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Jan. 3-16 . 2014



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Jan. 3-16 . 2014




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contributors this issue Paige Braddock, Matt Comer, Jon Hoppel, Lainey Millen, Trinity, Jim Yarbrough

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editor’s note by Matt Comer ::

Well wishes for a happy new year It’s a new year. You know what that means — time to break out the resolutions. Many of us do it. We make a list of things we want to do or change in our personal lives, for our career and in our volunteer work. This year, I’ve got a list of new year resolutions for myself, for the newspaper and for the community at large. Here’s to a fabulous 2014 and exciting times ahead!

access the news and features you enjoy. To that end, our new website will make it easier for you no matter what type of device you use to access our site. On tablets and smart phones, our new, responsive design will customize your reading experience. We’re also excited about looking into options to bring you a smart phone and tablet app. Stay tuned for more on that.

For me In 2012, I made a personal resolution to get back involved in a faith community. I searched several congregations and visited a couple and finally landed in a great spot. I did so well on that resolution for most of 2012. Then the Democratic National Convention hit. My personal schedule went wacky and I got out of the habit of attending church each week. That’s lasted for more than a year now, and I’m ready to get back in the swing. So, my first resolution is a renewal of an old one. I’m looking forward to getting back involved with my faith community and all the education, fellowship and enlightenment it brings. Through the next year, I’m also looking forward to a better, more healthy lifestyle. In sticking with our issue’s featured content, I’m making a resolution to be more fit. When I first moved to Charlotte, I was at a healthy weight and size. Flash forward several years later — with all the desk sitting and fast food eating from a sometimes too busy schedule — and I’ve packed on too much weight. I’ll start small, with changes to my diet and a daily exercise regimen, perhaps even taking some cues from the personal trainers who contributed to qnotes this issue.

For the community 2013 was a phenomenal year of progress for the LGBT community, both nationally and locally. I hope our community continues to build upon this momentum as we move into another year. With anti-gay-marriage bans dropping and new inclusive marriage laws passing in several states in 2013, I think we can look forward to even broader progress on this issue this year. At the same time, I hope we remain vigilant about reminding ourselves that marriage is not the end-all, be-all issue for LGBT equality. It’s fantastic that marriage is moving so quickly, but we must not forget other inclusion efforts that can benefit a wide swath of our community, including the Employment NonDiscrimination Act. Locally, I hope leaders in North Carolina’s LGBT community will find ways to become more involved in local and state government. Civic involvement and civic engagement are the keys to moving and changing hearts and minds. Whether you have an opportunity to run for elected office or serve on a public board or commission, having a physical and literal seat at the table brings visible and vocal LGBT presence to the cities, town and states where we live.

For the newspaper Late in 2013, the staff of qnotes took a look at our decades-long mission statement and decided it was time for a revamp. We updated and modernized its verbiage and added to it, expanding our news coverage to include both LGBT and other social justice issues. 2014 will be the first full year we put ourselves to that task. We hope our community will keep us on point and accountable to our own mission. I hope you’ll let us know when we are not covering a social or economic justice issue or cause you think we should be chronicling. In the next few weeks, you’ll also see a dramatic change to our website. It’s one of our most dynamic website overhauls and we’re all excited for the possibilities. Our resolution this year is to make it easier for you to

For all us In 2014, I wish all of us a collective and happy year of success and progress, be it in our careers, with our families or in whatever passion you might have. Remember that the staff at qnotes is here to help you, your businesses and your organizations. If you ever have any news stories or tips, need help getting the word out or want to take advantage of some marketing opportunities through qnotes advertising, never hesitate to give us a call at 704-531-9988. For news tips and feedback, feel free to email me at and for advertising questions, email adsales@ Happy new year! : :

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Jan. 3-16 . 2014

letter from the publisher by Jim Yarbrough :: qnotes publisher

Give and you will prosper do that, it’s alright. Give what you feel like you can. Cut back on something According to a public radio report I heard recently, the annual World — dinner out, that $6 cup of coffee or that new pair of shows that you Giving Index says the people of the U.S. give more to charity than any don’t have room for anyway. I hope and believe that your gifts of time and other nation in the world. That is wonderful. I don’t remember the numfinances will grow as you give because you will be the one receiving the bers. It was something like 1.9 percent of our income as a country. Even blessings through your own gifts. though it is the most compared to other country, it still seems like a small Bottom line, I am asking each of you to make a commitment to give amount to me. back to your own community — at least one dollar a day and one hour a In qnotes’ Dec. 6-19, 2013 print edition, we published our feature, “Did week in 2014. Let’s show the world that we can do better than 1.9 percent you do your part?” and our annual Community Assessment Survey of and the Movement Advancement Project that we can really support our local and regional non-profits. We explored just how little money our local LGBT organizations. groups receive from individual donors. It really surprised me. I was equally I have no doubt it will mean so much to our organizations and to yoursurprised by the 2011 giving reported by the Movement Advancement self. Give a blessing and be blessed. Project. It noted that only three percent of LGBT folks in the U.S. had given Have a happy and prosperous new year! : : the national organizations it surveyed $35 or more that year. Those results stayed the same for the Project’s recentlyreleased 2012 report. We can do better! No matter your religious beliefs, if we take the principle of tithing and give of our income and time, we have done our part. If we all give at least one dollar a day and volunteer one hour a week to an organization or a church of What kinds of new year resolutions or goals our own choice, just imagine what a difference will you be making for 2014? it would make. The thousands of dollars and thousands of hours would do as much for us individually as for the recipient organizations. To tithe is to give 10 percent of one’s See the options and vote: income. Many do that. If you don’t feel you can



N.C. official warns against ‘womanless’ weddings during NAACP hearing Court blocks state officials from preventing NAACP gathering by Matt Comer ::

RALEIGH — Comments warning against “womanless” marriages from a North Carolina Department of Justice official raised eyebrows with progressive and LGBT community members in late December.

Special Deputy Attorney General Donald Teeter speaks during a court hearing on Monday. Credit: WRAL video still.

The comments came during a court hearing on Dec. 23, where Special Deputy Attorney General Don Teeter was defending the state against a suit brought by the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP. The group had applied and been denied a permit to gather on state property at the North Carolina Capitol. The group successfully won a temporary restraining order keeping state officials from disapproving the event permit. During the hearing, NAACP attorney Scott Holmes told Judge Allen Baddour that state

administrators were unconstitutionally limiting speech. “What’s really going on here is that the state has preferred speech and non-preferred speech,” Holmes said. “They prefer government speech over the people’s speech. And that’s unconstitutional.” Teeter said state officials “do not care what speech is rendered by an applicant.” They do, however, ask for “goals, objectives and purpose” for events held on state property. “We want to know what they’re going to do there,” Teeter said. “Are they going to roast a goat? Are they going to have a womanless wedding? Are they going to have a prayer vigil? Are they going to have a rally? That’s the kind of thing we want to know. We don’t care what they say while they do it.” “I reject the argument that we are limiting speech at all,” Teeter said. “These folks have been permitted to go to an appropriate area to speak to their hearts’ content.” Teeter did not respond to requests for commenet or clarification. qnotes reached out to him via phone and email. The state NAACP has held several mass gatherings in Raleigh this year. Their “Moral Monday” events have resulted in hundreds of arrests during civil disobedience protests. The group has protested education and healthcare budget cuts, voting rights restrictions and other issues. : :

