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Viruses that can attack your PC Computer Virus Resources

Each year computer viruses cost companies and private users over $10 billion. Some of these infections are merely a nuisance that slow down productivity, while others are far more threatening. The truly dangerous viruses can steal personal information, destroy a computer’s hard drive, and spread themselves to other computers. Consumers who buy refurbished computer products, such as Used Laptops, often have no software protection installed to defend against even the most common computer viruses. Security sites monitor these threats and regularly release alerts, but it’s important to understand the differences between viruses, worms, and Trojan horses. They all act a bit differently and it’s important to know how they work and how they are spread.

Windows Viruses 

What is a Computer Virus? – A definition and explanation of how viruses spread

Microsoft and Viruses – Microsoft’s support page defines virus signs and symptoms

Virus News – Kaspersky’s updates

Win Viruses – A list of binary viruses designed specifically for the Windows platform

Windows Virus Protection – How to protect a computer running Windows

Internet Worms 

What is a Computer Worm? – A definition

Conficker Worm – A report on the Conficker Worm from CBS 60 Minutes

Conficker Eye Chart – A basic visual test for possible Conficker infection

Taxonomy of Computer Worms – A portal to a PDF file from a malcode workshop

Worms 101 – A guide to different kinds of computer worms

Macro Viruses 

What is a Macro Virus? – A definition

Avoiding Macro Viruses – What to watch out for and avoid

Virus List – A list of known macro viruses

Script and Macro Viruses – A chart detailing how viruses attach and travel

Macro Virus on a Mac – How to eliminate a Word macro virus on a Mac

Malware (Trojans, etc..) 

Trojan Horse Attacks – A definition of Trojan horses and how to get rid of them – News and alerts on current malware threats

Fighting Malware and Spam – A directory of viruses, malware, and current alerts

What is Spyware and Adware? – Defining the problem and how to solve it

Types of Malware – Different types of malware that can infect your computer

Generator Based Viruses 

The Virus Underground – An article about virus generators and virus writers

Macro Virus Maker – An article on the early virus generators

The Anna Kournikova Virus – A BBC article on one of the first and most infamous viruses created by a generator

Virus Construction Tools – A list of known virus generators

ILOVEYOU – The destruction caused by the ILOVEYOU virus

Computer Hoaxes 

What is a Virus Hoax? – A definition

Virus Hoaxes and False Alarms – A directory of known virus hoaxes

Virus Hoaxes and Realities – A list of virus stories and their veracity

Virus Hoax Warnings – An extensive list of false viruses from McAfee

Procedures for a Virus Hoax – How to recognize a virus hoax

Script, Java, WinHelp viruses 

Java Virus – Symptoms and solutions if a virus has attached to Java

Attachments and Applications – A list of attachments and applications associated with common computer viruses

Facebook Virus – A report on social networking viruses

Viruses on Adobe – Viruses attacking Adobe Acrobat and Reader

Virus in Scripts – Viruses attached to PHP, HTML, and ASP scripts

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Cleaning-up (Before Starting)

After Analyzing

After running Cleaner

Final clean-up after 3 rounds

Start of scanning the Registry

Result of scanning

Rescan after fixing the issues

Defragging your hard disk space for orderly file management Before tidying

After tidying

Hard Disk Space and Partitioning

PC Cleaning  

How to maintain and optimize your PC and keep it always in good running order.

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