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The Quarto Group Spring 2023: Children

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The Quarto Group UK

Frances Lincoln Children's Books

Established in 1983, Frances Lincoln Children’s Books publishes high-quality picture books, gift titles, poetry and voice-led non-fiction that celebrates the richness and diversity of our world today.

Boasting the bestselling Little People, BIG DREAMS series created by Maria Isabel Sánchez Vegara, award-winning picture books from David Litchfield, Bethan Stevens, Joseph Coelho, The Fan Brothers, and many others, as well as The Story Orchestra gift books and the New York Times bestseller

This Book Is Anti-Racist, we are also the home of First Editions, dedicated to debut picture-book talent.

Ivy Kids (Eco)

Ivy Kids brings you beautiful, eyecatching books for eco-conscious consumers. We publish joyful stories and non-fiction, predominantly about nature and the environment that look to the future with positivity and allay ecoanxieties.

Our planet-friendly mission is to endeavour, wherever possible, to print locally to where our books will be sold, on post-consumer recycled paper and employ carbon offsetting methods to reduce our environmental footprint. We are a fledgling imprint taking huge strides in creating a new vision for sustainable publishing.

Happy Yak

Happy Yak is Quarto’s new fun and funny imprint, launched in 2021. Our books make children smile, giggle and laugh out loud! We publish imaginative preschool novelty and board books, playful picture books and uproarious fact-packed non-fiction titles. All our books burst with Happy Yak’s upbeat sense of fun. Look out for our eye-catching design, contemporary illustration style and colours that pop.

Wide-Eyed Editions

Wide-Eyed Editions is the home of illustrated non-fiction that opens eyes to a whole wide world of wonder. Our books are expertly written with well-crafted, engaging text, extraordinary illustration, innovative novelty elements, and outstanding design with beautiful, tactile cover finishes. We bring a fresh and contemporary eye to traditional nonfiction topics – on everything from art to armchair travel – crafting treasured titles that will be enjoyed by the whole family.

The Quarto Group UK

Words & Pictures

Words & Pictures: two little words that, together, mean a lot. We provide what’s on the tin – literally: words, and pictures. It doesn’t get more accessible than that! Our books appeal to all sorts of kids, from fact-fans and visual learners for gentle education, to those who are tuned into popular culture, or excited to explore the world around them through engaging and easily digestible books. We also publish profile- or partnership-led books that bring people and brands closer to the children who love them.

Quarry Books

Quarry Books was started in 1997 to extend Rockport Publishers’ business to a non-professional audience. Dedicated to providing instruction and inspiration to creative makers everywhere, Quarry Books offers authoritative, beautifully designed and illustrated inspiration and reference books for a wide range of enthusiasts, including artists, illustrators, crafters, cooks, parents, and educators on subjects ranging from beekeeping and bread making to urban sketching and science activities for kids.

Becker&Mayer! Kids

becker&mayer! kids publishes engaging books and craft kits for children on humorous, culturally significant, and trending topics, including popular licensed content. The imprint’s craft kits combine ontrend subjects with exciting activities that are both fun and educational. Its books are distinguished by their innovative formats that invite interaction and boost comprehension, with an element of whimsical and irreverent fun.

Walter Foster Jr

Walter Foster Jr. publishes fun and imaginative books and kits for children of all ages. Encouraging learning and exploring, Walter Foster Jr. titles cover a wide range of subjects, including art, edutainment, history, craft, nature, preschool concepts, and more. As a creator of content for children and families, Walter Foster Jr. strives to bring out that childlike wonderment in all of us and inspire lifelong interests.

Pre-school and Early Years

Read to

classic nursery rhymes to read aloud

by Chloe Giordano, Edited by Lucy Brownridge


To Your Baby

to Your Toddler Every Day with her handembroidered artwork. Originally from Buckinghamshire, she now


an author and editor of children's books

history of art from the University

She has an MA in history


She writes books for children about history of art, history, animals and

Courtauld Institute of Art

a BA

Pre-school and Early Years 6
Your Baby Every Night Frances Lincoln Children's Books 9780711281240 May 2, 2023 £12.99 • Hardcover • 64 Pages 24 cm H | 19.5 cm W | 499.9 g Wt A single volume of tried-and-tested lullabies, songs and poems designed to share with your baby, illustrated with beautiful and tactile embroidery art. This treasury gives parents the opportunity to rediscover just how useful (and calming) 30 of the best-loved lullabies are in one, beautiful volume. Stunningly embroidered illustrations for each rhyme offer little ones a tactile delight and will make this book a keepsake to treasure. Chloe
illustrated Read
Every Day and Read
lives and works in York. Lucy
of art from the
of Bristol. 30




end the day

A Mindful Moment For Bedtime

Ballantine, Illustrated by Harriet Hobday

up and

babies' and toddlers'


an actress, writer, and voice-over

She has a young daughter with actor, artist and writer Mark Strepan.