talkback Letters to the editor and comments from and qnotescarolinas. Web comments are not edited for grammar or punctuation. Congratulations Congratulations! Great article and nice to see these forward thinking leaders being recognized for their professional accomplishments. Way to go Charlotte! — Robert Kellogg, in response to our 2013 People of the Year (, Dec. 20 Lincoln County debate Readers and detractors react to news of a gay-straight alliance in Lincoln County (see story on page 10) the bigoted reaction of religious rednecks is exactly why the school needs the club-sorry bigots-your time be up!! — Normandy, Dec. 17 As a student of west lincoln high school I’ve about had it with this Gay straight alliance club. I’m a religious person and I strongly believe in the word of God and this club greatly offends my beliefs. If that makes me prejudice then I say take it up with God because I’m only following as his word. This probably would not have been such a conflict if they had reframed from using the word Gay in the title, but they obviously chose to do it inorder to cause this uproar. I dislike the fact that they put the

posters on every hall way in the school thus your subject to it at least once daily. Call me a bigoted religious redneck all you want but the only one opinion I care about is the opinion of God almighty. — Paul Timmons, Dec. 17 And to think I wanted my kids to attend west as I did. Put the confederate battle flag back on the stadium, bring god back to school and then I wouldn’t mind these kids that think they’re gay vandalizing the halls with rubbish. Don’t take others rights away if you don’t want you’res taken away. Hypocrites. Just hypocrites. Now gay hypocrites. Jesus help us. — Rusty Shackleford, Dec. 18 Gods so called words was written hundreds of years after Jesus’s death and written by people like you and me. If you don’t think that most of it got lost in translation then you are hiding behind your own fear. — WJohnson, Dec. 19 Who’s God? Remember not everyone in this world believes the same things you do. Lots of religions, lots of believes. Your God’s word means nothing to many people so it shouldn’t be forced on anyone. — MattF, Dec. 19

Jan. 3-16 . 2014



news notes:

carolinas. nation. world. compiled by Lainey Millen | Matt Comer

Military couple exchanges vows Fayetteville Observer video still, YouTube:

issues within the LGBT community, including homelessness among LGBT youth. They will be partnering with Time Out Youth Center and Urban Ministry Center. The Charlotte Lesbian and Gay Fund awarded the chorus with a grant that is enabling them to create and share youth stories in a video and musical documentary. It will premiere at the concert. The concert will also celebrate the families that LGBT people of all ages create for themselves. info: — L.M.

New domestic violence group begins

CHARLOTTE — A new monthly support group, “No More Tears,” will address domestic violence within the LGBT community, with monthly meetings hosted by The LGBT Community Center of Charlotte, 2508 N. Davidson St.. starting on Jan. 7, 7 p.m. During the evening, one-on-one and group meetings will take place. Pepsi Dixon serves as group contact and can be reached at 704-345-5398. info: — L.M.

‘Dragging with the Stars’ to raise funds for local groups

FORT BRAGG — On Dec. 22, 2013, The Associated Press reported that Maj. Daniel Toven, 44, and Johnathan Taylor, 24, were married in the base’s Main Post Chapel. It is believed to be the first same-sex ceremony held on the base since the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in 2011. Fort Bragg is home to the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division and the Green Berets and is opening up its chapel for same-sex ceremonies. The couple welcomed over 100 friends and family members to the ceremony. They had previously held a legal marriage in Washington, D.C., in August 2013. Toven serves as commander and conductor of the Army Ground Forces Band and Taylor is a registered nurse at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center and is pursuing his pre-medical studies at Methodist University and Fayetteville Technical Community College. Toven told the AP, “For me, it was my hope that someday before I retired that I might see the repeal of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell,’ … This? I never imagined in a million years. It’s a dream come true.” The news service also reported that there were some military family who attended the ceremony and that there was no opposition to the ceremony from post officials and chaplains. Included among guests were Lt. Col. Heather Mack, along with her wife, Ashley Broadway. Broadway made news in early 2013 when she tried to apply for membership to the Officers’ Spouses Club but was barred. Additionally, Staff Sgt. Donna Johnson who became the first military same-sex war widow upon the death of Staff Sgt. Tracy Johnson in Afghanistan in 2012, was there as well. — L.M.

Charlotte Bar crawl registration begins

CHARLOTTE — The Amazing Race Bar Crawl, presented by the Regional AIDS Interfaith Network (RAIN), will be held on April 19, 12 p.m., beginning at the race headquarters, Brixx, 225 E. 6th St. The event features teams of up to five people who race to a series of bars in Uptown Charlotte until completion. The proceeds benefit AIDS Walk Charlotte. RAIN says that at each destination teams will purchase five drinks and complete a challenge. Each challenge will offer teams various rewards and penalties including possible additions or deductions to the team’s time. Challenges also determine whether the team is given an easy or difficult clue to the next destination.



Jan. 3-16 . 2014

No team can exceed five members. Those who do will be disqualified. At the end of the event, awards will be presented to the team with fastest actual time, fastest game time, best team costume and theme and best team T-shirt. Registration dates and costs per team are: Early bird, Jan. 1-Jan. 19, $100; early, Jan. 20-Feb. 19, $125; regular, Feb. 20-April 13, $150; and late, April 14-19, $175. info: — L.M.

Chorus slates rehearsals

CHARLOTTE — One Voice Chorus will begin their rehearsals on Jan. 7, 7 p.m., at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Charlotte, 234 N. Sharon Amity Rd. Their concert season begins on April 11-12, 7:30 p.m., at Heaton Hall, Myers Park Baptist Church, 1900 Queens Rd., with “Home.” They will be shedding light on critical

CHARLOTTE — In January and February, five men from Queen City organizations will play dress-up, as it were, to raise funds for their groups. The drag amateurs will compete in “Dragging with the Stars,” presented by The Scorpio and Charlotte Pocket Rocket. Humorously inspired by the popular “Dancing with the Stars,” the five men — who have never performed in drag before — will be teamed up with five longtime drag performers. Each will participate in five nightly competitions, with tips going to their respective organizations and the ultimate winner getting a $1,000 donation to his charity. Performances and competitions will be held at The Scorpio on Jan. 8, Jan. 15, Jan. 22, Feb. 5 and Feb. 12. The five contestants and their drag mentors, as well as their organizations are: Alex Aguilar and Cierra Nichole (Charlotte Royals Rugby Football Club), Gary Carpenter and Felicia Monet (Charlotte Pride), Brad Joseph Claxton and Buff Faye (Campus Pride), Tyler Singleton (also known as Tyler Daniels-Clyne) and Jessica Raynes (Don’t H8 Club) and Eric McCrickard and Angela Lopez (Cystic Fibrosis Foundation). : : info: — M.C.

Guild officers elected

CHARLOTTE — The Charlotte Business Guild, Charlotte’s LGBT chamber of commerce, announced its 2014 officers and board of directors, which were nominated and elected at the Dec. 11, 2013 annual meeting. Chad Sevearance, a senior professional in human resources and owner of The HRXpert, LLC, was elected president. He will serve during 2014 along with Natasha Tutt, vice president, Financial Center Manager, Fifth Third Bank; Charles Oldham, treasurer, attorney, Oldham Law Firm; and Freddie Ann Hutchens, secretary, CEO, Hutchens, Moore & Associates. Members also nominated and ratified the election of three new directors for 2014 to serve two-year terms: Milton Howard, owner, The Nickel Bar; Sarah Demarest, attorney,

LGBTQ Law Center; and Frank Kalian, owner, Sir Speedy (Kalian Printers, Inc.). Board members continuing their current terms with one year remaining are: Barry Brodsky, retired; Jai Taylor, project manager/ IT; Ann Gonzalez, founder/owner, Create-ster; and Starr Gordon, owner, Sophisticated Lyfe Entertainment. Teresa L. Davis, former president and an attorney with the U.S. government will serve in an ex-officio capacity. Starting Jan. 15, 2014, full bios can be found at online. All board meetings are open to the membership at large. info: 704-877-4135. — L.M. and releases

Triad It’s bingo time!

