£, Most product’s price won’t frighten you, because our target customer is the youth. At the same time products have good quality and unique style from diverse country. All products are classified according to different colour, because I consider colour is important in our life, different colour for diverse people have unique stories. Furthermore, sometimes colours are present diverse mood. Customer can according to different occasions to consider which colours of garments they want to wear. The most crucial feature of my brand is we will provide professional young stylist for customer, customer only need book the date and choose one stylist which they like on our website or App, customer can note some detail about what kind of occasion they attend, what type of person they meet, and our stylist will do an adequate preparation for customer. At the same time the customer can give the stylist a score to assess their services. There is a comunication area in the shop, customer can have some refreshment or deserts in there,they can exchange their fahsion ideas with others, to make frendies. We consider most of youth to be quite shy, especially boys, so we have two individual styling spaces for each customer. Compared with styling for girls, I also pay close attention to boys’ style. Nowadays, there is lots of information on the internet to teach girls how to become more brilliant, for instance, some web celebrity will make video to teach how to make up, how to buy garments and so on, girls are all enjoy to see this kind of thing, however, majority of boys do not used to that. In their daily life, maybe they also want to dress them self well to go to some appointment or something, but no one can communicate with them, give them some advice, at the same time they are very shy to ask others opinions, so there is different gender stylist in the shop, customer can choose whatever they like. This is a boutique, but this is not only a boutique, this is a kind of renaissance.

Age : 15-30 Gender: male & female Occupation: student graduate Location: China first- tier city high school university Economic capability: Medium income Style : Energetic Longing for a new self youth mix & match

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Our products are based on customers’ needs for different colours, and customers can choose a colour area which they prefer for regional shopping. Red is my favorite colour, so I choose red as the logo colour, meanwhile , black and white are always the most classic colour, and when they combine with red, looks quite cool, these three colour are belong to neutral colour, so whatever it for boys or girls are all a good alternative.

SWOT analysis strengths - customer service - professional stylist - cool brands - quality - location - customer source

weaknesses - young customer is fickle - customer may not have big spending power - tight profit margins - staff salaries would be quite high

opportunities - expand to university city - around high school - online promotion - male customer - styling communication area

threats - competition from other similar shops - risk of low footfall - bigger brands stealing ideas

Branding project 513  
Branding project 513