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• Brille Single Pack* • Brille Duo Pack (2 Packs)* • Brille Toothbrush-Family Pack (x 4) • Brille Toothbrush-Family Combo Pack (x 8)

The Brille System

*One pack consists of Brille Natural Whitening, Brille Sensitive Teeth, Brille For Kids and Brille Anticavity.

A complete, all-natural dental solution for your family. The Brille system is a revolution in family dental health care. For the first time, your family has access to a complete dental health clinic on-hand, right in your bathroom! This completely new concept has been created to ensure that everyone’s specific needs are addressed.

Complete Dental Solution Why should everyone in the family use the same toothpaste when each person has different dental needs? Some toothpaste makers claim that with just one product they can solve all dental issues, but this is not true. Dentists agree that specialised products are needed for the treatment of sensitive teeth, for fighting cavities, for whitening and for children’s teeth.¹ So how do you choose one toothpaste product that will cover the whole family and give them the results that they need? The answer is simple: you don’t. Brille provides a systemised solution for everyone’s dental health and protection, allowing you to tailor four separate specialised products to the needs of your family. Your family can also enjoy the confidence of lasting freshness and a deep clean while receiving the care that they need.

Brille Benefits

• Strong cavity protection with Green Tea • All-natural ingredients • Long-lasting freshness • No harmful ingredients • Fights bacteria • Strengthens teeth & gums • Great taste • Fast-action whitening (Brille Natural Whitening) • Treatment for sensitivity (Brille Sensitive)

Brille Anticavity gives strong protection from cavities by fighting bacteria that lead to a build-up of cavity-causing plaque. Brille Natural Whitening will give your teeth a whiter appearance while still fighting tooth decay, gum disease and giving long lasting freshness. Brille For Kids is formulated to provide gentle protection and care to young teeth and gums and to provide a fresh clean without the harsh taste. Brille Sensitive Teeth will relieve your teeth’s sensitivity including pain caused by hot or cold food and drinks.