GREENSBORO — Golden Girls Bingo will be held on Jan. 24, 6 p.m., at The Elm Street Center, 203 S. Elm St., to benefit The Guildford Green Foundation. Enjoy drinks with the queens and guest stars and entertainers at 6 p.m. Then join the community when the hall opens at 6:30 p.m. Games begin at 7 p.m. Regular tickets are $15, students or those with military identification are $10 and are available online. info: — L.M.

Triangle Church celebrates building purchase

RALEIGH – St. John’s Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) celebrated its final mortgage payment on its building at 805 Glenwood Ave. in a special Sunday service on Dec. 22. Purchased 20 years ago, an anonymous gift in November paid the final year of mortgage payments for the church, which serves a predominately LGBT congregation. During the service, church leaders read letters of congratulations from local government officials and other church leaders. Founding member Jay Kelderman burned the mortgage papers. St. John’s MCC was founded as a small study group in February 1976. The first study material was the Gospel of John. The group continued to meet and in June 1976 voted to affiliate with the national Metropolitan Community Church. The Rev. Willie White pastored the church from 1976 to 1981, followed by the Rev. June Norris, the first heterosexual woman to be ordained in the Metropolitan denomination. She served until 1988. The church’s building purchase was made in the 1993 under its third pastor, the Rev. Wayne Lindsey. Until that time, the church had met at Community United Church of Christ. The Rev. Brendan Y. Boone has served as pastor since July 2001. Wake County tax records show the church’s 9,057-square-foot building and just over a half acre of land was valued at $869,624 in 2008. info:
 — M.C.

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Giving program supports trans program

RALEIGH — Throughout December 2013, the LGBT Center of Raleigh promoted a special endof-year giving campaign to support the work of its Transgender Initiative. The program provides support, education, activism, awareness and health and wellness resources, among other assistance, to transgender community members. Raising awareness has also been a touchstone of the giving campaign, as it shares the stories and experiences of community members like Paige. “Even after I moved to the Raleigh-Durham area, it was not easy for me to come out and transition,” Paige wrote in an installment of the campaign. “While I found sympathy in new friendships, finding other people like myself was a challenge. I worked for some major companies with internal LGBT employee groups, but few, if any out transgender people participated. I found a small support group in the local area, but so few people participated, it was hard to get the support that I was looking for. In part, it wasn’t much better than being back home and communicating with people online.” Paige said the LGBT Center of Raleigh has helped to build “a vibrant and visible transgender community in the Triangle,” and said the group’s Transgender Initiative provided that foundation. “We can be a beacon of hope to the transgender community both locally and nationally,” Paige wrote. The center always welcomes taxdeductible contributions to support its work. Donations can be made online. info: — M.C.

Center’s SAGE group to serve lunch

RALEIGH — The SAGE Raleigh Chapter will serve its first free lunch to its members and guests on Jan. 9, 11:30 a.m., at the LGBT Center of Raleigh, 324 S. Harrington St. Les Geller, who is vice chair of the center’s board and is organizing the event, has said that this will become a regular happening on the second Thursday morning of each month. All are welcome, but he needs a response in order to get a head count for ordering the food by the previous Tuesday (this time on Jan. 7). Email him at Earlier in the day, SAGE Raleigh will have its regular drop-in starting at 9 a.m. Enjoy coffee, bagels, muffins, donuts or whatever is being served while engaging in conversation and programming. On Feb. 15, the center’s group will host a Valentine’s dance for singles and couples at 7 p.m. Kick it up with a guest DJ while dancing to rock ’n roll and music of the 1960s and 1970s. Food and drink will be provided. A suggested donation of $5 will be collected at the door. The group used to be the Gay & Gray Initiative until it became affiliated with SAGE, a national organization that serves and advocates for LGBT seniors. info: — L.M.

Campus Scene Regional LGBTQ college consortium to launch GREENSBORO – LGBT student leaders, faculty and staff at North Carolina col-


Get ready for a new year with qnotes

It’s a new year, which means great new and exciting things yet to come for community organizations and businesses across the state. Is your group or business in on the action? Now is the time to make sure. Visit our online calendar at and see if your events are listed. If not, submit them. We use our online calendar to help us put together our print edition’s Q Events calendar every two weeks. Submitting a calendar listing is free and easy and it’s a phenomenal way to help get the word out about your event. Our calendar accepts recurring events, so if you host monthly or weekly social or support groups, submit those, too! Your organization or business updates are always welcome, too. Share your news and updates with us by adding to your news release or announcements list. Press releases can be sent to this email address. Also, be sure to sign up for qnotes’ weekly email newsletter, filled to the brim each week with the most up-to-date news, features and upcoming events in the local and statewide LGBT community. Sign up online at If you’re an advertiser or thinking about advertising and need our new 2014 media kit, email We hope you’ll stick around for another year of advertising and we thank you for your continued support of local, independent LGBT community journalism. Thank you to all of our readers, supporters, advertisers, community organizations and businesses who help to make our work possible.

leges and universities are invited to attend a statewide summit at Guilford College on Feb. 9 to launch the new North Carolina LGBTQ College Consortium. The meeting will be held 11 a.m.-2 p.m. at the college’s Founders Hall in the Gilmore Room. The new network will aim to foster communication and build community among the state’s various LGBT college student organizations. The network also hopes to assist in collaborative work among the groups, with a series of annual meetings and an annual conference, quarterly conference calls, monthly webinars, leadership development and opportunities to organize collectively

on important local, statewide and national social justice issues. The network’s launch is being sponsored by Campus Pride and the Guilford Green Foundation. For more information or to RSVP, contact Parker T. Hurley, LGBTQQA Coordinator at Guilford College’s Multicultural Education Department at 336-316-2374 or via email at — M.C. Have news or other information? Send your press releases and updates for inclusion in our News Notes:

Jan. 3-16 . 2014



National/Global News Briefs Marriage advances in Utah SALT LAKE CITY — The momentum for marriage equality continues at the state level, with Utah becoming the latest state to grant marriages to same-sex couples. The remarkable advance in Utah comes after U.S. District Judge Robert Shelby ruled the state’s anti-gay marriage ban unconstitutional on Dec. 20. “Applying the law as it is required to do, the court holds that Utah’s prohibition on samesex marriage conflicts with the United States Constitution’s guarantees of equal protection and due process under the law,” Shelby wrote. “The State’s current laws deny its gay and lesbian citizens their fundamental right to marry and, in so doing, demean the dignity of these same-sex couples for no rational reason. Accordingly, the court finds that these laws are unconstitutional.” On Dec. 23, Shelby refused to put a stay on his own ruling. On Dec. 24, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals similarly refused to stay the ruling. At press time, hundreds of same-sex couples had applied for marriage licenses. State officials in Utah still have the option of requesting an emergency stay from the U.S. Supreme Court, where the request would be heard by U.S. Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor. She, in turn, could refuse to hear the motion to stay and refer it to the full Supreme Court. As of press time, such a request had yet to be made. Advances also took place in Ohio, where a judge ruled on Dec. 23 that Ohio must



Jan. 3-16 . 2014

recognize same-sex marriages on death certificates. U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Black said Ohio’s refusal to recognize the marriages violates couples’ equal protection rights. “The Court’s ruling today is a limited one, and states simply, that under the Constitution of the United States, Ohio must recognize valid out-of-state marriages between same-sex couples on Ohio death certificates, just as Ohio recognizes all other out-of-state marriages,” Black wrote. Appeals are expected in both cases. In Virginia on Dec. 23, a federal district court rejected a motion to dismiss a challenge against that state’s anti-gay marriage ban.

