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This course is specially designed for those participants that have been using Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7 and wish to learn Windows 8 either as an upgrade or as an alternative to their current Windows Operating System.

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Before taking the course, we assume that participants already have basic knowledge and familiarity with the following :

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1. Their current Windows OS

Sex : Male

SIJ@CARE Fun & Easy Course

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Windows 8

Telephone No: Residential Address:

2. Surfing the internet 3. Searching for info using a browser 4. Emails and Skype 5. Windows File Management

Preferred Time Slot : Morning 10am —1pm Afternoon 3pm—6pm Evening 7pm—10pm (Please tick where applicable)

For total beginners We would recommend that they attend our Basic Course covering basic operation of Windows 7, internet, email and e-communication first before going on to Windows 8.

Course Duration : 4 lessons covering 4 weeks. ( One lesson of 3 hours a week on a weekday) Course Fee:

S$60.00 Call: 65331010 Blk 531 #04-40A Hong Lim Complex Upper Cross Street Singapore

Course Contents

1. The Windows 8 User Interface 1.1 Understanding Metro 1.2 Navigating 1.3 Tiles and Live Tiles 2. 2.1 Navigation with the Keyboard 2.2 Using a Mouse 3.



3.1 Launch and Install Apps, Multitasking 3.2 Switching Between Applications 3.3 Closing Apps Photos, Music and Video 4.1 Enjoying Photos in Windows 8 4.2 Playing Back Media 4.3 Streaming Media, Windows 8 Store Alternatives The Windows 8 Store 5.1 Use Your Windows Account 5.2 Finding, Reviewing and Buying an App 5.3 Installation Issues and Updating Apps 5.4 Don’t Forget the Native Apps!

6. Email, Internet, People and the Cloud 6.1 Internet Explorer: Browsing and Downloading 6.1.1 Navigating Internet Explorer 10

6.1.2 Shortcuts and Tabs 6.1.3 Downloading with Internet Explorer 10 6.2

Managing People and Social Networks

6.2.1 Catching Up with Social Net works 6.2.2 Communicating with Contacts 6.2.3 Adding New People 6.2.4 Editing and Linking Your Contacts 6.3 mails: Setting Up, Collecting and Sending 6.4 Accessing and Browsing Sky Drive 7. Tweaking Your Windows 8 Device 7.1 Start Screen and Lock Screen Wallpaper 7.2 Adjusting Tile Size, Moving and Unpinning 7.3 Battery management, on and off button/features 7.4 Windows 8 Sync 8 Windows 8 Security 8.1 Networking Windows 8

8.2 8.3 8.4 8.5 8.6 9. 9.1 9.2 9.3 9.4 9.5 9.6 9.7 9.8 10. 10.1 11.2 11.3

Local vs. Windows Account Setting Passwords Windows Firewall Windows 8 Privacy Settings Privacy Concerns Desktop Mode and Advanced Settings Can I Use Desktop Mode Instead of Metro? Using the Desktop Internet Explorer Windows Explorer’s Ribbon Running Legacy Applications in the Desktop On-screen keyboard Take a Screenshot in Windows 8 Activating Windows 8 Troubleshooting Windows 8 Installing new hardware Updates and Refreshing Windows 8 Notifications

Windows 8 basic course final  

This course is specially designed to help seniors to pick up in easy steps the basics of Windows 8. There will be a lot of hands-on practice...

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