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Q-breaks is all about helping you escape, explore and discover the world. Do you enjoy taking several short breaks in a year instead of one long holiday? Are you adventurous and like discovering new destinations? If you’re any of these, then Q-breaks will make all your vacation dreams come true! Escape, Explore, Discover!

Orlando, Florida, USA

We’ll take you on journeys to sun-soaked beach holidays, romantic getaways, fun vacations for the whole family, spa retreats, and much more. Q-breaks vacation packages have an average validity of a year, allowing you greater flexibility when planning your holidays. You can purchase more than one package at a time, so you have a variety of experiences and destinations to suit every member in your family.

Great Variety and Affordability Just imagine – taking your family on the Fun Filled Orlando package right to the heart of spectacular theme parks like Disney World and Epcot Center; or whisking your loved one off to a romantic getaway on the 3-night Bali Luxury Escapade; or gathering your friends to discover South Africa through our Sawubona Cape Town package*. The destinations are numerous, the prices affordable, and the possibilities endless! For more details visit Bali, Indonesia

* The variety and type of Q-breaks packages available are subject to change without prior notice.

Cape Town, South Africa