Salvation Army petition started

Seth Anderson and Michael Ferguson stand with their Bil Browning, publisher of marriage license. The couple is believed to be the first The Bilerico Project (bilerico. same-sex couple to wed in Utah. com), has launched a Photo Credit: Seth Anderson, via Twitter, @jsethanderson petition calling on the Salvation Army to adopt a nationwide non-discrimination policy that the religious charity, has been a leading includes sexual orientation and gender proponent of LGBT-inclusive changes at the identity. Browning, who says he and a former Salvation Army. You can read more about boyfriend were once denied services by Browning’s petition at


QUICK HITS —————————————————————————————— Huntington, W.Va., City Council voted 11-0 on Dec. 23 to add protections based on sexual orientation and veteran status to a city-wide employment non-discrimination ordinance. more:

year, claiming the system is refusing to approve a gay-straight alliance club at a middle school. more:

After years of debate, lawmakers in Uganda have finally passed a harsh anti-gay bill, with sentences Queen Elizabeth II has formally ranging from several years to life pardoned British mathemetician imprisonment for various offenses and computer scientist Alan Turing, such as gay sex, conducting a samewho was convicted in 1952 of “gross sex marriage, sex between HIV indecency” with another man. Turing, positive and negative people, sex who was gay, gained fame for his with minors and the disabled and work breaking the German Enigma repeated sexual offenses among codes during World War II. Turing Photo Credit: Russell consenting adults. As of press was chemically castrated as a result Watkins/UK Dept. time, Ugandan President Yoweri of his conviction. He died of cyanide for Int’l Dev. Museveni (pictured) had yet to sign poisoning at age 41 on June 7, 1954. the bill. In Nigeria, lawmakers have advanced a The death was ruled a suicide. bill that would ban same-sex marriage and the more: formation of LGBT equality groups, with prison terms as high as 14 years. The American Civil Liberties Union has sued more: a Florida school district for a second time this

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Advocates, school staffers respond to anti-gay threats at Lincoln Co. school West Lincoln High School students face controversy and push back for inclusive club by Matt Comer :: CHARLOTTE — A high school club for LGBT and straight students is facing controversy and push back from other students and parents. Local youth advocates who are working to ensure safer schools say the harassment at the school is some of the worst they’ve seen in the local area. Students at West Lincoln High School in Lincoln County, N.C., formed their gay-straight alliance (GSA) this year. They held their first meeting earlier this semester, but news of a meeting in early December prompted conflict and a barrage of harassment on campus and online. Posters announcing a meeting on Dec. 12 were torn down from hallways. Some students allegedly made other signs saying “Straights Only” that were posted outside of some bathrooms. A six-foot long poster with anti-gay slurs was also allegedly hung in a hallway. Additionally, anti-gay leaflets were left strewn on the campus’ grounds and, over the weekend, the school’s spirit rock was painted with the message “Baggin’ the fags.” The harassment on campus has extended into the online world, with some students, and at least one parent, taking to social media to express their disapproval. “West lincoln high school has been reduced to a liberal agenda following homosexual loving hogs pen that isn’t fit to teach anyone’s children,” reads one message on Twitter from a user whose screen, “20lev13,” invokes a scriptural passage that has been interpreted as calling for the death of LGBT people. “West lincoln high school has become a Godless school where u can’t speak of God or you’re a outcast but man if your gay and u cuss u fit in,” the user continues. “I hate the fact my kid has to attend WLHS because of all the liberal ways that has easily programmed all those pot smoking little hippies.” Harassment is extreme Advocates with Time Out Youth, a Charlotte LGBT youth support and services agency, say the harassment West Lincoln students have faced is among the most extreme the agency has seen. “This isn’t normal, the extent to which the anti-LGBT sentiment is there,” says Micah Johnson, Time Out Youth’s director of school outreach. “This is the first time we’ve run into where it is just so out there. Even within that county, this is not normal for the [four] high schools in that system.” Johnson and other Time Out Youth staff have worked with some West Lincoln students in organizing their GSA, especially when it faced difficulties getting started last year. “It was disbanded,” Johnson says. Johnson says administrators wanted to fold the Diversity Club into a pre-existing group associated with the Special Olympics.

“They said, ‘You want diversity, we will do all types of diversity,’ which was not the point of the GSA,” Johnson says. Johnson and others stepped in to hold conversations with school and district staff. According to federal equal access laws, schools must allow LGBT students to form clubs like gaystraight alliances if a school allows other non-curricular clubs. “They are at the point now that they know they have to allow the GSA to exist,” Johnson says. West Lincoln High School’s principal, Dr. Cale Sains, has publicly supported the GSA. In fact, he’s the student group’s faculty sponsor this fall. Sains tells qnotes he supports the conversation students want to create around issues of diversity and respect. “I think it is significant that West Lincoln took the step — and the students are the drivers — to establish a GSA club at West Lincoln,” Sains says. Sains says he’s received more community support than criticism. “I’ve gotten a lot of emails about how proud people are of West Lincoln establishing a GSA and saying good luck to the students for promoting diversity, awareness and understanding, which is what we want to get to,” Sains says. “We know it is good to move in a direction of a greater appreciation of difference.”

Meetings: Program: Time: Membership: Information:

Still, controversy and questions over the club haven’t stopped, though Sains says a large portion of the controversy has subsided, and he and other administrators have addressed the slurs and graffiti by taking disciplinary action where possible. “When it’s been very clear who did it, then there has been disciplinary action taken,” Sains says. It’s not been easy, Sains says, to identify every student who posted harassing fliers or who painted the spirit rock. “The rock, there’s no way for us to know, but our reaction as soon as we saw it was to get out there and cover it up,” Sains says. Johnson says he appreciates Sains and other staffers’ openness, but thinks school leaders can take a stronger, more proactive stand for student safety. “We are really glad the GSA is there and we are glad the principal has been supportive to the extent that he has been,” he says. “Our main concern is the level of harassment that has escalated since the GSA has been present.” Rodney Tucker, Time Out Youth’s executive director, says school leaders must take a top-down approach to ending the harassment. “What we are looking for the principal to do is make a statement to the school and say this behavior is not acceptable and we want it to stop,” Tucker says. Johnson and Tucker say the several incidents point to a potentially larger school climate and safety issue. Sains, though, believes much of the reaction has come from a small, vocal minority and “more so on social media than here at school.” “My honest opinion is that the fury from last week has dissipated, from what I see on campus,” Sains says, noting he heard of no incidents on Dec. 18. “The way I’ve handed is that we’ve stayed positive. My message to the GSA is we are going to stay positive. We’re going to promote understanding and diversity and respect and that’s how we are going to handle it.” One local pastor agrees with Sains and has encouraged students to remain respectful. Michael White is an associate pastor at Gainsville Baptist Church, just a few miles from West Lincoln High. As controversy erupted on social media, he took to his own Twitter account, saying, “It’s not wrong to stand for biblical truth. It is wrong to do that as proud, arrogant jerks.” “My conviction is that homosexuality is sinful, but I would also say and have taught my students that homophobia is sinful as well,” White tells qnotes. “Jesus provides us an example of neighborly love for people the mainstream culture

Third Tuesday of every month, except when there is specialized programming, plus monthly socials to promote networking and friendship A wide variety of topics of interest to appeal to the diverse LGBT community After work with a cash bar social and heavy hor d’oeuvres with dinner and program following Visit the website for application options and benefits. Call 704.565.5075 or email for more details or write to The Charlotte Business Guild P.O. Box 33371 | Charlotte, NC 28233



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see GSA on 12

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GSA sparks controversy continued from page 10 would cast out. We should engage even if we disagree with the lifestyle, and we should respond in kindness, respect and love.” White says Sains is “taking the right approach,” allowing the GSA at a public school and calling for open conversation and dialogue. “True tolerance,” White says, “is the ability to acknowledge deep and fundamental disagreements, in this case about the morality of homosexuality, but yet still carry on respectful, honest conversation and relationships with one another.” Working together Time Out Youth’s recent work to ensure safer schools has garnered mostly positive reaction across their seven-county region. In Lincoln County, that work has been more difficult but not impossible.