Hobday is a freelance Illustrator based in East Yorkshire. She was selected for THE BOOKSELLER's Illustrator Showcase and The Cheltenham Illustration Awards, was runner up in The Batsford Prize, and has been highly commended in the 'The Macmillan Prize' for Children's Illustration

Pre-school and Early Years 7 What a Day Frances Lincoln Children's Books 9780711277083 June 6, 2023 £7.99 • Paperback • 32 Pages 24 cm H | 24 cm W The day is nearly
and now it’s time to curl
remember all of the incredible adventures of the day before saying goodnight. This is
with. It will capture
imagination and curiosity, with soothing artwork and melodic text to help them prepare for a restful night’s sleep. Emma


Happy Yak

Pre-school and Early Years

Animal Shapes

Illustrated by Nikolas Ilic, Nikolas Ilic

Learn simple shapes with some amazing animals in this bright and fun board book.

This entertaining and characterful board book from Emmy award-winning visual artist, illustrator and author Nikolas Ilic will bring a smile to the faces of adults and children alike, with cartoon-style illustrations introducing readers to a host of vibrant animals.

Happy Yak

Animal Opposites

Illustrated by Nikolas Ilic, Nikolas Ilic

Learn about opposites with some amazing animals in this bright and fun board book.

These eye-catching illustrations will help kids have fun as they learn about opposites in this wonderfully fun book. A great book for parents to read with children or for kids to entertain themselves with, this bright and bold title is the perfect way for early learners to master

Happy Yak

Parp In Space!

Mike Henson, Illustrated by Jorge Martin

PARP! What’s that smell? In this interactive board book, a group of animals enters a rocket to the moon – but it smells like someone keeps breaking wind!

Was it one of them? Or was it egg sandwiches, false teeth or stinky socks? As the animals throw smelly items out through the rubbish chute it slowly becomes clearer who the ‘parper’ is… and it’s not who you expect!

9780711278615 February 7, 2023
• Board Book • 26 Pages 15 cm H | 15 cm W
9780711278639 February 7, 2023 £6.99 • Board Book • 26 Pages 15 cm H | 15 cm W
9780711282537 June 6, 2023 £8.99 • Board Book • 22 Pages 18 cm H | 18 cm W

ABC Black History and Me

Pre-school and Early Years 9
Walter Foster Jr 9780760380239 April 4, 2023 £10.99 • Board Book • 32 Pages 22.9 cm H | 22.9 cm W ABC Black History & Me presents 26 historical concepts, events, and people— from A to Z—that are important in Black American history. From A is for Advocate to Z is for Zest, each letter of the alphabet is paired with inspirational historical concepts and moments. With age-appropriate concepts and visuals, ABC Black History & Me is a perfect discussion starter for the whole family. Queenbe Monyei is a digital artist and gif creator. She is passionate about drawing marginalized groups in everyday situations through the use of bold colors, hoping to shed light on their humanity. Her art has been featured on Flow Magazine, GIPHY, The Cartoon Network, HGTV, Givingli, Mary Young, and on prints available from Target. An inspirational journey through Black history, from A to Z Queenbe Monyei

Happy Yak


Pre-school and Early Years

Happy Yak


Wee Gallery Touch and Feel: Ears Illustrated by Surya Sajnani

This interactive board book series features the classic touch-and-feel concept but with a fun, stylish Wee Gallery twist! Each spread features an intriguing textile and a different animal character to spark the curiosity of babies and

Wee Gallery Touch and Feel: Wings Illustrated by Surya Sajnani

In Wee Gallery: Touch and Feel Wings, meet seven stunning creatures who all feature wonderful wings! Little ones will love feeling the different textures and materials, whether it be the glittery, sparkling dragonfly wings or the fluffy pink wings of a swooping flamingo

6, 2023 £8.99 • Board Book • 8 Pages 15 cm H | 15 cm W
6, 2023 £8.99 • Board Book • 8 Pages 15 cm H | 15 cm W

Picture Books

From New Waterstones Children's Laureate, Joseph Coelho 12 Our Tower Joseph Coelho, Illustrated by Richard Johnson NEW in paperback! Frances Lincoln Children's Books 9780711268852 September 5, 2023 £7.99 • Paperback • 48 Pages 27.6 cm H | 23.5 cm W This magical story follows three children living in a tower block, as they embark on a fantastical adventure which helps them see their home in a new light. A deeply personal story written by multi-award winning poet and Waterstones Children's Laureate Joseph Coelho, drawn from his own experience growing up in a tower block and looking for adventure. This story is a celebration of, and a reclaiming of tower blocks as a place where magic and adventure can happen. Poems Aloud 9780711263925 January 18, 2022 £7.99 | Paperback | 40pp 27.6 cm H | 23.5 cm W NEW in paperback! Smile Out Loud 9780711284562 February 7, 2023 £7.99 | Paperback | 40pp 27.6 cm H | 23.5 cm W Courage Out Loud 9780711279193 March 21, 2023 £12.99 | Hardback | 40pp 27.6 cm H | 23.5 cm W


