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Your WFA System is Made Up of Two Units:

Water Condenser This unit condenses or water from the air and pumps it into the purifier.

Water Purifier This unit purifies and dispenses hot and cold water.

Advanced Filtration System


Advantages of WFA

Unlike other conventional filtration systems that only have one or two filters, WFA has a built-in 7-stage filtration system that is so advanced that it is capable of filtering out all sediment particles, chemicals and bacteria down to one hundredth of one millionth of a metre (0.01 micron), assuring you a continuous supply of fresh clean drinking water, both hot and cold.

Eco-friendly – reduces the need for plastic bottles Dispenses hot and cold water immediately Produces up to 40 litres of high quality drinking water per day

Doubles up as a dehumidifier

Low electricity consumption

The System Comprises Two Units Desktop Model

Minimal maintenance cost

Easy installation – no messy plumbing or connections

After-sales support

Suitable for 3-5 persons in a family or office

• • • •

4.5 litres of 5oC cold water 1.3 litres of 97oC hot water Full Purifier holds 6 litres Full capacity 16 litres