Jan. 3-16 . 2014

The group recently completed its year-long project to place safe space kits and educational materials at every middle and high school across the region. Some Lincoln County schools never received the packets, even though they were sent. And, in February, some community members approached the Lincoln County Board of Education to ask leaders to keep the inclusive materials out of schools. Johnson says despite initial difficulties, administrators and other staff in Lincoln County are responding. For instance, Time Out Youth learned the system hadn’t yet fully implemented anti-bullying policies required by safe schools legislation passed in 2009. That’s now being corrected. Similar stories and increased support have unfolded across the area, where Time Out

Youth has held trainings and meetings reaching over 600 faculty in five out of the seven counties they serve. “In terms of district relationships, I think that’s where we’ve made the most progress, building relationships at all levels of the system as a resource and as a service provider both in the community and as a resource to their schools,” Johnson says. He adds, “We always want to assume that educators are well-intentioned and they have a lot on their plates. In these conversations, we still want to allow them to fix it, say we know this is happening, we have resources to help you, let’s work together to fix this.” : : Safe space kits were dispersed to regional middle and high schools to aid in the battle against bullying and harrassment as mandated by state legislation passed in 2009.


tell trinity

how this works in my world when you read my cartoon.)

by Trinity :: qnotes contributor ::

Hey Trinity, How long should I date someone before insisting they quit smoking? Non-Smokers Blues, Quebec City, QC

Can you be dumped to death? Dearest Trinity, I almost made it to the one-year mark, but my girlfriend couldn’t. I’ve been dumped before, but this time I really was in love. It feels like someone died. I bounce between sad and angry. How long does this feeling last? Dumped To Death, Savannah, GA Dearest Dumped To Death, Being dumped is not only like experiencing

a death, it is a death. And like a death, there are four stages: shock, sadness, anger and finally there is resolution. For a close death, it can take as long as a year, but it can take less time if you work at it. Give yourself two to four weeks maximum to go through the four stages, then get right back on the dating horse, sweetie, and start celebrating life again. Sleeping lots and watching comedy shows helps too! Dear Trinity, My boyfriend and I never really committed sexually to each other, but recently he caught me cheating. Now, he insists I be monogamous “or else!� I don’t think I can do it. What should I do? Monogamy Or Your Life, Portland, OR Dear Monogamy, Many couples of all shapes and sizes have trouble with monogamy. Being in a “relationship� does mean “compromise,� which stands for trial and error. You’re not a child who can’t control his/her actions, you’re a grown up trying to have a healthy relationship! So, darling, do the best you can and remember, monogamy is one day at a time. (Speaking of mon-mon-mon-ogamy, see

Hey Non-Smoker’s Blues, Dating a smoker is hell, I know. I’d give it two months if you can and, pumpkin, if he doesn’t offer to quit, or at least go on the electric cigarette, let him know that you may have to quit‌ dating! Dearest Trinity, I’ve been wanting to grow facial hair and now that I’m single I can. Any suggestions? Facing Facial Hair, Chattanooga, TN Dearest Facing Facial Hair, Since famous women keep reinventing themselves with hair color, famous men are doing the same with facial hair. That’s why it’s time to read: Trinity’s Fabulous Tips For Facing Facial Hair 1. B  ald heads: Yes, be proud, but also try facial hair to ad depth and feature to your face. 2. G  oatees (hair only around the chin): Fat faces look thinner with goatees because it adds length. 3. M  ustaches: For big noses, this is an old trick. However, it’s an “oldâ€? style and the least stylish of all facial hair.


4. V  an Dykes (mustache and goatee): A stylish look, but remember, a thin face needs a rounder Van Dyke and a round face needs a thinner one. 5. S  ideburns (mutton chops, low or high, thick or long): If you must play with sideburns, then baby, make ‘em looking sleek. And, when it’s job-hunting time, get rid of ‘em. 6. C  hin or Cheek Curtains: To hide fat cheeks or double chins, grow a thin beard line along the jaw bone to the ear or under the chin, up the smile lines and across the cheeks to the ear. Try it till you diet! 7. C  hin Cuff/Flavor Saver (just a bit of hair under the lip): This makes the lower lip look bigger and a good place to start playing with facial hair! 8. F ive o’Clock Shadow: Made popular by Don Johnson of Miami Vice. On some it looks great, but on others‌ it looks awful! 9. F ull Beards: This rugged, very popular look may be for you, but keep it groomed. Also, try a Hollywoodian (shaving under the sideburns). Shampoo regularly, please! 10. D  yed Beards: If you insist on aging gracefully, take Metamucil, otherwise get Just For MenÂŽ. In five minutes you’ll be 10 years younger. Remember, pigment equals youth and health. : : info: With a Masters of Divinity, Reverend Trinity hosted “Spiritually Speaking,â€? a weekly radio drama performed globally, and is now minister of sponsor, WIG: Wild Inspirational Gatherings, Learn more at

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76)V_ /PJRVY`5*


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Fit for the New Year Personal trainers share exercise routines

Petro Martynyuk Ukrainian born and raised, Petro Martynyuk is a certified personal trainer, health coach, TRX suspension training group instructor and a proud co-owner of a Charlotte based (USA made) clean sports nutrition company Eat The Bear ( and fitness and healthy lifestyle brand Petro Fitness ( Petro is a strong advocate of a holistic approach to personal training and nutrition. He believes in gradually achieving results by making small changes to our lifestyles, rather than expecting overnight results from fad diets and workout gimmicks. Only by making the right fundamental lifestyle changes can you produce real and lasting results. He trains his clients at Charlotte Athletic Club (charlotteathleticclub. com) in Uptown Charlotte and is available for private consultations.

Superset 1: Body Weight Squats & Forward Lunges

Superset 2: Upright Row & Lateral Raises

Britney Greenwood Britney Greenwood, who holds a degree in exercise science and exercise physiology, is certified in Pilates, TRX and corrective exercise. She has a dance background and competed as an NPC Figure Competitor in 2013. She teaches bootcamps, Pilates, Barre and TRX at the Charlotte Athletic Club. Set 1: Burpees Superset 3: Bicep Curls & Chest Flys

The routine is designed to hit all major muscle groups and get the beginner to a good start fitness wise. To modify or make any of the exercises more advanced, one can adjust the time or amount of resistance used.

Routine: Repeat 3 times with 2 minute rest between each round. Rest 30-45 seconds between each exercise.


appy New Year! You know what that means — resolutions time! Many of us will make resolutions to become more fit or to start a more healthy lifestyle. It’s tough work, though, and many of us will fail to see those resolutions through the entire year. The good news is that you can start living more healthy with easy steps and tips. We contacted three personal trainers and a weight-loss physician to give you a leg up on your new year health-minded goals. The trainers offer some easy and simple workout routines you can work into your ongoing or new exercise regimen. Some of the workout sets require nothing but your body and your determination. Others require simple equipment, like resistence bands or smaller dumbbells, which can be purchased cheaply at just about any retail store carrying sporting goods equipment. Many thanks to Britney Greenwood and Petro Martynyuk (contact them both via online forms at and qnotes advertiser John Magers ( for taking the time to write up their routines and pose for our feature.