From New Waterstones Children's Laureate, Joseph Coelho 13 Joseph Coelho is an award winning poet and performer from London, although he now lives by the sea. In 2019 he won the Independent Bookshop Week Picture Book Award for If All the
Were. He has been long-listed for The Carnegie Children's Award with his poetry collection 'Overheard In A Tower Block', which was also shortlisted for the CLPE CLiPPA Poetry Award and Longlisted for the UKLA Book Awards. He won the 2015 CLPE CLiPPA Poetry Award with his debut poetry collection Werewolf Club Rules. My Beautiful Voice 9780711248311 May 3, 2022 £7.99 | Paperback | 32pp If All The World Were... 9781786036513 January 3, 2019 £7.99 | Paperback | 32pp Thank You 9780711262034 September 29, 2020 £6.99 | Paperback | 32pp INDIE BOOK AWARD WINNER 2022 INDIE BOOK AWARD WINNER 2019 A Year of Nature Poems 9780711262034 January 7, 2020 £6.99 | Paperback | 32pp Werewolf Club Rules 9781847804525 August 1, 2014 £7.99 | Paperback | 96pp

A Hero Like Me

Jen Reid and Angela Joy, Illustrated by Leire Salaberria

Hero Like Me tells the inspirational story of Jen Reid, the activist whose black power salute on the plinth where slave trader Edward Colston's statue once stood became an icon of anti-racism overnight. A Hero Like Me fictionalises Jen Reid’s experience by imagining an 8-year-old child experiencing that same ’surge of power’.

up in the historic city of Bath,


From being the only Black child in her local primary school in the

of racism growing up


that black women suffer in the workplace, throughout her life, Jen has experienced the everyday racism that is ingrained in our society.

Semmer is an artist, children's book illustrator, and designer. She studied drawing at St. Paul College of Visual Arts and art history at New York University. She lives in Manhattan with her family.

Picture Books 14
Frances Lincoln Children's Books 9780711270411 June 6, 2023 £7.99 • Paperback • 40 Pages 27.6 cm H | 23.5 cm W Jen Reid grew
the youngest daughter of
immigrants. Her experiences
were first-hand.
1980s, to moving to London in the 1990s and facing the

He was a


Picture Books 15 Are You a Monster? Happy Yak 9780711282490 February 14, 2023 £7.99 • Paperback • 40 Pages 25 cm H | 25 cm W  Are You a Monster? is a fun interactive read-aloud picture book that will have children of all ages roaring and stomping along, as Monster encourages them to be the scariest monster possible. Children will love playing along with the book as monster tests them on their monster skills. Do you have a long pointy tail? Big yellow eyes? No? Can you make a big, loud noise? You can! Guilherme Karsten is an illustrator and graphic designer from Brazil.
finalist in Brazil's Prêmio Jabuti literature prize, and a finalist in the Nami Island International
Book Illustration Concours. Guilherme Karsten

now lives

old water

A Pinch of Love

Barry Timms, Illustrated by Tisha Lee



a city boy at heart.

in Northern California. She studied Fine Art & Art History at the University of California, Davis. She mostly uses gouache

Lee is an author and illustrator

and diversity of everyday

Picture Books 16
Frances Lincoln Children's Books 9780711280175 January 3, 2023 £7.99 • Paperback • 32 Pages 27.6 cm H | 23.5 cm W Following on from Love Grows Everywhere, A Pinch of Love is Barry Timms and Tisha Lee's second book on the subject of love – this time celebrating the love that comes through baking, cooking and sharing food. This book is a warm and charming tale, perfect for Valentine’s Day and beyond. Barry Timms enjoys the way that stories bring people together. He grew
in the
rugged Cornish landscape but
by an
tower in South London and is
for her illustrations and finds inspiration in the details

Blue Badger and the Beautiful Berry

Beware The Blue Bagoo

Picture Books 17
This funny, witty and whimsical title is the latest installment from the Blue Badger series, following the lovable badger and his sometimes awkward attempts to navigate life. Happy Yak 9780711267596 February 7, 2023 £7.99 • Paperback • 32 Pages 25 cm H | 25 cm W
BEWARE the Blue Bagoo! A detective tries to uncover the truth about the infamous ‘Blue Bagoo’ – a creature so big and scary that it can’t possibly be made up, can it? This is a tale of rumours and fears, that seeks to indirectly address misplaced judgement. Happy Yak 9780711267824 February 7, 2023 £7.99 • Paperback • 32 Pages 29 cm H | 23.5 cm W Huw Lewis Jones, Illustrated by Ben Sanders Karl

Hare-Shaped Hole

and Bertle

The Hare-Shaped Hole

poignant picture book

always a pair, though one was a turtle and one was a hare.

utterly buddies, and best friends


be used as part of a gentle conversation about death

grief with

Dougherty was born in Larne, Northern Ireland. When he grew up, he became first a teacher and then a writer of stories and poetry for children. He also writes songs. He now lives in England with his two children.

