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An open letter to all concerned from former Trainers, Instructors & cyberguides of SIJ@CARE 前资迅站@颐年中心的培训员,指导和助手公开的一封信 Preamble : A discussion was held on January 27 to chart a new plan and course of actions to continue with our mission to serve seniors in IT training and upgrading of IT skills. 序言 :

一月 27 日开了一个讨论会,拟定一个计划蓝图,继续为乐龄长者提 供 IT 训练和提升服务。

Present 出席者 :

Liang Qi Ming, Harry Lo Kwok Kwong, Stanley Wong, Charlie Chan, Siew Kai Chong, Kum Chang Kwang, Robert Lim and Rose Leong

Measures adopted:(采纳方案) 1.

To find suitable venues to pursue training and development activities after leaving SIJ@CARE. 离开资迅站@颐年中心后,要找适合的场所继续做 IT 训练和研究工作。


To expand our services the following teams are formed : 为了括展服务,组织了以下工作小组: a) Course Training & Development (课程陪训和发展) In-Charge - Liang Qi Ming, Harry Lo b) PC & Laptop Maintenance (电脑维修与保养) In Charge: Siew Kai Chong Members: Rose Leong, StanleyWong, Kum Chang Kwang c) Practice Session Instructors (练习班指导) Liang Qi Ming, Harry Lo, Charlie Chan & Robert Lim d) Administration (行政管理) Stanley Wong


A blog run by Harry will be created on the internet to disseminate info on courses, IT news and development and tutorials to keep seniors posted. 创办一个网上博客广泛散播我们的 IT 课程表,IT 消息与发展和教程给 乐龄长者。

Courses that are ready for launching (以准备好的课程): 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Basic Computer & The Internet for total beginners (初级电脑) Ecommunication including Emails and Skype (网上沟通) Hanyu Pinyin (汉语拼音) Windows 8 (微软视窗8) Cloud Computing (云端电脑) Evernote (云端笔记) CD & DVD Burning including Karaoke & Movies ( 刻录 VCD 和 DVD 光碟包 括卡拉 OK 和电影) iPhone (苹果手机) iPad (苹果平板电脑) Samsung Smart Phone (三星智能手机) Samsung Tablet (三星平板电脑) Picasa Photo Management (照片处理) Video Editing with Corel Video Studio(视频编辑和刻录) Windows Movie Maker (另一种视频篇辑和刻录软件) PC Maintenance (电脑维修与保养)

Courses that are under development (正在筹备中的课程): 16. 网上娱乐 (看戏,听歌,唱和录卡拉 OK) 17. IP Camera Surveillance & Security For Homes (家中装置电眼监视保护) 18. Wireless mirroring from laptop, smart phones and tablets onto big-screen HD TV. (从手提电脑,智能手机与平板电脑通过无线投影到大型 HDTV) 19. Producing Video Tutorials for seniors (为乐龄长者制造视频教材) 20. On-line shopping (网上购物)

Courses that will be conducted by my partner, Liang Qi Ming. 梁启明可教的课程: 1.

Create an excellent movie in 4K(UHD), 3D effect and making a 3D Blue-Ray disk with Power Director 12. 学习 “威力导演12” 制作4K 3D 立体影片和烧录3D 蓝光碟。


Enhanced photos with Photoshop Plugins and Camera RAW processing. 数码相机基础;构图、补光 等及 RAW 格式的处理,如何利用 PS 插件美 化照片。 How to take picture with AEB and HDR processing. 拍摄 AEB 自动包围曝光相片和 HDR 的处理。 Karaoke title maker and burn Karaoke disc. 动态卡拉 OK 字幕制作和录制卡拉 OK 光碟。 Learning graphic animation with Flash. Flash 动画的制作。

3. 4. 5.

Lastly, we, the former trainers, practice session instructors and cyberguides wish you on the eve of Chinese New Year 2014: 最后我们全体同仁在这除夕里恭祝你们:

After the Chinese New Year, we will continue to serve our seniors in a new environment and setting with more vigour and enthusiasm. 过了新年后,我们会在新的环境下,更加热心和加倍努力为乐龄长者服务。 Submitted by: Harry Lo 29 January,2014

An open letter to all concerned  
An open letter to all concerned