Set 2: Lunge Jumps

Superset 4: Push-ups & Single Leg Raises

Set 2: 5 Lunge Jumps per leg Set 3: 5 Deep Squats

Superset 1: Body Weight Squats (1min) + Forward Lunges (1 min, alternate legs after 30 seconds)

Set 4: Shoulder Press

Superset 3: Chest Flys (1 min) + Bicep Curls with resistance bands (1 min, alternating arms) Superset 4: Push-ups (1 min) + Single Leg Hip Raises (1 min, alternating legs after 30 seconds) Photos by Matt Comer. Special thanks to Charlotte Athletic Club and John Magers for shoot locations.

Jan. 3-16 . 2014

Set 4: 5 Shoulder Press in Down Dog Set 4: 5 Up-Up-Down-Down Planks (alternating lead arm after first five)

Superset 2: Lateral Raises (1 min) + Upright Row with resistance bands (1 min)


5 & 5 in 30: Basically perform 5 repetitions of 1 of 5 exercises and see how many rounds you can perform in 30 mins!

Set 1: 5 Burpees

Warm-up: 5-10 min Jog


Set 3: Deep Squats

Set 5: Up-Up-Down-Down

John Magers John Magers and Life-Fit have been offering Personal Training and Yoga in Charlotte for over 10 years, primarily among the LGBT community. With a training studio located near uptown, John is easily accessible to the region and John has taught Yoga and Pilates classes for CPCC, Char/Meck schools, many churches, privately, at the LGBT Community Center, and at the YMCA. While Life-Fit celebrates its 10th year as a licensed business, all new clients can take $100 off any training package of more than three sessions, all year long. Set 1: Side Lunges — (Glutes, Quads, Thighs; emphasizing Inner and Outer Thighs) Stand with hands on hips, feet a little more than hip-width apart and knees bent. Keep your upper body straight upright the entire time. With your right foot, take a big step out to the side and then kick back up to starting position. Do 8-12 Repetitions and then switch to the left leg. 1-3 Sets. Set 2: Chair Dip — (Triceps, Chest and Shoulders) Using a chair or a bench, sit at the edge with your hands curled around the edge. Walk your feet out in front of you with arms fully extended. Inhaling, lower the body by bending the elbows until your upper arms are about parallel to the ground. As you exhale, press back up. These can be made harder by placing the feet on another chair or stability ball. 1-3 Sets. 8-12 Repetitions. Set 3: Full Locust — These are excellent for anyone who suffers from lower back pain. Lie facedown on the floor with arms stretched out above your head. Tighten the core and lift the legs from the ground, trying not to bend the knees. At the same time, lift the upper body from the ground, reaching forward with the arms. Take several deep breaths, which may make you rock back and forth, and then with an exhalation, slower lower the body flat to the ground. Repeat 3-6 times.

Set 4: Ball-Jack-knife — (Most of the muscles in the body get work out of this one) Like a Plank with an added Ab crunch. In the push-up position, place your shins on a stability ball. Exhaling, squeeze the abs and pull the knees towards you chest, rolling the ball towards you . As you inhale, slowly roll the ball back out by straightening the legs. Be sure your core stays tight and the lower back never sags. 1-3 Sets. 10-20 Repetitions.


Doctor’s Tips

Weight loss isn’t one size fits all Simple tips, expert advice can aid in fitness goals by Matt Comer ::

The television is inundated with them — commercial after commercial about some new magic weight loss pill, dieting system, exercise machine or fitness regimen. It’s enough to make you go bonkers, sometimes. If losing weight is so easy, why does it take normal people like you and I so long to lose it and, better yet, keep it off? Dr. Thomas Marlowe, a Charlotte weight loss specialist, says what we all know deep down is true: Losing weight isn’t magic. It’s science. And, it takes work. Luckily, that work is built atop simple tips that most people can begin to mix into their daily lives today. The facts First, we must understand basic facts about weight. What do you know about weight and its affect on your health? Dr. Marlowe points to a recent study he says shows most people — upwards of 80-90 percent — know that weight gain can cause heart attacks or increased risks for diabetes. “But only six percent know that extra weight can cause cancer,” he says. “Ninety-four percent did not know that having extra weight can cause colon cancer, kidney cancer, breast cancer and pancreatic cancers.” Dr. Marlowe adds, “A lot of the cancers are highly related to our weight. By losing as little as five percent of your weight you can reduce your risk of dying from cancer by 33 percent. This is something people can do right now today to prevent something in the future. It is very preventable.” Loss v. maintenance As the calendar turn to a new year each January, many people put fitness or weight loss at the top of their new year resolutions. Many, too, will fail to fulfill that resolution. The reason is all too common — people become discouraged. Dr. Marlowe says that’s because people are doing the wrong thing. Folks think exercise alone will shed pounds, but Dr. Marlowe says most weight loss is dietary. “Ninety percent of weight loss is dietary; 90 percent of weight maintenance is exercise,” he says. People try dietary programs and end off losing weight, he says, only to become discouraged, yet again, some weeks or months later when they regain the weight. Similarly, those who are exercising look to others who seem to be able to eat whatever, whenever they want and never gain a pound. It’s true, Dr. Marlowe says, that some may never gain weight. They are exercising, but they aren’t necessarily losing weight either. Calories in and out? Some dietary programs, advice or, even, folklore suggest dieting is as easy as

counting the calories you take in and those you burn. Dr. Marlowe says such “tried and true” rules of thumb ignore important physiological facts about how your body burns fuel. “We had the model of calories in and calories out, but it’s just absolutely false,” Dr. Marlowe says. “It’s a lot like using flat maps to describe the earth. We know they are false, but we still use them because they have value, but we know they don’t represent what is actually happening. Calories-incalories-out is highly false; it’s helpful to look at to review your amount of consumption, but it doesn’t actually describe what is happening in the human body.” He adds, “We are very, very complex.” Dr. Marlowe teaches his clients that some calories are different and says he suggests a combination of approaches — changing what you are eating and how much you are eating. Proteins contain the essential building blocks for muscle. So, eating a proteinhealthy meal, for example, will help to build muscle first, and if your body needs more energy, it will begin to burn the fat you already have. A grain- or starch-heavy meal is simply burned away, making you hungrier sooner. “Having 20 grams of protein with each meal and having breakfast with protein, that can be a huge difference,” Dr. Marlowe says. “Choose foods that have proteins and healthy fats and fruits and vegetables.” Consult expert advice Back to those pesky weight-loss commercials. “The problem out there is that the advice has been proven false,” Dr. Marlowe says. “People are following bad advice because an ‘expert’ said it or someone on TV said it. They are following bad advice because marketers have told them it’s good advice when it’s not.” Dr. Marlowe says medically-trained professionals like himself take the whole person and whole health into view when determining how clients should best l ose weight. “It’s a multifaceted model,” he says. “We take care of every aspect. We tailor a diet based on blood work. We give medication and adjust them appropriately. We can change medications if medications people are already taking are causing weight gain. We can change their exercise regimen.” These are approaches a simple commercialized weight loss program doesn’t take into account, he says. “You get so much when you see a weight loss doctor, and I’m not unique in that sense,” he says. “You go to a good weight loss doctor anywhere in the nation … you’re going to get people who have the high 80-percent success rates, and that’s what you won’t get from some program that two-thirds of people fail at.” : :