Docherty is an author and illustrator of children's books based in Swansea. His first picture book, The Little Boat was shortlisted for the prestigious Kate Greenaway Medal. His books have been sold around the world and have eben translated into more than 25 languages.

Picture Books 18
Frances Lincoln Children's Books 9780711276055 March 7, 2023 £7.99 • Paperback • 32 Pages 27.6 cm H | 23.5 cm W The
is a beautiful, touching, and
which gently explores themes of grief and loss. Hertle
They were
forever and whenever you
you would find them together... until quite unexpectedly... the end came. This moving picture book can
children. John

Lost Mariajo Ilustrajo

Flooded Mariajo Ilustrajo

Picture Books 19 Frances Lincoln Children's Books 9780711277946 February 7, 2023 £12.99 • Hardcover • 40 Pages 29.6 cm H | 22.5 cm W
A new book from award-winning illustrator Mariajo Ilustrajo, Lost is the story of a polar bear who finds himself lost, in a big concrete city. Frances Lincoln Children's Books 9780711276796 January 3, 2023 £7.99 • Paperback • 40 Pages 29.6 cm H | 22.5 cm W
Flooded is the funny and beautifully illustrated tale of animals who live in a city that is ever so slowly flooding.

Frances Lincoln Children's Books

7, 2023

Lizzy and the Cloud

Eric Fan, Illustrated by Terry Fan

From the creators of the critically acclaimed The Night Gardener and Ocean Meets Sky comes Lizzy and the Cloud, a whimsical and sweet tale of a young girl who cares for her pet cloud as it grows.

It Fell From The Sky

Eric Fan, Illustrated by Terry Fan

It Fell From The Sky is a gorgeous picture book about community, art, the importance of giving back – and the wonder that fell from the sky.

NEW in Paperback!

Frances Lincoln Children's Books

7, 2023


Picture Books 20
9780711275928 February
£12.99 • Hardcover • 56 Pages 30.5 cm H | 21.6 cm W
9780711275928 February
£7.99 • Paperback • 56 Pages 25.4
H | 25.4 cm W

The Hot Cross Bunny

Steve, a rather – hot


positive pal, Nugget, a cute chick. Steve



born and raised near the Jurassic Coast in west Dorset. Her debut picture book is ‘The Night Before Christmas in Wonderland’

Chambers is an author and illustrator of children’s picture books and young fiction. In 2017 Mark was shortlisted for the AOI World Illustration Awards and in 2013, The Roald Dahl Funny Prize. In the same year he went on to win the Sheffield Children’s Picture Book Award and was also highly commended in the young fiction category.

Picture Books 21
Happy Yak 9780711283015 March 7, 2023 £7.99 • Paperback • 32 Pages 29 cm H | 23.5 cm W Meet
bunny and his more
has failed to make any chocolate eggs for the Easter egg hunt. What is he going to do? Fun,
text makes this is a wonderful Easter story with a twist, packed with laughter and super silly escapades. Carys
Bexington, Illustrated by Mark A. Chambers

A Damsel Not in

Bethan Stevens

the author of prize-winning Grumpy Fairies, Bethan Stevens is an illustrator based in London. After finishing her BA in English

on the MA in Children’s Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art

learn how


well as words.

Picture Books 22
Distress! Frances Lincoln Children's Books 9780711275171 April 4, 2023 £7.99 • Paperback • 32 Pages 27.6 cm H | 23.5 cm W | 180.1 g Wt This clever and funny inversion on a classic fairytale from award-winning author Bethan Stevens tells the laugh-out-loud story of a damsel who does not need saving! This funny follow-up to the prize-winning Grumpy Fairies is perfect for any young damsel —or prince charming—who wants to be the hero of their own story. From
literature, she embarked
stories with pictures as



Picture Books 23
NOT Wanted Happy Yak 9780711281318 May 2, 2023 £7.99 • Paperback • 32 Pages 25 cm H | 25 cm W A humorous take on the unicorn trend, Unicorn NOT Wanted is funny picture book starring an uninvited unicorn that hijacks the story. It's really silly, but has a positive message of not stereotyping people and being yourself. Fred Blunt has illustrated dozens of books, as well as writing his own. Humour has always been top of Fred's list when it comes to drawing.  Now writing and illustrating his own, very silly picture books - Fred couldn't be happier.

A Treasury of Tales for 5 Year Olds

Gabby Dawnay, Illustrated by Heidi Griffiths

An Artist's Eyes

Picture Books 24
Snuggle up together and enjoy this collection of charming and engaging stories written by Gabby Dawnay and selected especially for five-year-olds by literacy experts. Frances Lincoln Children's Books 9780711278844 April 4, 2023 £14.99 • Hardcover • 96 Pages 27.6 cm H | 23.5 cm W
A story of a little boy called Jo who desperately wants to 'see like an artist'. He tries as hard as he can to see the things the way Mo the artist does. When he starts to use his imagination, he realises that the things he can dream up are completely unique. NEW in Paperback! Frances Lincoln Children's Books 9780711264861 April 4, 2023 £7.99 • Paperback • 32 Pages 27.6cm H | 23.5 W
Frances Tosdevin, Illustrated by Clemence Monnet

Snug as a Bug

The Boy Who Cried Poo

Picture Books 25
Meet a bug who is as snug as a bug can be. Oh, but not for long! Along comes a knock on the door and suddenly he's off on a wild and risky adventure... Happy Yak 9780711274846 June 6, 2023 £7.99 • Paperback • 32 Pages 25 cm H | 25 cm W
One family are expecting a day full of sitting in the best seats by the pool. But then, their young son suddenly needs a poo... until he gets there when he realises he doesn't. But then he does again! Kids will both love this hilarious picture book about the Boy Who Cried Poo! Frances Lincoln Children's Books 9780711279469 May 2, 2023 £7.99 • Paperback • 40 Pages 27.6 cm H | 23.5 cm W
Karl Newson,

If I Were King

Chelsea O'Byrne

How Can We Be Kind?

Picture Books 26
If I Were King is a whimsical picture book about the importance of home and family from the fantastic illustrator Chelsea O’Byrne. NEW in Paperback! Frances Lincoln Children's Books 9780711281141 April 4, 2023 £7.99 • Paperback • 40 Pages 27.6 cm H | 23.5 cm W | 350.2 g Wt
This special book asks children a simple question: How Can We Be Kind? The answer is: by learning from the animal kingdom! A celebration of the animal world and a manifesto for being kind in everyday life. NEW in Paperback! Frances Lincoln Children's Books 9780711268807 March 7, 2023 £7.99 • Paperback • 40 Pages 23 cm H | 23 cm W

Monsters in Trucks

for stories. She now lives in a lovely coastal town in

Baker grew up in Canada


an illustrator from Kyiv, Ukraine. She is passionate about merging the world of motherhood with her art. Nina studied at the Kiev Academy of Arts and Architecture.


Picture Books 27
Happy Yak 9780711276383 April 4, 2023 £7.99 • Paperback • 32 Pages 25 cm H | 25 cm W Tall monsters, small monsters, monsters here and there. Hairy monsters, scary monsters... in TRUCKS everywhere. Children will love this super-fun title packed with hilarious monsters in incredible trucks! Follow the monsters as they build a city and watch out for a monster thief on the loose! Laura
with a passion
Wales with her
two sons and big basset hound. Nina
Laura Baker, Illustrated by Nina Dzyvulska

Walter The Wonder Snail

Picture Books 28 Happy Yak 9780711276949 February 7, 2023 £7.99 • Paperback • 32 Pages 25 cm H | 25 cm W Oh, Armadillo! Ellie Irving, Illustrated by Robert Starling Oh, Armadillo! is a hilarious tale exploring the endlessly humorous mishaps of an Armadillo who wants to host the most amazing party.  Happy Yak 9780711276819 April 4, 2023 £7.99 • Paperback • 32 Pages 25 cm H | 25 cm W
Neil Clark Walter is a snail who is really, really bored of leaves. Surely there's more to life than leaves? His fellow snails are happy just slowly munching away... but not Walter! He wants to try something new.


Little People, BIG DREAMS is the original and best-selling series of illustrated biographies that explores the lives of outstanding people, from designers and artists to scientists and activists. All of them achieved incredible things, yet each began life as a child with a dream. Available in a range of formats, we provide beautiful, perfectly plotted first biographies for children aged 3-7+. Gorgeously illustrated and highly collectable, we are published in 30 languages with 5 million copies sold worldwide.

Frances Lincoln Children's Books | £9.99 | 32pp | 195 x 240 mm | Hardcover



Nakate Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara Illustrated by Olivia Anoah 9780711285446 April 11, 2023 Discover the incredible life of Vanessa Nakate, the Ugandan climate-justice activist. Vanessa Nakate is the 100th Little People, BIG DREAMS title!   Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara Illustrated by Ruby Taylor 9780711271067 February 7, 2023
Mercury Learn about the amazing life of Freddie Mercury, the trailblazing musician who rocked the world and became the biggest glam-rock star ever!

Princess Diana

Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara

by Fernando Martin

the life of Princess Diana,

world’s most loved princess who

us all to stand for what

believe in.


Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara

by Fernando Martin

all about the incredible life of Lewis Hamilton, Formula One

he is a campaigner

racial justice and racial diversity


9780711283152 March 7, 2023 Discover
9780711283152 March 7, 2023
Hamilton Learn
champion. Today

David Hockney

Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara

Ana Albero


the incredible life of David Hockney, the inspirational British artist,

was known for creating bright,


Louis Pasteur

Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara

by Shelly Laslo


Learn about the inspirational life of Louis Pasteur, the French chemist and the father of modern medicine.

Olive Morris

Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara

by Aurelia Durand

6, 2023

the life of Olive Morris, the social justice activist and campaigner who

the building blocks for change

the Black British community.