Jan. 3-16 . 2014



Ask Dr. C…HIV and healthcare advice

Helping to keep you in the know with up-to-date information by Frederick Cruickshank ~ Medical Director

After many successful installments of “Ask Dr. C” in the past, Rosedale wants to bring in the New Year with more opportunities to offer our readers’ information about infectious disease from basic questions to in-depths explanations. The questions have provided us a forum to debunk myths about STIs and remove stigma from those living with HIV and AIDS. It is important to educate yourself, get tested, and protect yourself! Send your questions to info@ Dr. C looks forward to responding to as many emails as possible. Do people still get syphilis and am I at risk? — Bob from Charlotte Bob, thank you for asking this question! I think that there is a common misconception that syphilis is a disease of the past or is very uncommon. The opposite is actually true. I see many patients who come in my office who test positive for syphilis. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 55,400 people in the United States



Jan. 3-16 . 2014

get new syphilis infections each year. Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection, so if you are sexually active, you are at risk. The CDC also reports that men who sleep with men have increased odds of syphilis infection. The symptoms of primary stage syphilis include a single or multiple firm, round and painless sore at the site where syphilis entered the body. This is usually on external genitals, vagina, anus or in the rectum as the infection is sexually transmitted. Skin rashes and sores on the vagina, mouth or penis and rough reddish brown spots on palms and soles of the feet characterize secondary stage syphilis. It is important that Syphilis is diagnosed and treated in the primary and secondary stages because late stages of Syphilis can be very serious including damage to internal organs, paralysis, and blindness. Also, having syphilis increases your odds of getting other STIs and HIV. Antibiotics from your physician can be used to treat and cure syphilis easily. It is important to get tested regularly for STIs if you are sexually active. Syphilis can be diagnosed with a routine blood test. Another way to protect yourself and your sexual partner or partners is to always wear a condom. Even after a person is cured of Syphilis, it is possible to become infected again if exposed. If you would like to talk to a healthcare professional more about syphilis or receive testing, call us at Rosedale today! I am considering getting a genital piecing. Will this increase my odds of

getting an STI and/or HIV? — Michael from Rock Hill Michael, many people are too embarrassed or shy to ask questions about genital piercings. I am glad that you are doing your research and being proactive about protecting yourself. Many people have genital piercings as the extra stimulation can make sex more enjoyable. It is important to know that anytime there is an opening or break in the skin, there is an increased chance for infection of HIV, other STIs and bacteria. After you receive your piercing, you will have an open wound that needs to heal properly. It is important to clean the piercing regularly and follow all directions given to you in taking care of your new piercing. Once the piercing has healed, as long as you take proper care of it, the chances of it increasing your odds of infection are low. Remember that it is still important to get yourself tested regularly and wear protection every time that you have sex. I have been HIV positive for three years and this year started taking medication. My doctor tells me that I now have an “undetectable viral load.” What does this mean? Am I cured? Do I need to continue taking my medications? — Sally from Charlotte Sally, it is great news that you have an “undetectable viral load.” That means that your medication has been successful in reducing the number of cop-

ies of HIV in your body to an amount that is lower than what can be detected by a routine blood test. However, it is very important to continue your medication in order to keep the virus controlled. There is not yet a cure to HIV, so even though you have reduced the amount of the virus in your body, there is still a very small amount of the virus present. As long as you continue your medication as directed, you most likely will maintain this low viral load and reduce your chances of passing the virus to others. Don’t be shy to ask your provider questions during your visit! It is our job to take the time to explain your diagnosis and help you know how to take care of yourself! Always remember that this is an advice column based on your questions and the best possible knowledge out there. We need your questions to help educate the community, so email them to info@ and be sure to include a first name and location. All respondents will remain anonymous. We will try to do our best to answer, educate and inform from your responses to this column. Don’t forget to visit our website at and friend us on Facebook for community and clinical updates. Don’t forget to visit our website at and friend us on Facebook for community and clinical updates. — Sponsored Content —



Playing the Field Match-ups from across the Carolinas: Pro teams keep fans busy by Jon Hoppel :: qnotes contributor As the year came to an end, most if not all of our local sports teams are taking a break for the holiday season. So, let us take a look at the Carolinas’ professional sports teams seasons thus far. Football The Carolina Panthers have maintained their momentum from the end of last season, winning 5 of their last 6 games, including four wins in a row to finish. Despite their 7-9 record, that last season surge gave hope to a frustrated fan base here in the Carolinas, hungry for Cam Newton and the rest of the team to make the leap to a title contender. So far, it looks as though the Panthers have answered the bell, getting out to a 10-4 record despite having the NFL’s toughest schedule, including road wins over the San Francisco 49ers and Miami Dolphins, as well as perennial Super Bowl contenders, New England Patriots at home. The heart of the team is their defense, which is lead by Luke Kuechly, who is having an Defensive MVP-type season. Out of 14 games so far, the Panthers have held opposing teams under 20 points in 11 of them and has resulted in the team becoming the number one ranked defense in the NFL by allowing the fewest average yards a game. If the team is able to maintain that type of stinginess, and Cam Newton, Steve Smith, D’Angelo William and the rest of the offense can remain consistent, they will be formidable foe heading into the playoffs, and a darkhorse pick to win the title.

Hockey The Carolina Hurricanes look to be in a similar situation as the Bobcats, hovering around 500 and trying to make the playoffs. The team is currently in fourth place in the metropolitan division, which barely sneaks them into the post season. Eric Staal is once again providing excellent leadership and prolific scoring by leading the team in assists and is second in goals. Jeff Skinner has also played well this season, netting 12 goals so far, which is good enough for 31st best. But, the trademark of the team thus far has been goalkeeping. Justin Peters and Cam Ward have split time in the net for the Hurricanes and both have averaged over 90 percent save percentage. Peters’ average of .929 is good enough for 6th best in the entire NHL. The Hurricanes have been up and down all season, but to make the playoffs, consistency needs to be the name of the game from here on out because Carolina has four teams within 1 point of them as they near the mid-season point. Next month, we will be back to previewing the spring seasons for your local sports teams, including rugby, roller derby, bowling, softball, and tennis! : :

Basketball The Charlotte Bobcats, (soon to be Hornets), have surprised many pundits and even fans with their good start. They have earned big wins over top teams such as the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics, while losing close, tight games to the NBA’s elite teams like the Heat, Clippers, and Pacers. Kemba Walker has proved that he can be a dominant late game scorer when the occasion arises while averaging nearly 18 points a game. The team’s big off-season signing, Al Jefferson, has been reliable post presence, despite missing games with a few injuries. Gerald Henderson has shown glimpses as a shutdown defender in the absence of Michael Kidd-Gilcrist, who went down earlier this year with a broken wrist. Once he returns, the team will have two athletic wingmen that can defend almost any position on the court. Hovering around 500 most of the season so far, Charlotte is poised to make the playoffs in the lackluster Eastern Conference if they can maintain their current pace. Bobcats reveal new Hornets branding The Charlotte Bobcats revealed new logos for the returning Charlotte Hornets at a game in Charlotte on Dec. 21. Team owner Michael Jordan was on hand for the reveal, which included several logo variations, including a new playful logo specifically for Hugo, the Hornets’ mascot.

Jan. 3-16 . 2014




C A L E N DA R JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2014 To see more upcoming events, visit Submit your event at

LGBT Center of Raleigh celebrates new location 324 S. Harrington St., Raleigh 6-9 p.m. The LGBT Center of Raleigh will welcome visitors to its new location during its First Friday Art Reception. For more details on the center’s expansion, see our regional news brief online at

Dining for Friends SEP JAN Sweet Potatoes 529 N. Trade St., Winston-Salem 5 p.m. AIDS Care Service of Winston-Salem kicks off its Dining for Friends fundraising events with an informational meeting to share ideas and distribute fundraising materials. Events will culminate with a Grand Dessert Finale on Feb. 8.