Illustrated by
9780711285484 April 4,
9780711283121 March 7,
9780711285668 June

Hedy Lamarr



Tenzing Norgay

Isabel Sanchez Vegara

incredible life of

of the

the summit of Mount


Isabel Sanchez Vegara



Vegara Illustrated by Maggie Cole 9780711246683 January 3, 2023 Discover the life of Hedy Lamarr, the actress and inventor whose curiosity broke boundaries and created a space for women in science. Maria
Illustrated by Bandana Tulachan 9780711285705 May 2, 2023
Read about the
Tenzing Norgay, one
first two people to reach
Everest in 1953.
Illustrated by Laura Diez 9780711283091 February 7, 2023 Explore the life of Shakira, the world's most popular Latin
singer and the Queen of


Jamia Wilson, Illustrated by Andrea Pippins

years on from 2018's bestselling Young, Gifted and Black, meet 52 more icons of colour in Young, Gifted and Black Too!

the stories of recent changemakers such as Amanda Gorman and Naomi Osaka, as well as historic talents such as Juan Latino and Yaa Asantewaa.


CNN, BBC, Teen

Baby Young, Gifted,

Pippins is an illustrator, designer, and author who has a passion for creating images that reflect what she wants to see in art, media, and pop culture. She is the best-selling creator of the colouring book I Love My Hair and the interactive journal Becoming Me. Her clients include O: The Oprah Magazine, Scoop Magazine, Family Circle, The Huffington Post, Bustle, Free People, Lincoln Center, and the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Andrea is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Non-fiction 35
Gifted and Black Too Wide Eyed Editions 9780711277007 April 4, 2023 £14.99 • Hardcover • 64 Pages 27.6 cm H | 23.5 cm W Jamia Wilson is
activist and writer and has contributed to New York Magazine, The New York Times, The Today Show,
Vogue, Elle, Refinery 29, Rookie and The Guardian. She is the author of Young Gifted and Black;
and Black; Step Into Your Power and Big Ideas for Young Thinkers. Andrea



Cash is Queen breaks down the basics of how young women of today can learn to understand and manage money - an empowering skill that will last them a lifetime.

The world’s first money book written exclusively for girls,Cash is Queen is designed to deliver the sophistication, practicality and fun guaranteed to appeal to today’s young woman.


the award-winning

She has over 15 years

a First Class

Investment Management

of rainchq, Davinia is a Trustee at Talawa Theatre Company, established more than 30 years ago to improve black representation in theatre.

Oerter is a reconverted graphic designer, now part time freelance illustrator, born and based in Brussels. So far, she has worked as an illustrator in the editorial, digital and advertising fields, for brands and projects linked to childhood, body positivity, motherhood and more.

Non-fiction 36
is Queen Frances Lincoln Children's Books 9780711276345 January 3, 2023 £9.99 • Paperback • 160 Pages 19.8 cm H | 12.9 cm W Davinia
founder of rainchq, set up to help women take control of their financial futures.
experience across the investment management and professional services industries. Davinia has
Honours degree from Aston University, an Executive MBA from Cass Business School and holds the
Certificate (IMC). Outside
Tomlinson, Illustrated by Andrea Oerter


I Hear You! How To Train Your Brain and Be an Empathy Superhero, written in partnership with EmpathyLab, is the essential empathy handbook for young readers. This book explains empathy and offers accessible tools for building empathy skills in an energetic, empathetic style.

is the first organisation

build children's empathy, literacy

social activism through a systematic use of high-quality literature.

strategy builds on new scientific


When EmpathyLab was founded in 2014, it set out to understand whether society was making the most of this link, and to explore the implications of the research. Work started with a large cross-disciplinary Think-In at the South Bank Centre, and quickly uncovered that educationalists, academics and authors were as keen as EmpathyLab's founders to see if stories could be used more deliberately to develop young people's experience of empathy and their ability to put it into action.

empathy skills. They believe that empathy is a beacon of hope in a divided

Non-fiction 37 I Hear You! words & pictures 9780711284920 May 16, 2023 £9.99 • Paperback • 128 Pages 21 cm H | 16 cm W EmpathyLab
evidence showing the power of reading to




Charles Darwin

love of the humble worms led to in

in a humorous and engaging way with pull-out panels on each page to help educate alongside the story, curious minds will love this factfilled,



Non-fiction 38
Super-Pooping Worm Spectacular Wide Eyed Editions 9780711275959 January 3, 2023 £12.99 • Hardcover • 40 Pages 27.6 cm H | 23.5 cm W Polly Owen is an author from Hertfordshire, England. She has a degree in Mathematics and Statistics and as
Maths teacher, she is a specialist in developing techniques to get reluctant children interested in Maths. She and her daughter are proud members of the Earthworm society and are both passionate organic gardeners.
Owen, Illustrated by Gwen Millward Learn the
and fascinating story of
and the groundbreaking discoveries his
this hilarious interactive illustrated book. Told



You &

the Blue Peter




an MA in illustration

Central St Martins College of Art, London and has been an illustrator for over 15 years. Born on Ascension Island

the South Atlantic, Anne now lives in the much less remote town of Reading, England.

Non-fiction 39
Your Amazing Brain words & pictures 9780711283619 June 6, 2023 £10.99 • Trade Paperback • 80 Pages 24 cm H | 18.5 cm W Discover everything about how brains work from emotions to actions, reactions and the functioning of the body, in this expansive and inclusive guide. Clive Gifford has had more than 200 books published and received nominations for or won Royal Society,
Library Association, Smithsonian and TES awards. He won
Book Award for Best
with Facts 2019 for his title The Colours of History (QED).
Manchester, UK. Anne


A Little Dose of Nature

The Secret Life of Oceans

40 Ivy Kids 9780711279612 March 7, 2023 £9.99 • Paperback • 32 Pages 27.6 cm H | 23.5 cm W
Bray With over 25 activities, A Little Dose of Nature is a gentle guide to being outside that helps readers aged 5-8 make the most of all the good that being outdoors can do for our mental health. Happy Yak 9780711278691 May 2, 2023 £12.99 • Hardcover • 48 Pages 29 cm H | 23.5 cm W
Moira Butterfield, Illustrated by Vivian Mineker The Secret Life of Oceans is a collection of delightful stories and engaging facts, which imparts a love of Oceans and  nature on the next generation, inspiring them to look after the world around them.


41 Round and Round Goes Mother Nature Wide Eyed Editions 9780711279766 May 2, 2023 £20.00 • Hardcover • 112 Pages 30.4 cm H | 25.9 cm W Gabby Dawnay is the bestselling author of many books for children, a regular contributor to OKIDO magazine, and a scriptwriter for children's television. She also runs art, reading and poetry workshops in schools, and once upon a time managed a contemporary art gallery. Illustrated by Margaux Samson Abadie, Gabby Dawnay This truly beautiful and wonderfully illustrated book introduces children to the magic of nature, through the stories of 48 fascinating life cycles. This captivating book will transport children across the globe, teaching them about just how mother nature keeps everything in our world turning round, and round.


The Who, What, Why of Zoology

The Incredible Science of the Animal Kingdom

Who, What, Why of Zoology

The World That Feeds Us

What's your favourite animal fact? Have you ever wondered who discovered it in the first place? Chances are, it was a zoologist! The
is an exciting first book on this fascinating field of science. Wide Eyed Editions 9780711277045 April 4, 2023 £12.99 • Hardcover • 80 Pages 27.6 cm H | 23.5 cm W
The World That Feeds Us is a stylishly illustrated book looking at the workings of green farming methods around the world, exploring the rhythm of sustainable farming throughout the year from city farms, to heritage breeds and farmer's markets. words & pictures 9780711277694 April 11, 2023 £12.99 • Hardcover • 80 Pages 29.5 cm H | 22.2 cm W
Jules Howard, Illustrated by Lucy Letherland Nancy Castaldo, Illustrated by Ginnie Hsu


A Whole World of Art

100 Things to Know About Architecture

A time-travelling trip through a WHOLE world of art This beautifully illustrated book seeks to tell children the true story of art, in which the rich visual canon from every culture is explored by looking at key works from different times and places. Wide Eyed Editions 9780711265363 July 18, 2023 £12.99 • Hardcover • 80 Pages 27.6 cm H | 23.5 cm W
Learn all about the world of architecture in only 100 words! This book explores the most iconic buildings from around the world as well as the history of architecture, from basic huts to incredible skyscrapers. Happy Yak 9780711272668 January 31, 2023 £14.99 • Hardcover • 112 Pages 29 cm H | 23.5 cm W

Ava Loves Rescuing Animals

Pedro Loves Saving the Planet

Non-fiction 44
Ava Loves Animals tells the fact-filled story of day in the life of a budding young vet who is passionate about animals. Happy Yak 9780711267718 April 18, 2023 £6.99 • Paperback • 48 Pages 23 cm H | 23 cm W
Pedro Loves the Planet follows the adventures of a boy who is passionate about the environment and saving the planet. Happy Yak 9780711267756 April 18, 2023 £6.99 • Paperback • 48 Pages 23 cm H | 23 cm W Jess
by Duncan Beedie
French, Illustrated by Duncan Beedie


National Monuments of the USA

Wide Eyed Editions

Lift Every Voice and Change: A Sound

becker&mayer! kids

Only in Texas

Alexander, Illustrated by Jen Taylor

Wide Eyed Editions

Travel through America's incredible history and amazing wild places, visiting the National Monuments which celebrate the most iconic and majestic landscapes and locations in the USA. Cameron Walker, Illustrated by Chris Turnham
9780711265493 • May 2, 2023 £17.99 • Hardcover • 112 Pages • 31 cm H | 25.6 cm W
Book Powerful sound clips from twelve Black leaders amplified by bold illustrations and background facts illuminate pivotal moments of Black history in America. Charnaie Gordon, Illustrated by Aeron Cargill
9780760374597 • January 10, 2023 £14.99 • Novelty Book • 32 Pages • 20.3 cm H | 20.3 cm W
Only in Texas encourages readers to explore the highlights of the Lone Star State with this collectable title, filled with stunning sights, amazing facts and beautiful illustrations.
9780711274068 • February 7, 2023 £14.99 • Hardcover • 64 Pages • 27.6 cm H | 23.5 cm W