Continued through Jan. 4 SEP JAN Theatre Alliance presents ‘As Is’ 1047 W. Northwest Blvd., Winston-Salem 8 p.m. Theatre Alliance presents a staged reading of “As Is,” a Tony-nominated play by William H. Hoffman and set in 1985 New York City. The play tells the story of Rich and Saul, who, after breaking up, find out that Rich has AIDS. The two-night reading is a fundraiser for the Adam Foundation, in recognition of their 25th anniversary year. Donations accepted at the door.

No More Tears LGBT Community Center of Charlotte 2508 N. Davidson St., Charlotte 7-8:30 p.m. The first meeting of the new monthly support and discussion group on domestic violence in the LGBTQ community. For more information, call Pepsi Dixon at 704-345-5398.

The Scorpio and Charlotte Pocket Rocket team up to present “Dragging with the Stars,” a fundraising benefit for Charlotte Pride, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Don’t H8, Campus Pride and the Charlotte Royals Rugby Football Club. Five amateur drag contestants from each of the organizations team up with five celebrity drag queens for five nights of competition through February. The winner nets $1,000 for their charity. Hosted Jan. 8, Jan. 15, Jan. 22, Feb. 5, Feb. 12. All competitions begin at 11 p.m. 1433617733533615/

One Voice rehearsals begin SEP JAN Unitarian Universalist Church of Charlotte 234 N. Sharon Amity Rd. 7 p.m. The chorus starts preparations for their concert season, featuring “Home,” which focuses on homelessness among LGBT community youth. Will feature a video and musical documentary.

Tea Dance and Social Hartigan’s 601 S. Cedar St., Charlotte 4-7 p.m. Southern Country Charlotte hosts a Sunday tea dance and a One Voice Chorus social mixer. New faces and opportunities to network and make new friends. No cover.





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Dragging with the Stars The Scorpio 2301 Freedom Dr., Charlotte 11 p.m.

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Jan. 3-16 . 2014





Men of All Cultures SEP JAN Together LGBT Community Center of Charlotte 2508 N. Davidson St., Charlotte 6:30 p.m. The center hosts the first meeting of Men of All Cultures Together, a new local chapter of the National Association of Black and White Men Together. The local group is a multicultural organization dedicated to providing a supportive environment for gay men to work and play together.

Continues through Jan. 26 Youth Fab-U-Fest Private Location iNSIDEoUT, a Triangle-area LGBT youth network, will host a winter retreat with workshops and activities coordinated by student leaders from local GSAs and QSAs (gaystraight alliances and queer-straight alliances). For more details, see goqnotes. com/26721/.


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HRC fundraiser Fullsteam Brewery 726 Rigsbee Ave., Durham The Human Rights Campaign will hold a fundraiser with spoken word, performance art and a silent auction.



Sochi 2014 panel SEP JAN Alvarez College Union Davidson College 207 Faculty Dr., Davidson 4:30 p.m. Davidson College hosts a panel discussion titled “Sochi 2014: Gender, Ethics, Sport.” Several Davidson professors and administrators will discuss the topic with NYU Professor of Russian and Slavic Studies Eliot Borenstein. Sprinkle Room. Free. 704-894-2884.

Wizard of Oz fundraiser SEP JAN Ziggy’s 170 W. 9th St., Winston-Salem 8 p.m. Pride Winston-Salem hosts a “Wizard of Oz”-themed party, commemorating the film’s 75th anniversary. A costume contest and dancing will be held, along with the announcement of the Pride Winston-Salem 2014 theme. Admission is $10 at the door, with a portion of proceeds benefiting Pride Winston-Salem.



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RAIN Open House Regional AIDS Interfaith Network 601 E. 5th St., Suite 470, Charlotte

5-7 p.m. The Regional AIDS Interfaith Network (RAIN) hosts an open house, “Honor our Beginnings, Promoting our Future,” at their new offices.

You can submit your event to our comprehensive community calendar presented by qnotes, the LGBT Community Center of Charlotte and Visit Gay Charlotte. Submit your event at and get a three-for-one entry. All Charlotte-area events will appear on each of the three calendars at qnotes (goqnotes. com), the LGBT Center ( and Visit Gay Charlotte (



Saving in the New Year Daily dollar saving ideas can add up over 365 days

It’s one of those perennial New Year’s resolutions you hear friends and family make each January. Heck, you’ve even made it before, too. Save money. But, just like other resolutions, saving can be hard to do. That’s especially true if parts of your spending are tied into daily habits or personal enjoyment, or if you’re already bringing home a bit less than you’d like. Yet, there are some easy and simple ways to save a buck here and there. Doing so will add up to greater savings over the year. Here are some ideas to help you clamp down on personal spending this year. Unsurprisingly, our tips below revolve around food, meals, drinks and fun. Hanging out with friends or having a good meal is what often keeps us grounded. And, it’s where we can also find great savings. DIY mornings America, as a whole, is addicted to its caffeine and corporations large and small have popped up to take full advantage of our coffee indulgences. But, you can skip that $3 mocha-choca-frape-latte-whatever and make your own coffee at home. Doing so could save you a dollar or two each day; that could mean as much as $250-$500 of savings each year. Similarly, if you’re skipping breakfast, you might find yourself getting hungrier earlier in the day. You’re spending unnecessarily if you’re buying snacks or running out for a biscuit right before fast food chains shut down morning menus. Eat a light breakfast at home and save a few bucks each week. Safe (and cheaper) travels Most of us have to commute to work each day. Yes, yes, rush hour sucks. But, you could make it more enjoyable and cheaper by carpooling. If you work in an urban area and are even forced to pay for parking, you and a colleague who lives nearby could take turns driving, split the cost of gas and parking. And, if you live close enough to good bus or rail lines, opt to take public transit instead of driving.

Meals for two So many of us live a busy life these days. Between work or school or volunteering, it can become hard to find time for yourself. But, you should make time and use it to cook a good, oldfashion meal at home. If you live alone or with just one other person, odds are you’ll have left overs. Cooking at home is cheaper than eating out and instead of spending money on lunch the next day, take in leftovers and save even more. Meals with friends Similar to the eat-in tip above, save on fun with friends by inviting your buds over for fellowship at your home. It’s much cheaper, especially if everyone pitches in to host friends for food and drinks at home. Coupons really do work We all know the stereotype of the crazy couponer taking up time in the grocery store check out line. But, what you might see as crazy actually works to save good cash. And, you don’t have to become an extreme couponer to take advantage of savings. Start taking a look through the free mailers full of coupons that arrive in your mailbox at home and save the ones that are of interest. You might not use some coupons immediately, but they’ll be waiting for when you need them. Before each trip to the grocery store, make a list and stick to it. That will save from unnecessary purchases made on a whim. With your list of needed items, check your coupons to see if any can help you save. Store savings Like couponing, utilizing the sales and deals in your local grocer’s weekly circular can help you save each week. Use those weekly sales to craft your grocery list and your week’s worth of meals. Do you have other easy and simply money saving ideas for the New Year? Tell us about it! Join the discussion online at : : — Compiled by qnotes staff

Jan. 3-16 . 2014





Jan. 3-16 . 2014

QNotes Jan. 3-16, 2014  

QNotes is getting Fit for a New Year, with great advice and tips from the hippest local personal trainers and expert advice from a local wei...

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