Activity Books

Art Makes People

Bob and Roberta Smith


name Patrick Brill)

the name of the British artist whose best known works include: Make Art Not War, which belongs to the Tate collection; and Letter to Michael Gove. His work is held in collections around the world including MoMA. His book You Are an Artist was published by Thames & Hudson in 2020 to great acclaim. He is an activist, campaigning for art education and the public ownership of art. He was awarded an OBE in 2017 for services to the arts.

Activity Books 47
Powerful Wide Eyed Editions 9780711265394 June 6, 2023 £12.99 • Paperback • 192 Pages 28.1 cm H | 21.5 cm W A unique art activity book for kids created by British artist and Royal Academician Bob and Roberta Smith, which explores how art makes people powerful. Through his original artworks, discover just how art helps people to learn, through beautifully painted artworks that double as prompts for us to create beautiful art of our own. BOB


Me to You: The World's Best Dad


their dad

The World's Best Dad


with creative prompts, kids

write, draw

is, before

create heartfelt messages

show their dad how special

the book to their dad as a beautiful and

K. Benning

an artist and DIY designer working within the realm of contemporary embroidery. She creates one of a kind hand stitched artworks and thoughtfully designed DIY kits and digital embroidery patterns.

Activity Books 48
A fill-in scrapbook from me, to you, for us Frances Lincoln Children's Books 9780711275829 May 2, 2023 £9.99 • Hardcover • 32 Pages 27.8 cm H | 22.5 cm W From
is a new one-of-a-kind gift journal
children to
on a special occasion to tell him how much he means to them. Filled
touching keepsake. Sarah

Nature School

Modern Art for Kids

Stephanie Poon

Activity Books 49
Lessons and Activities to Inspire Children's Love for Everything Wild Nature School is your destination for kidfriendly nature learning, where you can explore the natural world through engaging reading, beautiful illustrations, and hands-on activities. Quarry Books 9780760378359 March 14, 2023 £18.99 • Paperback • 144 Pages 27.9 cm H | 21.6 cm W
Hands-On Art and Craft Activities Inspired by the Masters Modern Art for Kids, the first book in the Art Stars series, is a fun and engaging illustrated journey through many of the key artists representing major art movements from Impressionism to Minimalism. Quarry Books 9780760382073 January 31, 2023 £14.99 • Paperback • 128 Pages 8.5 cm H | 11 cm W Lauren Giordano, Stephanie Hathaway and Laura Stroup

Anti-Racist Art


Anti-Racist Art Teachers , Abigail Birhanu, Khadesia Latimer, Paula Liz, Lori Santos, Tamara Slade and Anjali Wells

Art Teachers is a collective of educators

the United States who promote inclusive thinking, celebrate diversity, and inspire transformative action through art education. Learn more at

Birhanu is an artist and art educator who teaches secondary level.

Latimer is an art educator and artist from South Carolina. She is passionate about art making that encourages empathy, critical thinking skills, anti-racist, and anti-bias practices.

Liz is an artist, activist, educator, and author. Learn more at

Dr. Lori Santos  is the founder of the Puzzle Peace Pledge Project (4PEACE), a cross-cultural art initiative for sustainable social and ecological amity.

Tamara (tuh-mar-uh) Slade is a social justice educator and author from California.

Activity Books 50
Kids Quarry Books 9780760381328 June 13, 2023 £16.99 • Trade Paperback • 144 Pages 25.4 cm H | 21.6 cm W | 544.3 g Wt Harness the power of creativity to celebrate your community and change the world with Anti-Racist Art Activities for Kids. Do you think, “I’m just a kid. What can I do to make a difference?” Be an anti-racist artist! Have fun with creative projects that empower you to use your art, actions, and words to create meaningful change. Anti-Racist
residing across

The Kitchen Pantry Scientist Ecology for Kids

Kitchen Pantry Scientist: Ecology for Kids

of 25


story of a scientist,


with some

the importance of their

a description of where it is still being used

reflected in today’s world.

We Are the United States Activity Book

Activity Books 51
The We Are the United States Activity Book is a trip across a wonderful country through fun puzzles, games, art and other activities designed to celebrate the incredible diversity of the USA. Wide Eyed Editions 9780711282636 April 18, 2023 £9.99 • Paperback • 32 Pages 31 cm H | 22.6 cm W
offers a series of snapshots
ecologists, from ancient
through today. Each
tells the
background about
work, and
Quarry Books 978060375693 April 4, 2023 £14.99 • Paperback • 128 Pages 27.9 cm H | 11.6 cm W



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